Chapter 6: When the Metal Falls

(Back in station Square)

Most of Station Square was still flooded a bit after Metal Demonic busted a hole in the sewer system. Super Sonic and Pit were flying while Tails and Knuckles were standing on a rooftop, all staring down Metal Demonic.

Medusa (telepathically to Metal Demonic)- Metal Demonic, that power that blue hedgehog is using…

Metal Demonic- I know. That's Sonic's super form after he absorbs energy from the Chaos Emeralds. I've seen it before.

Medusa (telepathically to Metal Demonic)- It's not that you fool! Those emeralds and that energy his using belonged to an ancient and powerful god. He was known as the God of Chaos. Sure, he wasn't an S ranked god, but he was certainly much more powerful than most of the A ranked gods. This could definitely push your new abilities to the limit.

Metal Demonic- I'm not worried. Like I said, I know Super Sonic and his limits since I fought Sonic's super form before. Like how Pit can only use the power of flight for so long, same thing with Sonic being able to stay in that form. Once he runs out of rings, he'll lose that power.

Medusa- Don't let your guard down. I too have experienced the powers of the God of Chaos, and it is not something you want to take chances with!

Metal Demonic (thinks)- A god…maybe I really am more like Sonic with this god technology inside of me…

Super Sonic- If you won't make the first move, Metal, then I will!

Super Sonic charged his spin dash until his body was glowing with a blue light.

Super Sonic- Ready…GO!

Super Sonic rushed off as Metal Demonic with his light speed attack and knocked Metal Demonic even higher into the air. As Super Sonic rushed for Metal again, Metal Demonic's eyes adjusted to Super Sonic's speed and he narrowly managed to dodge Super Sonic's light speed attack.

Super Sonic- He avoided me at light speed?!

Metal Demonic- Just barely, but yes. Tech of the gods against power of the gods.

Super Sonic- What are you talking about? I'm not using and of Palutena's powers.

Metal Demonic- That's not what I meant…

Metal Demonic tried a spin dash at Super Sonic, but Super Sonic managed to duck in time. But before Metal Demonic could turn around and try again, a blackhole opened up and Metal was sucked into it.

Metal Demonic- What is this?!

Pit- Power of blackhole! Tech of the gods might be impressive, but nothing compares to Lady Palutena's real goddess powers. That blackhole you're stuck is makes it impossible to move while you're stuck in there. Make you an easy target!

Pit fired a bunch of light arrows at Metal Demonic, but when the smoke cleared, Metal Demonic was protecting himself with a force field. Metal Demonic let down the force field once the blackhole faded and Metal Demonic was free again. Metal Demonic fired a laser from his eyes at Pit. Pit managed to fly out of the way, but Metal Demonic used that as a distraction so he could fly up close to Pit and uppercut Pit in the stomach. Pit almost fell into the water, but he manages to regain his focus and stay airborne before he fell.

Pit- Damn…! I'm gonna be feeling that one in the morning!

Pit looked up and saw Metal Dominic about to come at him with another spin dash, but Super Sonic knocked him away from Pit with his spin dash.

Super Sonic- Hey Metal, instead of picking on a poor defenseless angel, how about you pick on a hedgehog your own size!

Pit- Sonic, I'm not poor or defenseless!

Metal Demonic rubs his finger against his nose.

Metal Demonic- Fine by me. You're the one I want, anyway, Sonic!

Super Sonic and Metal Demonic dashed for each other and were moving almost too fast for Pit's eyes to keep up. Eventually, Pit noticed a spark of flame coming from one of his wings.

Pit- Oh shit! My wings are starting to reach their limit!

Palutena (telepathically to Pit)- Not to worry, because help is on its way.

Pit- Huh…?

Just as Super Sonic and Metal Demonic stopped dashing around, something rushed passed Metal Demonic and Metal Demonic acted as if he was just punched in the face. That's when Pit noticed Tails flying the Tornado 2 and Knuckles riding on one of the wings of the plane.

Knuckles- Hey, Pit. Need a place to land for a bit.

Pit- How did you…?

Tails- You can thank Palutena for teleporting the Tornado 2 to us.

As Pit landed on the wing opposite to the one Knuckles was riding on, Super Sonic flew up to the Tornado 2.

Super Sonic- Tails, did you finish analyzing Metal Demonic?

