chapter 1

Chapter one

Potter cottage

Godric's hollow

With the death of the recently married and graduated Lily and James Potter young Hadrian or Harry was all alone however fate can be kind of a time she was a bit of both as 4 armoured figures arrived at the ruined home with one goal in mind find the child and his parents and bring them home. Jena a loyal member of the blades was the person to find him cuddling his stuffed dragon a gift from his grandfather seeing the strange but nice looking lady the little boy lifted his arms up wanting to be cuddled. Jena smiled at the little boy picking him up and rapping him in her cloak she began to gently rock him "come young one let's get you to your grandfather" she spoke gently as she joined her fellow blades who had prepared the body's of the boy's parents for transport back to the empire. the 4 warriors the one toddler and 2 bodies left Godric's hollow just as a group of DLME forces arrived at the site only finding in the crib was a letter for Albus Dumbledore a letter which contents would change the future of both the empire and the magical world how had it changed ...well that was for the gods to decided.

Arcane University

Imperial city

using the charmed amulets they had been given the blades appeared back at the imperial city in the arcane university the empires main magical academy and seat of the mages guild. Waiting for them was arch-mage Hannibal Traven who Apon seeing the coffins became somber walking up to the blades he spoke to captain Renault "captain I see we were too late to save the parents" looking at the mage she nodded her head knowing the emperor would be heartbroken at losing his little princess "yes sir but the young prince survived the attack we can thank the nine for that however he seems to have some sort of dark magical energy in his scar" she spoke smiling at the now sleeping prince in her friend and knight sisters arms however the thought of dark magic in such a little child worried her. " traven looked at the child and nodded indeed some dark being has tried to use some form of necromancy on the young prince hurry follow me we must get it out of him quickly".

Arcane University

Ritual room

Imperail City

Jena lay the sleeping infant onto the podium as the arch mage and 2 other mages prepared the Ritual one mage held a black soul gem while the other was ready to use the soul trap spell with a deep breath traven cast a small soul bind breaker spell on the young prince which casued him to wake up screaming as the the black mass was dragged out of him and into the soul gem once done the battle mage herald the wound on his forehead to jena and the other blades amazement the scar healed to it was hardly noticable. what was cute though was little Hadrian did not look happy he was pouting at Jena holding his arms up with a look of why did you put me down.

arch mage traven walked up to them with a tired smile "you should get the young prince to the palace at once i have had a squad of battlemages made ready to escort you there."

the blades now carrying a once again sleeping prince made there way across the bridge to the main city as wight gold tower got closer Jena looked down at the infant and smiled "don't worry little one soon you will be safe with your grandfather and uncles".

Ministry of Magic


it was not a good day for them the dark lord was dead sure but at the cost of a lord of a noble pureblood family but his wife the daughter of the Emperor of Tamriel and if the letter they had just received was anywear near the mood of the emperor was truly in they were screwd

Albus read the letter with worry and fear

To the ruling body of magical Britain

your pathetic attempts at stoping this dark lord of yours has cost me the lives of daughter and son in law my only grandson is now an orphan your lucky my agents arrived when they did if my grandson had died to nothing would have stopped me from burning your nation to the ground as i speak my eldest marches a legion to your nation to hunt down these still on the lose death eaters and they will be shown true Imperail will be your only warning do not interfear with there mission if any of your law inforcement or your little bird club get in the way they will be treated as our enemies be thankful that i will spare your Pathetic existence ...for now.

yours sincerely

Uriel Septim VII

emperor of Tamriel

head of the Imperail house of septim

lord of magic

albus P.O.V

this worried albus greatly when he was younger he traveled to Tamriel he had seen the might of the Imperail war machine he knew the empire could outspend and outman Britain 1000,1 if it came to war. Turing to the other wizards and witches he spoke with a grave tone. "I believe we should do a s they say and keep out of the way that last thing we need is war with the empire"

no one dared to question it if the empire made Albus Dumbledore scared then we should all be scared.