First fanfiction

The first thing I didn't want to congratulate was one hour.

This fanfic of Madagascar speaks for the characters of the people as well as there will be actors that are not included in the original.

Chapter:1 Chinmoku wa watashi no himitsudesu (Silence is my secret)

France attracts many tourists. An Australian tourist team climbed the mountains, a red-haired, green-eyed girl in the tourist team climbed hard on one rock to another. Her friend can withstand the strap, but she doesn't. The girl's hand head was stuck in the rock trying to get it out. She had succeeded in doing so, but unfortunately she slipped and fell on one leg. Fortunately, the rope for mountaineers dampened the fall (expanded in Chapter 2)

For Alex, the worst was fatigue.

He was able to testify to a large extent when he was heading home late in the rain at Monte Carlo High School in the rain. Invisible raindrops were falling on his face, and his brain was trying not to think that something would happen to him. He raised his bag to his shoulder in a secure position. Her feet were aching as she was hanging out and reading books in the library. His head hurt so much he thought and sat in front of the machines. For many people, their stomachs groan, they become strict, and they say, Eat, Eat. Even their asses hurt, they sit so much.

Yes, of course he didn't want to think about it.

Between 7 and 8, teachers expected the teenage boy to study and volunteer. At first, it was very funny and entertaining for the students, and after a few weeks, they regretted it. As Marty began to wonder how unfairly they were doing to him every day.

Even though it created quite an interesting atmosphere for two teachers. One is Mr. Lyon, whose class and he virtually hate Alex. They always give her extra work, such as making the board or chalking what she needs to scrub her. The other Mr. Lee, whose class on the contrary treats Alex with the only difference that the teacher hates him. He didn't care about his grades, he just wanted to get the school to have a maid.

He sighed and bent down, pulling his jacket closer as he shivered.

Well, he turned around around the corner.

He thought dizzy, leaning forward and leaning his head against the wall.

He may have grumbled.

He was a little dizzy but he didn't care. With a cough, he cleared his throat and shook the rain that the fucking taxi poured on him. In fact, Alex regretted this whole wish he wished he hadn't undertaken this whole thing. You would rather deal with your friends than put your library books in alphabetical order and clean up after Mr. Lyon's class. You listen to the conducting of either Mr. Lee.

It is very difficult and tired to return home to his own tidy home, which is not really tidy in a condo like a boarding house, but according to Melman it is like a dormitory that everyone agrees with. Everyone has a roommate (except Vitaly and Stefano). Alex and his friends understood this roommate's mind, but the fact that Vitaly and Stefano had their own room is now the limit of silence. In the bathroom, he searched for his towel and wiped off the pool water that the taxi poured on him, like 'women used to be at Easter.'

He didn't want to do anything else in him roommate's room, just to sleep in his "comfortable" bed to sleep in. She went to him room, quietly and quietly, where roommate Marty was reading his favorite crimea while he was studying, using his laptop or hanging out.

Hi Alex, whispered. Marty knew that his best friend was coming home, just playing the whole thing, as if he hadn't noticed that his boyfriend had come.

- Hey- He muttered.

He took a deep breath and humped into his crumpled bed. About 15 minutes later, Marty gets tired of reading the book and wakes Alex up.

- It's okay to wake me up.

He didn't lie because he didn't want to hurt Marty. Marty took a sigh and started talking:

"Listen, are you enjoying being employed at the school and not being treated badly by Mr. Lyon and Mr. Lee?" After Marty scuffed those words, Alex froze a word. He screamed at Marty from a full throat, coarser words went to prepare for the rehearsal of the Circus Performance of Life.

After Alex the pulled Marty was even more worried. "It seems those two teachers really hate him," he thought. And he went to trial.

That's all.U. I. I guess this chapter won't even interest the dog because it's the first fanfiction I wrote