Chapter 4 Yakunitatanai (the useless)

As they entered the room, they had a terrible picture in front of them. There were a couple of students who hate Alex hated.

He was beaten, beaten and chased to the wall by his main bully and leader, Teetsi.

Marty and Melman watched for a few seconds as they tortured their friend until Marty said: What are you doing to him ?!

"Well, Well,Well" Teetsi said sarcastically when he turned around. The tall teen looked into Marty's eyes and looked for signs of empathy. Marty is not afraid of Teetsi at all, just look at his with a wooden face as if he suggests that if he has to fight.

"I asked why you poke him ?!"

"It's not obvious," Teetsi said, "or you want me to write down your forehead. We have some accounts.

Alex took another step and pulled his hand out of one of the bullying.

- Marty please don't intervene I don't want you to. . .- But before he had finished, Teetsi struck a huge his cheek, at a level that he had even dropped the floor.

"Shut up," Teetsi shouted, " I'm easy you just disgusting you!"

Unexpectedly, Teetsi grabbed Alex's sweater and dropped it back to the wall and grabbed it again. His legs were hanging from the floor, weakly shaking.

Marty and Melman tried to protest, but as if to say in Chinese, it seems that there is something wrong between Alex and Teetsi.

"All I have to do is do my duty," muttered Teetsi in a calm voice. "I decided that since these old bags don't do anything, I accept all of this. I'll take it? Yes. Why? Because! And I will do everything. But before that you have to lose your common sense peasant.

Alex tried to fight more with less success. He felt his body being thrown away and his head hit the floor. He made a painful moan, and his head pounded, ringing loudly in his ear, and focused. Teetsi's hand kept Alex away from moving or turning his head.

Unfortunately he was forced to look at the earth. When he was captured, he saw Teetsi pulling a pocket knife out of his pocket. Simply, Alex could not feel the adrenaline level he would never experience in a stinky life.

- Bye bye! Teetsi grinned and began to crush Alex's arm and face.

The abuse ended when one of the foolish people did not complain about the start of the clock, and if a teacher saw slander, they were fired from the football team.

Due to panic, Teetsi dropped the knife and "accidentally" stepped over Alex and went to the bitch.

Needless to say, the scattered Alex was left to himself. When his gaze at the door was Marty and Melman wasn't there. It is true that Marty tried to help his, but with his luck he had doubted that he couldn't count on nobody.


He has now calmed down. He never lied to such a mighty Skipper. Of course, he believed that the flingy teddy had fucking to fuck with his cocks and had a little bit of a shot in one picture. There is a suspicion that Skipper has crazy things in his head. For example: headhunting, gangsters, terrorists, war, the end of the world, retarded serial killers and North Korea etc.

And as far as he knows, he hasn't used his philosophy for quite some time and has not thought about the personality and habits of others. Ever since he was here in Monaco, inside Monte Carlo, he realized that it was a great stupid thing to leave America and live in a mini country where everybody is rich and there is Italy and France. Of course he's in the deck, he's gone damn.

The intruding little girl was already fed up. And he saw Zuba imagining himself on another planet. He began to whistle, and he felt several times, but it was as if he were in another universe.

Then, finally, Hillary began to claps his ear. That's good.

- Agh! What..What ... What the fuck? Zuba said intermittently after he got up from his sleep.

"Calm down, Uncle," Hillary said, sliding his slim arms on his chest. - You just fell asleep.

"Anyway, I'm the name of that

Zuba," he said in a rather interesting voice.

- Hmm. You know your interesting name. said Hillary

"Oh, thank you."

After that, a long silent silence began to embarrassingly so that Zuba and Hillary didn't look at each other.

Zuba and Hillary were still silent as in a silent movie, but that is not the point. Time to focus on Alex's mom.

* Florrie * did the usual things when she was bored. SHe did not do housework but read and yoga. After the conference, she did not make his hobby but immediately sought Zuba, but she could not find it anywhere. Not long afterwards, she remembered something. The lobby. And it was really there, but not alone.

"What are you doing here Zuba ... and what you're looking for here," Florrie asked surprisingly.

When Zuba saw his wife, he didn't know what to say to him.

- Oh, she's your wife! = ω = - Hillary whispered softly.

- We? ugh you think! Zuba answered nervously.

"Who's that Zuba?"

But there is no answer.

The blond-haired woman did not keep on going and embarrassed the two unfortunate bastards. Florrie welcomed Hillary and housed him in a leftover room. While the two ladies huddled Zuba twisted their eyes, it makes more sense for her wife to always be kind to the uninvited guest and of course her baby boy.

After Hillary agreed to accept the invitation, she immediately went to that particular room. When Zuba and Florrie were alone, he immediately questioned the woman.

- Woman! You'd explain to me why you had accepted a wild stranger, "Florriet called for what she had been taught by a mere dick.


- What! he yelled.

Florrie took her husband's two shoulders and lifted her head and looked into her eyes. The man knew for the first time that something was not kosher.

"Say," he demanded.

"I don't know why she came here, but we welcome visitors, but this is irrelevant to our boy!" she said firmly, and if she thought of Alex and his strange behavior, she would be a little vulnerable. * Alakey * has been strange for weeks now and yesterday, last time and about. a week ago blood bruises on his body.

"Well, he told me that he would fall down the stairs quite often," Zuba said, gulping Florrie's head.

- Are you taking this rice seriously? Think a little - she asked.

15 seconds later he replied: You are right. What if we ask him when he's home. The only thing is that it is a beauty mistake to hate him very much if we ask him.

That was not what Florriet did and he looked angry at Zuba.

"All right, just don't look at me!" - agreed. Because he didn't want Florrie to tear his head.

"Thank God"