Starting of Something New

Hello! I know what I am doing is crazy right now. So, I want to go ahead and write a story to take a break from the others. Granted I will work on the others, but I want this one to be a story I can work on as a break from the others! Hope you enjoy! I got ideas on which way things can go.

It was a dark day for Konoha as they just lost their precious Yodaime Hokage. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki gave up their lives to seal nine tails in their only child. The only child they could call theirs was Naruko. The child was taken by the Third Hokage as he placed her into an orphanage. Then he was also forced to go back into office. The child was even an hour old as she lost her parents.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, a child was born into the main house branch of the Uchiha. The second child of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. One of the older brothers was holding his new brother in his arms. "Shisui this is your new little brother, make sure you look out for him!" Mikoto smiled at her child.

"What is his name mom". Shisui looks up at her.

"His name will be Naruto, Naruto Uchiha". Mikoto looked up at her husband as Fugaku was smiling at their new son.

Itachi came walking in to find his new little brother, "Ah! I see our little family is now four boys and one girl huh mom". Itachi smiled.

"Shut up Itachi". Mikoto gave her eldest son an annoyed look.

"I know, I know!" Itachi laughed at his mom.

Time Skip 6 Years

"GET OUT OF HERE YOU DEMON!" The head woman the from the orphanage pushed a girl with blonde hair outside. She threw whatever remaining possessions she had and threw it at her. The orphan Naruko Uzumaki was just ejected out of her home. She walked away in the rain as she tried to find someplace to call home for the day.

Naruko was about to learn just how cruel this world really is, how cruel her own village is. She was walking around as she didn't get to eat breakfast. She was hungry as her stomach was growling. She was on the brink of breaking down, he lip quivered as she was on the verge of crying. Why? Why was she called a demon? Why is she kicked out of her home? She had so many questions, but she had no idea how to express her feelings. You could see the girl with golden bright hair and sky-blue eyes walking around looking for a place to call home.

Outside of the Uchiha compound, there was a boy with long and smooth hair that was like his mother's. His hair had a dark black color, with a notable blue color from his mother's side. He inherited his dad's eyes, but his mother's personality. His name was Naruto Uchiha. He was noticeably happier and didn't brood like most Uchihas. He has just got done training with Shisui, and Itachi too. Sadly, Itachi had to go out on a quick mission. Shisui told him to go enjoy the rest of the day and play with some kids.

Naruto was walking towards a ramen shop that said Ichiraku Ramen. He walked past it as the Ramen smell was almost calling him. Then the screams of a girl were heard as there was shouting. Naruto ignored everything as his body ran towards the sound, his body was just moving on its own. He went down an ally as he saw four men beating up this girl. She was a blonde girl with the most beautiful set of sky-blue orbs.

Naruto saw a kunai being lifted in the air as it stabbed the girl in her abdomen. The blood was incomprehensible as it was flying, he heard the sound of flesh and metal connecting. It was disgusting to see a group of men attacking this girl. Naruto was shocked, how could people do this! How could they do this to a girl of all things! Naruto had tears running down his face, for some unknown reason his body began to move on its own. He wanted to kill them! He wanted to kill them to save that girl. Naruto ran as he dropped a kunai from his black jacket as he charged the men. He jumped and flipped over the back of one as he landed in between them. Naruto turned his head to look down at the girl. She had multiple stab wounds on her stomach and arms. She just laid in her own pile of blood as she was slowly dying.

If Naruto can get her out in time he could save her. Naruto turned his head, he has an advantage these are just civilians! He can take them on! Naruto noticed the guys were frozen, "Shit! He must be an Uchiha!" One of them said.

Naruto did know what he was talking about, "Get out of here and don't ever come back! If I ever see you near her again I will kill you!" Naruto snarled at the men. The men fell on their asses as they scurried off and ran away.

Naruto turned around as he picked the bloody girl up. "Hey stay with me! I am going to get you help!" Naruto shot off as he took it to the roofs as he jumped. He made his way towards the hospital as he landed he ran inside, "I NEED HELP QUICK ITS AN EMERGENCY!" Naruto screamed.

