Rated T for mature dialogue and a few slightly gruesome scenes later on. Blame it on the hags.

Starting from Chapter 5, this story blends the myth of Beira with my series The New Order of Merlin. The Well of Youth is a backstory to it. There, Beira is just an antagonist, a barely-mentioned looming threat, but her story is awesome and I wouldn't do her justice if I didn't share with you who she is and what she's really up to. She is much more than just a villain.

You do not need to read that story or be familiar with any of the fandoms in order to enjoy it. After all, THIS is the backstory, not the other way around.

But The NOOM is possibly my best writing so I do recommend it. I will warn you before major spoilers begin.

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Chapter 1: Despicable theft

Blinding light and pain, not just physical but spiritual. It felt as if her soul was being ripped out of her body.

As Beira's vision came back to focus, her eyes followed the glow of magic contained within the crystal Dagda had just taken off her chest. She could still feel a part of herself contained within it.

He placed the crystal in Bryde's waiting hands and chanted, "Bryde, beloved of Angus, this power is now yours. Let it claim you, seep into you. So you may become the most you can be."

"So mote it be," Bryde said and inhaled sharply as the glow of the crystal enveloped her.

A gust of wind swept her brown hair about and a blinding light filled the room again. The air smelled of flowers and spring, as if Beira needed more reminders of who the thief was.

She squinted through the brightness, unable to take her eyes off the crystal. She felt the connection to her power break as it was given to another and wanted to scream and thrash, but she was still bound by the magic which immobilized her and made her a silent spectator to the crime they were committing.

When the glow dissipated, Bryde gave the drained crystal back to Dagda who stood by, watching her with a satisfied look on his face.

"My love," Angus said softly and leaned his forehead on Bryde's. "I can already feel your powers."

His long blonde hair framed her face like a veil but her grin was easily discernible between his locks.

"It feels divine," she responded.

Beira wanted to scream at the traitors, 'Of course, it feels divine. It's my divinity!'

The seriousness of what had just happened started to fully sink in and fill her heart with dread. They really did it. She would never have believed anyone capable of such atrocity if not for the empty feeling in her chest - blaring evidence of everything she was robbed of.

While the insufferable lovebirds cooed at each other, Dagda approached the wall where she was bound by magic. Backstabbing bastard dared to stroke her cheek like a lover.

"I hope that one day you will understand why this had to happen. You crossed the line, Cailleach."

If she could, she would have spat in his face. She hated this name he gave her and refused to acknowledge it. While it originally meant "Veiled One," people have started using it when meaning "Old Woman" and that did not describe her at all. She was eternally young and beautiful. She was the Goddess of Creation, the Ruler of Reincarnation. She was Beira, the Queen of Winter. That was the only name she would respond to.

"I enjoy this silent you," he said with a smirk and she wished she could smite him for it. "It's easier to talk to you this way."

He scratched his short beard and looked over at his son.

"Angus and his beloved will put your powers to good use. They will not be wasted."

His eyebrows knitted in worry as if he felt sorry for her. She did not want his pity!

"Farewell, Cailleach. This is the last time I, Angus or Bryde will ever see you. You are mortal now. Enjoy the rest of your life. Make the most of it."

Angus took Bryde's hand in his and they walked away, disappearing into thin air. Dagda followed but looked back one last time and waved his hand which released Beira from her invisible binds.

She stumbled but straightened herself to her full height. She refused to appear weak in front of him.

"Leave the crystal," she said firmly, careful to not let her anguish show on her face.

He smiled in a patronizing way and made the crystal float over to her.

"As you wish. It is empty now anyway."

Then he disappeared from sight, leaving her in her mountain castle alone.

Beira clutched the cold crystal and shoved it at her chest, longing to feel what was stolen from her. The sharp edges of it dug into her flesh, and she winced in pain. She was truly mortal if something so trivial could cause her discomfort.

She fell on her knees, finally overcome with despair, and moaned when that also hurt. She was powerless, weak and fragile like a mere human.

She didn't know what she was anymore but one thing was clear - Beira was no longer a goddess.

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