Author's Note: Hello everyone! Now the time has come at last for the two to meet, and them meeting in an episode that is not well liked a lot…well maybe I could try to make it a bit exciting…I hope.






"Sokka, aren't you forgetting something?" Katara said watching Sokka assembling the tent from the inside while she held a pile of firewood in her arms.

"Forgetting what?" Sokka said crawling out.

"The tarp?" Katara said, directing with her foot at the tarp on the ground.

"Oh right sorry," Sokka grabbed it and tossed the wrapped up tarp inside the tent.

Katara sighed, "Sokka, the tarp was suppose to go on the top of the tent incase it rains."

Sokka rolled his eyes, "Normally I would but this is the dry season so I don't have to worry about that."

"But what if it does rain?" she insisted.

"Well how about worry less about the rain and start thinking about getting better firewood because that kindling is looking pretty sorry."

"HEY! How about you two save the sibling fights till tomorrow and get back to work okay?" Kuzon said before the two could continue.

"Well you're one to talk!" Sokka said, "We're working our butts off while you are just sitting around with your junk!"

"I'm getting real sick of repeating this. It is not junk!" Kuzon shouted, "And in fact I'm not sitting around I'm cleaning my merchandise."

"For what?" Katara said while putting the firewood down.

"Well I have to make it look nice to sell. Nobody want's to by dirty antiques you know."

"Well they didn't seam to want them back at Omashu," Sokka remarked.

"HEY! I did not have time to set up properly because of that darn Bumi's crazy games!" Kuzon pointed out."And after that whole mess I wanted to get as far away from him as soon as possible."

"Hey guys, I got the food is the campfire ready?" Aang came by with food in hand but was looking uneasy and slightly shivering.

"Aang, is something wrong?" Katara put her hand on his forehead to check is temperature.

"I'm fine, Katara."

"Fine? You look like something is about to jump out an attack us," Kuzon paused for a minute then looked around, "Uh, nothing is going to attack us right?"

"Guys everything is fine," Aang insisted as he put the food down, "It's nothing that's all."

Right when Katara was about to continue the conversation the group was distracted by Momo's screeching as he tried to get a watermelon off of Appa's front foot. Welcoming this distraction Aang walked to them and picked up the melon.

"Now come on guys, fighting is not going to solve anything," Aang used his airbending to slice the melon in two and handing it to the animals.

Momo instantly became upset as Appa's half was bigger then his own.

"Sorry Momo, Appa's got five stomachs," Aang looked back at the others, "Now how about that campfire?"

"I got it," Sokka said as he started setting up the pile, "But really, Katara you should have picked better wood."

Katara's only answer was tossing a spick at Sokka. Kuzon chuckled at the action but paused after seeing Aang sitting down with a faint worried look.

"Hey, buddy," Kuzon said softly, "You sure you're okay?"

Aang nodded and put up a smile, but the strange feeling of terror remained within, hoping it would go away.

It did not go away. No matter how hard she tired the feeling of fire all around her remained she believes it to be the every growing increase of her hate.

The subject of that hate is obvious.

The Light Avatar…Aang. She heard the name whispered in her mind telling her he's name but not where he is. This never-ending search has become nothing but an annoyance and those who would dare interfere with the search, more so.

"Looks like we are almost out of food."

Including a certain subject.

Haru stood up from the log, "I think we there should be a small village near here, I'll go get more supplies."

Haru turned to his masked companion, "You know if you want you can come with me, just have to ditch the mask-"

"It stays." Haru backed away a little by the sharp tone of her voice.

"Okay, okay it stays. I'm just saying that it be less conspicuous if you take it off and-"

"Tell me to take if off again and you can forget about freeing your farther!"

Haru frowned at that and simply just headed off.

She watched him leave and thought that he might try and sell her out, but no. He is not that brave or smart to do it.

She once thought that he could be useful, an Earthbender that can handle the stupid Ash Makers that get in her way. But he proved to her that he does not have the stomach for killing.

She was like that once…but that changed when-

Suddenly the feeling of burning came back. She was not on fire but she felt like it and it was getting stronger.


He is near.

That was not her voice. And yet it felt familiar.

She sat up and looked at the opposite direction of the patch Haru took.

Go. Claim your vengeance.

She tightened her cloak and walked the path.

"Take a good long look guys," Aang smiled, "The Great Divide!"

The gang stood on the edge of a canyon as they looked at the sheer sight of this natural wonder.

"It's amazing," Katara looked in awe, "I could stare at it forever."

"Yep, this place is one of the wonders of the world," Kuzon explained as he placed his bag on the ground, "And the perfect place for setting up shop!"

"You're going to sell here?" Sokka asked.

"You better believe it, Ponytail!" Kuzon stated, "Cause we need money! Money for more food as well as for buying stuff like for example a new map."

Kuzon pulled out his map, "Cause this one is about a hundred years out of date."

"You are realizing this now?" Sokka questioned but then a young man in white pushed past him, "Hey if you guys are looking for the canyon guide, I was here first!"

"A canyon guide?" Katara asked.

"Yes! He's an Earthbender who guide them through the canyon," the young man explained, "And I'm waiting here for my tribe so don't try and cut in line!"

"Relax we are not waiting for this guide," Sokka said.

"Relax? Relax! You wouldn't be relaxed if the Fire Nation destroyed your entire village and you had to take what you can carry!"

