Mizuno Ami was not sure how to deal with the situation she found herself in. Though she was coming out of her shell, she was still a shy girl. She had gotten used to fighting alongside the Knights, but was still hesitant in front of the rest of the class. She thought highly of her chosen mentor, and that their powers were similar. Despite that, the fact that the Hero in question was only rank 134, and had no sidekicks. Ami had checked with her own classmates and most of class 1-B. She fully expected to be alone for the internship.

Only she wasn't alone. There were two other students sitting in the waiting room. One was completely unknown to Ami. He was tall and muscular, with crew cut dark brown hair and deep black eyes. He wore a broad smile, dark blue shirt and pants, and heavy black boots. And his fingers and feet twitched with nervous or excited energy. But Ami did recognize the third intern. And realized she might have expected her. The other UA student nodded to Ami, but before she could say anything, the secretary spoke.

"Hanada-san is ready for you," the older man with thinning hair informed them, "Please head in."

They all stood up and passed through the indicated door. The boy went first, both moving immediately and having a longer stride. The other girl was also taller, and Ami deferred to her naturally, and thus was the last one in.

The room was a hybrid conference room and office; just a long table and chairs, no desk. There was filing cabinets for materials, and a laptop open on the table.

Their mentor was standing, waiting for them. She was about 170 centimeters, and moderately voluptuous; more so than either of the students but not so well endowed as Miss Midnight, or Guild Mom. Her hair was just on the brown side of orange, and would have been shoulder length were it not pulled in to a tail on the left side of her head and spiked on the right. Her eyes were light blue, and her face looked like she was nineteen or twenty, even though Ami knew she was a graduate of Shiketsu with six years of experience as a Pro Hero.

She wore her Hero costume, a complex cropped tank top of blue, cyan, and yellow; blue and cyan disconnected sleeves with a slight puff where they gripped her biceps that Ami knew concealed support gear; a white skirt accented in yellow and cyan, concealing blue bike shorts; and blue and white sneakers.

"Yoarashi-kun, Kongou-chan, Mizuno-chan, it is nice to meet you all," she said in bright, kind voice, "I am..."

Kasumi Hanada
Hero Name: Misty
Quirk: Vapor
Fog, mist, steam, clouds, as long as there is enough water vapor in the air to be visible, she can control the vapor and the air containing it. Has two mini fog machines built into the sleeves of her uniform, so she doesn't have to depend on the weather.

"Kongou-chan, Mizuno-chan, I do not know if you know each other beyond the Sports Festival," Hanada-san continued. Yoarashi-san bristled slightly at that.

"And I suspect neither of you know Yoarashi-kun, or verse vica," the Hero continued, deliberately ignoring the boy's reaction, "So why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"Of course, Hanada-sensei," Yoarashi-san declared loudly and formally, "I am Yoarashi Inasa, first year Shiketsu High School, Hero course. My Quirk Whirlwind allows me to control the air around me, much like sensei. I hope to learn a lot from you, thank you for having me."

"I am Kongou Mitsuko," the dark-haired girl introduced herself, "daughter and heiress to Kongou Aviation, first year UA Academy class 1-D. My Quirk Aero Hand allows me to control wind, rather than air. It has a... notable limitation, but is quite powerful."

She snapped her fan open, covered her mouth, and gave a very stereotypical rich girl laugh. And Ami could not help but notice that Kongou-san had not said that she was in the General course, not the Hero course.

"My name is Mizuno Ami," the bluette bowed as she explained, "Also first year at UA Academy, class 1-A. My Quirk is called Ice Water, and I can control water in either solid or liquid form. The closer to zero degrees centigrade, the better."

"Thank you all," Hanada-sensei said, "Now, I know it was a long trip up to Abashiri, so I'll take you to your hotel."

"Sensei," Kongou-san interjected, "I have a suggestion if you and Mizuno-san don't mind."

Both of the other women looked at her in expectation.

"You see, my family booked me the penthouse suite at the Dormy Inn, to spare UA some of the expense of the internship," Kongou-san boasted, "And it will be far too much room for me. So if it is acceptable to the two of you, I thought Mizuno-san could stay with me as well. Cut down the cost further."

Then the dark haired girl inclined her head Yoarashi-san apologetically, "I'm sorry, I would offer to let you stay as well, but it is inappropriate for a young man and two young women to room together without a chaperone."

"Thank nothing of it," he said seriously.

