Chapter 1: The Metal Falls to Hell

(Somewhere in the skies)

Doctor Eggman was flying his large battleship, the Egg Carrier, through the skies along with a small fleet of air ships. As Eggman was piloting the Egg Carrier, he was approached from behind by Orbot and Cubot.

Orbot- Doctor…are you sure this is a good idea? Heading straight for Skyworld and attempting to invade it?

Eggman- What do you mean am I sure this is a good idea?! This is a great idea! If we control the sky itself, we'll have clear advantage against Sonic and those retarded heroes.

Orbot- Yes, but another member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team lives in Skyworld.

Cubot- Not to mention that beyond hot goddess, Palutena.

Orbot- Yes, her as well. She's almost as dangerous as Sonic in his super form. If she spots us…

Eggman- No she's not! We're flying in stealth mode. All of our ships, including the Egg Carrier are practically invisible to the naked eye. Plus, I've even put in a little extra work to ensure that our ships can't be picked up on radar while in stealth mode. We'll use this to launch a surprise attack, take out the angel and goddess, take over Skyworld, and launch a surprise attack from above against the other members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team. And I'll make the Eggman Empire over what's left of all their worlds!

Pit's voice- In your ****ing dreams, egghead!

As soon as Eggman heard that voice, he looked at windshield of the Egg Carrier and saw Pit. He wasn't directly in front of the windshield, but he was slightly above the Egg Carrier for Eggman to see him through the windshield. Pit flew in place there with his arms folded as he glared at the doctor.

Eggman- What the…?! How did you…

Pit- Lady Palutena spotted your hunks of junk coming miles away.

Eggman- But that's impossible! The stealth tech and…

Pit- Those only works if you're trying to be undetected from radar. Lady Palutena uses her goddess powers to see and they can spot you even with the best stealth technology. An evil genius like you should've known you need magic to escape from her eyes. And not just any magic, but one strong enough to match that of an A class goddess, which is obviously beyond your capability, dumbass!

Eggman growled at Pit for a moment, pulled out a CB, and began shouting into the CB.

Eggman- Attention all troops! We got a little birdie problem! Get out there and clip that turkey's wings!

Two flying robots tried to jump Pit from behind, but Pit pulled out these two daggers that make up the Palutena's Bow and used them to slice the robots to pieces.

Pit- That all you got?

Eggman- Hardly, you overgrown pigeon! Just look around you! You're completely surrounded by my fleet! In fact, the Egg Carrier is a flying fortress loaded to the brim with artillery. In fact, the ships cannons are already pointing at you, little angel. How do you intend to bring down a battleship fleet this size, little lone the Egg Carrier, all by yourself?

Pit- Who said I was by myself?

Suddenly, a blue blur brushed passed the Egg Carrier's laser cannon that were aiming at Pit. In an instant, the cannons blew up after the blue blur that passed by them faded. A couple of robots that were on deck were suddenly smashed to pieces as well as a blue blur dashed around all over the place. When one robot was left, something instantly grabbed it from behind, revealing it to be Sonic who was running around the deck. Sonic held the robot in a headlock with one hand, spat on the finger of his other hand, and gave the robot a wet willie, short secreting it.

Sonic- Hey there, egghead! Sorry, but I seem to have missed my invite to this party. So Pit lent me his!

Eggman- Out of all the members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team that angel could've called…why the **** did it have to be Sonic?!

Orbot- Maybe we should turn back while we still have the chance since the people of Skyworld know we're coming…

Eggman- I'm not turning tail that easily.

Eggman pulls out the CB again and began commanding more orders.

Eggman- Attention all troops! Change in plans! You all fly to Skyworld without the Egg Carrier for now while I deal with our uninvited guests!

The air ships began to fly away from the Egg Carrier, but a few of them were shot down by a few bullets from behind. When Eggman turned to look, he saw Tails and Knuckles flying right passed him in the Tornado 2.

Tails- Wow! I can't believe how much better the Tornado 2 is performing after that little tune-up.

Palutena (telepathically to Tails)- I take it you're pleased with the upgrades I your plane with?

Tails- To be honest, I don't know if pleased with the right word, Palutena! The Tornado 2 is flying much faster, can handle more pressure than before, weapons are firing faster…

Knuckles- Who knew a hot babe like you was smart enough to enhance the plane's capabilities.

Palutena (telepathically to Knuckles)- Well, not only am I more powerful than I look, I'm also much smarter than I look. Oh, and Knuckles…please mind your manners when talking to me! I take offense when someone speaks to me in that manner.

Knuckles- Fine. How about Tails and I get out there and bust some head?

Palutena (telepathically to Knuckles)- Be my guest, Knuckles.

Knuckles- Now you're speaking my langue!