"I'm sorry we did not know you where a refuge," Katara apologized.

Before the man could respond, Kuzon was already in front of him, "Well buddy you are in luck today!"

"Cause you've met Lucky Kuz!" Kuzon opened his bag and placed it in front of the man, "What you see in here is a collection of special lucky items. Guaranteed to bring you luck on you and your whole tribe on the way to a new home!"

"I thought those where suppose to be antiques?" Aang said and quickly Kuzon pulled him out of earshot of the refuge.

"A good sell man knows when to improvise."

The Man scoffed "My tribe has no interest in any of this junk!" Kuzon groaned in fustraion.

"Is that your tribe coming this way?" Katara pointed to a large group of poorly dressed people walking towards them.

"They are certainly not! My tribe is the Gan Jin, those are the Zhangs a tribe of low-life thieves and the enemies of my tribe for a hundred years."

"Well maybe they will be interested in some good luck charms," Kuzon grabbed his bag and walked to the Zhangs, "Greetings travels! Tell me would you all be interested in-"

The leader of the Zhangs pulled out her sword and held it right at Kuzon's neck, "We are not interested in what ever junk you have. Now get out of our way."

Kuzon gulped, grabbed his bag and ran back behind Aang.

"Let it be also known that good sales man should know when to keep his mouth shut."

"You're too late Zhangs!' shouted the Gan Jin tribesman, "The Gan Jin tribe already has a spot here and we will be going first!"

"I doubt the guide takes reservation," The Zhang leader said with her blade still in hand, "Where is your tribe anyway? Probably tiding their camp site?"

The Zhangs tribe snickered at that while the Gan Jin tribesman held is nose in the air, "Why yes they are. But I wouldn't expect a bunch of dirty savages to understand such things."

Quickly the Zhangs snickers turned to yells of protest as well as some itching to draw out their weapons.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Kuzon looked at the scene with worry but then they turned to see a large pile of rocks being levitated up and tossed away and from where the rocks used to be, the Canyon guide comes out.

"Alright I see a lot of youngsters, so who's here to cross this here canyon?"

Aang and friends instantly pointed at the Zhangs and the scout.

"I WAS HERE FIRST!" shouted the Gan Jin scout, "My tribe will be here soon!"

The Guide looked at him and looked at the Zhangs and shook his head, "Sorry kid, but I can't guide folks who aren't here. Your party's just going to have to wait till tomorrow."

Before the scout could protest another large group came walking towards them. These ones wearing clean and finely dressed clothing.

"See now they are here, you have to let us go first!"

"Now wait a second you can't just cave into these spoiled Gan Jins, we have sick people that need shelter!" said the Zhang leader.

The Gan Jin leader stepped forward, "Well maybe you Zhangs wouldn't have so many sick people if you weren't such slobs." The Gan Jin leader ignored the Zhang leader's glare and focused on the guide.

"Besides we have old people who are weary from traveling."

"Sick people are more important then the old!" shouted one of the Zhangs.

"Of course you would say that! You Zhangs don't respect your elders!" shouted one of the Gan Jins.

Soon all the tribes where yelling at each other, leaving the guide and the Aang's group caught in the middle.

"Normally this would be a good business opportunity but I do not want to get involved in this whole...thing" Kuzon already putting his bag up on Appa's saddle.

"Yeah I definitely don't want to get involved in this," Sokka agreed.

"You know Aang, this could be a great opportunity for you to practice your peace-making skills to the test," Katara suggested.

"What do you mean?" Aang asked.

"Well the Light Avatar is suppose to bring peace to conflicts and these guys are the perfect chance to try it out." Katara pointed to the two arguing tribes still at it.

"You want Aang to get involved in this feuding tribe business?" Kuzon asked, "Are you nuts?"

"Yeah, sorry Aang, but I doubt you can handle this one," Sokka said, "I mean if these guys haven't stopped for a hundred years then I doubt they will today."

"Guys, Aang is the Light Avatar, making peace between people is a simple job, right Aang" Aang looked at Katara then at the two tribes.

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously but smiled, "Well…I'll give it a try."

After announcing who he is the two tribes as well as the guide all stopped to look at him. The expressions on their faces varied from shock to disbelief, Aang was glad that he at least managed to stop them arguing and it seems like he could do this.

"Okay how about all the tribes go with the guide together?"

Then the argument started up again.

"Travel with the Zhangs are you nuts?!"

"There is no way my people would go with those filthy Gan Jins!"

"FILTHY! Your one to talk!"


Aang gulped at the reignited argument he was about to try and yell at them when suddenly that cold feeling came over him again, this time it was like being struck in the face by a blizzard.

"Aang!" Katara ran to Aang as he fell to his knees, Sokka, Kuzon and even the guide went to him and even this managed to cause the Gan Jins and Zhangs to pause.

"Hey your okay?" Kuzon lifted Aang's face.

Aang's expression was a mix of pain and sickness and his body started to shiver.

"He looks a bit sick," Sokka guessed.

"Probably something from the Zhangs," said the Gan Jin Leader, "They usual have terrible smells."

"Oh maybe you Gan Jins are to clean that you invented a new stench," the Zhang leader responded.

"Will you two shut up!" Kuzon shouted.

The guide was about to help Aang up when he looked up ahead, "Hey who ever you are now is not a good time I got enough on my plate here!"