"That would be fine with me," Ami agreed. In reality, she was unsure of the arrangement, but it be impolite to refuse. And it would save the school money.

"If you both want to, I don't see any reason to say no," Hanada-sensei confirmed. Then she added, "and please, call me Misty. We will be working together the next five days, and it is more appropriate that you call me by my Hero name."

When Itsuka reached the end of the jet bridge, she paused to take a deep breath. Of course, the over scrubbed atmosphere of the airport didn't smell special, but it was more symbolic. This was the first time she had ever been outside of Japan.

She followed the signs to the luggage concourse, and picked up her bag. Then she looked around, and saw a man with a sign with her name, in both Japanese and English. She walked over, and his face brightened as he recognized her.

"Good afternoon, Ms Kendo," he said in stilted English, "Master Kei-Ying sent me to pick you up and bring you to the Yīn Tiān Kuàbāo Temple. Here are my Hero Association credentials..."

She looked at the card, and then nodded and followed him.

"Thank you for ride," she said, her English worse than his.

"Of course," he answered, opening the trunk of his car, "Master Kei-Yins is quite happy you accepted his offer."

"Really? Why?"

"Yes, very much. And I let Master tell you why."

"Why are we here, sensei?" Jiro Kyoka asked, looking out at the calming horizon. Despite the question, she enjoyed feeling the gentle breeze in her hair and on her skin, wriggling her toes into the pristine sand. She was wearing shorts and tank top over a one piece swimsuit.

"Why not just stay at school, or at least in Tokyo?" she clarified.

"Many reasons, my young apprentice," Yamada Hizashi said, more quietly than normal. He was wearing swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt, and his normally spiked hair was pulled into a bun with a short tail hanging out behind.

"Primarily, for me at least, is to get away from Shouta," Present Mic admitted, "Because this is supposed to be a restful week for us first year teachers, and he's gonna spend all week complaining that I took an intern. For you, the primary reason is to get away from school and Tokyo. Part of the point of internships is to get you all out of your comfort zones. Force you to confront yourself, and shift your perspective."

Then he took a deep breath and let out a scream that split the ocean.

"And here, on this nice private beach far away from any major town in Okinawa, we can be as loud as we want. Lastly, despite what I said earlier, this is sort of a vacation for me. Don't get me wrong, I am going work you until your voice is hoarse... Or maybe I should say your earlobes ache. But we get this beautiful vista, and it's warmer here than up in Tokyo. We can do some sightseeing and have nice meals after we are done for the day."

"Yeah," she looked out on the subtle sway of the line of the horizon.

"Well, let's get back to the bungalow," he said, "Tomorrow morning, we work."

"Miss Kendo," Yang Kei-Ying boomed happily when she entered the training room, "What a pleasure to meet you!"

"Thank you," Itsuka was surprised, "And thank you for offering me internship. But I wondering, why are you excited to meet me?"

"Ah, yes, sorry if I am getting overly enthusiastic," Kei-Ying stepped back and said more quietly, "It's just... Did you know that your great, great, great..."

He counted off with his fingers.

"... grandfather's young brother, whom I will call your uncle now for simplicity's sake. Your uncle ran a Kendo Kasshin Ryu dojo here in Hong Kong, before the Troubles forced your family to withdraw to Japan. And my grandfather studied under him. Grandfather loves Kendo Kasshin Ryu and speaks very fondly of your uncle. So I grew up hearing about your relative and your family's art. And when I saw you in the UA Sports Festival, I knew I had to invite you. To teach you, and possibly learn from you as well."

Itsuka nodded. Then she queried, "My English isn't so good, but you spoke of your grandfather in current tense, yes?"

"Yes," the Hero agreed, "My grandfather's Quirk slows his aging. Currently he appears to be younger than my father. He is still teaching wushu, and if we can find time and he can find time, I'm sure he would be tickled to meet you."

"Also," he added a bit more sternly, sounding like a teacher rather than a fan, "While you are here, you should only speak English. Part of your internship will be improving your skill in that language. If you need to know a specific word, I do speak Japanese. But everyone else had been instructed to only respond to you if you speak English."

"You speak Japanese?" she countered in surprise.

"I speak nine languages," he told her, "I used my Quirk to get extra study time. English and Mandarin are my best, being the primary languages here. But I learned seven other languages based on fighting styles I wanted to learn. I am conversant in all of them, but Japanese and Hindi are my next best. Now come, let us get you settled in, and we can discuss your schedule for tomorrow through Friday."

