The End is Just the Beginning

Hello, I realized I never finished the story. I don't know why, but I am going to finish this up as a complete story! I guess I'll have to come up with names which I'll try my best with. Anyways I hope you guys all enjoy it!

Last Chapter

Naruto stared B down with killing intent until Naruko put her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Well, there is something else that we want to tell you, mom". Naruto smiled at her, "Tsunade is you will please". Naruto smiled.

Tsunade smiled nodding her head as she reached into her pocket and pulled out some papers. She handed them for Mikoto to read while Kakashi looked at Tsunade confused. When Mikoto read the paper her eyes widen as she stood up squealing like a little girl. She ran over to Naruto hugging him while in his seat. She brings Naruko and Yugito's head in for a hug, "I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA! I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME GRANDCHILDREN!"

Now Time Skip 7 Months

Naruto was currently sitting in the Hokage office with Yugito and Naruko. They were all waiting and thinking on names. They decided to ask Tsunade to keep the genders as a surprise, heck they don't even know how many they are having! Naruko was currently doing paperwork while also trying to think of names, "Well if we have a girl I can go with the name Yui". Yugito thought it was a cute name, "Then for a boy… why not Nagito? Wait… Yahiko!" Yugito slammed her fist into her open hand.

"Wait if I remember correctly wasn't one of those names one of Ero-Sennin's name for his students". Naruko asked putting her thinking cap on.

"Actually you right". Like the very man they were talking about walks in, "What's sup guys! How are my little grandchildren doing?" He tried to make his way towards Naruko.

"You touch me I'll break your face". Naruko threatened him.

Naruto stared at him with his Mangekyou Sharingan blazing red, Jiraiya began to back off, "Hey, hey! Chill I'm just kidding, yeah my student's name was indeed Yahiko". Jiraiya smiled.

Yugito like it, "Yeah I like that name, guess if it's a boy I will name him Yahiko".

Naruko smiled, "Well I remember Obaa-chan talking about how Mito Uzumaki was her grandma, so I think if it's a girl I'll go with Mito. Then Menma like in the food for ramen too".

"Whatever fishcake". Naruto smirked.

"Hey, your name means fishcake too! Plus my name is derived from yours!" Naruko snapped back at her husband. Naruto chuckled as he put his hands up showing he was giving up.

Soon Mikoto came walking in with a bundle of joy in her arms. The little boy girl she was holding in her arms. She was already two months old, she had black hair like her mother, but the facial structure like Kakashi's face. Mikoto cooed at her baby, "Hey Mio look it's your Onii-chan and Nee-Chans".

Naruto, Yugito, and Naruko walked up to greet the little boy. Naruto smiled at his little Imouto, "Hello Mio-chan it's your Onii-chan". Naruto held his little sister in his arms. Naruko and Yugito couldn't help but tickle and giggled at the little baby.

Time Skip Two Months Later

Naruto just came back home from a quick mission he had to fulfill for Tsunade. She wanted more sake from the land of rice, but she was paying a lot for it. Mainly because Naruto just used the Hiraishin to get there and teleport back home. Naruto was walking to the Hokage office as he passed Shizune, "Hey Shizune how are ya".

"Oh hey Naruto it's good to see you, get back from your mission". She smiled.

"Yeah, what are you up to?" Naruto asked. Naruto saw that Shizune was wearing a nice outfit and some makeup on. Not that she needed a lot, but a little bit to make herself appealing.

"W-Well I met Iruka you know from the academy". Shizune blushed.

"Ohohho? What do you know, well have fun Shizune!" Naruto waved to her as she left.

Naruto saw that Tsunade was taking her spot, "You enjoying your sake?" He deadpanned.

"Yup! Just in time too! My shift was now! Man, you kids learning the Hiraishin was the best thing ever! Sake delivery! Amazing!" Tsunade began to down the entire bottle.

