"Why are we going to Akiba?" Mordred asked.

"We aren't," Torino said, "We're going to Shibuya."

"But you just said..." the blonde protested. For just a moment there was a sparkle in Torino's eyes. Then he glared at Izuku again, and sighed.

"I said we are catching the train to Akihabara," their mentor explained, "Because that is where the high speed line from here stops. Then we'll walk to Shibuya to get some exercise, and then patrol around there."

'Then why are we going to Shibuya?' Cassandra asked, 'Why not just patrol here?'

"It's too quiet here," Torino almost made it sound like a complaint, "We're only technically in the Tokyo metro area. There's no major businesses, or anything super critical or super valuable. If you are going to get some actual experience we need some place a bit more hopping. But since you are just kids and I have to watch three of you, not some place likely to a major attack or crime."

"You think we can't handle it?" Mordred said sharply.

"Whether you can or can't handle it isn't the point," he shot back with even greater heat, "I'm responsible for you. And you aren't supposed to be using your powers or training in public. If something does happen, you'll be observing while I deal with it, keeping the crowd safe and not interfering unless instructed. That's your job here, like it will be right out of school, when you are sidekicks or junior heroes. Clear?"

"Yes, sensei," I agreed immediately. Cassandra nodded.

"Yeah, okay," Mordred mumbled.

"If you don't like it, you better prove you can handle more than a few decent no rep Villain and a bunch of mooks in an otherwise safe location," he continued, "You did good at the USJ, but those twerps seriously underestimated you, and you didn't have to deal with panicking civilians."

"Okay," the blonde said again, but this time more sincerely.

"Good," he relaxed, "Then let's go."

We boarded the bullet train and were zooming into Tokyo. It was faster with fewer stops, but we were still far enough out it would take thirty minutes, rather than the two and change hours our trip out had. When the food trolley came through, Torino-sensei bought each of us a turkey sandwich, corn chips, and an orange juice. I was starting to see a pattern.

"Hoth," the conductor pronounced 'Hosu' with a slight lisp, "Next shtop Hoth."

'All Might,' I asked on Guild Chat, 'Does Torino-sensei have a particular love for sandwiches?'

'He does,' All Might answered nostalgically, 'It was something he picked up in America. Easy to eat on the go and one...'

I missed what he was saying as Sense Hostility began buzzing in my head like mad. I stood up, looking around.

"Midoriya?" Torino-sensei sai.

A moment later, the side of the train car buckled a few rows ahead of us, and the entire vehicle shook. The emergency brakes kicked in and the train lurched to a stop. People started screaming and moving away from the dent in the steel. Which was good, because moment later, acid started to eat through the wall. And behind it there was... A Nomu! I knew it immediately from the exposed brain and beak like mouth. Only this one had greenish skin, and two large wings behind it. It drooled, and the floor scorched and corroded where the drops fell.

"Nomu!" Mordred hissed, her three blades appearing.

'But different,' Cassandra pointed out.

The creature reached for one of the passengers, a girl a few years older than Eri, who had been too slow in getting away.

"Hogwarts SMASH!" I sent the tray with my food into its face, to block both its sight and the acid. I also silently threw a TK Rampart between it and the girl. Cassandra jumped onto the back of the seat in front of her, flipped over the fleeing passengers, caught the child, and the pulled back.

Torino burst out of his seat, shooting forward like a speeding bullet, passing Cassandra and the girl. He spun just before he hit the Nomu, and planted both feet into its chest. After letting his momentum push him and the monster away from the crowd, before activating his Quirk again, throwing it further while giving himself space. The Nomu started to charge, only for Mordred's kukri to carve through on of its wing membranes.

It hesitated for a moment. Then it jumped back through the hole it created. It flew unsteadily away. And as we looked, we saw Hosu was in flames. Or at least a few blocks of the city. Mordred flinched.

"You three stay here," Torino-sensei ordered, "I'm going to see what's happening."

"All due respect, sensei," Mordred regained her... well not composure, but focus, I guess, "Screw that."

He glared at her, and this time she didn't back down.

"We have more experience with these things," she argued, "And the people behind them. And looking out there, you're going to need everyone you can get."

'More importantly,' Cassandra prevented Mo-chan from saying anything else and Torino-sensei from countering, 'Izuku and I are well suited for finding wounded and trapped civilians.'

Torino sighed, "You're not wrong. Fine. Keep communications open."

'Which means leave me in the party,' he continued silently.

"We'll split up," he said out loud, "Spoiler is with me, we'll head north-west. Decade, Penryu, stay together and head north-east. Decade is in charge."

He was sending the two of us away from the fire, which was obvious to all of us. I expected Mordred to complain, but she didn't.

"People will be fleeing the fire," I mused, "and there might be opportunists."

My assigned partner nodded.

The young man backed into the wall and fell. The fox-featured woman loomed over him with a feral grin.

"Your pants, now," she barked.

"What do you want?" he stammered nervously, "My wallet? My phone?"