Doctors and nurses came running in to help Naruto. They looked at Naruto but saw the girl he was holding. They made a face Naruto has never seen before. Those cold eyes, the cold stares. They held a lot of hatred towards not him, but towards this girl. Naruto grits his teeth, "HEY STOP STALLING I NEED HELP HERE!" Naruto yelled at them. Again, they did nothing to help her. "FINE I'LL HELP HER MYSELF! GET OUT OF MY DAMN WAY!"

Naruto pushed past them as he tripped the doctor as he walked into a room. He laid her down as he went and grabbed anything he could do. He got the med kit as he helped clean her wounds. Naruto began to put rubbing alcohol to clean he wounds, but what shocked Naruto next was her wounds. They began to heal on their own as they close slowly. Naruto didn't care what it was her wounds were healing. Naruto gently lifted her shirt a bit as there was dirt on her wounds on her stomach. They were taking longer to heal, so Naruto cleaned them. Thankfully she was passed out from the pain. "I don't know who you are, but please hang in there". Naruto finished cleaning as he leaned back. He pulled the stool up next to her as he watched her sleep.
Naruto looked at her as she had long blonde hair that just draped down her back. She had three whiskers on each side of her face. She was really pretty too the way she looked, then Naruto was reminded of the guys attacking her, "Why the hell were they calling her a demon! I don't understand! How could hey call her a demon! She is just a kid! She is just a girl!" Naruto was clenching his fist so hard that it was bleeding.

Soon Naruto heard screaming and multiple footsteps walking towards the room. Naruto saw an old man in red and white robes. Who followed him next was Shisui and Itachi. "Itachi? Shisui is this the Hokage you guys always speak of?" Naruto asks.

"Yes, I am the Hokage Naruto. So, would you mind explaining to me what happened?" The Hokage looked at Naruto with a curious look.

Naruto's face frowns with tears running down his face again. Naruto stands up from his seat as he walks up to the wall and looks away from everyone. Naruto says, "Those m-men! They were hurting this girl! I don't understand! Why! They stabbed her! There was so much blood too! I don't know what's wrong with me! I wanted to kill them! Those men were hurting her! Then the stupid hospital staff would help her!" Naruto turns his head again making Itachi, Shisui, and The Third Hokage eye's to widen.

Naruto wiped his eyes, "What's wrong? People have been doing that all day?" Naruto looks at them confused.

The Third clears his throat, "First of all Naruto, since you have already done so much for Naruko. I will tell you a bit about her. Its only right for you to know. You see the day she was born is the day her parents died. She has been an orphan since I am not allowed to say anything more. I do however think that she deserves better and not this treatment. I just wish things were to get better for her that's all I want for her". Thirst takes his pipe out and begins to smoke. "Oh, also you should go check the mirror". Sarutobi chuckles.

Naruto walks into the bathroom as he stares at his own reflection. Everything was the same except his blood crimson glowing eyes that were spinning. His left eye had one tomoe and his right had two tomoe. He had his Sharingan, "It was probably when he saw those men trying to kill that girl. I don't know who she is, but what she is getting isn't right! I want to be her friend!" Naruto makes his mind up, no one can tell him no that she can't be his friend.

Naruto walks back in as he looks the third in the eyes, "I don't care who you even if you are The Third Hokage! I will not let you tell me not to be her friend! I can guarantee the way the people of this village are treating her, I know they will tell me to stay away from her! I won't let you tell me the same!" Naruto snarled at the Third Hokage.

This ended up with Itachi, Shisui, and The Third Hokage to give Naruto a hardy laugh. "Oh, Naruto! Please don't worry about that! Be her friend! Don't let others tell you otherwise! I think what you are doing is a very mature and kind thing to do for your age!" Sarutobi messed with Naruto's hair.

"Who knows she might end up dating her as your girlfriend!" Itachi teased at Naruto.

"Hey! No way! Girlfriends are gross! They have cooties!" Naruto crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks out.

"Yeah! Soon, you will end up marrying her! Then have kids with her!" Shisui started laughing.

"SHUT UP Shisui! Itachi! Your embarrassing me!" Naruto yelled at his elder brothers.

Soon, the bed has some movement as the girl in the bed begins to wake up. She sits up as Naruto was sitting next to her. He was smiling back at her and waved. She looked down at her shirt that was halfway up, "PERVERT!" She slammed her fist in his head as the force broke the chair underneath him as he went face first into the ground.