"I'm curious, can you see me?" Hagakure Toru asked her fellow intern.

"Not normally," Shimooka Hikari admitted, "But I haven't tried using my Quirk against you like that."

"Izuku suggested that Advisory-sensei might be able to see me in wavelengths outside of visible light," Toru continued, "But I haven't had a chance to ask her yet. Since you have light powers, I thought you might be able to do something similar."

"That sounds like something Izuku would think of," the photokinetic nodded.

The two girls chatted while they were waiting for their mentor.

"Sorry I am late," X-Less said, as he hurried into his office. He was dressed in his hero uniform, a two-tone blue bodysuit with a hood that covered his right eye. He also had an ankle length red cape, and yellow boots.

"I had to give a deposition on an assault case," he explained, pulling back his hood.

"I would ask which of you is which, but that is blindingly obvious," he said, "Nice to meet you, Hagakure-san, Shimooka-san."

He bowed to the invisible girl, then to the visible one.

"Since we have some time today," he inclined his arm to the door on the right, "Let me show you my training lab."

Then he called out across the room, "Minato-san, there shouldn't be any calls since it Sunday, but we'll be in the lab."

The weekend receptionist nodded. X-Less walked quickly over to the doorway, and the two students had to hurry to keep up. The door led to an internal stairwell, and the Hero jogged down two flights. Smiling like a proud parent, he punched a code into a panel, and led them inside.

"This is my masterpiece," he proclaimed, "Retinoh."

It was a two story tall cube room filled with movable platforms, reinforced mirrors, and combat grade glass lenses.

"The lights can produce up to 25,000 lumens of light, in any spectrum," he explained, "And the lenses and mirrors can direct it to anywhere in the room, focusing to a beam as intense as my Quirk. It can also project simple images. This is the best optical facility in Japan, outside of the Todai Photonics Lab. And maybe the Sony Kyber factory in Yokohama. But that one is just for production, and neither are designed for Hero Training."

X-Less turned back to the students.

"Shimooka-san, I have to assume you are aware why I offered you an internship?" he asked.

"I am a photokinetic, you have a doctorate in Light Physics and Optics, and a laser eye Quirk," she answered, "To be honest, if you hadn't offered me an internship, I'm not who I would have picked. You were my first choice, by far."

"And Hagakure-san... To be honest, I'm not sure I will be able to help you. Well, beyond martial arts and basic Heroing. But an invisibility Quirk as strong and constant as yours was something I wanted to research. If it is not light based, then I likely owe you an apology."

"It's okay, sensei," Toru said. Then she held up her right hand. And they could see it. Sort of. They could not see her skin or finger nails. Even the outline was fuzzy. But there was a definite warping in the air and light in the shape of a human hand.

"I recently learned, thanks to a classmate..."

"Izuku?" Hikari-san interrupted. Toru nodded.

"I figured out that my Quirk is at least partially bending light around me. And now that I know, I'm trying to see if I can control it."

Toru exhaled harshly, and her limb became fully transparent again.

"It's tough," InvisiGal admitted, "I have to both tense my muscles and focus mentally on trying to bend the light less. But I'm also thinking that I might be able to bend it more. I'll probably never be able to do all the things Shimooka-san can, or even do the things I can do as well as she can."

"I can't become invisible," the photokinetic assured her, "And even if I could it would wear me out fairly quickly."

"That good, I guess," Toru said, "But either way, I might be able to distort light enough to flash blind people, or make them feel vertigo from the distortion."

"Both things we can work on," X-Less assured her.

Misty picked up her three students Monday morning. It was simpler and faster than having them take public transportation, and gave her a few minutes to talk with them. The teens were all in track suits for their respective schools, rather than their Hero costumes. As per her instructions. The Hero was wearing a similar outfit. The two girls got into the back seat, ceding the passenger seat to Yoarashi, who needed the extra leg room.

"Hana... Misty-sensei?" Ami prompted, a minute after they pulled away from the hotel.

"Just Misty," the Hero said, "I know that hierarchies and honorifics are drilled into us from as soon as we can talk. But in an emergency, every second and every breath can be the difference between life and death. So you need to unlearn that. Or at least get to the point where you don't hesitate when you need to drop honorifics. Understand?"