Naruto just shook his head letting a sigh out, Naruto made his way towards the office. Then he heard two screams as he quickly rushed in pulling his sword out, "NARUKO! YUGITO YOU TWO ALRIGHT!" Tsunade even came charging in using her chakra to get rid of the alcohol in her system.

Yugito and Naruko were on the floor panting, "Our waters! T-They broke!" Naruko shouted as they felt the cramping.

Naruto picked them up and used a clone to grab Tsunade and took them to the hospital. Naruto made another clone to fetch Kakashi and Mikoto. Naruto made his way inside and laid them gently on the beds as Tsunade called Shizune sadly from her date. However, Iruka decided to come along and see Naruko's and Naruto's children.

When Naruto was in the room, he made sure to hold their hands as they begin to grunt and groan in pain, "Common girls you can do it!" Naruto, Naruko, and Yugito didn't have to worry about the tail beasts trying to get out either. Tsunade began to coach them telling them to breathe and so did Mikoto.

Soon Yugito and Naruko had the same time delivery with their first child, "I got a girl!" Mikoto chirped as she took the child from Yugito. She then cut the umbilical cord then tied it off.

"I got a boy!" Tsunade cheered as she made a clone to take the baby from Naruko and cut the umbilical cord. Mikoto had the clone wiping the baby too. Soon Shizune came rushing in allowing Mikoto to step back. Mikoto focused on cleaning her grandchild from Yugito. Mikoto gently laid her in Iruka's arms.

"W-wait! I don't know a thing about kids!" Iruka shouted.

"Just shut up and hold her!" Shizune shouted as Iruka shut up and nodded his head.

Mikoto began to take care of the boy in Tsunade's clones' arm. She began to wipe him down then gave him to Iruka too. Naruto was sticking with Naruko and Yugito as they began to push out another child. Soon, "I got a girl over here!" Tsunade shouted as she pulled the rest of the baby from Naruko's stomach.

Shizune giggled holding another baby from Yugito, "We got a healthy boy!" Shizune did the same process of cleaning the baby. Once she was done cleaning the baby, she gently set the clean baby to Yugito since she was done. Shizune cleaned whatever was left inside and cleared Yugito.

Yugito was handed her two children, one boy, and one girl. Yugito cooed at her children in her arms. Then Tsunade said, "We got one more Naruko common!" Tsunade smiled knowing her assumptions were right.

"W-What I have another!" Naruko said with a happy and tired look.

Naruto focused on Naruko for that brief moment, "Naruko I know you can do it". Naruto kissed her cheek.

Naruko began to push again pushing her last child out. Once the baby was pulled out Tsunade smiled taking the little girl out, "We have another girl". Tsunade cheered as she cleaned the baby and cut the umbilical cord. Mikoto was holding another girl, boy, and Tsunade was working on Naruko's third child. Shizune began to help clean out the after birth for Naruko.

Naruto smiled happily, gently pulled the bed closer with Yugito to Naruko. Naruto put a chair in between them, he looked to his right as he got a good look at Yugito and his children. Naruto smiled, "They're so beautiful". He was handed both of them by Yugito.

Naruto in his left arm was his sweet little girl. She had black hair like he did. Her face resembled Yugito a lot. In his right arm was his son who had blonde hair like his mother, but had his facial structure, "Yahiko and Yui, my beautiful babies". He kissed them on the forehead and gently gave them back to Yugito.

Naruto turned to his left to find Naruko being handed two of her children. Tsunade handed one to Naruto, Naruto looked in Naruko's arms. Naruko had their little boy with blonde hair and two whisker marks on his cheeks. Then his first little girl with black hair and three whisker marks on her cheeks. Naruto looked in his hands to find his little girl having bright red hair she had three whisker marks on her cheeks, "N-Naruko didn't Kushina have red hair?"

Naruko looked over, "Oh! She inherited my birth mother's hair". Naruko cooed.

Naruko smiled, "This is Menma, then this is Mito. Naruto why don't you name out little girl".