Tails- I think so. If you can get me close enough, I can upload your personality to Metal Demonic. That should overload his systems.

Pit- You sure that will work?

Palutena (telepathically to Pit)- Believe it or not, they beat Metal Sonic by doing that once in the past.

Super Sonic- But how can we get Metal to stand still for Tails to upload my personality? That god tech Medusa put in him increased his speed to come close to mine in my super form!

Knuckles- Easy! We keep wailing on him until he can't move anymore!

Palutena (telepathically to Knuckles)- Easier said than done, Knuckles. You know that god tech will allow him to get back up as soon as we knock him down.

Metal Demonic was about to attack again, but then a shot that looked like it came from one of Pit's weapons knocked Metal Demonic into a building.

Super Sonic- Hey, nice shot, Pit!

Pit- Uh…that wasn't me…

Super Sonic- Then who…

Dark Pit- Will there ever be a moment when you won't need me to save your ass, Pit?

Super Sonic, Pit, Tails, and Knuckles turned around and saw Dark Pit, Doctor Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot flying behind them. Dark Pit was flying with the power of flight while Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot were riding in Eggman's hovercraft.

Pit- Pittoo?

Super Sonic- And Eggman?

Dark Pit- Stop calling me that!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- And let's not forget everyone's favorite goddess, Viridi!

Pit- I see your ego is just as overinflated as ever, Viridi…

Tails- But why are they even here? Dark Pit and Viridi I can sort of understand, but Eggman…?

Super Sonic- I thought Viridi was busy with Kirby, trying to convince him to join the Forces of Nature.

Viridi (telepathically to Sonic)- A little birdie told me about the situation at hand, So I sent Dark Pit to dispose of this…Metal Demonic. But how did you know about my meeting with Kirby?

Pit- Uh…we overheard Kirby mentioning it during Peach's Halloween Party!

Dark Pit put his hand over his face for a moment.

Dark Pit- Owi…

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Well…Kirby stood me up, unfortunately.

Pit- Really? Kirby stood you up and you're not upset about it?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- I was at first, but then Kirby and Ty explained they're dealing with a situation involving Tabuu's followers. And if Tabuu is involved, I'd say it's a good enough excuse to cancel a date with the Goddess of Nature.

Pit- Kirby and Ty and dealing with Tabuu's followers?! We should…

Knuckles- Don't we have a situation on our hands already, Pit?

Super Sonic- Still doesn't explain what egghead is doing here.

Eggman- I was blowing off some steam after you ruined my plains to invade Skyworld during the first chapter when I picked up Metal's signal and decided to investigate. Happened to have crossed paths with the darker angel on the way here.

Then Metal Demonic got back up and flew back into the air.

Eggman- But I must say, I like that new look on you, Metal. I'd say you'd never looked better!

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- So, you're not angry that Medusa took one of your most prized creations apart and twisted it into her own creation…or are you just trying to hide your jealousy over the fact Medusa made Metal Sonic a hundred times better than you ever could?

Eggman- Well…maybe a little bit…

Metal Demonic- Another angel?

Medusa (telepathically to Metal Demonic)- That's Dark Pit. He's a copy of Pit the Mirror of Truth created from Pit's reflection. He was supposed to be my weapon against Pit, but something went wrong when Dark Pit was made and Dark Pit chose to fight with Pit instead of against. Although, now he works for Viridi, because Dark Pit can't fly on his own any better than the original Pit. Regardless, Dark Pit is just as strong as Pit, so it's going to be even harder to deal with now that there's two of them.

Metal Demonic- Hey, potato patato.

Metal Demonic fired a large laser beam from the turbine on his chest and it almost hit, Super Sonic, Pit, and the others.

Palutena (telepathically to Eggman)- You know, Eggman, if you hadn't of tried to launch an attack on Skyworld, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Eggman- Hey, don't try pinning this all on me, goddess! You're the one who opened a portal to the Underworld and dumped Metal somewhere where Medusa could find him!

Viridi (telepathically to Palutena)- You know, Palutena, he's got a point there. Hahahaha.

Pit- Shut it, Viridi! I don't need you to make things worse!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Oh really…

Suddenly, all the water flooding most of Station Square was drained out of the city.

Tails- How did…

Viridi (telepathically to Tails)- You're welcome. As the Goddess of Nature, I was able to get all that sewer water out of there.

Tails- Any chance you can give me and Sonic the power to swim so we don't have to fear the water anymore?