"Yes!" Yoarashi-kun barked immediately. And the two girls simply nodded.

"What were you going to ask, Mercury?" Misty prompted her, leading by example.

"I was curious about Yoarashi-kun... Sorry, I did not get your Hero name."

"I haven't thought of one yet," the boy admitted, "My first choice is already taken."

"And we might be able to help you both with that," Misty said, "As Mitsuko does not have a codename chosen, either."

"I was curious why he is here?" Mizuno-chan returned to her original question, "Not that he doesn't belong here, or anything. Simply that I was under the impression Shiketsu held its internships in late July or early August, to avoid having student miss regular clashes... err, classes."

"Until this year, they did," Misty confirmed, "But the Hero Association and the government came to an agreement. They wanted to save the money, and save the time of the Heroes mentoring the internships. They also hoped it would foster better relationships between the students of the schools. As of this year, all Hero schools will have first year internships on the last full week of May. Of course, most other schools don't get as many internship offers as UA and Shiketsu. I only offered four internships in total, two to Shiketsu and two to UA."

The three teens digested that, as Kasumi pulled into her parking spot outside of her office.

"We'll head around back for now," Misty told them. She lead them around to the tall privacy fence, and trigger the fingerprint scanner.

Behind the office was a large training area they had not seen yesterday. A pool, double a still standard 'Olympic sized' pool in width and half again as long. Like a more recreational pool, it started shallow at one end, and grew much deeper at the opposite end. There was a large area of padded mats next to the pool. Misty led them over to the padded area.

"Mitsuko, please stand right here."

The girl did as requested.

"Now, Isana, you see this line?" Misty pointed to a seam where two of the pads joined, "I want you to get Mitsuko over to this side of the line. However you can."

"Yes, sen... Misty," he said sternly. He gave the dark-haired girl a slight bow. Then the air around him began to swirl and rush. He took a strong stance, and the wind blasted out around Kongou. He aimed to hit her from the back and push her over the line.

The next instant his world spun, and he was crashing onto the mat. Then Misty was standing over him.

"What did you do wrong?" she asked. The boy considered the question. And Mizuno raised her hand tentatively.

"Yes, Mercury?"

"Well, first of all, he just attacked," the bluette said softly, not wanting to insult him, "You never told him he should, and you never told Kongou-san that she should resist. I would have thought the first thing he should do would be to ask her to step over the line."

Misty smiled broadly, and clapped her hands.

"Exactly. Not everyone you deal with as Hero will be a Villain," their mentor explained, "Unless you are very unlucky, or chose to be a more Villain focused Hero like Endeavor, it is safe to say most of the people you interact with will not be Villains. In this situation, you might have been wanting a civilian to move to a safe distance, or asking a police officer to come over and look at something."

Yoarashi-kun hung his head.

"What else?" Misty turned back to Mercury. The younger woman looked embarrassed and didn't say anything.

"You said 'first of all'," Misty reminded her, "That means you have at least one more point."

"He used his Quirk on Kongou-chan," Mizuno-chan explained, "Maybe he forgot what she said her Quirk is. Maybe he thought he was stronger."

"She said she can control wind," he interrupted sullenly, "And our records say she uses that fan as a support item."

He pointed to the folding, metal fan clipped to her belt.

"You gave her winds to use," Ami pointed out, growing a little angry at the thought of Shiketsu making files about UA students, "Her fan is to start a breeze when it is otherwise calm. You would have been better off holding the air still. If she didn't move when asked, trying to move her physically would have been a marginally safer first option, given your size and mass advantage. Unless yo... those records also say Kongou-san is a skilled martial artist?"

"No, they do not," he confirmed.

Misty could tell Mercury was still annoyed. And she could understand it. Neither of the UA girls knew about each other, more or less the Shiketsu intern. But Shiketsu had gone so far as to provide its student with files on them.

"That fairly well covers it," Misty said, "now, let's try that again."

"Alright, Creati, here is my first lesson and suggestion for you," Cyclotron said as he escorted her into his office. He gestured, and the four 3D monitors built into the wall lit up.

"RZ-1s?" Momo asked him.

"RZ-2s," Miyozaki-san said, "For what I do, the extra resolution was worth the extra cost. Anyway, here."

He showed her a pair of simple compounds.

"You are aware of the concept of a binary explosive?" he queried.

"Two simple and stable chemicals that when mixed become an explosive," she said, "Sometimes an immediate explosion, but more commonly an explosive set off by one of the normal triggers. Are these a binary explosive?"