Aang's eyes opened wide as he quickly stood up surprising his friends, "Aang, what happened just now?" Sokka asked but Aang did not answer.

"Aang?" Katara looked at Aang's face showing a look of shock and near horror and his eyes keeping straight ahead.

Everyone turned to the direction Aang was looking and just far off across from everyone but can still be seen was a lone figure in a long black-grey cloak, nothing else was seen except for what some could tell was a black mask.

The figure said nothing or did anything, just standing their looking at them, Or to put simply at Aang.

"Hey is that fella with any or you?" The guide asked, giving off a slight feeling of fear.

"Not one of ours," said the Zhang leader as she nervously held her blade up.

"Well that is not a Gan Jin that I'm certain," The Gan Jin leader carefully reaching for his blade.

"So if he's not with you guys then…who is that?" Sokka said getting a little nervous himself.

"Wait," Katara said in worry, "You don't think that's-?

"No, no, no" Kuzon shook his head, "That guy can't be-"

"It's her," Aang whispered but was still loud enough for all to hear as his Tattoos slightly glowed blue and to the shock of everyone besides Aang, the stranger's mask glowed red for a moment as short as Aang's.

"She's the Dark Avatar."

"I've finally found you."

The Dark Avatar raised her left hand and a boulder rose up from the ground, she clenched her fingers and spikes sprouted out from the boulder and with a yell she launched it straight at the group.

The two tribes quickly moved away in fright while Aang stood petrified as his friends tried to move him before the boulder hits, but before it could hit them the guide stood in front of them and used his earthbending to summon another boulder from the ground and launched it at oncoming one destroying both.

The Dark Avatar clenched both her fists in fury "DO NOT GET IN THE WAY!"

She was about to use her Earthbending again but then Appa roared at her and blew a huge burst of wind sending her flying back into the woods.

"Alright folks listen up!" The guide shouted, "We're all going down this canyon together right now as fast as we can!"

"But what about our sick?"

"What about the elderly?"

"Listen take Appa will take the elderly and the sick on his back and we'll meet them on the other side," Katara instructed, "Now hurry!"

As the Zhangs and Gan Jins quickly loaded the sick and elderly onboard along with any children with them onto the bison.

"Aang, quick tell Appa to fly away!" Sokka turned to Aang but he was still frozen stiff.

"Aang? Now is not the time to zone out!" Kuzon slapped the back of Aang's head bringing him back to his senses.

"Wait-what happened?"

"Hurry Aang, tell Appa to wait for us on the other side hurry!" Kuzon said in a panic.

Then Aang remembered seeing the Dark Avatar and quickly instructed Appa and the Bison reluctantly flew off ahead.

The Guide looked to the group and looking back to the forest "Alright now lets move quickly and while we're at it dump any food you got!"

"What are you mad?" said the Gan Jin leader and the Zhang Leader added, "Why would we throw away our-"

"No time for questions now just do as I say!" the guide shouted as he quickly lead the way down.

After that soon as everyone followed the guide the tribes where tossing their food off the edge. As they quickly walked down the path, Aang took a couple of head turns to see if the Dark Avatar was following them.

"Any signs?" Katara asked him.

"No, hopefully Appa, blew her far away."

"Her? How do you it's a her?" Sokka asked, "That cloak was covering the whole body."

"Oh come on it's obvious," Kuzon started, "You know the Dark Avatar is suppose to be the opposite of the Light Avatar right?"

Sokka nodded,

"So that means since Aang is a boy, the Dark Avatar must be a girl."

"That's it?"

"Sokka now is not the time to be talking about this!" Katara stated.

Just then the Dark Avatar jumped off the edge of the canyon and gripped the wall with her hand and started sliding down until she blocked the group as they near the canyon floor.

Aang quickly jumped from the back to the front of the group facing his dark counterpart.

He also noticed that the cloak was gone, showing her full appearance.

Her outfit was a near traditional Earth Kingdom outfit all green and dark brown, but it looked old and ripped in places. Her legs showed cuts and bruises and she was not wearing shoes, her sleeveless shirt showed her arms where covered in bandages and she head long black hair that was tied up in a long pony tail and her mask still remained.

The Dark Avatar glared at Aang as he held his staff up in defense.

"Leave these people alone," Aang said trying to stand his ground.

The Dark Avatar raised her hand and flames started surrounding her bandaged hand

"I don't care about these fools," She growled, "I only want your head."

Then mountain wall next to the Dark Avatar burst opened and a large creature, a mix between a spider and a crocodile came out and tackled her down to the ground.

"What the heck is that?!" Sokka shouted.

"A Carve Crawler!" the Guide shouted, "Never thought I be happy to see one of those right now."

As the two reached the floor, the Dark Avatar grabbed ahold of the Crawler's mouth as it tried to shake her off. She got up to one of its red eyes then she place her hand on one of them and used Firebending to lit her hand on fire along with the eye.

The Cave Crawler roared in pain and finally managed to swing its attacker off, The Dark Avatar landed on her feet and watched as everyone was running from the battle…and one of those was her target.


She was about to run after him, when the Cave Crawler attacked out of revenge for its burned eye.

Aang looked back, watching his Dark counterpart shoot fire from her fist at the crawler but it continued its attack.

"Come on, Aang!" Kuzon grabbed Aang's arm and with Katara and Sokka behind them they followed the others far away from the fight.