Naruto thought about it, then he smiled and looked down at his little girl, "How about… Kushina then". Naruko smiled liking the name very much.

Naruto looked up to see Mikoto with a camera. Naruto gave a wide smile with Naruko and Yugito giving their best smile as they could. Once their photo was done, they took the kids to a nursery to be watched over. Naruko and Yugito were given a sedative to help them sleep and recover. Naruto was in the room with them watching over them like a hawk.

Late at Night

Naruto had a hard time falling asleep, he went to the nursery to check on his children. He made his way through the nursery, he heard metal meeting flesh. Naruto went running into the room to find a Root Member holding one of his children in its arm. Naruto saw an Anbu on the ground dead, Naruto's eye begins spinning and glowing a deep blood red. The root member disappeared, and Naruto went chasing after him or her. "Danzo… you're so dead". Naruto sent a clone to find the others by increasing his chakra as a warning.

Naruto found his way in the forest as the Root landed in the middle and Naruto saw the army of Root soldiers around him. Naruto's eyes turned to the Mangekyou Sharingan, "Your all going to regret this… I am going to slaughter you all like the filthy pieces of shit on this earth!"

Play the Song The Resistance by Skillet

Naruto's body began to glow as he dashed forward with his sword in his hand. He began to cut through the Root. Naruto quickly summoned Kohaku who appeared behind his side as she began running around slashing the throat of the Root, "This is for Master's children!" Kohaku roared.

Naruto jumped with Kohaku chasing after the Root who had Naruto's child in. Naruto weaved a few hand signs as giant walls came up around the Root members, "DIE!" Naruto had a ghost of the Shinigami appear behind him. Naruto made a bunch of clones that surrounded the perimeter of the walls he put up. They all did the same hand signs, Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame Jutsu! The Narutos spat out a large wave of fire frying everything in the pit. Naruto turned around to leave with his eyes still glowing blood red.

Naruto rushed off and found himself in the Root Cave and Kohaku going wild. Naruto ran forwards killing anyone getting in his way. Naruto shot out fire balls burning enemies alive, he dismissed the smell of burning flesh and kept going. Naruto soon saw the person in a sigh, Naruto disappeared in a flash of blue as he appeared above the Root who was holding his child. Naruto slammed a Rasengan into the Root's back. Naruto quickly caught his child, he looked down to find it to be a decoy.

Naruto's anger rose ever so higher, "DANZO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" Soon Danzo came walking out with his large army of Root Members walking out.

Danzo smirked, "You're going to die here, this one is coming with me. I will raise her to be the ultimate weapon!"

Naruto hair covered his face as he began walking forward. His patience has finally snapped as a blood vessel was about to burst, "Your all dead… your all going to WISH I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU FAST!" Naruto lunged forward as he began to unleash his true power. Naruto began slicing Root Members in half while sending lightning chakra to the sword with a Chidori Rasengan in his left hand. Naruto began to cleave his enemies in half as blood splatter across his face. Naruto kept going cutting the enemies down.

Naruto did a backflip to dodge an attack, then he used Kamui on two people to cause their bodies to be sucked into the dimension, but half of their bodies were still here. Naruto rushed forward as black flames sprouted from his feet, All Might Pull! Naruto's eyes briefly shifted to the Rinnegan as he pulled all the root members to him. He used his flame control and used his Amaterasu like spears impaling them. Naruto dropped them and continued to walk as the eternal flames behind him continued to burn, "Give me my child! NOW!" Naruto dashed forward heading straight for Danzo.

Danzo quickly dodged then quickly pulled a kunai out and aimed it at the baby's neck. Naruto froze he saw that his child was Kushina in Danzo's arms. He smiled, "You will let me go, I am going to be Uncle Danzo for her. I will train her how we should be training out soldiers".