Knuckles jumped out of the Tornado 2 and began using his glide to reach the airships to attack them. Tails remained in the Tornado 2 and began shooting down the ships Knuckles didn't jump to. Sonic and Pit took a moment to watch as Tails and Knuckles began taking down Eggman's attack fleet.

Sonic- I knew those two would make it here on time. Now you and I can focus on dealing with the main egg here.

Pit- Let's make this quick. My stomach is growling and I'd like to get something to eat soon.

Eggman watched in shock from the controls of the Egg Carrier as his plans to invade Skyworld were falling apart before his eyes.

Eggman- Blast that ****ing blue hedgehog! Blast that angel, Pit as well!

Metal Sonic- Having trouble with your schemes again, Doctor?

Eggman turned around to look at Metal Sonic.

Eggman- Well, I don't see you doing anything about the situation! Instead of just standing there, get out there and deal with those pests?!

Metal Sonic- Dealing with Sonic is pleasure enough for me…doctor…

(Back on the Egg Carrier's deck)

Sonic and Pit had just finished all the last of the Eggman robots that were on the deck of the ship.

Sonic- I think that's the last of them, Pit. Guess all that's left is to kick Eggman's…

Pit- Sonic, behind you!

Sonic quickly noticed an energy ball heading at him from behind and did a backflip to dodge it. Sonic turned to look towards where that energy ball was fired from and saw Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic- Long time no see, Sonic! My lonesome copy!

Sonic- You're the copy, Metal.

Pit- Who is that robot? He looks just like you, Sonic.

Palutena (telepathically to Pit)- That's Metal Sonic, a robotic counterpart to Sonic created by Doctor Eggman to destroy the real Sonic. He might only be a robot, but he's more like Sonic than just looking like him. I'm sure you can relate with Dark Pit. Only Metal Sonic isn't as…friendly with Sonic as Dark Pit is with you, even though Metal Sonic usually prefers to act independently.

Metal Sonic surrounded his body with a ball of energy and dashed for Sonic and Pit as if Metal Sonic was using Sonic spin dash. Sonic and Pit managed to dodge, but Pit was astounded by how fast Metal Sonic could move.

Pit- What the?! How is that machine able to match Sonic's speed like that?!

Palutena (telepathically to Pit)- It's a little complicated to explain to you with your…uh…limited understanding…but Eggman created Metal Sonic using Sonic life data, not just making the machine look like Sonic.

Sonic- Metal might be fast, but he's not really as fast as me. No one alive is, and that is fact.

Sonic began rubbing his finger under his noise, but then Pit noticed Metal Sonic doing the same thing.

Metal Sonic- We'll see about that, Sonic!

Metal Sonic dashed for Sonic again, but Sonic jumped to dodge. Then Sonic tried to hit Metal with his homing shot. Metal barely managed to dodge, but before he could mount a counter strike, Metal Sonic was knocked to the ground when Pit struck him with a melee attack from the Palutena's Bow. Metal Sonic got back up and performed a spin dash. But not at Pit, but at Sonic again. Sonic countered with his spin dash and the two spinning saw balls just clashed, trying to push the other back. However, Metal Sonic was hit from behind with a light arrow Pit shot with his bow. This stunned Metal Sonic for a bit and allowed Sonic's spin dash to knock Metal Sonic to the ground.

(Back in the Egg Carrier's control room)

Eggman was watching as Pit keeps attacking Metal Sonic while Metal was trying to attack Sonic. Eggman picked up the CB again and began shouting at Metal through it.

Eggman- Metal Sonic, what the hell is wrong with you?! I know you have a beef with Sonic, but you need to focus on the angel too! Sonic's not your only opponent in this fight! Are you even listening to me, Metal!

Cubot- Uh…boss…Metal already cut the CB's line about halfway through that speech you made to him…

Eggman- …Shit…Now because Metal Sonic is too focused on trying to take down Sonic, he's letting Pit land free hits on him! He's gonna lose to them if he lets his obsession with Sonic get the better of him again!

(Back on the deck of the Egg Carrier)

Metal tried to attack Sonic, but Sonic dodged and Pit landed another surprise attack to Metal Sonic and knocked him to the ground. Before Metal Sonic could get back up, he saw Sonic in his ball form hit him in the face and chest. Metal Sonic's chest began to open up and some of his parts were even showing. Sparks of electricity were sparking from his body and he was barely able to move.

Pit- Lady Palutena, I think this is our chance to end this. I think the mega laser would do the job nicely.

Palutena- Ok. Power of Mega Laser!

Then a huge beam of energy was fired and it blasted Metal Sonic not only through the ground, but straight through the Egg Carrier. Eventually, Metal Sonic was blasted right through the engine room of the ship.

