The sun usually is what awoke the majority of Domino City's residents. And on a beautiful late summer day like this, it was no different. It was the sun, and the birds which roused Astrid from sleep that morning. Maybe perhaps the fact she could barely sleep that night had a role it her awakening. For today was to be, hopefully an exciting one. Astrid has been waiting for this day for 4 years. Ever since her mother taught her how to duel. She had wanted to go to Academia. The greatest duel school of them all.

Astrid woke up, and immediately proceeded to trip on the edge of her beds blanket, and onto the hardwood floor of her bedroom.

" Ow. Ugh. Why do always trip on these blankets? I seriously need to get less sticky blankets. She proceeded to comb her hair and scarf down a hastily made sandwich. She then grabbed her deck and disk and left for the entrance exam building.

"This is going to be a great day." Astrid thought as she ran towards her destination, eager to arrive.

With almost an hour to spare, she arrived. And she saw a dismaying site.

"Aww man. I thought I was going to be first."

"Same here, but, getting to be here is good enough." Said the person behind her. She turned around and looked down to see a short bespectacled kid with light blue hair.

"I agree with that. Say, what's your name?"

"Sho, Sho Marufuji."

"Marufuji? Are you the younger brother of that really strong high-risk duler, Ryo Marufuji?!"

Astrid proclaimed with shock.

"Yeah, that's me. Sho Marufuji, younger brother of Ryo."

"Well then, I'm certain you'll get in, then. Even if your skills are half of your brother's. "

"Well, thanks for the vote of confidence" Sho replied.

" No problem, Oh and my name is Astrid, Astrid Stevenson. "

"Ok, well, it's great to meet you Astrid. Best of luck to you."

"You too."

The lines began to move forward, and one by one they were addressed by an instructor, who told them which arena to go to, and to prepare themselves.

"Excuse me." Astrid said.

The instructor sighed.

"Yes?" He replied begrudgingly.

"Can I duel the toughest duelist here? Please?" Astrid asked.

"Astrid, what are doing?! Don't you want to get into the Academy?!" Sho exclaimed.

"Sorry, young girl, the strongest one is out, but I can get the second strongest down here for you to duel, if you want."

"Yes, Please."

"No, Astrid, please don't do this, you won't get into the Academy that way! They only take people who win!"

"Calm yourself, Sho. I can handle anything this oh-so-scary professor can dish out."

"Hmm. You might regret saying that, young lady." Said a tall, pale, and thin man.

"So am I to presume YOU are the professor?" Astrid said with a smirk.

" I am, I am professor Dean, and you have precisely 3 seconds to wipe that smile off of your face. Or else" He added menacingly.

"Or else what, possibly the palest man in existence might beat me up using one of those lame decks the others are using?" Astrid laughed.


"Sho, calm yourself, you get too excited too easily."

"Why you little brat. Fine then if it's a duel you want, a duel you are going to get."

"Glad to hear it." Astrid chirped smugly as they walked towards the center of the room. "But remember, don't hold anything back!" Astrid confidently continued.

"I'll make you eat those words, young girl."


"I'll start!" Astrid declared.

"I'll set 1 monster face down on the field! Then I'll set 1 card facedown. Turn end!"

"Hmph, that was it? What a pathetic start. I'll be sure to thoroughly tear your monsters apart! My turn! I draw! Hmm. I'll activate a field spell in my hand! Field of the Warriors! With Field of the Warriors, all Warrior-type monsters gain 400 ATK, and once per turn, they won't be destroyed by a card effect!"

"Sounds to me like you have a Warrior-Type deck. This will be interesting."

"You're right on the money. I'll summon Max Warrior! In Attack mode!

A menacing looking armored warrior with a sickle arrived on the field in front of Dean.

Max Warrior: 1800 - 2200 ATK 800 DEF/WIND/Level 4/Warrior/Effect

"Max Warrior will gain 400 Attack due to Field of the Warriors! Then I'll equip the equip spell "Noble Arms Mighty" to Max Warrior!" Due to Noble Arms Mighty, my Max Warrior will gain 1000 Attack points, and it can now deal piercing damage to defense position monsters!" However, it will lose 300 ATK during each end phase.

Max Warrior: ATK: 2200 - 3200

"And now! Max Warrior will attack your face down defense position monster! Max Punch! Then Max Warrior's effect! During the battle phase, it gains 400 ATK!