"OOWOWOWOWOWOWO! What was that for! How are you so strong! You're like a monster!" Naruto whined as he rubbed his head.

"I'M A WHAT!" Naruko's hair began to flare up in the air with nine-tails.

Sarutobi shuddered, "Kushina she the exact copy of you. If only you and Minato could see her now". Sarutobi felt his heart sink. "Naruko, please calm down after all this boy save you from those men and then treated your wounds". Sarutobi smiled.

"Really old man? This emo kid saved me? Let me guess are those his emo older brothers?" Naruko frowned at them. Itachi and Shisui let out a small chuckle.

"I'm not emo! Sunflower head! I am an upbeat happy kid! I like to train and play! I'm not some emo kid!" Naruto looked at her annoyed.

"Sunflower head! Your hair looks like the flat butt of a raven's butt!" Naruko laughed at him.

"OI! I save your life! You should be grateful!" Naruto turned his head and crossed his arms.

Naruko sticks her tongue out, "Teme!"

"Dobe!" Naruto shoots back. "Anyways, Naruto Uchiha nice to meet you". Naruto reluctantly stuck his hand out.

Naruko sighs, "Naruko Uzumaki and thank you for saving my life". Naruko blushes as she looks at Naruto.

Sarutobi smile, "Ahhh young love what a beautiful thing. Naruto you were that last piece of the puzzle that was missing. Now everything will fall into place, I have a feeling Naruko's life just got a lot more interesting". Sarutobi stood up, "Naruko come by later I will set up an apartment for you". Sarutobi smiled.

"W-wait". Naruto stopped them. Naruto felt bad that she have to live alone, "How about you come live in our house. We got an extra bedroom you could stay in". Naruto scratched his chin.

Itachi and Shisui began to smirk at Naruto.

"Ehhhh? Naruto are you asking her to marry you already! Itachi and I don't even have a girlfriend". Shisui laughs.

"SHUT UP! I AM NOT! I'm just asking the Dobe! It beats having to live alone doesn't it!" Naruto pouts as he sits down on another chair.

Then there was a flash of yellow as there was a thud. Naruto was pushed to the ground as he opened his eyes. His face blushed as he looked at the crying Naruko. "R-really! I-I can stay w-with you! REALLY!" Naruko was crying as she on top of Naruto. She was crying as her face was just inches from his own.
Naruto finally got the words out, "Y-yeah! Only because I don't like the fact you are living alone". Naruto looked to the wall. "You'd probably burn the village down trying to cook". Naruto said the last part under his breath.

"I WILL WHAT!" Naruko grabs him by his collar and begins to shake him.

"SEE YA!" Itachi, Shisui, and Sarutobi leave the room with a pissed off Naruko on top of Naruto.

"DAMN YOU OLD MAN! DAMN YOU SHISUI AND ITACHI! I WILL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS!" Naruto was screaming internally as Naruko was pounding her fists on his head.

Hour Later

As the two were walking back to Naruto's house, "You want to stop and get something to eat?" Naruto looks at Naruko. Naruko didn't say anything as she was getting stares from everyone. Naruto recognized the looks they were giving her. Naruko grabbed his arm and tried to hide behind it.

"I hate it when they stare at me like that!" Naruko said in a voice like she was going to cry.

Naruto put his arm behind her back as he picked her up bridal style as he earned an "Eep!" For Naruko he took it to the rooftops as he was heading back home. He made sure to avoid anyone who would glare at her.

"Just look at me and not them. Think about us being friends, don't let those stupid grown-ups stop you. I think you're an amazing person! I know my mom will love you!" Naruto smiles.

"Thank you". Naruko rested her head in the crevice between Naruto's shoulder and head. She looked up as she blushed as she looked at his face. The sun was in range, but the rays had a weird effect on Naruto's look. Naruto did one more giant leap into the air as the sun shines on him at the just the right angle. Naruto turned his head to look down at her and he smiled at her. Naruko got a good look at his face. Now that she got a good look at him she was blushing all the way back to Naruto's home.

A/N: That's it! I plan on keeping this strictly Naruko and Naruto. It's a serious romance story I have been wanting to write. Somehow I get coaxed into doing a harem, guess I got a soft spot for em! XD I also love a good romance between two characters as well. Hope you guys liked it! See ya next time! TitanFall007 OUT!