Naruto wanted to move; he felt an attack coming from behind. He used his Kamui to phase through it. Danzo smirked, "You better undo that". Danzo pressed the kunai to cause a small bit of bleeding on the neck.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU!" Naruto wanted to move.

The Root walked in front of him and aimed his sword at Naruto's chest. He shoved the sword through Naruto's left lung causing him to fall on one knee coughing up blood. Naruto heard his baby crying as Danzo tried to calm the baby down. Danzo raised his hand in the air as more Root members appeared, "You better take this if you phase though even one. I'll end this brat's life; I can always take another". Naruto was enraged, he could feel the hate building even more for Danzo. He should have killed him before; he should have murdered him then!

Danzo threw his arm down as kunai and shuriken came raining down on stop of him. They embedded their points into his flesh. Naruto fell on all fours struggling to stand back up. Naruto stopped himself from passing out because he wanted to save his child. Naruto was even angrier before worried that he was going to die before his kids could even learn who he was. Naruto didn't see it but Naruto's eyes began to change once again. Naruto saw gears in the world appear. He looked around confused, he then saw the gears come to a halt as he saw the world freeze around him.

Naruto was confused, but he began to walk while everyone else was frozen. Naruto used his Kamui for the weapons to phase through him. Naruto was having a hard time breathing, but he saw the gears begin to move. He tried to control his breathing again as the gears stopped. He didn't know what was going on. However, it was related to his breathing technique, Naruto controlled his breathing as he quickly used everything he had to get to his child. He quickly jumped up and grabbed his child form Danzo's arms. Naruto began to run away he began to focus on his Hiraishin seal on Naruko's wedding ring. Just before he could continue, he coughs up large amounts of blood and his legs began to go numb. "Poison!" Naruto fell to the ground, but he fell on his back. He felt the poison paralyzing his body, he couldn't feel his legs or his arms. Yet he was able to keep his arms from dropping his child.

Danzo then realized that Naruto wasn't in front of him, and neither was the brat. He looked to his left to see Naruto on the ground, "Good job you laced poison with that blade". Danzo smiled, "Finish him!" Danzo shouted. Another root came charging up and stab his sword into Naruto's chest, but then Naruto's Susanoo appeared in its muscular form, but it was one stage from dropping into its bone stage. Naruto was having a hard time focusing his chakra into the Susanoo.

Just then he heard a roar as Kohaku came charging in as she bites her fangs through the Root Ninja's throat. Just then Naruto's Susanoo faltered as it disappeared, "CRAP!" A bunch of Root members began charging at Naruto. Naruto smiled as he focused his Susanoo around his child as a ribcage formed around it, "Kushina-chan… I'm sorry, tell Yugito and Naruko and your brothers and sister I'm sorry". Naruto then felt five blades pierce through his chest and stomach. Naruto coughed up a trail of blood. Naruto's vision blurred he kept focusing what chakra he had left to the Susanoo around his child.

Then Kohaku ran up as she stopped her master's body from fall on top of his child. Naruto was barely conscious at this point with the amount of blood he lost. Including the paralysis poison, he was being effected by. Kohaku growled, "Master! Stay with me! They are here!" Kohaku shouted as Tsunade smashed through the roof.

Naruto looked up to see Kakashi, Mikoto, Jiraiya, a bunch of other leaf Johnin. Might Gai, Kurenai Yuhi, A, B, Karui, Samui, C, Asuma, Ino, Sakura, Lee, and everyone else. Naruto even saw Naruko and Yugito awake and even fighting even after they gave birth just hours earlier, "NARUTO!" Naruko and Yugito shouted.

Mikoto saw this with her eyes blazing to life with anger. She directed all her anger out on these root members. Naruto saw everything when Naruko and Yugito activated their tailed beast mode. That was all until Naruto lost consciousness, "KOHAKU TAKE KUSHINA AND NARUTO AND GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" Naruko screamed as she began to fight the Anbu, "How did Naruto get so badly INJURED! HOW! HE HAS KAMUI!" "I bet Danzo used Kushina as a hostage to force Naruto to not use his abilities since he could have easily killed Kushina". Kuruana spoke up with rage and anger in her voice.

