"Harry time to wake up!" Dana shouted attempting to get her younger brother's attention. Harry groaned and snuggled more into his pillow "go away" he said rather sleepily. Leaning up against Harry's bedroom door Dana smirked at the lump that was her brother; and said "Well I guess someone doesn't want pancakes?" Dana clapped her hands together and died laughing as she watched Harry shot up in bed with his glasses half on and half off. "Pancakes did someone say pancakes" Harry said now fully awake. Dana watched as Harry hurriedly to get dressed and once he did.

Just as Harry was about to race out the door Dana stopped him with a firm hand placed on his shoulder. Stopping him before he could go any place else hearing Harry groan. Dana knelt down and said "And where do you think your going mister?" "To get some pancakes" Harry said trying to get out his older sister's embrace because he just wanted to get to the pancake's already. Dana grabbed a squirming Harry Potter and held him firmly in place. "Your not going any place mister until I fix your clothes" Dana said to Harry; "but I am dressed ok aren't I?" Harry said as he looked himself up and down sure his clothes we all wrinkled and creased. But that didn't bother him as long as Harry got some pancakes. So Harry had to wait for what seemed like forever as Dana fixed his clothes. After giving Harry the ok Harry practically dragged Dana along for the ride; so they wouldn't miss the pancakes either making both Dana and Harry laugh that could be heard all the way to the galley.