Max Warrior: ATK: 3200 - 3600

Max Warrior's fist proceeded to pierce through Astrid's set monster, which revealed itself as a small floating shield, with intricate markings and an eyeball pattern on it.

The Shield: 0 ATK 2000 DEF/LIGHT/Level 4/Machine/Effect

"Oh no! Not my shield!" Astrid cried.

"Oh yes, said the Professor." and it's going to get worse. Because you're going to take some damage with that attack! 1600, to be precise!"

"Oh no!" Sho responded from the bleachers.

"Ah!" Astrid cried as Max Warrior hit her in the stomach with its fist.

Astrid: 4000 - 2400

"Then the effect of Max Warrior, because it battled, it's ATK and DEF are halved until my standby phase."

Max Warrior: ATK 3600 - 1800

"Then I set one card, and end my turn."

Because it's my end phase the effect of Noble Arms Mighty activates. My Max Warrior loses 300 ATK.

Max Warrior: ATK 1800 - 1500

"Ha! Because it's my opponent's end phase, and I took damage, I can activate my "False Accusation" trap card! This card allows me to target 1 monster on the field. Then deal my opponent damage equal to half of that monster's ATK! Then I get to draw a card. I select your Max Warrior!"


Dean: 4000 - 3250

"Argh, get on with your turn, brat."

"Gladly, it's my turn, I draw! Hmm. I think I'll summon "The Mistress" in Defense position!"

A young woman dressed in a white, form fitting outfit, holding a broom appeared on the field in front of Astrid

The Mistress: 700 ATK 1700 DEF/LIGHT/Level 4/Fairy/Effect

"Then I activate my "Pot of Greed" magic card! This card al-"

"I know exactly what it does. It allows you to draw 2 cards. Just because you know it's effect doesn't mean you have to flaunt it!" Dean said, rudely cutting off Astrid.

"Fine then, I'll draw 2 cards! Draw! Hmm. I activate the effect of The Mistress! She can be counted as 2 tributes for a tribute Summon!

"WHAT!?" Both Dean and Sho exclaimed loudly.

"I'll release The Mistress! And then I'll tribute summon! To me! "The Sorcerer"!

A muscular magician clad in a transparent blue robe/cape with black and white stars on it appeared to Astrid's side of the field in a flash of light.

The Sorcerer: 2800 ATK 2800 DEF/LIGHT/Level 8/Spellcaster/Effect

"What a powerful looking monster! I wonder what sort of effect it has?" Sho wondered to to himself.

Dean stood there looking shocked. How can this insulting brat summon such a powerful monster?! I only have one monster in my entire deck that's stronger than hers. But she brought that one out without even breaking a sweat!

"Who are you?!" Dean asked nervously.

"I'm Astrid Stevenson, engrave that name into your mind for all eternity! Now enough talk, I equip The Sorcerer with the equip spell "The Magical Lance"! Due to the effect of The Magical Lance, The Sorcerer gains 200 ATK, and when it attacks the opponent can't activate set cards.


And it gains a bonus ability you'll see here shortly!

The Sorcerer: 2800 - 3000

"Now then! The Sorcerer, activate your ability! Once per turn it can lower 1 monster ATK and DEF by 100 points times its level! Then, I gain Life equal to the amount your monsters ATK was lowered!

"What a powerful effect!" Dean exclaimed.

"I know, and unfortunately for you, my target is your Max Warrior! Arcane Circle!

Max Warrior: ATK: 1500 - 1100


"Ahhhhhh!" Dean yelled as his warrior was destroyed and bolts of light energy licked at his skin.

Dean: 3250 - 1350

"Then the effect of The Magical Lance activates! When the equipped Spellcaster-type monster destroys a monster by battle, you take damage equal to your monsters ATK!"

"Say What!?" Both Sho and Dean said in surprise.

Dean:1250 - 150

"And then this will finish you! I activate the magic card "The Barrage" and due to its effect, I target 1 monster on the field, and deal you damage 200 times its level! The only one on the field is The Sorcerer! Meaning you'll take 200 x 8 damage! That 1600 damage to be precise!"

"Impossible! I've been defeated by this rookie duelist?!" Dean exclaimed.

"Never call me a rookie ever again."

Dean: 150 - 0


And that's how you guarantee a good day! Astrid thought to herself.