Time Skip Twelve Years later

There was a girl with bright red hair and a round face with three whisker marks on her face. She had dark blue eyes similar to her father's. She was looking for a memorial to all Ninjas. She was accompanied by her family. Her name was Kushina Uchiha, she was here with her brothers Yahiko and Menma. Her sisters Yui and Mito, their family was currently looking at a memorial upset, "Mommy so daddy and Jiraiya-Jiji saved us the night we were born?" Kushina asked.

Naruko nodded her head, "Daddy saved your life that night Kushina when we learned what happened there was a massive fight. Naruto did everything to keep living and continue to save your life. Even Jiraiya did what he could as well, they both fought bravely and adamantly".

"I wish I knew who Jiraiya-Jiji was like he sounds awesome". Menma looked at the statue of a tired Jiraiya with one arm fighting Danzo. Danzo was using some weird sealing jutsu to bring anything with him.

"Mommy where is daddy?" Mito asked, then Kushina, Menma, Yahiko, and Yui looked up at Naruko and Yugito.

Naruko wiped a tear, "That idiot of a father? He is". Just then Naruko was interrupted.

"YO WHAT'S UP!" A man with long white spiky hair came rolling in a wheelchair.


"Ahhaahah! I have been off exploring that world that since that night! Since I lost my legs I've been going around exploring the world even more! Plus I've been writing more". Jiraiya went to continue.

"Smut?" Naruko raised her eyebrow with Jiraiya beginning to sweat.

"Mommy where is daddy". Mito asked once again.

Yugito smiled, "Well your father is currently".

Just then a group of people landed in front of them. The first one the kids saw was a man with spiky blonde hair and sky-blue eyes, then a woman with red hair and violet eyes. Then there were other people the kids recognize as their uncles. There was Itachi, Shisui, and their grandpa Fugaku, "Who this one she looks like a tomato like Kushina". Mito spoke up.

The older woman had a tick mark, "HEY!" She screamed but then she froze, "Wait what did you say her name was?" The woman asked.

"Hello, mother! These are our children! This is Mito with the blonde hair, Kushina with the red hair, and Menma with the black hair". Naruko smiled.

Just then a figure appeared next to Naruko, "Sorry I'm late I had to make sure I secured all those stupid white Zetsus". The person chuckled.

Itachi's, Shisui's, and Fugaku's eyes widen, "N-Naruto is that you?" Itachi asked.

Naruto walked forward, "Yo what's up Itachi-Nii! Shisui-Nii! Father". Naruto smiled.

"DADDY!" Mito and Kushina jumped into his arms.

"I want to go up too daddy!" Yui whined as Naruto picked her up and cradled his girls in his arms.

"I decided to do the Edo-Tensei for a little bit, just so you guys could meet your Obaa-chan, Jiji-san, your Oji-sans as well then my Tou-san". Naruto smiled.

"Jeez, you had us worried". Naruko smirked.

Yugito sighed, "About time you got here, your going to end up being late like Kakashi".

"Hey, I take offense to that". Kakashi appeared beside Mikoto as she had her child Mio standing in front of her.

Naruto chuckled, "Alright! Let's get to know everyone!" Naruto picked Kushina up and put her on his shoulders. He took Yui and Mito on his shoulders hooding all three of them up as they laughed and giggled. Meanwhile, Naruko and Yugito were cuddling Menma and Yahiko.
"YOU GUYS ARE EMBARRASSING US!" Menma and Yahiko whined.

Tsunade walked up, "Hey Jiraiya let's give them their moment. I can get you a new set of legs and a new right arm with the Zetsus that Naruto has been hunting down".


"If you finish that sentence, I'll remove your private parts first". Tsunade threatened as Jiraiya began to cower in fear.

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