This is going a little more AU as I want the gang I loved in my story, welcoming Smithy xx

Chapter 5

June was busy at her desk when Gina Gold walked in with a cardboard box, putting it down loudly on the desk opposite June's. The blonde looked up, watching as Gina went in to her handbag and brought out a small brown cigarette and lit it.

"You can't smoke in here?" June said, a little surprised by the Inspector's actions.

"Oh one won't do any harm."

"Look, I really don't think that you should be…"

June stopped talking when Gina came around the desk, taking the cigarette out of her mouth and stood very close to June.

"Why don't you let me worry about my smoking and you just concentrate on your job."

"Look I'm sorry but have I upset you or something, I feel like we may have gotten off on the wrong foot?"

"I can't abide suck ups like you."

"Excuse me?"

"I've heard a lot about you over the years, Saint June, little miss prim and proper. Well being a suck up to the bosses doesn't exactly fly with me. Do your job, do it right and by the book and we might just get through this working relationship, okay."

June watched as Gina stubbed out her cigarette on to the saucer on June's desk before leaving the office. June could feel the anger in the pit of her stomach at the Inspectors words. She looked behind her when Dale Smith came to the door.

"See you've met the new Inspector then?"

"Mm-mm, you could say that."

"Seems okay?" He smiled.

"If you say so."

"Oh hey, how's your friend?"

"Yeah she's good, thanks Smithy. Desperate to get back to work."

"Can't wait to meet her, glad I wasn't here when it all took place."

"Yeah well, hopefully we can all put it behind us."

"Sorry, I didn't mean too upset you."

"No you haven't, just ignore me. I haven't had the best start to the morning that's all."

"Briefing at 12, Inspector Gold wants to meet the ones she didn't get a chance to meet this morning."

"Fine, I'll be there."

"See you then."

As Smithy left, June sank in to her chair, running her hands through her hair.

Jo made her way slowly towards the station, pain radiating in her side and abdomen, she stood on the front step, taking a few breaths, realising she probably shouldn't have walked so far so soon. She opened the door and made her way to the front desk to see an unfamiliar face looking back at her.

"Oh hiya, can I help you luv?"

"It Jack Meadows busy?"

"Erm, I can check. Can I ask your name luv?"

"It's Jo, DS Jo Morgan."

"DS…oh, you're the one that got hurt?"

"That's right."

"That must have been awful, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like getting shot, is it really as bad as people say?"

Gina had came in to the room as Robbie was talking to Jo, Gina could hear what was being said, and how uncomfortable Jo looked with the way the questions were going.

"Ah Robbie, is there a problem?" Gina asked.

"No Ma'am, this is DS Morgan…the one that was shot and she wants to see the DCI?"

Gina rolled her eyes at Robbie before leaving the office and coming through the door to the front desk.

"It's fine Robbie, I can take her up, you get back to your work?"

"But you don't know where it is yet."

"Well I'm sure DS Morgan can tell me, can't she."

"Yes Ma'am."

As Robbie turned back to the filing cabinet, Gina tuned to Jo.

"I'm sorry about her, I got the inquisition when I walked in here today too."

"It's okay, really."

"I'm Gina Gold, I'm the new Inspector, just started today."

"Jo Morgan, the one that got shot."

Jo tried to make a joke about it, but Gina could see it was still a little raw to talk about.

"Come on then, show me where CID is."

As they walked slowly up the stairs, Gina could see the pain in Jo's face.

"Did you walk all the way here?"

"It didn't seem that far, I thought the fresh air would do me some good."

"You're only just out of hospital, you shouldn't be exerting yourself."

"I know, I've never been very good at taking orders."

Gina's arm was suddenly around Jo's waist as they made their way up the stairs.

"Just take it slow, I've got you."

"Thank you Ma'am."

"It's Gina." She smiled.

Jack looked up from his paperwork to see Gina .

"Gina, what can I do for you?"

"Look who I found downstairs?"

As Gina stepped aside, Jo came in to view, looking pained.


Jack was on his feet in seconds, coming around the desk and pulling out a chair, as Gina helped Jo sit down.

"I'm okay, thanks Gina."

"You're welcome, I better get back. It was nice to meet you Jo, see you soon."

As Gina left, Jack looked as Jo.

"Did you walk here?"

"I thought the exercise would do me good."

"Jo…wait here, I'll be back in a sec."

Jo watched as Jack left the office, calling out to Gina as he closed the door, the older woman stopping in her tracks.

"Problem Jack."

"No, look thanks…for bringing Jo up here."

"Not a problem, she looked like she needed saving from Robbie."

"Oh god."

"Mm-mm, you might want to tell her to slow down a bit. So soon out of hospital, you don't want her relapsing."

"Yeah I will, thanks Gina."

"Don't mention, she's nice. I think we're going to get on great when she's back."

"No doubt."

"I better get back, bye Jack."


To Be Continued…