Hey, after almost two years, we're back! and without further ado, here's chapter three.

Peeta's POV

Ever since I left Twelve I've always wondered what happened. My world basically stopped spinning the day I left, though apparently for everyone else, it kept going. I never heard a word from her after we had our tearful goodbye. Well, tearful on my part. Katniss lightly slapped me and told me to go. Of course she would. My entire family was going to Eight. And I didn't exactly have a choice in the matter.

Now I was at a standstill. I needed to decide where to go next. And I couldn't do that until I saw her again. I needed to know what happened. Plus, I promised I'd come back to her.

Being back in Twelve was an… experience. Everything was close to exactly the same as when we left. I'd booked a room at the single tiny hotel we had, deciding that tomorrow was the day I'd see her.

Later that night, I went for a walk through the district, unconsciously bringing myself to Katniss' childhood home. I stood out there for a good twenty minutes, just watching. And then I stepped forward, and knocked on the door.

The door opened. Katniss stands there, wide eyed.

Okay, it's a start! a very short start, but we have peeta's pov! thanks to anyone who stuck around long enough to find this, or to anyone who is just now reading. i love yall. reviews are appreciated.

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