"No," he said, "they actually react to create a foul smelling cloud, good for clearing a crowd. This one,"

A third chemical structure appeared.

"combined with the first one, creates a binary explosive that can be triggered by heat or impact."

Creati nodded, studying the three.

"These compounds, along with nine others, are a set that I have specially memorized and frequently used, By combining two or three of them in the right ratios, I can create over two hundred chemicals with a variety of purposes. The concept is to memorize simpler items, that you can remember more easily and create more quickly."

"That makes sense," she agreed.

"But you might be able to apply that on a higher level," he said, "For example, you could learn to create a gun, with the clip separately. Then, if you needed extra clips, you wouldn't have to take the time to separate them in you mind. Or, perhaps more generally useful, you could learn to create specific, common circuits. Components that can be used for multiple items, like on/off switches, or step up and down transformers."

"I can program simpler objects into my helmet's computer," she mumbled, "And leave those elements out of the full devices."

Momo didn't realize it yet, but she might have been spending a little too much time around Midoriya Izuku.

Hatsume Mei was vibrating with excitement.

Of course, she didn't know the name of the person running her internship. Point of fact, Maijima Higari had tried to start a pool amongst his fellow teachers as to whether his most brilliant and dangerous student had even read the names of any of the mentors offering her an internship.

There hadn't been any takers.

No, Mei had only focused on company names. And looking up at the marquee on the building in front of her, that was source of her anticipation.


This was Wayne Tech's Yokohama branch. The same company that had provided all of the wonderful little toys of the Bat... Batguy? As well as most of the support items for the Super Friends... Massachusetts Friends? Batguy's buddies.

She almost bounced through the front doors. The letter that would let her deeper into the building, into the labs, was clutched tightly in her hand.

It was not necessary. As Mei approached the reception desk, a man with the features of a squirrel stood up to greet her.

"Good morning, Hatsume-san," he said immediately, "Welcome to Wayne Tech. Okamura-dono is waiting, I will take you to his lab."

"Hmm? Oh okay cool thanks," Mei said to him. He had her sign in, and gave her a security badge. Then she followed him. Up to the third floor, and to the back of the facility. Into an office.

"Your intern, Okamura-dono," the receptionist announced. Then he left, more quickly than was necessary or strictly polite.

Mei didn't hear any of that. Or see the other man. The back wall of the office was entirely made of reinforced glass, and overlooked an automated assembly facility. She walked up to the glass, barely keeping from drooling. Her Quirk enhanced eyes darted over the various machines. Taking them in, already beginning to mentally prototype the new babies she could create with that equipment.

"It is impressive, isn't it," the man she hadn't noticed declared proudly, "I designed it myself, and put most of it together."

Now she glanced over at him. That was worth her attention. He was a normal looking Japanese man. A little taller than most, no unusual Quirk features, hair that was wild and more salt than pepper with age. His hands were callused and scarred, and while he wasn't particularly muscular, he looked like he also wouldn't have any trouble carrying an industrial wrench and tightening half-meter bolts.

"It is nice to meet you, Hatsume-san," he said, "My name is..."

Hiro Okamura
Hero Name: Toymaster
Quirk: Alloy
By touching two or more materials together, Toymaster can merge them into a perfectly mixed alloy. This is especially useful for alloys that normally require high pressure or high heat to create.

The girl didn't react. But Toymaster was not surprised. Power Loader had warned him that Hatsume-san was much more interested in machines than people. That his devices would have to impress her, before she would remember his name.

Instead, she pointed at one multi-armed 3D printer, and demanded, "Is that my D-Cube baby?"

"Data/Danger Drone," he said casually, "An excellent design. I made a few improvements. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it."

Mei's eyes widened, and she studied the emergent drone more closely.

Tuesday afternoon, Inko picked up Eri from Shuzenji-sensei's office.

Inko didn't want to argue with the older woman. She was a famous Hero, had a literal medical doctorate, and decades of experience with children and students. But still, Inko couldn't help but think algebra, even basic algebra, was a bit advanced for a six year old. But Eri was doing her homework without complaint. In fact, the girl seemed eager for the lessons. And Shuzenji-sensei had not had any major critiques about Eri's work.

"Did you have a good day, Eri?" Inko asked her.

"Yes," Eri said, "All Might came by for lunch. He told me about how to run and jump right. So I don't hurt my legs."