The Crawler slammed The Dark Avatar on a wall of the canyon as it reared back to take a huge bite at her, but as it lunged a torrent of flames shout out from the Dark Avatar's hand and inside the Crawler's mouth.

The Creature roared in pain as the flames burned within its body until it finally collapse, dead as flames continued to burn its flesh.

As she watched the ugly creature burn with great satisfaction she turned around to do the same to her counterpart, but whens she turned they where all ready gone.

Her fury intensified, she let out a loud scream as she banged her fist to the ground.


She paused and looked up, Haru was running down the path to the canyon floor, it was only when he got to her that he stated taking deep breaths obviously from running a lot.

"When I came back," he let out a couple of pants before continuing, "And then I heard some kind of battle, I thought you ran into some Fire Nation soldiers."

She did not answer him nor did she even look at him. Haru looked at the burning corpse of the Crawler and at the bloody wounds on her arm and cuts on her leg.

"What happened?" he asked, "I thought you would stay back in the woods what could-"

"He was here."

Haru paused her voice was a little low but he heard her clear, "Who was here?"

"The Light Avatar," she clenched her fist, "I almost had him. Until that…"

She stomped her foot hard and then the ground underneath the corpse instantly launched into the air and out of sight.

"I wont let him get away," she started walking to the path ahead but stopped as blood started leaking from her wounded arm.

"Hey, you can't go anyway in your condition," Haru tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she slapped it off.

"I WILL NOT LET HIM ESCAPE ME!" she bellowed.

"AND HE WON'T!" Haru shouted back.

He took a deep breath and talked softly, "Look I get it, you have something against him, but right now you can't fight him as you are now."

"I have some bandages and then if you feel up to it we will go after him okay?"

Haru kept a cool expression as the Dark Avatar glared at him while she held her bloody arm but then she nodded.

"Fine," She walked to one of the boulders and sat on it while Haru took out the bandages.

"But if escape me you can forget about seeing your farther again."

Haru paused a moment and looked at the direction she was planning to go towards, wondering what this other Avatar did to her.

"Okay I think we're safe," Katara breathed a sigh of relief as everyone else.

The guide the collapsed to the ground and started holding onto his right arm and leg and moaning in pain.

"What's happened?" Sokka asked.

"I think during that whole scuffle my arm and leg where hit pretty hard," the Guide winched as he touched his arm again, "I think both are broken."

"Wait if your arm and leg is broken then that means we're stuck here?" Kuzon asked hopping for a different answer but the Guide just nodded.

"This is all your fault!" The Zhang leader pointed to the Gan Jins.

"How is this our fault?" spoke the Leader of the Gan Jins.

"Obviously the Dark Avatar followed you and now we will all suffer because of you!"

"Well who's to say she didn't follow you! In fact from what I saw she looks like she could be a Zhang!"

"How dare you insult my tribe by saying-"

"SHUT UP!" Aang shouted at both leaders. Their attention on him, Aang looked tired, sick, and angry.

"What ever long and ancient feud your tribe has with each other it doesn't matter! Right now we all need to work together to survive but if you al are so determined to just stand around arguing with each other then we might as well just sit here and wait for the Dark Avatar to catch up with us and kill us all!"

The whole canyon was silent. The two tribes where quiet not even looking at the other and each troubled at Aang's outburst, even his friends where troubled, especially as they saw Aang shaking.

Momo came up to Aang's foot and gently pat it, Aang relaxed a little, "Now we keep moving until nightfall then we continue on until we find another way out, is that clear?"

The Zhang and The Gan Jin leaders nodded as they continued on.

"Aang are you alright?" Katara went to put a comfort hand but Aang moved away from it.

"Lets just keep an eye out okay?" Aang continued walking with the others.

They continued on till the sun set and night was approaching, nobody set up tents case the Dark Avatar came and they had to make a quick getaway. Each of the tribes send out a lookout for any signs of the Dark Avatar.

Despite not fighting with each other both of the Zhangs and Gan Jin stayed away from the other and only stayed with themselves, only the leaders of both tribes where nearly near the other but only because they were sitting by campfire where Aang and his friends are.

Everyone was quiet as they looked at the fire till the guide broke the silence.

"So I guess you really are the Light Avatar, eh?" Aang nodded as he continued, "Well nearly didn't believe you until I saw her. I heard about the Dark Avatars, but I never imagined I see one in my time."

"We were hoping that she was dead," Kuzon said.

"Well seems as they say it's hard to fight destiny," The Guide said, "Epically when it comes to the War of the Avatars."

"What I like to know is what did you do to make her want to kill you, Aang?" Sokka asked.

"I haven't done anything to her, I haven't even meet her before," Aang insisted.

"Well she's obviously angry at you for something, and also what is this whole War of the Avatars about anyway?"

"Nobody knows, Sokka," Katara said, "There are many different stories that say why the two Avatars fight each other."

"We believe that the two where once one being," The Zhang leader spoke, "And that when humans started appearing in the world and that the Avatar was conflicted about them until finally the Avatar split into two."

"Hmph, only a Zhang would believe in such foolishness like that," scuffed the Gan Jin leader.

"Obviously the two where once brothers until the Dark betrayed the Light Avatar."

"Them being brothers? How is that any foolish then what we believe?"

