Jay smiles the minute he opens the door and hears the loud, bubbly, ecstatic little boy giggles coming from across the condo, unbuttoning his jacket. He slips it off, laying it neatly over the back, and discards the mantel he's worn all day for one that's warmer, one that fits just the way he likes. Detective for family man.

He walks through the condo, smells lasagna cooking in the oven, picks up a toy truck and tosses it in a basket along the wall with some of Luke's favorite toys, follows the sound of little boy laughter like a trail of breadcrumbs as he walks down the hallway.

Latania is kneeling in front of the bathtub with Luke standing on Latania's thighs, Latania's arm wrapped around him to keep him from diving headlong into the bathtub after the six yellow ducklings that are paddling around, back and forth, diving under the water only to surface and do it all over again. Jay leans into the doorway and watches Luke squeal and slap at the water as he tries to grab a hold of a duckling with hands he hasn't quite gotten the hang of yet. The ducks easily avoid him but he doesn't seem to really care, his little giggles after one slips away from him lighting up his face.


Latania turns her head, looks at her husband. It's been five years since the young man woke up in the hospital bed with his wife and his brother standing next to the hospital bed. Five years have passed since Latania kissed the man she loves and forgave him about cheating. Five years have passed since Latania had a ring on her finger.

"They're Mia's.""Mia?"

"2E. They're for a school project. She'll be back to get them in about an hour. I just couldn't say no when she asked."

Of course he couldn't.

Latania laughs and tightens her arms when Luke tries to slip the hold and jump into the tub, kissing the side of his head when he squeals again and bounces up and down on Latania's could not stop looking at his son and his wife. Pregnancy of the woman was the first thing he learned when he woke up in the hospital bed and he could not be more happier.

Many things have changed in the last five years. First, Connor and Will got married after Jay kidnapping. The Rhodes-Halstead couple bough a house a few blocks away from theirs. Which means Sunday barbecue. The most shocking changed was Hank and Antonio in a hung crush on Antonio was a first reason why Voight and Latania did not work. Voight had his eyes on hia boy and Latania heart belonged to Jay.

Latania , Conner and Antonio had created a club with their only mission to toy with their husbands/boyfriend. The three of them were something like a family in the family which they gossiping about everything and everyone , especially their men. Voight , Jay and Will leant quickly to not fuck with them after Latania , Antonio and Connor team up to make Voight scared the crap out of him because he forgat their second anniversary.

Third strange thing was the bond between Erin and Latania. The two women found out that they have a lot of commons like shopping, reading and men in uniform. One day Erin admitted that she had a thing for Kelly Severide , the Lieutenant in charge of Rescue Squad 3. With a plan from Latania , Kelly was not really for that.

Jay walks across the bathroom, rolls up his sleeves, sits down on the closed lid of the toilet. He leans forward, brushes his hand over Luke's head, grins when one of the ducklings gets close enough to splash a happy, squealing Luke in the face just the tiniest bit. It's incredible, the amount of joy Jay feels, watching Luke figure out the world.

He's incredible.