"And why would he do that?" Inko asked. She didn't think Yagi-san would just randomly tell the girl something like that.

"I asked," Eri said simply, "I need to get stronger."

"Hmm," Inko kept her voice kind and curious, even they inside she was worried and a little angry, "Why do you need to get stronger?"

"For onii-chan," the girl looked up at Inko with her normal, serious expression, "Wa... Eri knows that onii-chan wanted to go to America, for his internship. But he didn't, because of Eri. So Eri needs to get stronger."

Thankfully between the hour and internships, the halls of UA were empty. Inko stopped, and crouched down so she could look Eri in the eye.

"Eri, there are many reasons Izuku chosen the internship he did," Inko told her firmly, "And yes, you are one of them. So am I. Izuku hasn't spent more than two nights away from me since he was your age. He wants to stay close so he can protect me, too, and also so I will feel more comfortable. He also chose it because this Hero is All Might's teacher, and you know how much Izuku idolizes All Might."

Eri nodded.

"You don't need to change for Izuku, or for me," Inko assured her, "Just be who you are, and who you want to be. We will love you for that."

Then she gently hugged the girl, and Eri returned it.

"What if Er... What if I also wanted to get stronger so I could play with onii-chan and his friends?" Eri asked. Inko realized she was referring to the near constant training that the Knights were doing, though Eri didn't quite see it that way. Nor did the girl know about the Dungeons.

"Well, if you want to get stronger for yourself, that would be okay," Inko rephrased it slightly.

"I do," Eri said softly, her mask slipping.

"Then I have an idea," Inko said, "Let's make a stop at the store before we go home."

"Okay," Eri bobbed her head again.

Midoriya Inko couldn't help blushing slightly as she looked in her mirror. Nine... no, six months ago she would never have dreamed of putting on nothing more than a sports bra and tights, even in private. Letting anyone else see her like that would have been unthinkable. But now? Between the real exercise she was getting on a regular basis, and the effects of leveling up and spending her points? She looked pretty damn good, if she did say so herself. Not quite as good an Nemuri, but she also wouldn't look out of place by the sexy Heroine's side.

Inko returned the the living room, and Eri came out of her room. Her daughter was wearing a much more sedate and appropriate long-sleeved leotard and knee-length tights combo. Inko helped Eri spread her new mat on the floor, before rolling out her own.

Then, like their visitor had been waiting for it, there was a knock on the door. Eri tensed instinctively. Inko gave her a reassuring smile, and pat on her shoulder.

Inko opened the door to reveal a taller woman with long black hair, piercing blue eyes, and curves to kill for. Made readily apparent, as the other woman was dressed similarly to Inko.

"Eri, this is my friend, Kayama Nemuri," Inko said, "You've met her a couple of times in passing."

Inko felt bad. Even though Nemuri knew in advance, and agreed, it didn't feel right introducing the other woman as just her friend. But after two real dates, two sort-of dates, and two mind-boggling nights together (as part of the other dates), Inko wasn't quite sure how to label their relationship. What she was sure, was that she didn't want to tell Eri that she had a significant other. Whether the girl felt guilty, jealous, defensive, or more than one of those, Inko didn't think it would turn out well. So instead, she had quickly concocted this scheme. Help Eri get comfortable around Midnight, while Midnight also gave Eri something she wanted.

"Nemuri is one of Izuku's teachers," Inko explained, "And she is also an expert at yoga. Yoga is great for improving stamina and flexibility. It is also good for muscle strength and concentration. And it can be adjusted for most levels of experience and fitness. So, is it okay if she teaches us?"

Eri studied Nemuri for a few moments. Then she bowed, and asked, "Will you please help me get stronger, sensei?"

Inko knew that spark in her more-then-a-friend-but-not-quite-a-girlfriend-yet's eyes. Midnight wanted nothing more than to glomp Eri and tell her how cute and precious she was. But Nemuri was also a pro Hero and teacher. And she had heard much of Eri's story, probably more than Inko and Izuku had. So instead, Nemuri just returned the bow, and said seriously, "It would be an honor."

"Okay, you three go get your costumes on," Torino-sensei barked at us, as Wednesday afternoon approached evening. Our training today had been easier than Monday or Tuesday, so I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"We'll eat dinner on the way," he continued, "But we're going to catch the train into Akihabara, so we can do some real patrolling."