"HEY!" Kuzon stood between them, "No fighting, you two can do that when we are out of this canyon and far, far, far away from that crazy mask lady."

"Eh, no matter which story is true, the two Avatars will always fight each other," The Guide said getting ready to sleep, "And their war will keep going until only one stands or when the world no longer needs them."

Aang rubbed his shoulders, the cold feeling remained not as strong as it was but still remained. Katara patted his back, "Don't worry, Aang will be gone before she finds us."

"She's right," Sokka added, "Besides maybe she did get eaten."

"I doubt that, lad" The guide's back turned away from the group, "When it comes to the Avatars. The two will always find one another and then they will fight."

After everyone finally went to sleep, Aang stood on top of a boulder, he watched some of the look outs either dozing off or glaring at each other, but he kept looking outward, expecting the worst.

"Hey, buddy," Aang turned slightly seeing Kuzon with his hand behind his back, "Look what I got."

"Go back to sleep Kuzon I can-" Aang stopped when Kuzon pulled a tart out from behind his back.

Aang licked his lips at the tasty treat and his stomach rumbled, "Is that an egg custard in that tart?"

"Your favorite," Kuzon sung.

"But where did you get that?"

"Seems one of the tribes kept some of their food and offered us some of their own so we won't tell the old guy," Kuzon sat down, now come on and have a bite with me."

"I don't know, Kuzon I really should be looking out for-"

But before Aang could finish, Kuzon pulled him down to sit next to him and shoved a piece into his mouth, which Aang started eating at once.

"There you go," Kuzon grinned, "Worry about trouble in the morning."

As the two continued eating there was a comfortable silence, but Aang still felt troubled, "I'm sorry for that outburst."

"Eh, those two needed to be yelled at," Kuzon picked up another piece, "But I never really saw you yell like that at anyone before, or at anyone for that matter. Guess that mask freak really wild you up."

"What's worse is that I think I knew she was coming," Kuzon paused his bite and looked at Aang oddly.


"I-I think it was when I felt cold. It was small last night and when we got close to the canyon, it started to grow," Aang rubbed his shoulders still recalling that feeling.

Kuzon scratched his cheek, "You know I think Gyatso mentioning something like that during one of those Avatar lessons, but he only said that would happen when one of them reaches the Avatar state."

Kuzon then dropped his piece of the Tart in realization, "Wait! That glowing thing you did at the South Pole, you think that was the Avatar State?"

Aang thought for a second, "I guess that would make sense on how I did Waterbending, but I really don't recall that moment."

Kuzon sighed, "Well if we do run into the Dark Avatar again then I think we're going to need it. But right now lets get some shut eye, plus I think we either finished the Tart or Momo snatched it."

Aang and Kuzon spotted Momo carrying the Tart and quickly running from sight. Instead of going after him the two laughed and went to sleep but not before Aang looked back and shivered.

"Ok…I have no idea where we are going," Haru looked around the dark Canyon, the torch being the only light they have, "Why don't we rest now and look tomorrow?"

"No. I won't rest until I see him broken and blooded as that miserable creature tired to do to-" The Dark Avatar winched and held her bandaged arm.

"Hey I told you to take it easy," Haru carefully directed her to sit down on the floor, and for once she did not argue, "Look it's dark and we're both tired and you are not fully healed, we'll continue on in the morning okay?"

"Fine," She spat laid her back on the wall, with her head down. Haru sighed in relief and laid his head on a smooth rock.

"Now try not to go anywhere without me this time," Haru yawned and finally drifted to sleep.

She glared at him, she was about to get up and continue on but soon sleep was all ready wining over her. "No. I won't let him escape me. I won't let him escape me."

He won't escape you.

She raised her head up, "Who said that?"


"Who-who is there?" her eyes stated to close.

Sleep, little dark one. Come morning you will face your light and you will make him suffer!

She stood up fast at once and winched at her arm, she looked around for the source of the voice but no one was around save for Haru and she knew it couldn't be him.

She also noticed that it was morning, she also noticed a trail of food on and scraps on the ground. In fact it seemed to be leading a trail forward.

She grinned under her mask. She then walked up to Haru and kicked him, "Ow! Hey what's going on?"

"Get up. We have a trail."

Haru saw it and raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure about this?"

"You can either follow me or stay here and wait for more of those creatures to come, now lets go!"

"How are you feeling now, Aang?" Katara asked.

"I'm fine now, Katara," Aang smiled, "I just need to get everyone out of the canyon safely."

"Well I wish I could help you lad, but my bones are still-OW!" The Guide bumped his bandaged arm on a rock and he hopped on his broken foot and landed on a hard rock.

"I think he needs to get a new job," Sokka said as everyone stopped at a large wall.

"Alright this was where I would have taken us if I could still bend," The Guide stated.

"So how do get up?" Kuozn asked.

"We could always climb," said the Zhang Leader.

"We can't climb that!" shouted the Gan Jin Leader.

"Maybe you Gan Jins can't but we can."

"Well of course you Zhangs would think of something like that."

"You know I just about enough of listening to you!"

"Well I have just about enough of smelling all your stench!"

"And here we go again," Kuzon and Sokka rolled their eyes as the two tribes begin to argue again.

Katara walked up to the two leaders, "Look can we save all this for when we-LOOK OUT!"

Everyone looked up as a boulder was descending towards them. Luckily everyone moved away as it landed thankfully no one was hurt.

