AN: So I'm participating in Gochi Week this year. The first six days of prompts will be posted here. The seventh one will be featured separately as it is rated higher and it's longer than the prompts for the first six days.

Gochi Week 2019

Just the Two of Us

Day One Prompt:

First Meeting

This was a sign. She had to do this. It was time. An advertisement of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament appeared in a page of her teen magazine. Chichi purchased this magazine monthly for years and this was the first time an advertisement of the World Martial Arts Tournament appeared in the magazine.

It was a sign she should enter and meet Goku again after all these years. Last time she saw Goku, she was eleven years old and smitten with a boy with a tail on a magical cloud. He told her he will return and make her his bride. In that time since, Chichi prepared herself to be a wife. She read many books on cooking, sewing, knitting and child rearing. She read magazine articles on being a wife. Working with the maids in her castle, she got firsthand experience on duties of a housewife. For extra incentive, Chichi learned martial arts. Initially, she did it because she knew Goku liked it but the more her father taught her, Chichi grew to like the sport, too. Growing up with a father as strong as hers and her crush on Goku deepening over the years, it reinforced in Chichi she wanted a strong husband.

This advertisement told Chichi she should no longer wait on Goku to return to her. She should go to him. It was exciting but there was a bit of fear in her decision. Over the years with no visit from Goku or even a letter, her father had grown weary in thinking Goku will return to marry her. He tried to encourage Chichi to focus on someone else instead of waiting on someone who may never return.

Chichi refused to believe Goku forgot her. She spent years learning all she could to be a good wife. It was impossible to believe all those years were a waste. It wasn't all for nothing. Goku hadn't return because he was growing up like she. Her father travelled for years, getting stronger and perfecting his skills before settling down. Goku was doing the same thing. Chichi read rumors in the news a child defeated the Red Ribbon Army; a child killed King Piccolo. Chichi knew it had to be Goku. Chichi read Goku came in second place at the 21st and 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. She knew he will return to win and if it were to happen at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, she wanted to be there.

Decision made, Chichi packed a small bag and left home two nights before the tournament began. If her father knew of her decision, Chichi knew he would forbid her. It wasn't due to Chichi's desire to marry Goku. No, Chichi knew her father worried about a potential heartbreak in learning Goku didn't mean to marry her.

Chichi remained positive that wouldn't happen. Once Goku sees her, he'll see the beautiful girl she grew up to be and realize it's time they marry. They'll have the perfect wedding at her father's castle and have a lot of children. Chichi couldn't wait!

Papaya Island wasn't as crowded as she thought it would be. Reading of the past two tournaments, Chichi expected a lot of fighters and tourists to populate the island but as she left the airport, she heard murmurs there were less people with one citing King Piccolo's influence. Chichi knew King Piccolo and his minions killed many martial artists and declared war on all living martial artists but the ones killed returned to life. Even so, it could explain why there were fewer people. Still, Chichi knew Goku will be here. She knew he will not be deterred from competing.

After checking into her hotel, Chichi went to the building of the World Martial Arts Tournament and signed up. When the attendant told her Son Goku hadn't arrived, Chichi decided to wait for him. Chichi imagined approaching Goku after he signed up, have a joyous reunion and spending the rest of the day together catching up and making plans for their wedding.

The arrival of rain put a damper on Chichi's plans. In her haste, Chichi forgot to pack an umbrella and she didn't want to meet her fiancé for the first time in years soaked in rain so she returned to her hotel and decided tomorrow will be day.

The next day, Chichi was bursting with excitement. After all these years, she will see Goku again. As she dressed she wondered how he will look. Will she recognize him? Will he still have that same wild hair? Will he be handsome? Will he remember her?

Chichi shook the negative thought away. Of course Goku will remember her.

The Competition Hall were full of competitors of various species, shapes and sizes. Again, she heard murmurs of how there were fewer competitors this year compared to the last tournament. Chichi saw this as a positive sign for it meant it will be easier for her to find Goku.

Her heart thumped wildly in her chest once she saw those familiar black spikes.

There he is. Son Goku.

He stood with four other males, one of them she recognized as one who told her he loved her. She had no idea Goku became friends with him. Still, Chichi's eyes were only on Goku. He definitely grew up. He was taller than when they last saw each other. Of course she grew, too, and filled out in places that she was certain Goku will appreciate. His hair appeared as wild as ever. He was handsome, too. Oh, the beautiful children they will have together.

Chichi exhaled. No more stalling. The fighting hadn't started yet. It was the perfect time to approach, reconnect and talk before the competitions began. With a racing heart and twisting stomach Chichi approached, tapped Goku's shoulder and waited.

