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1 drop.

1 drop of the memories that he had from another timeline included a few details. It included the date that he went to Kuoh city to go to school there, and it included the date that he had conquered Earth. It included a memory of him being loved and helped by a girl named Asia Argento, and his friendship with a boy named Issei Hyoudou.

It included the fact that he had slaughtered people in the hundreds of thousands.

"Master, where are we going exactly?" Medusa asked as she rode her Pegasus through the bitterly cold skies.

She had reported her results to Naruto, but he had not told her what he had planned to do. He had changed slightly after drinking a single drop of his memories from a previous timeline, a different world pretty much. He had spent 30 minutes thinking, before he had grinned.

"Atalanta, how far are we to the target?" Naruto didn't speak to Medusa.

Atalanta was standing behind Naruto.

"10 minutes away at this pace... this will allow you to take over the world... this secret weapon?" Atalanta asked with a raised eyebrow. He had already taken over the world in another timeline, so she didn't know why he needed to get a secret weapon. 'Unless...'

She had her suspicions.

"I will keep the promise the previous me made to you, this time I will conquer the world without a single child dying. I will give the world the freedom I gave it in the other timeline, without the needless bloodshed... for that, I need this secret weapon." Naruto answered her suspicions.

Medusa was curious, but she kept her silence and followed her orders. She landed in front of a large factory and a surprisingly well built building that stood in the middle of a snow covered village. Her pegasus vanished as they landed in the snow, and she noticed that Naruto just crossed his arms and walked towards the factory.

"Master, it's quite cold... do you not need a jacket?" Medusa asked, worried for his health.

It was snow as far as the eye could see, and the sun was hidden behind the thickest of clouds imaginable. There was no heat anywhere, it was amazing that a village was here at all in this snow covered wasteland.

"This secret weapon is...?" Atalanta asked.

Naruto chuckled.

"It's not truly a weapon, but I plan to weaponize him. Speak of the devil, hello there old man, it's fine to see you... though I can't say I saw you before either." Naruto saw a large male figure hit the ground in front of him.

A blood red coat that was lined with white that was more fresh than even the snow, his arms thicker than tree branches, his beard going down to the middle of his chest, and his voice rough but soothing. The man towered over Naruto, and he adjusted his glasses and stared at Naruto with eyes filled with both kindness and unease.

"... Uzumaki Naruto... are you upset that you have been on the naughty list for the past few years?"

Santa Claus.

"Hello Santa, I've always wanted to have a chat with you. I've come to offer you a choice, join me by force or by will." Naruto stated as he extended his hand to Santa.

Naruto's secret weapon was Santa Claus.

To conquer the world without spilling any needless blood, he needed this man to join him. He didn't actually need the man himself, he needed the man's ability. Still, they were one and the same at this point.

"I refu-" Santa froze in place.

His body slowly started to turn to stone as out of the corner of his eye he made eye contact with Medusa, and he averted his eyes, but it was already too late. Medusa slowed down the rate his body turned to stone, but his arms and legs had already transfigured into mineral. He turned his head to Naruto and he saw that Naruto wasn't smiling.

"By force or by will... you are the man who can travel to every home in a single night. You have knowledge of every man, women, and child and their deeds. I have need of that. Now, I don't even want to spill your blood... but I wasn't satisfied with how I took over the world in a different timeline... too much bloodshed... and not enough challenge." Naruto had a grin on his face. He didn't know exactly how he took over the world last time, but this time he was going to make things far more fun and far less bloodthirsty.

Taking over the world using a weaponized santa seemed like a good way to start things off, and he only had 4 days to do it. 4 days until he was going to Kuoh and meet Asia, the smile from his memories that warmed his heart.

"... Medusa... and Atalanta!... I can sense Jeanne and Artoria... I sense... you've awakened your Sacred Gear." Santa stated as he looked at Naruto with a new feeling in his eyes.

He now understood how serious this was truly.

"Santa makes children smile... correct?" Atalanta asked Naruto quietly.

He nodded.