"You heard me," she licked her lips. Then she froze, as a katana and broadsword scissored against her neck from behind.

"There is a crisis going on," Mordred told the would-be rapist darkly, "not half a kilometer from here. The city is burning and there's some flying Villain spitting acid. You should return to your homes, and remain there until the all clear is sounded. Right?"

The fox-woman nodded carefully. Mordred withdrew her swords, and the criminal ran.

"Are you okay?" I helped the man up, "Do you need help getting home?"

He looked at us, judged us on our age and costumes. Then he gave Mordred a fearful glance.

"No, I'm fine," he said, and ran off.

"Rude," my friend groused.

"You did just imply you were going to behead that woman," I pointed out, "You could have been a bit less.. aggressive."

"I suppose," she slumped. Then she looked at me, "Where to next, oh fearless radar?"

I closed my eyes for a moment, and focused on my Ki Detection.

"Four blocks east," I said, "Two strong ki sources, but one of them is diminishing quickly."

"So probably another fight?" she tried not to sound too eager.


"What's the situation?" Torino demanded as he landed next to Manual. The blue, finned Hero turned and looked down at the older man.

"These four things appeared, seemingly out of nowhere," the younger Hero said, "I'm told they are called Nomus. They have been attacking at random. I can't tell if they are mindless or deliberately random."

"Given what I've heard, and what I saw in the attack on the train, I'd lean more towards the first," Torino said.

As they talked, Cassandra walked over and tapped her classmate's shoulder. Iida Tenya jumped, then turned and looked at the silent girl.

"Cain-san," he recognized her, "Sorry, I should say Spoiler. What are you doing here?"

\We were going to Shibuya to patrol,/ she wrote on her notepad, knowing he only knew a handful of signs, \A Nomu attacked the train, so we came here too investigate./

"Oh," Tenya exclaimed, "Where are Mido... Decade and Penryu-san?"

\Sensei sent them to the eastern side of the city,/ she wrote, \To keep Mo-chan away from the fire./

Though his face was hidden behind the mask, he tilted his head in confusion.

\Her adopted dad died in a fire./

"Ah, I did not know that," he responded seriously.

\And how are you?/ she asked, happy that she was masked and her handwriting didn't betray her emotions.

"I am doing well," Iida replied, tensing up, "I am learning much from Manual, and am able to visit my brother in the evenings. He is recovering well. How is your..."

"Alright," Torino cut them off, "they're contained for the moment, except for the winged one. But it won't last much longer."

"Well then, old-timer," a deep, burning voice said, "We should not keep them waiting."

Spoiler and Tenya both stared in surprise at the number two Hero.

Endeavor had arrived.

As we ran towards the ki sign of the person I knew was injured or dying, a tingle suddenly washed over my body. It seemed to settle into my neck, in my spine.

'Did you feel something?' I asked Mo-chan silently, hoping to also alert Torino-sensei and Cassandra. No-one responded. I slowed, and Mordred kept going for a moment, before stopping to look at me in annoyance.

"Did you hear me just now?" I asked her.

"What? No. Why?"

"I asked, on Party chat, if you felt something?" I repeated.

"Like what?" she asked in increasing irritation.

"A tingle," I said, "Like an electric attack or telepathic one."

"No," she said, "Come on."

"I should let Torino-sensei know," I said, taking out my phone.

"Ignore that old coot," she borderline growled, "I got this."


[Name: Mordred Pendragon ()
Race: Human (Quirk metagene positive)
Quirk: Calibur Z
Age: 15
Level: 22
Active Title: Knight in Training
Health: 1243/1244
Stamina: 681/755
Psions: 410/422

"Here is the new stealth Nomu," Kurogiri announced to the reset of the assembled League. Mindy and Spinner were recruiting, but the rest were in the bar, like usual.

"Ohh, he's so smol and kyute," Toga squealed.

The former human was just over a meter tall, and somewhat spindly. Its arms extended almost to the ground, and every inch of it was matte black. It looked like a minature Slenderman, only with an exposed (but still black) brain and beak. And in black bike shorts instead of formal attire.

"Its compact build makes it easier for the Nomu to slip through open windows and the like," the teleporter explained.

"And he got a bunch of nice Quirks," Harley added, "The first Quirk make him undetectable, if at least half his body is in the shadows."

"Invisible?" Stheno prompted, "Inaudible?"

"Those," Harley nodded, "But also unscentable and even immune to most detection Quirks. Second, he's got extendable nails on his pointer and ring fingers. Sharp and hard enough to cut flesh, bone, and even some types of steel. He's no Wolverine, but that guy's fictional and has a magic metal to help."

"And what if it is detected?" Shigaraki sounded unimpressed, "It doesn't seem that tough. If it has to step out of the shadows to fight or assassinate someone, the jig will be up. Even if it can take down one or two Heroes, once they call for help..."

"But they won't, Puddin'," Harley interjected, "This guy's third Quirk suppresses Telepathy in a 223 meter range. No communication, no mind control, no mind reading, nothin'."

