Connor Rhodes was a calm enough person — at least he always considered himself to be one. But if it came to patients, he was ready to vomit and toss. And even fight, if necessary. So it happened one day.

Then Connor realized that he had met a man whom he would hate for a very long time, and perhaps all the time remaining. However, he will not give up just before him - before Will Halstead.

It happened suddenly: Connor was on his way to Chicago Honey to begin his first work day. He recently returned from work abroad, and now it's time to settle down somewhere - for this reason, Rhodes returned to his hometown, where he soon received an offer of a position in a good hospital.

He rode the subway when this accident happened: the train got off the rail and collapsed from the bridge, causing many people to die and more injured. It was really creepy to experience such things, but Connor, who had never seen such a thing, had no time to panic — he had to help the passengers as quickly as possible.

Minutes fly like seconds, and in the next instant he is already in the ambulance, helping the patient, who is about to die from a laceration, to hold out. The paramedic injects painkillers, but time is running out through his fingers: the car is still on the road, and the driver is trying hard to go around traffic jams. Finally, the Chicago Honey building looms before them, and now Connor is already riding up on a gurney, trying to pump the man away; a female voice next sends him and his patient to a third traumatology.

Only a moment passes, as another voice comes to Rhodes, this time a masculine and even more serious one. Its owner immediately begins to command, saying that it is necessary to do a transfusion and inject an injection of epinephrine.

"Take me to intensive care, I'll get him," the man continues confidently.

With no less determination, Connor replies that he is his patient and he will continue to deal with them himself. Rhodes knows that he has done too much to simply entrust the life of this passenger to another doctor.

"Who the hell is he?"

Connor just now looks up and sees a gloomy red-haired man in his thirties, clearly unhappy with this state of affairs. For some reason, Rhodes wants to laugh with all the absurdity of the situation, although at this moment it is far from this, so he briefly explains.

"Get away from the gurney, doc, I'm the senior intern of this hospital."Said the doctor.

'' Then I'm your new traumatologist.''

Red in a rage, and this is too noticeable: in the end, he gives up and departs. Connor feels it will be very difficult with this man. He is a strong, excellent doctor, Rhodes immediately understands this, although he is not fully aware of where such a thought comes from. Another thing almost immediately appears in my head - they are alike with this man: they are almost ready to fight for a patient in order to be sure that they will definitely help him; until the end they will stand their ground in any situation and will not give up.

However, Connor thinks that Will Halstead, that same red-haired doctor, is also a thorn. And then again - when they are already in the operating room. Rhodes is terribly annoyed by this his insolent smirk. And then for the first time, he realizes that he hates Will Halstead

If he hates this man because he felt jealous when he saw the redhead doctor embracing a woman out of the hospital. Why did he hate this feeling when a doctor, patient or he feeling a sharp pain in his chest every time he catches Will looking at Dr. Manning longingly?

The doctors and the detectives with some firefighters were sitting at Molly's after a difficult shift but two of the important people were missing. The brothers Will and Jay Halstead had not come to work and no one could communicate with them. There is a silence that worried the rest co-workers because Jay has not ever got a day off and Will phone is always on for major surgery.

This was a surprise when Will walked through the bar with a smile on his face like they're never seen. Like he's trying to be charming.

The barista looks at Will and his eyes widen a fraction before he smiles back.

''Oh my god.''

Will says something that nake the other man laugh and then looks down bashfully as he pushed his hair back behind his ear. The man's posture relax and he leans into Will, more than charmed now.

The man is much more forthcoming with Will soeaking to him for several moments than the other clients at the bar.

''What the hell?''Connor demanded, jealousy coming through openly.

At the end Will makes him laugh once again , and the man leans close to whisper something in Will's ear as he slips a piece of paper into his pocket.

"Drinking alone, bro?" Jay sits down next to him without any preamble.

Will snorts despondently into his whiskey. "Was supposed to meet somebody."

"Aw, I'm sure she's got a good reason for standing you up," he says, only half-mocking as he pats his brother on the back.

Will's head shoots up, surprised by the leap Jay had taken. "What makes you think it's a girl?"

"You wanna tell me you're not over here pining after a crush?" Jay laughs. "Will, if it's a guy that's got you lookin' like that, then there's a longer conversation me'an you are gonna have to have."

The woman who walked in the bar was walking as if she owned the very ground she walked on and power seemed to be radiating off of her in waves. She had sleek brown hair that went to her waist with loose waves. Her hair seemed to contrast amazingly to her porcelain skin that almost seemed to shine in the sun. She had light blue eyes that made you just want to obey her every command, and her outfit seemed to curve around her body perfectly like a second skin.

The laughed and kissed Will on the cheek. "Nice to see you again ,red." She replied cheekily. Will rolled his eyes but a small, fond smile played on his lips.

The mystery women slowly walked into the room looking at everything before turning her attention to Jay. "Hello Jay. It's been awhile hasn't it?" The mysterious women walked around the room until she stopped right in front of the detective.

"Are you going to talk or are you just going to star at me. You know how much I like that" said the woman and Jay chuckled at that, it was true she really likes that all gazes are over her and when people staring at her. He used to do it a lot of the time because she is the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

Erin looked at the woman who was a few feet away from him and a strange feeling grown up of, something like jealousy as all the men wielded the woman. She and Jay slept together two weeks ego and now Jay is avoiding her like she was plague .

''Who are you? 'Erin said and and she can't help it as she feel jealousy curl up her throat trying to choke her as Jay placing his hand on woman's shoulder like Rin wouldn't know who she was talking about. Erin's eyes hone in on the hand as it stays there doesn't move.

All the doctors and detectives and firefighters keep their breath for a reply but no one expected to hear this answer that came out of the ear of the oldest Halstead.

''Guys this is Latania Monroe. Will's best friend and my wife''