Author's Note: Okay folks we are nearing the story but first, the prologue. Now naturally we start off with the narration from Katara but a little heads up, there won't be much description so I would like all of you to use your imagination and draw with your mind's eye the images that I write down for you all.

Now let us start.

Water. Fire.

Earth. Air.

Fire. Water.

Air. Earth.

When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me stories about our world; A world that is ever changing, where one year would be a time of war and then the next would be a time of peace.

This was due to the two who have kept the balance of the world and their never-ending war against one another.

The Avatars, the masters of all four elements.

Always two and nothing more, for that was been the way since the very first benders.

The Light Avatar, a being who brings peace, order, and protection.

And then there is the opposite.

The Dark Avatar, a being who brings war, chaos, and destruction.

For as long as any could remember, the two Avatars have always been at war with each other. Should the Light Avatar win the world would know peace and safety. But should the Dark Avatar win, then the world will know fear, mistrust and suffering under this dark reign.

Despite this they have kept the balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads.

Then one day without reason or knowing, both Avatars vanished.

And then the Fire Nation attacked.

A hundred years of war passed, and yet no signs of one or the other. The Fire Nation is nearing its victory, and much damage has been done in that time.

The Air Nomads are all gone, the Earth Kingdom is keeping all their forces in their major territories, the Northern Water Tribe has closed its borders leaving the Southern Water Tribe to fend for itself.

Two years ago, my father and the men of my tribe where called upon the Earth Kingdom to assist them in the war, leaving my brother and I to look after the tribe.

Many believe that the time of the Avatars is over, that the cycle has been broken, but I still have hope. I still believe that one day the Light Avatar will return and save the world.

But many would not wish for his return, for if the Light Avatar returns then so too will the Dark Avatar.

And with that the War of the Avatars will begin again…

Author's Note: Well that should stat us off nicely, and the next one will really being the story.

Now be warned, this might follow a bit of the original story but their will of course be changes, you might see some characters from other seasons appear early.

There will be some new characters and one will be joining the group.

You even might see some familiar episode altar, just a tad.

But all and all I will try and stay true to the characters and to the show itself, and I will accept any suggestions and or helpful hints on writing this story.

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