"Is the wall crumbling or something?" Sokka looked up for any more falling rocks.

"No that did not come from the canyon," Aang said, "It came…in this…direction."

Everyone turned to Aang as he spotted the Dark Avatar and Haru.

"That was a warning," She hissed, "This time I won't miss."

Aang held his staff tight and looked at everyone. Seeing the frightened looks on their faces and the worried expressions on his friends. It's happening again, just like the South Pole. But this is one thing Aang may not get away from this time.

"You want me!" Aang activated his glider, "Then you're going to have to get me!"

Aang jumped up in the air and glide to left and flew to the other path.

"NO!" The Dark Avatar shouted,

"Wait that's the Light Avatar?" Haru gawked at Aang then he saw The Dark Avatar glanced at him, "Do not let them get in my way!" Then she stomped her foot brining out a flat boulder and then shoot fire from her fists and rocketed towards Aang's direction.

"There here goes again!" Kuzon screamed, "Is it me or does he really enjoy giving me heart attacks?"

"Come we got to help him," Katara said but before she could take a step a stone pillar rose up blocking her way. Everyone turned to the source of this.

"Everyone stay where you are," Haru said, "It's best not to get involved in this.

Aang made multiple glances, making sure he was still being chased, and yes she was still after him, he could almost feel her hate-filled eyes digging at the back of his head.

Suddenly five sharp pillars of stone erupted from the right side of the canyon. Surprised Aang turned away only for a fireball to be launched at him. Just as Aang stated gliding lower, the Dark Avatar jumped off her rock and kicked him in the back knocking him to the ground.

Aang recovered quickly from the kick and his fall and quickly formed his air scooter and ride forward from his foe.

"You will not escape me!" The Dark Avatar bellowed as she chased after him, "Do you hear me!"

"Let us pass!" Katara shouted, "She's going to kill him!"

"If he really is the Light Avatar he can handle himself," Haru kept his eyes on the group, "Let them deal with each other."

"If you think we are going to wait here you got another thing coming!" Kuzon ran to the left but Haru raised a wall to block at that moment Sokka tossed his boomerang at him but only managed to hit his right arm.

"I don't want to hurt anyone!" Haru raised his arms and two boulders erupted from the ground.

"Then why are you working for the Dark Avatar?" questioned the Zhange Leader.

"For once a Zhang make sense," remarked the Gan Jin Leader. "If anything the Dark Avatar and those who follow them bring nothing but chaos and death."

"You all just don't understand!" Haru shouted, the boulders shaking slightly, "She is the only one that can stand a chance against the Fire Nation, I saw her handle many of them. The world needs her."

"Are you nuts?" Sokka shouted, "She's the Dark Avatar don't you know the legends?"

"Oh please you didn't even know about them," Kuzon remarked.

Just before anyone could say anything else, a whole herd of Cave Crawlers emerged form the Canyon walls and stated to descend upon everyone.

"Cave Crawlers! We're Doomed!" cried the Guide.

Kuzon sighed, "Great just what we need more trouble."

As he ran Aang swiped the ground with his staff and using his bending created a large dust cloud to temporary blind his dark counterpart.

Deciding to try out her Airbending, she took a deep breath and blew the cloud away but when the dust settled, Aang was nowhere to be found just a lot of stone and rocks.

She chuckled, "Playing hide and seek are we?" She clenched her fist, "WELL I DON'T PLAY!"

She swiped her arm causing a few of the boulders to be harshly pushed into the right side of the canyon wall.

"COME OUT AND FACE ME!" She stomped on the ground causing cracks on the canyon walls.

"Why are you angry with me?" Aang's voice echoed in the canyon, she turned around in all direction to find the source of his voice.

"Why? WHY! You have the right to ask me such a question?!" she bellowed as every stone and rock started cracking.

"I never even met you and you're trying to kill me. I just want to understand why?"

Blood stated dripping from her clenched hands as she could hardly contained the full fury of her rage, "Enough of this! Stop talking and fight me with all the power of the elements at your hand!"

She waited for his response but then she caught sight of a small moving shadow behind one of the boulders she had yet to move. She stated creeping slowly towards the stone with fire in hand ready to be released.

"But there is no point in us fighting!" Aang spoke as his shadow soon gave away his hiding place to the Dark Avatar.

"Besides I only know Airbending!"

She stopped and the fire went out.

"What?" she said, "You're lying!" and yet perhaps he's not, she thought. After all if he mastered all the elements then why didn't he defend himself when she first attacked?

Why did he run from her instead of fighting her?

If he wanted to protect the others then why didn't he used all his power?

This can't be. Her whole body stated trembling, THIS CAN'T BE! She grabbed her face nearly making cracks on the mask.

Aang hoped this would calm her down. Hoping this would be enough of a distraction for him to escape, "No it's true. You see I was frozen in ice along with my friend and my Bison and-"


Aang jumped up in fright, he glanced behind his hiding place and saw The Dark Avatar close, she was on her knees and started hitting the ground and every time she banged her fist, the ground stated cracking.











"It's not fair!"


Aang watched as the once fearsome Dark Avatar started to stop hitting the ground with her now bloodied hands as she collapsed to the ground and crying.

In anyone's right mind it would be the perfect chance to escape, but Aang stood where he was and looked at his supposed destined enemy on the ground crying like a lost soul.

