It's been 24 years since Target aired and the ending to the episode still hurts to watch. WDS Jo Morgan was and will always remain one of my favourite characters from The Bill. It was obvious that they'd brought the character of Jo back just to kill her off, which I hated. I would have loved to have her back where she belonged. I never agreed with how Target ended so I'm changing it.

Target Change

"I think we've been sold a pop, Mrs Cooper hasn't been telling the truth. I don't think Seaver's at the safe house?" Jo stated in a panicked voice has hse had ran towards the patrol car.

"LOOK OUT?" June screamed.

Everyone around has started screaming as gunfire rung out, a motorcycle heading towards them. June cried out as shots were fired at the car, the officer beside her taking a bullet to his shoulder. The car tyers screeched as it drove past to avoid the gunfire, the motorcycle and driver trying to get to them but ending up in front of oncoming traffic. The patrol car came to a sudden halt, June rushed to get out of the car, feeling the need to be sick. As she regained her breath, she looked left to see the small crowd gathering outside the station, panic filling her as she rushed towards the commotion. As she approached, making her way though everyone, she let out a strangled cry when she saw Jo lying face down on the pavement, blood covering her body.

June sat up in bed, sweat seeping through her night things as she tried to breath, tears running down her face as she remembered that awful day.

"I'm so sorry Jo…I'm so sorry." She cried

Jack Meadows turned the key in the lock with his free hand, opening the front door, his other arm securely around Jo's waist to steady her as he helped her in to the house.

"Just take it slow okay, no rush." He said softly.

They made it halfway down the hallway before Jo had to stop and take a breath.

"Sorry Guv, more tired than I thought." She said breathless.

"It's fine, just take your time. You wanna go to bed?"

"What, no dinner first Guv?" She tried to joke.

"I just thought…"

"I've had enough of beds the past two months, sofa?"

Jack guided her through to her front room, easing her down on to the sofa, a pained noise escaping her lips.

"Sorry, am I hurting you?"

"Mm, I'm okay. Didn't think I'd still be this sore."

Jack discarded her bag on the chair by the door before he took a seat beside her, careful not to cause her any more discomfort.

"Jo, it's gonna take you a while to recover."

"It's been two months Guv?" She said exasperated.

"You were shot, not just once but four times, you're lucky to be alive."

"You call this lucky?"

Jack took her hand in his as she looked up at him, tears in her eyes, something she wasn't known for, being weak.

"You're still with us, yeah I call that bloody lucky. Sun Hill needs you, why the hell do you think I fought so hard to get you back from Regional Crime Squad?"


"Don't be, you're hurting and angry. You're allowed to be after what you've been though."

"You've never left?"

"What do you mean?"

"The last two months I've been in hospital, you've been there more than anyone, I know for a fact that the first three weeks while I was unconscious, you never left my bedside."

"Who told you?"

"One of the nurses, she thought you were my husband." Jo joked.

"I was in charge when you got hurt Jo."

"It wasn't your fault Guv. Seaver and the Coopers, they were the ones responsible."

"Yeah well, at least they're where they belong now."

"How's June?"

The mention of June's name caused a drop to Jack's stomach. He knew it was coming but wasn't quite prepared for the question.

"She's taking some time off."

"She blames herself too, doesn't she, for what happened to me. Is that why she's never been to see me?"

"You're one of June's best friends, to see you lying there like that, it was hard for her. Yeah she blames herself, just like I do."

"But I already said you…"

"I know you don't hold either of us responsible but it doesn't change the fact the you were there because someone was trying to kill June, you were there, brought in by me and you got hurt. You can tell us a million times that it's not our fault bur it won't change how we feel about the situation, it is what it is Jo…June and I, we just need to find a way of dealing with it, that's all."

"Will you tell her to come and see me, I want to talk to her?"

"Of course."

"Make her come Guv, please."

"I'll bring her here myself if I have too."

"Thanks Guv."

"Look, you're not at work now, so why don't we drop the formalities and call me Jack."

"Sure Guv…Jack."

"That's better, why don't I go and make you something to eat?" He said, getting up.

"Oh, I don't think I could stomach anything right now."

"You need to eat, build up your strength. Do it for me?"

Jo looked up at him as he smiled at her.

"Okay, just something small."

"Good girl."

Jo was taken by surprise when Jack leaned down, and placed a kiss to her forehead before he walked away in to the kitchen.

To Be Continued…