"It's simple, all I need you to do is take Medusa to the home of every single politician, king, queen, and member of every royal family. She won't spill a single drop of blood, but she will leave behind a message for the entire world... a hand written note from me detailing what will happen if the world does not surrender to the man king who rules from the shadows." Naruto stated his very simple plan.

Santa furrowed his brow.

"People will not-"

"The world is ruled by those who make the law, but if I rule those who make the law, then I rule the world. It's simple, either every person who rules follows my rules, or they become a statue. It's very simple, but very effective... and if it all happens in a single night, it will spread fear... I don't need to kill a single innocent person... and once my rule is established they can be freed from their prisons." Naruto didn't need a complicated plan for this timeline.

He didn't need to proclaim himself the king to the entire world, not yet anyway, not before every single law that he wanted passed could get passed. Once he had restructured this entire world into the world that he wanted through the use of controlling all of the world's lawmaking powers would be proclaim himself the king of the world.

"Master... thank you." Medusa thanked Naruto.

She didn't want to kill anyone she didn't have to, and Naruto's plan meant that she might not have to kill anyone. She could just turn them to stone and then later find a way to turn them back. If they couldn't be saved, then at least the number of deaths would be quite low.

Atalanta smiled a bright and genuine smile.

"In that plan... not a single child has to die!"

"I'm keeping my promise to you, to make the world a place where children can smile. You've provided me with a good challenge. Now then Santa, either you can use your sleigh for my goal, or I can have a servant of my choice become the new Santa in your place... you don't have a choice." Naruto offered his hand to Santa as the stone started to turn back into flesh. The man took a knee from the shock of having his limbs back to him.

He was forced to think of his options.

Atalanta was just happy.

'A world where children can smile... he made this new plan, after getting a few of his memories, he made a plan that could make me happy. This plan must have been a challenge for him... his smile is quite genuine.' Atalanta thought.

Medusa covered her eyes.

"Master... you want to make the world bow to you, but if you rule from the shadows."

"Nothing stays in the shadows forever, but instead of just focusing all of my attention on ruling the world, I want to chase a smile... the smile that the other me found salvation in. I want to make that girl happy... I want to put my faith in a woman one more time. To do that, I need to put my pride to the side for awhile." Naruto pushed down his own urges to proclaim to the world that he was their ruler.

That would come with time, but instead of chasing for the world, he would chase the girl that made his other self happy. Still, he did promise to make the world a place for children to smile in for Atalanta, so he couldn't give up his desires in this timeline for the sake of those who followed him.

Medusa nodded, and said no more.

"Very well... I have no choice."

"Master, he gave up too easily... I think-" Atalanta raised her bow up against Santa, but Naruto waved his hand and made her lower it.

"Santa can't lie, he must be honest. If he says he will help, then he has to help. He also understands that if he goes against me, then he can never bring smiles to young kids ever again. He won't be able to spread christmas to the world. He can't stand the thought of unhappiness in the world." Naruto could understand the man.

"You're mad that I never visited you." Santa stated as he stared Naruto in the eyes.

Naruto nodded his head.

"I've never once in my life had faith in you. Because, if Santa could really give me happiness, then he would have given me a family... so for the years you couldn't give me a family, I'm going to make you help give me the world." Naruto stated with a forced smile. Naruto took some amusement out of forcing Santa to given him the gift that he wanted.

"I can't bring back the dead... there was.." He stopped speaking.

"It didn't have to be my mother and father, I would have been happy with any family at all. For an orphan, the parents who gave birth to us don't matter... it's the family who cares for us in their hearts that matter... and I never got that. Why should I care about a woman who I've never met, or a father who I don't remember?" Naruto asked coldly and bitterly.

Atalanta was taken back for a moment, but the woman connected to Naruto's very soul nodded her head in understanding. Medusa understood Naruto's desire for love and family very much, but at the same time she could tell his actions weren't fueled by his desire for family.

Naruto didn't need to start a war to conquer the world.

He just needed to conquer those those made the law.

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Team Rias winning is why Naruto forced Santa to help him conquer the world since he has some memories from a different timeline.
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Also, for those unaware, Santa DOES exist in the DxD universe.