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"I have to find... anything... I barely have 10 minutes left worth of energy." Saber spoke as she held her sword at her side, just in case she had been followed across the water. She had her face covered up now, she had taken a jacket that somebody had hung up to dry outside their home, and used it to cover her features, while she used a stolen blanket to wrap around Naruto. "If only I had more time with you... to find you a home." Saber shook her head of the thoughts that she had been thinking.

With Kushina gone, she had no more place in this world, her bond with her Master had been all that had been keeping her rooted in the world of the living. Even now, her physical body was starting to glow in some parts, showing she her living body was returning to it's spiritual form.

Saber grit her teeth, before dismissing her sword and rushing into the nearest Convenience Store, sneaking into it when the store clerk wasn't paying attention to her. Sneaking her way into the office supply section, she grabbed an envelope and a pen, before stealing... borrowing some paper. Rushing into the bathroom, since she didn't have much time left, she gently placed Naruto in the sink and started to write down her thoughts.

Dear Naruto Uzumaki,
I pray when you read this one day, if you do read this, you'll become a fine man. There is a lot that I want to tell you, and I regret that I wasn't able to stop your mother's death. She sacrificed her final moments so that you would survive, and I just want you to know that she died with nothing but her love for you in her heart. I know she died happy, knowing she brought you into this world, and gave you the legacy her teacher gave to her. I can only pray that I will be the one that you speak with one day, but I understand that likely won't happen.

You carry on your shoulders a great burden.

You are the last of your people, but be strong, like the Maelstrom I named you after. You'll face great challenges in your life, but just know that the love your mother had for you will always be in your heart. You have a duty to her and your people to survive, become stronger and stronger, until you can avenge your people. Your mother gave you a present as she died, but I have nothing I can offer you but these words.

You are Naruto Uzumaki.

Son of Maelstroms.

Saber didn't sign her name to the paper, just sealed it up in the envelop, put Naruto's name on it, and put the instructions for only Naruto to open it up. She didn't know if anyone would open it before Naruto, so she didn't want to put any private or personal information like her own name or Kushina's name in it. She tucked it into the blanket, and took the jacket off as her left arm completely faded away, showing her time was almost up.

Naruto opened his eyes, and Saber looked into them.

"... You have neither your mother's grey eyes... or your father's green ones... but you're hair is just as golden as a main of a noble lion... no, like the sun itself." Saber spoke as she looked at the small tuff of hair on his head. Running a hand through her own blonde hair, she winced when she realized that Naruto wasn't crying, and she didn't know when somebody was going to come into the bathroom to find him.

She didn't have enough time to take him to a new home.

Shattering the glass in the bathroom mirror, and glass rained down everywhere. She winced in pain when she saw shards of glass cut into Naruto's face, marking his cheeks. With baby Naruto starting to cry, and the loud sound of shattering glass being no doubt heard by somebody outside the bathroom, Saber's job was finished... to the best of what she could do within the time granted to her.

She faded away completely.

Just as the bathroom door opened up.

"Who is breaking glass in... oh my god it's a baby, and it's hurt!" A young adult woman, bright pink hair in twin tail fashion, no doubt in her later teens, shouted as she rushed into the bathroom. She looked and saw the bleeding baby, whipping her phone out instantly so that she could call an ambulance just to make sure the baby was alright. "Come here you... are you hurt anywhere, oh Naruto Uzumaki is an interesting name, else?" She asked mostly herself as her scatterbrain kicked in for a moment when she saw the baby's name.

She could have sworn she saw somebody go into the bathroom, then again she never paid attention to what was going on in the store as she did her job.

"Hello, what is your emerg-"

"I found an abandoned baby in the bathroom, and it... he is bleeding. I need somebody to come fast to make sure he's okay." The girl interrupted the operator, and she quickly gave them the address of the convenience store. Holding the baby in her arms, she put the phone between her shoulder and neck, balancing it perfectly.


"Momo Momozono... you wouldn't have happened to see the mother or father of this baby, would you?"

"I saw somebody with a hood on go into the bathroom out of the corner of my eye, but I didn't see anyone leave... I heard glass shattering and a baby crying and rushed to see what was going on... and I found him." Momo spoke as she looked down through the window at Naruto, who had been placed with all the other newborns at the hospital. Once she had gotten to the hospital, she had been pulled aside by the police, who started to ask her the typical questions. "Do you know who his family is?"