Aang walked out from behind the stone and carefully walked towards his fellow Avatar. He stood in front of her and bended down on his knees, carefully not to near.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I never asked or wanted to be one of the Avatars, and you obviously never asked to be one either."

"The world has gone out of balance without us. The Fire Nation is causing a lot of damage to the world, and it's up to us to return the balance. So why not work together instead?"

Aang noticed she stopped crying, he smiled and offered his hand, "The World needs both of us so we don't have to fight. We can be friends, lets start with a proper introduction."

"Hi, my name is Aang what's yours?"

He waited for a response but she did not move. Worried he was about to nudge her but then he heard a chuckle from her.

That chuckle was small but it started to grow into an out of control laughter. Finally she stood back up and she threw her head back laughing to the sky madly like an insane person.

Aang backed away, his fear returning along with the cold as she finally stopped laughing and looked at him, her mask not showing him her eyes but he could felt the fury.

"Work together? We don't have to fight?" She shook her head, "Oh Aang you are a fool."

"We can not change our destines, you are proof of that for me. We are destined to fight each other until only one of us is left."

Her fingers wiggled and the blood started wrapping itself around her hands like a serpent until it covered her fingers and made them into claws.

"Whether you know all the elements or one I will make you suffer until you-"


The Dark Avatar fell to the ground showing Kuzon behind her with his arm in a chopping form.

"I can't believe that worked on her. Also OOWW!" Kuzon shouted while rubbing his hand.

"Kuzon what are you-"

"No time to talk and yell at you again we got another load of trouble," Kuzon grabbed Aang' hand and they started running, "More Cave Crawlers, lets go!"

As they run Aang was about to look back but he shook his head of the thought. Right now the others need help.

Disgraceful. Knocked out from behind, and by a non-bender no less, and now you are letting him get away. Again!

Wake up, little dark one.

Wake up! Are you just going to let him escape you again?!

Her mask glowed red along with a red light illuminating from the mask's eye sockets.

"No I will not!"

When Aang and Kuzon arrived they witnessed the battle, Sokka along with a few warriors from the Zhangs and Gan Jins while Katara watched over the Guide, even Haru assisted in fighting off the creatures with his Earthbending.

"Wait why is he helping us?" Kuzon pointed out, but he jumped out of the way as a Cave Crawlers tried to take a bite out of him. "You know what never mind I'll ask later!"

Aang waved his staff and using his bending he made a gust to push some of the creatures away from the non-combatants.

"Aang are you alright?" Katara asked as Aang joined her defending the guide. "What happened to the Dark Avatar?"

"Kuzon knocked her out," Aang said, "Why are these things after us?"

"They are attracted to the food," The Guide said, "With all this trouble with the Dark Avatar I plum forgot to check if you all got rid of it all!"

"Well it was tasty," Sokka replied then Katara slapped his arm.

"At least those two guys are working together," Aang notices the two leaders of the tribes assisting each other against the creatures, then they moved next to the others.

"I must say you fight well for a Gan Jin," The Zhang leader remarked.

"Well I never thought I stand side by side with a Zhang," The Gan Jin said, "But I'll admit you are indeed great in battle."

Suddenly more Cave Crawlers assembled and stated flaking the large group, everyone stood ready for the attack but then the creatures stopped and quickly turn and ran.

Haru stepped up, "Where are they go-"


"SOKKA!" Katara shouted after Sokka knocked Haru out with his boomerang.

"What? He was working for the crazy masked Avatar!"

"But wasn't he helping us?" Aang asked.

"Yeah but maybe he's saving us for her!" Sokka argued.

"Uh, are we not going to ask why those things ran away?" Kuzon asked.

Suddenly Aang yelled in pain with his hand clutching his chest and falling to his knees.

"Aang!" His friends cried in shock, Katara was the first one to catch him when at once everyone noticed the wind pushing past them.

The dust was picking up and the wind stated getting rougher and a figure was slowly walking from the horizon.

It was The Dark Avatar and her eyes and masked where glowing, Aang's friends remember seeing such a glow from Aang before, but this one was red with fury and a feeling of dread came off from her.

"This is it," said one of the Zhangs in fear, "We're all going to die."

"Can't the Light Avatar do anything?" asked one of the Gan Jins sharing the Zhangs fear.

"Yes do something Light Avatar!"

"Save us please!"

Save us!"

Aang wanted to save, he knew he had to but for all his strength he just could not get up, he could barley move.

Then sounds of moving stone was heard behind them, they all turned to see a recently created pathway leading side by side up towards the top of the canyon wall.

The Guide fell on his good leg while holding his bandaged arm, "You did this?" Sokka asked, "But I thought you broke your arm?"

"I-OW! I can handle body pain, but I doubt I can handle what she might do," The guide grunted, "But now is not to time to talk. RUN!"

Following his advice everyone stated making there way onto the path without baring another glance at the approaching danger for the moment. Kuzon quickly carried Aang on his back as they quickly ran in the back.

The Dark Avatar watched them headed up. It would be so easy to bring that pathway down on them while they are still on it, but that would be to easy. No. She will let them run for now, she felt like enjoying the hunt.

Finally they made it up, they where greeted by Appa and the old and sick tribesmen he carried all standing by him, now they look worried at the sign of fear on their fellow tribesmen, even Appa showed concern as he nuzzled Aang.