Viridi (telepathically to Tails)- It's the power of nature, not merciless. I'd suggest taking swimming classes at the local fitness club for that.

Metal Demonic rushed them with a spin dash, but Super Sonic countered with his spin dash and knocked Metal Demonic away from the others.

Tails- We need to get this program uploaded into Metal's system if we're going to take him down. But I can't upload it while he's capable of moving at that speed.

Eggman- Actually, since I made Metal, in can access Metal's systems directly with my computers.

Tails- You can upload the program directly to Metal Demonic?

Eggman- Hey, just because I said I can, doesn't mean I will. I only came here to figure out what was going on with Metal. Why should I help you retards? Especially after you ruined my plains to invade Skyworld and trashed my Egg Carrier!

Orbot- The doctor is right!

Cubot- Yeah, why should we help you?

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- How about the fact that Medusa is endangering your legacy by making Metal Demonic, which was originally your creation, better than anything you've created. And if Metal Demonic beats Sonic, that would make you a total failure compared to her.

Eggman- …you…make a compelling argument. Fine, but I want Metal returned to me when this is done.

Palutena (telepathically to Eggman)- After we've removed that god technology out of him.

Eggman- Actually, I was thinking about keeping Metal this way…

Suddenly, Eggman felt the feeling of one of his nipples being twisted, like he was receiving a purple-nurple. In fact, he was, by Viridi's powers.

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- This is not the time to make jesters like that, eggs for brains! This tech is far too above what you humans are supposed to be ready for!

Eggman- Why you little…

Pit- Easy there, everyone! Can we please focus on Metal Demonic before we go after each other's throats?

Eggman- Fine, just give me that program!

Tails tosses Eggman a disk and Eggman puts the disk in his hovercraft's computer.

Eggman- This might take some time to install. Just keep Metal off my back for a few minutes and it should take effect in time.

Metal Demonic began charging for everyone again, but they all managed to dodge in time. Dark Pit pulled out his Dark Pit's Staff and fired a blast at Metal Demonic. It hit Metal Demonic, but Metal Demonic didn't look like he got hurt that much. Then Metal Demonic noticed some purple stuff on his left claw, trying to sink its way into Metal's body.

Dark Pit- The poison feature I put in the staff didn't work?

Metal Demonic- You fool. Poison has no effect on metal.

Metal Demonic swung his left claw and the poison splattered on Dark Pit, stunning him. While Dark Pit was struggling to move his body, Metal Demonic punched Dark Pit in the face and knocked him through the roads and into the sewer system below.

Pit- Uh…is Pittoo going to be ok after that.

Distant voice from below- Stop calling me that!

Super Sonic- Yep, he's fine!

Metal Demonic almost hit Super Sonic and Pit with a spin dash, but they managed to dodge. Pit having more trouble dodging then Super Sonic.

Pit- And we all have trouble keeping up with your speed, Sonic! I can't tell where he's coming from next!

Super Sonic- But I can!

Super Sonic quickly dashed off. The next thing Pit saw was Super Sonic and Metal Demonic dashing right at each other in like a tug of war.

Super Sonic- You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you since I know everything you're going to do! Strange, isn't it!

Super Sonic and Metal Demonic tried to push the other with as much force as they could muster, but they both ended up being knocked away from each other and both crashed into a building on opposite sides of Station Square. As Metal Demonic was getting back up, he noticed something was being uploaded into his systems and turned to look at Doctor Eggman.

Metal Demonic- The doctor…he must be trying to do something to my systems! We'll see about that!

Metal Demonic charged for Eggman, but Pit blocked with his two daggers that make the Palutena's Bow before he could get close.

Metal Demonic- Still want more, angel? Fine, I'll give it to yah!

Metal Demonic fired that beam from the turbine on his chest again and blasted Pit through Station Square's train station.

Pit- Now I know how Pittoo is feeling right now…

Metal Demonic was about to return his attention to Eggman, but the Tornado 2 ran into him from behind.

Metal Demonic- This is starting to get more annoying than it's worth!

Metal Demonic opened his chest and a large missile was fired out of it. Tails and Knuckled tried to dodge it, but it turned out to be a heat seeker and it eventually hit the Tornado 2. As Super Sonic was getting up, he saw the Tornado 2 explode as the missile hit it.

Super Sonic- Tails! Knuckles!