He turned to her. Oh, he was even more attractive up close! Chichi's heartbeat tripled as Goku and all his friends stared at her. Someone should say something. It should be him but instead Chichi broke the ice. "Son Goku."

Now was the time for Goku to say her name. It was time for Goku to acknowledge her with a smile, her name and maybe even sweep her in his arms overjoyed to see her again. Instead, Goku put a finger on his chin, stared at her curiously and say, "Who are you?"

Who are you? Who are you? Years of reading cookbooks, learning recipes, creating some of her own; hours spent on learning to knit, to sew; days and nights training her body in martial arts; the milk runs, the bees, the dinosaur chasing and all she gets from Goku is 'Who are you?'

Her father was right. Goku did forget her. He never thought of her and their future life together while she spent the last six years focused on them and their future together.

It was for nothing. Everything has been for nothing. I wasted six years of my life on him.

Chichi's shock, her humiliation soon turned to anger. How dare he? How dare he forget her? How dare he makes a promise to marry her and not mean it? He made a fool out of her! She's the daughter of Gyumao, the Ox King of Fire Mountain. People used to tremble in fear of her father and he forgets her? He will pay for this humiliation. He will pay for insulting the daughter of the great Ox King. Chichi felt her infamous temper rising. She was like lava bursting from a violent volcano as she screamed at him.


Honestly, Chichi didn't know if she was talking to Goku or herself.

Snarling, Chichi turned her back on Goku. He will not get away with this. He dishonored her. To amend that, she will dishonor him. To do that, she will beat him in battle. She will defeat everyone in the preliminary rounds and when she and Goku are on stage in front of the spectators, in front of his friends, she will defeat him. It's the perfect revenge for what Goku did to her.

Afterwards, she'll leave. She didn't care what round their match is in. She only knew she's leaving afterwards. Even if she disqualifies herself in future matches, she'll leave and cry her heart out at the disappointment; at how foolish she was; at how she should've listened to her father over her own stubbornness. She won't leave this tournament with Goku but she will leave it with her pride recovered and dignity intact.

Goku stared at the retreating form of the girl in blue confused. Seconds ago, he chatted with his friends when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned to see a young woman smiling and addressing him.

Goku stared at the woman, wondering who she is. Over the three years on Kami's Temple, Goku noticed changes in his body. Sometimes it would do and make him feel things he didn't understand like now. This girl's face was intriguing. Something inside him tried to tell Goku what but he couldn't decipher what it was. All he knew is he liked her face. The way she said his name was unique. It was nice hearing his name on her lips. Why was that and who was she?

"Who are you?"

It was the most logical thing to say. Goku thought so until the young woman screamed at him, calling him an idiot. She spoke so loud, so forcefully, Goku fell on his butt in shock.

His heart raced as he kept staring at her. "What's with her?" In the past, Goku didn't care if he angered anyone or confused them due to his lack of awareness but this time was different. He rose with his eyes still on her as she disappeared among the clumps of fighters. It wasn't only his eyes; all eyes were on this mysterious woman.

"Goku…." Yamcha whispered in awe, "who was that?"

"She's really hot!" Krillin was mesmerized.

He wished he knew. "I have no idea, I swear." It bothered him he didn't know her. He wanted to know her. "I never met her before." Of this Goku was certain. No way could he forget a girl like her.

Goku started to go after her and ask who she is and why she is mad at him but Krillin interrupted. He grabbed his shirt and screamed at him how he didn't believe Goku never met the mysterious girl and questioned if he really spent the last three years training on Kami's Temple.

Any thoughts of leaving his friends to find the girl halted at the announcement the qualifying matches were beginning. Goku put thoughts of finding the girl in the back of his mind and focused on his matches. He noticed through all his matches, she was in the audience watching him. It excited Goku and he didn't understand why. Bulma and Lunch watched him fight plenty of times. He was happy they were watching him but the feeling was equal to knowing Master Roshi, Puar and Oolong were watching. This girl was different. He needed to know why. Since she was competing, Goku only thought it fair to see how strong she is in case they fought against each other.

She's good Goku thought as the mysterious girl defeated her opponents as quickly as his friends with one or two strikes. It was during her final match Goku got the feeling he met her somewhere. He couldn't place where but years ago, they met. He rack his brain trying to remember when. It was on the tip of his tongue.

Goku expected to learn her name when the eight finalists were announced but the mysterious girl was a step ahead of him preferring to go by Anonymous. Excitement zipped through Goku not only through this deliberate gesture but also with the knowledge they will face off against each other. There was something about her name. If he knew it, he will know who she is and she knew that. This mystery was turning into a playful game that stoke Goku's excitement.

