He was going to be sick.

Nico barely had time to shove a Demeter boy out of his way in time to all but thrust his head into a toilet and get a view of his breakfast for the second time that day.

Ten minutes of retching later the Italian was cursing enchanted dishware. How he'd managed to get himself sick off of camp food almost every day this week was beyond him. It wasn't like it wasn't things he hadn't had a million times before; plus it was too inconsistent to be a stomach flu. The Hecate cabin had already checked him for curses and Will had been boggled by his symptoms as well.

All Nico knew was that he felt like crap and he just wanted it to stop.

The raven had been in such a rush that he hadn't shut the stall door at all and it didn't surprise him when a young head poked its way in.

It was a new Athenian child; a young blonde boy who'd only been at camp a few weeks and who'd only had a handful of classes with Nico so far.

"Ummm Mr. di Angelo…..Are you okay?"

The raven tried to put on a brave face as he wiped vomit from the corner of his mouth.

"I'm find Conner, just a bit of the flu."

The young blonde looked dubious.

"Are you sure you aren't pregnant Mr. di Angelo? Cause when my big brother got pregnant he threw up a lot in the mornings too."

Nico froze at the question. He knew it wasn't asked to hurt him. It wasn't asked to shame him or make him feel like less. Conner only knew he was an Omega with a mate. To ask if he was expecting made sense since he hadn't been there long enough to know that it wasn't possible for Nico to be pregnant.

The fact was so deeply ingrained into Nico's head that the thought that his morning puking could be morning sickness hadn't even crossed his mind. It was too painful to even contemplate.

Especially since there had been a heart wrenching day during his second year with Will that a bout of the stomach flu had initially made him think he was experiencing morning sickness. Had made him believe for all of one glorious morning that just maybe he wasn't broken and could carry life inside him. At least before they found out about Will.

Even as Conner said it bile rose in Nico's throat and he had to swallow hard to stop it.

It wasn't possible, he couldn't even think it.

"I can't get pregnant Conner." He finally managed to force out through his raw throat.

The grey eyed boy blinked back at him slowly at the words. He'd probably never even heard of infertility being an issue in an Alpha/Omega coupling.

"Are you sure?" He asked with blatant disbelief.

Before Nico could even think to respond his head was back in the toilet and his mouth was otherwise occupied.

"Are you sure?"

The words kept playing back in Nico's head over and over as the week passed and his sickness continued.

As his mate checked his temperature and fretted about his diet and when he did Nico let his thoughts wonder.

He didn't dare ask Will. Didn't dare get the blonde's hopes up. He felt stupid even thinking it was possible.

And yet…..

He still rummaged around under his sink in the bathroom.

He still stared at the test in his hands for half an hour before taking it.

He still cried when he got the results.

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