(Back in the control room of the Egg Carrier)

Cubot- Uh…Doctor Eggman…it looks like the Egg Carrier main reactor core was just blown up…

Orbot- Doctor, I think it's time we retreat before the whole ship blows up with us still on board.

Eggman grunted a bit and decided to turn on his hover craft to escape.

(Outside the Egg Carrier)

The Egg Carrier instantly blew up in a massive explosion. Luckily, Pit was using the Power of Flight to get away. He was also carrying Sonic in a same way Tails carried Sonic in Sonic 2 and 3. Pit was struggling a bit flying while holding Sonic.

Sonic- Come on, Pit! I don't weigh that much!

Pit- I'm still…not used to…flying with…passengers…

Then Sonic and Pit heard the sound of the debris crashing down below.

Sonic- That didn't sound good.

Pit- We probably…should take a look…at the damage…

(Where parts of the Egg Carrier landed)

Sonic and Pit landed at what was left of a garden of some kind.

Sonic- Ooo…Looks like the falling wreckage of the Egg Carrier did a number on this place…

Pit- Strange. This place feels familiar to me for some reason.

Palutena (telepathically to Pit)- Oh dear…Viridi's not gonna like this…

Pit- Viridi? Why do you say that, Lady Palutena?

Before Palutena could answer, Sonic and Pit heard the sound of a door opening. Then Pit and Sonic saw Dark Pit and Phosphora enter.

Phosphora- Pit…?

Pit- Phosphora and Pittoo?

Dark Pit- Don't call me that! More importantly, what are you and the blue hedgehog doing in Viridi's personal garden?

Pit- Viridi's personal garden…oh shit…

Phosphora- I'd actually like to ask what did you do to the place?! It looks like a meteor hit this place!

Pit- I can explain! Sonic and I were fighting Eggman and the debris of his flying ship crashed here.

Dark Pit- I'd say you're just lucky Viridi is busy talking to Kirby and the citizens of Popstar right now, trying to convince them to join the forces of nature. Otherwise, I don't want to know how pissed off she'll get seeing her personal garden like this.

Phosphora- Actually Dark Pit, things are looking back to normal.

When Dark Pit looked back at the garden, he saw the garden was completely fix and Sonic was leaning next to a tree and looking out of breath.

Dark Pit- I stand corrected. You're lucky you had the hedgehog with super speed with you to bail you out of this predicament.

Then Tail and Knuckles flew in on the Tornado 2 and landed in the garden.

Tails- There you two are.

Sonic- Tails, Knuckles, did you two get rid of Eggman's fleet?

Knuckles- Yeah, we did all the work while you were playing with Metal Sonic.

Tails- Palutena told us you and Pit flew down here, because you heard some of the falling debris crash here. But I don't see any damage.

Sonic- That's because I fixed place in the blink of an eye.

Knuckles- Uh…guys…

Knuckles pointed to the sky and everyone saw another batch of debris falling from the sky and about to land in the garden again.

Pit- Oh shit! Not again!

Luckily, a portal suddenly opened up and the falling debris fell through it.

Dark Pit- That Sonic's doing again?

Sonic- I got super speed, not the power to open portals.

Palutena (telepathically to everyone)- Actually, that was me. I just sent the falling debris somewhere else where it won't hurt anyone before it lands. Pit, Sonic, maybe you should leave before you accidently do something that might upset Viridi. I don't want her to resin the peace treaty between Skyworld and the Forces of Nature.

(In the Underworld)

A portal opened up just above Medusa's Underworld palace and out came piles of falling debris from the Egg Carrier. After the debris landed, Medusa rushed out of her palace.

Medusa- What the hell was that noise?!

Medusa sees the wreckage on her front lawn.

Medusa- Typical of Palutena dumping her garbage onto my home! It's not bad that bitch locked us all in the Underworld, but now she's using the Underworld as a garbage dump! (Sigh)…Pandora, Thanatos, get here and clean up this mess!

Thanatos and Pandora arrived after hearing Medusa call them and they began trying to remove the debris from Medusa's palace. As Thanatos was moving some of the debris, he noticed something trying to move under the rubble.

Thanatos- Huh…? What's this?

Thanatos moved the debris and found a badly damaged Metal Sonic.

Thanatos- Hey, I think I found something!

Medusa and Pandora rushed over and saw Metal Sonic damaged body.

Pandora- What? You called us to show us a piece of scrap?

Suddenly, Metal Sonic moved a bit. That startled Medusa, Pandora, and Thanatos a bit. With what little strength Metal had left, he reached out for Medusa.

Metal Sonic- …please…help me…

Then the red lights that acted as Metal Sonic's eyes went out and Metal Sonic slumped to the ground.

Thanatos- Well that was creepy.

Pandora- Shall we dispose of this piece of junk?

Medusa- Hmm…actually…I think we have an opportunity on our hands here.