"And Sensei gave up that Quirk?" Stheno sounded surprised.

"It is a double edged sword," Kurogiri said, "He cannot be read or controlled, but he also cannot read or control others. Sensei has other, better Quirks to protect himself. This one was more of an interference, but is useful for the Nomu."

"Which is all well and good," Shigaraki groused, "Except it's the 23rd century. Everybody and their mother has one of these..."

He waved his cellular at them.

"And the Heroes and cops usually have dedicated earbuds, too."

"Not. A. Problem," Harley said in a sing-song voice, "Because of this guy's last Quirk. The original owner called it 'Makenai' according to Sensei. It's a telepathic style Quirk, that makes the target confident. Too confident, to the point they won't give up, ask for help, or listen to advice. Since you like games, Puddin', it's like Berserk and Confusion status combined, but toned down just enough that most people won't realize they or their friends are under the influence. And before you can complain, Sensei and the Doc already took care of that. Seems they're getting pretty good at merging complimentary Quirks. Dead Zone should suppress Makenai, but they figured out a way to make it a carrier, instead. So instead of a touch based status, it will hit everyone in 223 meters. No telepathy to help them, and they won't answer their phones or call for help."

Shigaraki considered that. And then he grinned.

I Analyzed the status ailment, and saw that it basically lived up to its name. Mordred would charge forward, believing she could do anything and not listening to anyone else.

"Enable Status alerts," I said.

[Status ailment Overconfidence resisted. Skill Berserk Resistance (lvl 1) unlocked. Skill Confusion Resistance (lvl 1) unlocked. Charm Resistance improved (lvl 30).]

It was hitting me too, but Gamer's Mind was protecting me for now. I disabled them again, not wanting the distraction.

"I'm texting sensei," I said. I started scrolling through my contacts to the 'To' section.

"Whatever," she shrugged. And took off running again.

"But you don't..." I started to complain. But she wouldn't listen right now. Still watching her go, I hit the contact.

'Sensei. On Echo Street. Dying person. We're under metal attack.' I typed quickly, and hit send. Then I silently activated TK Aura Drive 4. I raced forward and passed Mordred. I caught her annoyed scowl as I did. The now weak ki signal was two more blocks up, and down in an alley. I reached the junction and turned in.

He was sitting, slumped against the wall. Bleeding out of a deep cut in his stomach. I recognized him immediately.

James Cross-Winds
Hero Name: Native
Quirk: Totem
He inherited both his mother's werewolf Quirk and his father's werebison Quirk. But he can only use one of them at a time, so he can't become a bison sized wolf with an extra thick skull and horns.

Native left America due to intolerance and social harassment. He seemed much happier in Japan, though admitted missing certain American junk foods and beer. He was a midrank Hero who lived and worked around Hosu. So I thought a Villain must have attacked him. I hurried over to him, but was on guard.

"It's okay, Mr. Native," I told him in English, "I can help, and I called for help."

I knelt down next to him. Placed my hand on his shoulder. I used my tactile TK to pull his wound together, and channeled my Ki healing into him.

"What's going on?" an unfamiliar voice asked, in Japanese.

"Someone attacked Native-san," I tensed. I didn't feel any hostility, but was still suspicious.

"I'm holding his wound closed with my power," I continued, "But he needs a doctor. Please call for help."

"No," the voice said darkly, "I can't have you undoing my good work. Let go of the fake, kid, and leave."

"I can't do that."

"I figured," Stain said. It had to be, or at least one of Stain's fans, referring to Native as a 'fake'. But given the attack on Ingenium, it was probably the self proclaimed 'Hero Killer'.

He stepped into the light, a mess of tattered red and black combat gear and knives. A bandage wrapped his face, covering a missing nose and partially concealing his eyes.

"That's a costume, isn't it. You're another one of them. I guess that means I get to cut down this twisted tree before it fully sprouts."

He charged, drawing a ragged katana and a pristine combat knife. I raised my free hand, ready to project a rampart. But before I could, there was second flash of red, this one accented in silver and gold and very pretty.


Clarent stopped Stain's katana and Mordred's katana blocked his knife. She looked back at me with a smug grin.

"I knew you'd need my help."

Status Changes for Midoriya Izuku:
Max Health: 1004 → 1006
Max Energy: 1724 → 1749

(E)ndurance: 65 → 66
(Q)uickness: 63 → 64
(C)harisma: 48 → 49
(D)etermination: 72 → 73

Running (Q/E) – Jet Set Run: 44 → 46
Ki Detection (D/I): 47 → 49
Ki Healing (D/E) LB: 37 → 38
Telekinetic Aura (I) LB: 51 → 52
JSL (W/A) LB: 19 → 20
Ki Diagnosis (D/W): 32 → 33
Jump (Q/S) LB: 19 → 20
Sense Hostility (I/C) - Hostile Aura: 45 → 46
High Speed Vision (W/Q) 30 → 31
Charm Resistance (D/W): 29 → 32
Berserk Resistance (D/W): → 3
Confusion Resistance (D/W): → 3