Just to clarify, this is a very short prologue meant to introduce and set up the story. Really, the idea isn't that special, but it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time now, regardless of how it does. I was never interested about making my stories popular, but enjoyable.

With that said, I hope you guys like it.

Chapter Zero

Her life has never been easy. Being the third youngest daughter born of a noble family where both her father and mother constantly demanded perfection out of her was far from being the ideal childhood.

That was a harsh life style where only her dear sister, Cattleya, became the one who ever provided her the loving affection that she always felt that she needed. Something that her parents never bothered to demonstrate even when she was younger. One could even say that this was probably one of main reasons why she acts so cold with almost everybody she knew.

However, none of those struggles ever managed to stop her persisting nature, going through all sorts of challenges in the hopes that one day she could become the ideal daughter that her mother always desired. An exemplary noble that could climb high in the kingdom's hierarchy and make her family proud. And most importantly, achieve the highest magical proficiency there is, allowing her to become a high ranking mage.

That was the goal of her life. This was what she always wanted ever since she was nothing more than a small child. She hoped that once she was able to graduate from the Tristain Academy of Magic, her dreams would be one step closer from turning into reality. Or at least that was the plan.

For reasons that are unknown even to her, she has found herself incapable of performing even the most basic of spells. And to make matters even worse, all of her attempts always end up with a huge explosion. Due to her zero success rate when it comes to spell casting, along with her lack of an elemental affinity, her classmates so kindly decided to give her the nickname of Louise the Zero. A nickname that she hated with every fiber of her body.

This is why today was very important. It was the day where all of the second-year students would perform an old, sacred ritual to summon their own familiar. In other words, it was her chance to finally prove to everyone, including herself, that she was not a failure.

Then why…why did this had to happen to me?

She could feel her own eyebrow twitch as she gazed at the body of a mysterious pink-haired young boy, lying down on the place where her majestic, powerful and beautiful new familiar should be. It was neither a great dragon or an elegant griffin, but a human.

A lowly commoner nonetheless.

This is probably a little mistake, right? There's no way this is actually my new familiar… Right?

Her name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, and she has summoned a commoner as her familiar.

For as long as he remembers, never did he got the chance to meet his actual parents. The real ones that is. He was nothing but a little kid when he was taken by his adoptive father, Igneel, who found him wandering around in the woods all by himself.

The dragon took him under his wing and taught him everything that he needed to know in order to survive. He learned how to hunt, speak, write and read. And most importantly; magic. Dragon Slayer magic, a powerful and lost magic art specifically created to defeat dragons.

The days he spent with his adoptive father were probably happiest he ever had. He never needed anything else, as Igneel's company was more than enough for him. Or at least that's what he always thought, before he disappeared completely without a trace.

He was devastated. He was confused. He was alone.

His head was plagued with many different questions, all of which were related to his father's current whereabouts. Where was he? What happened to him? Why did he leaved him?

Lost and without a clear path, he traveled across the land, looking for his missing father in the hopes of reuniting with him once again. And after months of travel, he found them. Fairy Tail. A magic guild full of powerful and destructive mages from all different backgrounds and ages. And they all welcomed him with open arms into their family.

For the next couple of years, he would go through multiple adventures. Fighting and defeating all sorts of bad guys while helping whoever he could along the way. And he would do this with his friends supporting him each step he took, just like he would do the same for them. They were family after all.

His has traveled to a lot of different places. He has seen a lot of things that some may consider straight up impossible or just too ridiculous, but he had never found himself in this sort of situation before.

"What is this place?" He spoke out loud, wondering just how did he got into an open field with a short pink-haired girl. And to make matters more confusing, she was looking at him weirdly.

Why does she look so mad at me?

His name is Natsu Dragneel, and he has been summoned to another world.


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