"Is she still coming?" Katara said, the fear of what might happen to them growing more and more, Sokka looked over the edge of the canyon and saw that each step the Dark Avatar took, flames and steam erupted from the ground.

She stated a slow pace, but now she stated speeding up.

"She's speeding up!"

"Uh, buddy if now is a good time to start glowing yourself, this would be a good time!" Kuzon shook Aang on his back but to their dismay, Aang had passed out.

"Everyone run now!" Katara shouted, "We will do our best to lead her off, everyone run!"


The Gan Jin leader stepped forward, drawing his sword, "I will not let you face this, I will keep her occupied while you take the Light Avatar to safety."

"Are you crazy?!" Sokka shouted.

"No he's right," the Zhang leader stood next to Gan Jin, holding her own blade, "We can not let anything happen to you or the Light Avatar. We will hold her off as long as we can."

"But what about your people?" Katara stated, "Are you going to risk their lives as well as your own?"

"No," The Gan Jin looked back at his people, "They will continue on. I have faith for them. So long as the Zhang's stay with them."

Both the Gan Jins and Zhangs where shocked at this, many where about to protest but the Zhang leader spoke.

"He's right. As of this day, our long hatred will only lead us to ruin. Now more then ever do our two tribes must stand together, not just because of the Fire Nation but also because of her return. We must all stand together."

The Gan Jin Leader nodded, "Wise words. Never thought I hear them from a Zhang."

The Zhang leader chuckled, "And I never thought a Gan Jin would compliment me."

Sokka and Katara where conflicted over this, they knew they had to leave to protect Aang, but they where going to leave these people to who knows what kind of danger the Dark Avatar might bring upon them.

Kuzon already was up on Appa's head and Aang laying down on the saddle, "Hurry up guys!"

The Two siblings looked at Kuzon and back at the brave leaders. Sokka sighed and climbed up.

"Good luck," Katara said joining the rest, "And I'm sorry."

The two leaders nodded and quickly ordered the rest of their people to leave as Appa stated flying off as quickly as the large animal can. The Zhangs and Gan Jins all left except for a five of the Gan Jins and Zhangs, each with their own weapon as they stand with their leaders.

They waited…Then the Dark Avatar jumped high in the air and landed across from them bringing a dust cloud, the only thing they could see was the glow of the mask and her eyes.

When the dust settled she stood holding Haru in one arm, still unconscious.

"Where is he?"

Her voice sounded like a demon was talking over her along with many different voices. The other tribesmen and even the leaders stated to tremble at this but their blades where still up.

"He is far from your reach monster!" The Gan Jin leader shouted.

"We stand against you in his place!" declared the Zhange Leader. "And so long as we draw breath you will never find him."

She stood there. In silences, the glow increasing slowly, moment by moment, then she dropped Haru like a child would to their doll.

Flames danced around her arms, her blood wrapping around each finger, the rocks and stone crumbling around her feet and the wind swirling around her.

"Then breathe your last breath!"

She charged at them.

Appa continued one, his passengers where silent. What could they say? What could have they done? Perhaps if it was a couple of Fire Nation soldiers then maybe…but no this was a threat that only one person could face.

And he isn't ready.

"Please," Aang whispered so low that is friends could not hear, and even if they could they would assume it to be a nightmare. Unknowing of the horror he was seeing.

"Please stop. Don't kill them. Please stop."

Fire. Crushed stone, trees fallen from their height, and blood along with the corpses which it spills from.

The Dark Avatar stood over them. Gan Jin or Zhange, she did not care. They stood in her way and they paid the price for it.

The glow was gone, the great rage has dwindled but her own remains. Now there is but one question to ask.

"Why did you help me?"

Bandages fell from the Guide as he removed it from his arm and leg, "It is quite simple, my lady." He lifted the right side of his shirt, revealing a strange tattoo its markings where strange but the center showed a diamond shaped eye.

It seemed familiar to her.

"This is the mark of your most loyal servants," The Guide bowed like a slave.

"So you serve the Dark Monks?" She glared at him, was he going to take her back to them?

"I'm the servant of the Dark Avatar, your loyal servant. I've made sure to leave a trail for you to follow us.

"If you really are my loyal servant, then why did you help that cowardly Air runt escape?" she demanded an answer.

"Forgive me, but it is the sole duty of the Dark to slay the light," He explained, "No one else should have that right but you."

She said nothing. She knew he was right, Then she glanced at Haru's sleeping form. She walked towards him and carried him underneath her arm.

"My lady, I am at your command what would you wish of me?" She passed the loyal guide without a glance at him.

"I have no need for an old servant, this one," She gestured to the unconscious body, "Is all I need."

She continued onward, she had finally seen the face of the one who ruined her, the one who set her fate.

After he dare plea for friendship, that half-baked fool. She realized something, something she had learned long ago.

It was not enough to kill someone.

She will make him and all who follow him suffer.

Author's Note: OH BOY. Did I have a realization while writing this chapter but I wont bore you with it. I hoped you liked the meeting between the two Avatars, I hoped I did a good job on them finally meeting but if I didn't…well live and learn right? Right.

Anyway this is where we start off differently from the original story.

New tales, earlier faces and different characters will appear. But for now I need a little break but stay turned for the next chapter where Aang will be getting help in entering the sprit realm and Zuko faces the Avatar…but not Aang.

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