Kotlc fanfiction one-shot

My idea of what will happen after book 7 ends… so basically what will happen at the beginning of Legacy.

NOTE: This is a Sophitz/Fitzphie fanfiction. Don't get me wrong – I love Keefe. Let me explain why I ship Fitz and Sophie. At one point, I was rooting for either Keefe or Fitz. But as soon as Fitz made it real, it was a done deal (hah! That rhymed!). I've always loved Keefe, but Fitz beats him by the teeniest bit. Like really slim. Now that they are 'together', I can't see them apart.

Also, this is my first fanfic, so take it easy. I know, it's really cheesy…deal.

DISCLAIMER: Of course I own Keeper of the Lost Cities – that is, in my head I do. In real life, I unfortunately have to give the credits to Shannon Messenger for the wonderful characters, personalities, settings, and more. Thanks, Shannon! Oh, and hurry up with book 8!

Without further ado, here is what I think could potentially happen after book 7.


That's what Sophie had been doing for the past few hours. It's the only thing that has been holding her together.


The words had been burned into memory, she had stared at them so long.

At first, Sophie had stood there, waiting for the matchmakers to delete the words from their screens, to tell her that everything was fine and they would send her home laden with her packets within the hour.

That didn't happen.

They had tried everything; resetting and starting over again, even making up fake names for her genetic birth parents.

Nothing had worked.

After what had felt like an eternity, the matchmakers had led a very-stunned-Sophie back to her parents.

"You can't possibly be done already," Edaline said. Her expression turned from surprise to worry.

Sophie said nothing. She couldn't think of anything to say.

"Something happened," Edaline guessed.

The two matchmakers explained the situation, Sophie too dazed to listen. When they finished, Grady pummeled them with doubtful questions:

"You really tried everything?" or "I'm certain there's something wrong. Nothing else worked?"

Edaline just pulled Sophie close and stroked her hair.

When Grady had finally finished (checking, and then rechecking), Edaline, Grady, and Sophie huddled close, the two adults trying their best to reassure Sophie that it didn't matter. Sophie still hadn't said a word.

All she could think about was what am I supposed to tell Fitz?

A Vacker would never be able to live with the scorn of a bad match. Sophie couldn't let Fitz be with her just because she wanted him. And boy did she want him.

Then a terrible thought tugged at the back of her mind.

What if I tell him we can't be together?

No. She'd tell him…ask him…

But that was the problem. There was no other solution.

So, now, back at Havenfield, she was…staring.

She knew that she had to tell Fitz, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

On the bright side, she was almost proud of herself. She hadn't shed a single tear.

Sitting in her bedroom, though, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that all of those un-shed tears were building up inside of her, ready to come pouring out any second.

The dam finally broke, and she couldn't stop crying. She curled up on the floor, hugging herself and wishing that she had gotten Ella off her bed before the stupid breakdown overcame her.

After about ten minutes of the endless crying, a familiar pair of arms wrapped around Sophie, and without even stopping to look at who it was, she grabbed them and clung like they were her lifeline.

The wonderful person had even brought Ella for her.

So she cried on their shoulder until no more tears came.

The familiar figure shifted and whispered, "It's okay. I promise Sophie, it doesn't matter. They can't bring me away from you. That was really brave what you did, though."

Only then did Sophie realize that it was Fitz.

She pulled away slightly and studied his face, hers red and damp from crying. The confident expression he wore held no sign of doubt. The only thing she saw in his beautiful teal eyes was pure, genuine determination.

And she loved him for it.

Sophie finally found her voice and managed to whisper, "I'm so sorry, I feel terrible. I wish I was normal."

He reached up and put a strand of her hair behind her ear. That's when she remembered to blush.

"Don't ever say that again, Sophie. You are one of the most amazing elves. And you have no reason to be sorry. I told you; no pressure. And, if I'm being honest? You were right. Those silly matchmakers and their system shouldn't decide when and who we fall in love with. You're a beautiful, smart, and brave girl, and I don't care what they say," Fitz whispered.

Sophie realized then how close they were, and the compliment erased all the doubts, even the particularly big one. The one that had been burned right in the center of her mind.

Before she could stop herself, she flung her arms around Fitz and hugged him extremely tight.

"You make everything better," she whispered gently into his ear.

Fitz hugged back, making Sophie's stubborn heart do front flips.

"But…are you sure?" Sophie couldn't help asking.

"Always." He didn't even hesitate.

She pulled back before suffocating him totally. Once again, Fitz reached up, this time thumbing away any left-over tears. His hand then clasped around the back of her head. He slowly pulled her head towards his, and the best memories of Fitz flashed in front of Sophie's eyes.

I want it to be you.

That is the one memory that stood out most.

Back in the present, Sophie had half a second to think HE'S GOING TO KISS ME! Before the distance between their lips closed.

It was a moment Sophie never wanted to end. Her hands came to rest on his shoulders, and Sophie thought the best thought yet:


It was the first time in a while that everything felt okay for a few seconds.

And she knew that Fitz was right.

Those matchmakers had it all wrong.

The Neverseen may be able to steal many things from her, but this was one thing they could never take away: her destiny.

So…that's it! Cliché, much? I actually wrote this a while ago but just got an account on here and thought that I might as well post it.

I appreciate any constructive criticism, and please let me know if you liked it! If you have a favorite quote from the books, comment it. I love reading them.

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