Goku could barely contain his excitement when they stepped onto the arena. She was strong but no match for him and yet he was excited to fight her. Her anger at him was intriguing, too. When their fight began, she came off with a strong offensive. She threw kicks and punches that would've had someone much weaker than him writhing in pain. He could easily defeat her but blocking her strikes, dodging her leg sweeps and being chased around the ring and in the air was fun. He liked it! Goku tried talking to her, asking questions in hopes of getting her name or learning where they met but her answers only created more questions. There was one that halted their fighting.

"You promised to make me your bride!" the girl screamed.

Bride? What was that? When Goku didn't understand something, he turned to his friends for help. His question left the girl, Yamcha and Krillin falling over in shock. Krillin was pissed at him.

"You idiot! Making a girl your bride means you're going to live together! When did you make a promise to such a cute girl! This isn't fair! You get everything!"

"Goku!" Yamcha called to him. "Did you understand when you made this promise, you were going to live with this girl for the rest of your life?"

Truthfully, no. He thought bride meant food but it was obviously a lot more serious than that. He had no idea he promised this girl he will live with her for the rest of his life. Goku thought after the fight they could be friends but he promised to live with her. If he made that promise, this girl had to be really special. He needed to learn her name.

The young woman told him she will tell him her name if he defeated her. There were so many ways but Goku wanted to tread lightly with her. He didn't want to hurt her. He liked their spar. She was the first fight he had in three years that was for fun. He spent three years on Kami's Temple preparing for his fight with King Piccolo's son. While he looked forward to that match, he also longed for a fight for fun and didn't have the Earth's future at stake.

Goku created wind with his punch. It was meant to be a light breeze but the force was so strong he knocked the girl out of the ring hard. Goku mentally chastised himself for going too far in knocking the girl out but was pleased to see the girl wasn't upset with him. Actually, she was impressed with him.

"Well, I'm impressed," she climbed back in the ring. "I didn't think you'd get this strong. You are the man I chose for my husband."

As promised, she told him her name: Chichi.

Chichi! Daughter of Gyumao, the Ox King! That Chichi!

It all came back to Goku. The girl that pulled his tail; the only girl besides Sweet Lunch to ride Nimbus. Goku was stunned. He couldn't believe it. She didn't look like the girl he remembered from seven years ago. She wore a helmet and a lot less clothes. If she confronted him in that same outfit, he would've recognized her.

Now he knew her name, Goku thought of the promise he made. He did tell Chichi he will make her his bride. Chichi seem so excited and happy about it. He knew she was a good person since she could fly Nimbus so he agreed. But he thought he was being offered food. He did bring Master Roshi to put out the fire surrounding her home. Food was a perfect way to say thanks. Since he didn't know what he promised, he could back out of it but he made a promise and will honor it.

"Okay. We better get married."

"Yay!" Chichi squealed.

Chichi locked a tight grip around his arm as they stepped away from the arena. He could easily break her hold but doing that would get her angry with him and he didn't want that. He did enough angering her. After all, he left her waiting for him for years. He didn't mind her holding him. If only they weren't around his friends or this crowd. These sudden feelings stirring in him were different and he didn't have a handle on them yet.

"We have so much to talk about," Chichi gushed. "So much planning for our wedding."

"Can we talk about that later?" Goku requested. "I really wanna see Krillin's fight with Junior."

Chichi looked over at the short man she saw with Goku earlier and the tall green one with a turban. "Okay," Chichi released her hold on Goku. "Let's talk immediately after the fight." She kissed his cheek again. "I'll be right here waiting when it's over."

Goku felt his cheek warm by that kiss. Stepping outside, Goku noticed Tien staring at Piccolo. Krillin was too nervous over his impending fight to notice Goku's flushed face. Yamcha noticed and grinned slyly at Goku.

"Welcome to the club, Goku!"

Goku grunted at Yamcha's sudden slap on his back. "What?"

"You got a girl now like me but you're taking a bigger step. Marriage." He laughed. "One day Bulma and I will cross that mark, but not now. We got time."

Goku shrugged. He still didn't see why it was a big deal he and Chichi will live together. He lived with Master Roshi, Krillin and Lunch for eight months. He lived with many different families on his travels and spent three years with Mr. Popo and Kami. Why was living with Chichi so special?

The fight between Krillin and Piccolo was a welcome distraction to Goku's thoughts. When it was over, Krillin and Piccolo's fight damaged the arena which delayed the next match for fifteen minutes. Pleased with the delay, Chichi didn't waste a moment grabbing Goku's hand and leading him away from his friends.

Goku didn't mind. He gave Chichi his word they will talk after the fight and he preferred to talk away from the watchful eyes of his friends. They found a quiet spot in a grassy area in front of one of the empty tournament buildings.