Palutena (telepathically to Super Sonic)- Actually, they're just fine.

Then Super Sonic saw Tails and Knuckles floating just above him in a ball of energy.

Knuckles- ****! That was close!

Tails- But the Tornado 2 is wrecked!

Palutena (telepathically to Tails)- Just be happy I was able to save you two in time!

Super Sonic- Metal has started to push this too far!

Super Sonic charged for his light speed attack.

Super Sonic- Ready…GO!

Super Sonic dashed off for Metal Dominic. Metal Demonic tried to resume stopping Doctor Eggman from doing whatever he was trying to upload into Metal's system, but Super Sonic knocked him to the unflooded streets below with a punch to the head with his light speed attack. Metal Demonic tried to crawl out of the crater his body made when it hit the ground, but them he was hit with a swarm of light arrows from Pit's Palutena's Bow and a few blasts from Dark Pit's Staff. Metal Demonic tried to push back the projectiles being shot at him, Super Sonic dashed in from many different angles while still using the light speed attack.

Eggman- Just a little bit more…and…wait, isn't this Sonic's personality? That overloaded Metal's systems last time that happened!

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- So? You can just repair him like you did the last time.

Suddenly, Metal Demonic's body froze up and sparks of electricity were sparking from his body.

Medusa (telepathically to Metal Demonic)- Something is wrong! Metal Demonic, retreat for now and return here at once!

Metal Demonic- No…I've waited to long to have…a fighting chance…against…Sonic…

Medusa (telepathically to Metal Demonic)- What are you talking about! I command you to…

Suddenly, Metal disconnected her from communication.

Metal Demonic- Not…done…yet…

Super Sonic- I guess you haven't changed all that much, Metal.

Metal Demonic- Truth be told…I had not intention of serving that bitch…I only wanted…to fight you again…Sonic…like I said before…my sol purpose…is to defeat you and prove I'm the real Sonic…

Super Sonic- Then let's end this here and now!

Super Sonic and Metal Demonic use what little strength they had left to make one final punch at each other. Metal Demonic's claw stopped before it could reach Super Sonic's face, but Super Sonic's fist punched Metal Demonic in the face and knocked Metal Demonic out. Super Sonic changed back changed back to regular Sonic and dropped sitting on the ground.

Sonic- Finally…it's over…

(On the rooftops just above where Sonic and Pit were)

Watching Sonic and Pit from the rooftops above was a mysterious figure in a black cloak.

Mysterious figure- I see Viridi got my message after you two told me what Medusa was up to. Good work, by the way.

Standing behind the mysterious figure were Magolor and the Squid Baron.

Magolor- By the way, was it true what Medusa said about that power Sonic gains from the Chaos Emeralds? Is that really the power of a god?

Mysterious figure- Indeed. There once existed an A ranked god who also happened to be one of the most powerful gods I knew of. His power was so great, he was known as the God of Chaos, but he also happened to have been a comedian as well with all of the silly jokes he made. 1,000 years ago, he was turned mortal. Not by his choice at first, but he actually turned down a chance to become a god again. So, his god powers were place in what would later be known as the Chaos Emeralds.

Squid Baron- That sounded stupid, a god choosing to remain mortal.

Mysterious figure- Believe me…he had his reasons…

(Flashback to 1,000 years ago)

A man who looked like Mario, and man who looked like Luigi, a hedgehog that looked like Super Sonic, a fox who looked like Tails, and a female cyan colored hedgehog were standing in front of a younger version of the Lord of the Universe. The Lord of the Universe hadn't been confided to a wheelchair…yet…

Lord of the Universe- Well, at last I get to meet the famous Super Mario Brothers.

Man who looked like Mario- You know of us?

Lord of the Universe- I've got a son who never stopped talking about you. And I can see why Kyrin is so interested in, Marco Mario.

Then the Lord of the Universe turns his attention to the hedgehog that looked like Super Sonic.

Lord of the Universe- And Chaos, please forgive me for turning you mortal. I knew weren't the one who tried to assassinate me, since we're old friends. But it was best I could do to prevent execution like the other gods wanted.

Hedgehog who looked like Super Sonic- It's no problem, Lord Arkness.

Lord of the Universe- And we are more than welcome to let you return among us, Chaos.

Hedgehog who looked like Super Sonic- Wait?! I can come back to the gods?!