"He has no family we know of, we're actually curious if you know anything about him more. We were sent distress calls hours ago by the Uzumaki family on their clan island." The police officer didn't mention the fact that when the officers dispatched got there, hundreds were found dead, murdered rather horribly. They were going to be cleaning up the island, but a baby Uzumaki being found in the bathroom the same night as the entire Uzumaki clan had been murdered... it was suspicious to say the least.


"My partner shouldn't have spoke, it's classified information, we can't say more. As the one who found the infant, before we send him to an orphanage, we would like to know if you would be willing to adopt him. The doctor's have informed us it seems he was born just today." The officer spoke as he gave her the offer.

She bit her lip nervously.

"I just..."

"We understand if you can't."

"... I'm sorry, I'm not ready to be a parent." Momo spoke as she bowed to the officer, knowing that she was dooming the child to an orphanage. She wasn't a parent, and wasn't ready to be one. Finding the baby had been all she did, and finding a baby alone wasn't enough to give her the maternal feelings of the one who birthed it.

Not to mention... he was blond, with blue eyes... and peach skin.

He just looked so... foreign that she could tell he was going to get judged a lot for his appearance as he aged. She didn't know if she was ready to be a mother to a son that might turn into a delinquent because of how much he was bullied. She wasn't ready to deal with any of that either, not just being a parent, but being a parent to such a... foreign looking child would make people add judgements onto her as well. She was already judged a lot for dying her hair pink, when most people had black or brown hair.

She hoped he found a good home one day though.

-1 Year Later-

"I'm sorry... but he's got scars on his face, and his looks... he just doesn't seem like a normal Japanese child... and his last name is Uzumaki, like that family that was murdered years ago. That's bad luck."

The caretaker sighed in understanding as she failed to get another set of parents to adopt the young boy that had been left in the care of the orphanage.

-1 Year Later-

"Look at him... what would it look like on us if we had a son like him?"

The caretaker was forced to nod and smile, understanding why they were chosing to adopt a different child instead of the one that had once more gone a year into being without a family.

-1 Year Later-

"I'm sorry, but we would like to adopt another child, not one that looks like he came overseas, and I would appreciate if you didn't try and force him onto us."

The caretaker looked around, and saw the other children were listening in on the conversation, like they always did, and sending Naruto strange looks as he looked saddened by the news he wasn't going to be adopted. She felt sorry for the child, but she couldn't show him any better treatment than any other child, even if he was one of the ones that often went completely ignored by most adopting couples that visited.

-1 Year Later-

"Look, he's not playing with the other children, with that attitude and his looks, he's going to be a delinquent when he gets older. We would rather have a child who will grow into a proper person one day."

The caretaker didn't mention that the other children were the ones who, after learning from the many, many, couples who chose other children instead of Naruto, ignored Naruto and didn't let him join them when doing anything. She didn't mention the fact that Naruto was perhaps one of their most friendly children, but he had a bad look on his face because of his scars, and the fact that he was always being treated... lesser than those around him.

-1 Year Later-

"He got into a fight with another child, a child like that won't grow up to be a good person, even with parents as great as us. Do you have any other suggestions?"

The caretaker had to agree with the future parents, Naruto had been getting into more fights with other children as of late. She understood why they didn't want to adopt him, even though she was suggesting that they do. Heck, she herself had been becoming more distant to the boy since his attitude started to change. She didn't see what the other child said to him, but now he was starting to show a lot of anger towards the couples that started to visit the orphanage.

He didn't smile anymore either, not that she could see anyway.

-Years Later-

Naruto spat on the ground as he rubbed the blood from his nose, having just gotten into a fight with some people who picked on him for his hair and his cross.

"It's that boy... Uzumaki... looks like he got into another fight. Why don't they just throw him into jail already? I know he is underaged, but that is where he belongs."

"Shush, if he hears you, he might attack us too."

Naruto looked at the two women who were talking about him, and they yelped when they saw that and started to actually run in the other direction. Naruto frowned, and turned his head, putting his hands in his pockets and walked away. His stomach growling, he pulled out his wallet to see how much of his money he had left. Seeing barely anything, he changed directions and started to head towards the nearest river, knowing that he would need to go fishing if he wanted to eat anything tonight.

"Did you see that, he just threatened those women."

"Delinquents like him should just die already, don't they know they're just making everyone else uncomfortable?"

'I didn't even say anything to them...' Naruto thought as he walked faster, not wanting to get arrested for attacking somebody who hadn't attacked him first. He would feel better when he had some more money, and could get his favorite comfort food. Naruto didn't let the comments go without a reaction though, Naruto stuck his middle finger up at the couple who whispered about him. He hurried up anyway though, instead of saying anything.

If he didn't catch anything before nightfall, he would be going hungry again.

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