Goku recognized this spot. Three years ago, it was a cafeteria to feed the fighters. The announcer told Goku it was created with him in mind since he wanted to eat. He was the first fighter to request food before a match. This morning when he and Krillin arrived to eat, he was surprised to discover it was closed and all fighters had to eat off the tournament grounds.

"I wish we could eat here," Goku lamented. "It was open during the last tournament. Now it's closed."

"Maybe it's a money thing," Chichi explained. "On the flight here, I read some sponsors dropped from the World Martial Arts Tournament. Maybe they didn't have enough money to provide food for everyone."

Goku mulled over Chichi's words. "I don't understand why."

Chichi shrugged. "Something was said about it being too dangerous or a bad investment." Chichi maneuvered so she sat in front of Goku. She didn't want to waste their time talking about the tournament. She wanted to focus on them. "After the tournament we'll fly to my father's castle and you'll have a grand feast."

Goku's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Chichi nodded. "Yes. They'll be plenty of food for you to eat. When we marry, I'll cook yummy meals for you every day." She linked his hands in hers and immediately noticed Goku wasn't flinching or trying to pull away. After their fight, she wrapped her arms around Goku. He yelled at her to stop, saying she made it hard for him to walk. He even tried to break her grip on him. Now, he let her hold his hand.

He actually liked it. Maybe…maybe he's shy or he's not used to being touched.

"You grew up to be very handsome." Chichi touched his face. Again, Goku didn't flinch. It gave her the courage to continue. Her hand moved into his hair. Her fingers thread through the dark locks of his hair gently. "I remember your hair."

"You changed a lot," Goku was blunt. He looked Chichi over while her fingers played in his hair. It was a strange but nice feeling. "I grew taller than you," he grinned recalling Chichi as a child was taller than him. His eyes dropped to her breasts. "If you wore the same clothes you wore last time we saw each other, I would've recognized you but I see why you didn't wear your other clothes. You grew out of them." He pointed to her breasts. "Right here. You grew a lot!"

"Oh, Goku!" Chichi pulled away blushing.

This feeling. Nostalgia seeped in Goku as he viewed the rising blush on Chichi's cheeks. Her smile; her pink face; the way she buried her face in her hands made Goku smile. He remembered this. He remembered talking to Chichi when she asked if he will return to make her his bride. She did the same thing then. He liked it. He didn't understand why but he liked it.

"I remember you doing this." His stared at her. "I would say something, you would put your hands on your face and it changed colors." Chichi's hands slowly fell from her face as Goku spoke to her. Compelled for unknown reasons, Goku's left hand cupped Chichi's face. His thumb brushed over a flushed cheek. "At the time I thought you were strange but now…. I like it." The way Chichi looked at him left Goku's heart suddenly jumped in his chest.

"Sorry," Goku apologized, dropping his hand. He couldn't touch girls. Remembering how Bulma smacked him for patting people and watching numerous women slap Master Roshi, Goku knew it wasn't right to touch girls.

"It's all right," Chichi assured him. "You can touch me. I won't stop you." She took his hand and placed it on her face. "We're a couple, Goku. You can touch me." She placed a hand on his face. "I can touch you and when we marry, we can really touch each other."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Goku!" It was Krillin. "Are you over here?" Krillin paused once he found the couple. They were sitting close together with their hands touching each other's face. Krillin shook his head. Yamcha told him Chichi was daughter of the Ox King. Even he, who lived so far from Fire Mountain, heard of Gyumao. Being his daughter made Chichi royalty. He gets a hot princess for a wife without even trying. "Yamcha's match will start soon."

Goku jumped to his feet but his hand remained link to Chichi's. "Ain't you comin', Chichi?"

Chichi pulled herself to her feet. "No, but I'll be there to watch you fight. I promise." She kissed his cheek. "Go watch your friend."

"Yo!" Krillin waved his hand. "Goku, we gotta go! We can't miss Yamcha's fight. With his opponent, it'll be over in a minute."

He heard Krillin but his mind lingered on the tingle from Chichi's kiss. Goku rubbed the back of his neck, shyly. "I gotta go."

"I know. Go." Chichi's thumb tenderly touched the spot she kissed. "We'll talk more after the fight."

Her touches. They kind of tickle. "Okay." Goku left Chichi and joined Krillin. He looked back at her one more time, matched her smile with one of his own, before turning away and jogging back with Krillin.

So, after the tournament, they will live together, Goku mused. He thought over his fight with Chichi. Even though she lost, there was still fire in her.

Well, I'm impressed. I didn't think YOU'D get this strong. You ARE the man I chose for my husband.

Goku grinned. I defeated her with ease but she didn't think I would get so strong. She really thought she could defeat me. Heh. I like her. It should be fun living together.