uneasy feelings:

many would think me crazy for what I'm about to embark on, but what type of agent of the CIA would I be if I did not take risks, and for the newest agent since event nr 356585443/!"$/ω/!"·$"/3789 (event name: "last great time war") this is the type of mission I was born for; unknow factor are dangerous and right now the unknow is the time lord known as "the doctor" (academy name: Theta Sigma; real name classified as all time lords names must in acordance to order 067 by 1st time lord president(see file:rassilon)) the infamous renegade, most records of him have been taken out of the matrix itself this act of dealiting so many files on a single time lord was almost unprecedented once in generation type deals until his generation, six renegades coming from the same class of the academy all with lots of the data of their academy days gone as well as their time after the academy if so heavily classified that to most of it only the high council and the director of the CIA have access not only for him but the rest of his like (see files: "the master", "the rani," the monk", "the war chief", "Drax") for what I have managed to find from different accounts (ex alums and teachers at the academy) the thing that connects this six was that they all belong to small click now as the Deca by all accounts was only a group of friendns with radical ideas, with even a previous head of the CIA as a memnber (see file "Vansell"),only that raised interest were classified documents that detail disappearance of two members of the group known as millennia and rallon the only witness was the doctor and the high council classified all information after that, I made formal request to be allowed to see this information only response was an unformal visit of the president's security detail, the rest of his story is showered in mystery, rumors,and half thruths from his time as lord president (see file lord president "407th" and "409th"), to his actions on events 11111111/1345/2890/Ω (oficil dessignation: THE WAR) and 356585443/!"$/ω/!"·$"/3789 and that is why I've embarked on this search the doctor cannot be allowed to continue as an unknown factor who is protected by the high council for previous I have no option but to start this investigation for the good of Gallifrey

end of the formal report:

"I've followed his trail for a while now

he's not like the rest of the renegades of his generation, but not far off-hard to trust and hard to know. they seem to have seen more than one could imagine and done things most wouldn't dare.

they are on the run, but from what? from who? the time lords have stopped hunting him since his exile to the planet on galactic coordinates 58044 684884 of Mutter's Spiral, but he is still on the run it's obvious there are shadows on his past, do they linger? do they hunt?

or is his desperation driven by others...concerns?

all I've seen, all I have uncovered -of them, of their long, winding road-says he's made enemies at just about every turn, recent discoveries of classified information made by me show that the last great time war can be traced to their long rivalry with the Daleks,showing why the high council had such an interest on the doctor during the war and also the way of his effectiveness in the Dalek/time lord combat both in n-space and the vortex ;back on point over the centuries his list of enemies has grown really long he's been comfortable on the dodge out there in the beyond ,ever-moving,ever-exploring,never concern with the dangers riding his wake.

so the questions are who is this doctor whois so tiny but continues to make enemies of so many gods and monsters? but most importantly

...what is his game?.

a renegade agent thoughts on the doctor.

SO YEAH WELCOME to this little madness of mine "the doctor's game" the premise of this is simply a young CIA (celestial intervention agent) after the time war decides to take a mission on knowing more about the doctor, because let's admit it the doctor is really mysterious character a renegade who gets involved in cosmic wars, becomes president and many more things.

this will be a short story I do not know how much I will do

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(this is based on tow things doctor who which belongs to the BBC, and the lore book for the videogame "destiny 2" that is own by Bungie the book is call "A DRIFTER'S GAMBIT")