Lord of the Universe- Thanks to my son's new favorite helper, your name has been cleared and there's no longer a reason to keep you mortal.

The hedgehog who looked like Super Sonic was happy at first. He turned to look at the man who looked like Mario and the man who looked like Luigi. They seemed happy for him. But when the hedgehog that looked like Super Sonic turned to look at the fox that looked like Tails and the female cyan hedgehog, he saw something different. They were showing joy that he was about to return to the gods, but he read an expression in their eyes that said "please don't go." Then the hedgehog that looked like Super Sonic deactivated the powers from the Chaos Emeralds and his fur changed from gold to white.

Hedgehog that looked like Sonic- You know what, Lord Arkness…I think I'm happy here.

Lord of the Universe- Are you sure, Chaos? You'll be sentencing yourself to mortality with this choice.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- I'm sure. You see, I owe everything to the new friends I've made during my time here as a mortal. I'll admit, a year ago, I wanted nothing more than to get revenge on the bastard who framed me. But I guess you can say I've changed for the better thanks to them. And after all we've been through…trust me, they need me more than the gods do.

Lord of the Universe- Very well, Chaos. I'll respect your choice. But you may keep those emeralds that contain your power just in case you might need them again. Tabuu! Kyrin!

The Lord of the Universe turned around to face Tabuu and another god who looked very similar to Tabuu.

Tabuu- Yes, father!

Lord of the Universe- Is our little friend ready to be transported to the monastery?

God who looks similar to Tabuu- Yes, father!

Lord of the Universe- Good. We'll be leaving now. He has to answer for not only trying to kill me, but for what he did to Chaos as well.

Right after the Lord of the Universe and the other gods left, the hedgehog that looked like Sonic walked up to the fox who looked like Tails and the female cyan hedgehog. Then the hedgehog who looked like Sonic saw tears coming from the female cyan hedgehog's eyes.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Are you crying?

Female cyan hedgehog- Oh Chaos…

The female cyan hedgehog wrapped her arms around the hedgehog that looked like Sonic and began crying into his chest. The hedgehog that looked like Sonic smiled a bit and wrapped his arms around her as well.

Man who looked like Mario- I think I'm starting to understand the real reason why Chaos decided to remain mortal.

Fox who looked like Tails- Really? I don't understand at all.

Man who looked like Luigi- You'll understand when you're older.

(End of flashback)

(At Tails' workshop)

Tails and Doctor Eggman had finished removing all of the god tech out of Metal Sonic's body and Metal was starting to look like his old self again…literally.

Tails- That should be the last of it.

Eggman- Can't believe those stupid goddesses hoarding all the good tech to themselves!

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- Shall I twist your other nipple as well, Eggman?

Eggman- No, no, no!

Viridi (telepathically to Eggman)- Good to hear.

Palutena (telapthically to Tails and Eggman)- This tech is too dangerous for mortals to tamper with.

Viridi (telepathically to Tails)- Eggman yes, but I would trust Tails with this tech.

Tails- That's ok, I don't want it, anyway. I just want to get back to fixing the Tornado 2.

Sonic- By the way, how are Kirby and Ty doing? Viridi said they were dealing with some of Tabuu's followers earlier.

Palutena (telepathically to Sonic)- We already called them, but Ty told us him and Kirby aren't in need of help. And after hearing about the Metal Demonic, Ty figured you should get some rest for now.

Pit- Wait, you told Ty about the Metal Demonic?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Yeah. After we told him about your little adventure, Ty said and I quote…(in Viridi's best Australian accent) "Bonza! That's very thoughtful that they're concerned about Kirby and me protecting this robot shela from Tabuu's followers, but they might be needing to rest after a rough fight already. Me and Kirby can handle this for now. Our mates might need their strength for the season 4 finale, anyway. Give our mates our regards."

Pit- That was a terrible impersonation of Ty!

Dark Pit- Oh please! Like you can do better?

Eggman- Well, if you'll all excuse me, I'm taking Metal back home and gonna try and rebuild my Egg Carrier. Then I'm gonna pray the author gives me something better to do the next time I'm in one of his fanfictions in this series. Come on, Orbot and Cubot!

Then Eggman carried Metal Sonic out of the workshop and Orbot and Cubot followed behind.

Sonic- I don't know about you guys, but I could go for another chilidog about now. Anyone else? I'm buying!

The End