Welcome to Vengeance of a Human. This Attack on Titan fanfic is inspired by the story mode of the Attack on Titan 2 video game. As in the game, the main character with be an OC who experiences the events of the series, but it will be from his perspective.

This story will be a combination of the events of the video game and the anime. Most conversations, if they are not exclusive to the OC, will be from the anime; battles, however, since they are from the OC's POV, will take from the video game while significant events within those battles will be from the anime. You'll see what I mean in a few chapters. Some events will be of my own creation, which is mostly the characterization of the OC and events surrounding him that the video game doesn't touch.

For those who played the game, to answer if the OC will die at the end (which for anime watchers, the end of Season 2), that is a no. I plan to extend his presence to Season 3 and, if I do go along with this, possibly even beyond.

Anywho, enjoy the story!

"On that day, mankind remembered the fear of oppression under them and the humiliation of being caged like birds. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls."

Shiganshina District

I do not remember what I was doing that day. I just know that I was in the district of Shiganshina, my hometown within Wall Maria. I believe my parents sent me on an errand to buy some groceries or something of the sort. I believe that, at the time, I was walking from the store to the inner gate, as my home was located inside the Wall.

What I do remember is seeing the yellow light hail down from the sky.

The gentle breeze that was blowing suddenly stopped, as if the world itself was on pause. I continued to walk back to the gate, singing to myself, "Beyond the castle walls lies a hunter killing his prey with a surging killer impulse scorching his body, he pierces the dusk scarlet with a crimson arrow."

Out the corner of my eye, the lightning appeared, striking the ground with enough force to cause the ground to shake. I was launched off my feet, dropping my recently bought goods on the stone road. As I got back to my feet, I, as the other citizens around me did, looked to where the bolt had struck down. In awe and curiosity, we stared at a rising pillar of smoke.

"What was that?"

"An explosion by the sounds of it."

"You think the Garrison is behind it?"

"Is that...a hand?"

I quietly looked closer at the Wall, seeing what is indeed a hand. That's impossible for anyone, even a Titan, to grip the Wall. They don't grow over 20 meters, and the Wall itself is 50 meters. Yet, as a shadow crept over the town, our deepest fears, our frozen reality of a hundred years thawed and stared down on us like cattle. We were face to face with our demons, our oppressors, our extinction.

A Titan, colossal in size, stands barely a head over the Wall. Its body is pure muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Its eyes terrified us, the long row of teeth petrified us, and the kick it made to destroy the out gate made us run of our lives. The Titans have entered the city.

I ran as fast as I could towards the inner gate, wanting to return home to my mother and father. I ran without thinking of the groceries I bought. I ran with the only thought of survival, of not wanting to be ripped apart in the hands and mouths of these monsters. I was a ten-year-old boy, what else is there to do? The Garrison can handle the Titans, right?

As soon as I was on the other side of the inner gate, I paused for a moment to look for my parents. "Mother! Father! Ahh!" I was knocked to the ground by a passerby, yet I continue to look for my parents. They should have still been outside the city, so I know the Titans couldn't have gotten to them. "Mother!"

"Joshua!" I turned away from the Wall, seeing both my mother and father come to me. My mother gets to me first, helping me to my feet. "Oh, I'm glad you're safe!"

My father looks over me. "Are you hurt?"

I shake my head. "No."

"We have to get out of here, quickly!" We begin to run, my mother dragging me by my hand. Another set of rumbles stopped us as we turned to the Wall in time to see a huge boulder come our way. Time slowed as I felt a pair of hands touch and push me away, my eyes darted to the sight of my father's face before I-and the boulder-make contact with the ground.

A few groggy moments later, I push my face off the ground. I look around. The area is not as populated as it once was, but there are still people running. I turn to my back, seeing the boulder on the ground where...my parents last stood. I look at the ground underneath, seeing a red pool flow where the boulder meets the ground.

I barely had time to process what happened before a voice calls to me. "Can you stand up?" It is a Garrison soldier who touches me with a hurried tone. He seems frightened for some reason. Are the soldiers not fighting back? Are we not...winning?

"I can stand." I prove it by standing up, much to the pleasure of the soldier. He grabs my arm and pulls me.

"Run to the boat!" I followed after him, once again running for my life. The sound of breaking stone gathered my attention, in which I looked back to see dust fly out from the inner gate, covering the boulder that is now my parent's grave. At the epicenter of the cloud stands a figure, one of Titan size, but its behavior and appearance are atypical. In the brief glimpse I get of it, I can see blonde short hair, an armor-like body, and eyes that flashed red in the cloud of dust. It would be a Titan that would haunt my dreams for years, even the name it was given was enough to trigger me.

On that boat, I silently sat down, tears streaming down my eyes. I do not remember why I had gone to the grocery store for besides getting the required supplies. I do not remember much of the morning before the task. What I do remember is the yellow light, the giant's face, the debris that kills my parents, and the eyes of the Titan with the armored body.

"Those Titans...I'm going to kill them all." I turned to the right, seeing three other kids my age. I recognize them from school. The only blond of the group, wearing a blue jacket, brown suspenders, and a white shirt is the shy but smart Armin Arlelt. The girl beside him wearing a white dress, a tan sweater, and a red scarf around her neck is Mikasa Ackermann, the toughest girl I have ever met. She scared most boys, but I never felt it myself. Last of the trio stands on the side of the boat, his words being the reason I looked over to them. He is black-haired, wearing dark pants, a green shirt, and a red jacket is the hot-headed leader of the trio, Eren Jaeger. He stared at the water as his friends join him, screaming out to the land, "Every single one."

I looked away, down to my hand. A single tear dropped in my palm, and I clutched it tightly. I silently allow Eren's words to dwell on my mind. For my parents...my friends...my neighbors...my hometown...I must fight back and join the military, and the front lines of action too. Not the Military Police who rather stay safe in the capital, or the Garrison who became lax in their protective efforts. I will wear the green cloak of the Scouts, and risk my life to destroy the Titans.

And with that, if I meet the one who will be known as the Armored Titan, I will kill it myself.

Two years later, we joined the 104th Cadet Training Corps. In the time between, our lives continued to go downhill. Eren, at one point, met with his father, only to lose him to mysterious circumstances. However, he did gain a possession: a key to Dr. Grisha Jaeger's basement, which holds some secret he wanted to share with his son. Armin's grandfather died in an expedition to reclaim Wall Maria, but to us, it was a way to get rid of the excess humans residing in Wall Rose after refugees came. In the meantime, I was able to befriend each of them, Eren most of all because of how close our goals aligned.

Mikasa initially tried scaring me off, but she quickly learned I was immune to her presence. She is nothing to the monstrous Titans we all met back home. Once we had gotten use to each other, I started to learn why she is the way she is. Eren and Armin have always been of Shiganshina, but Mikasa was of an outlying village. Eren and his father saved her from slavers that killed her family and adopted her. Ever since, she's always tagged alongside Eren, like a moth to a flame. Same could be said for Armin, who met Eren while crying after being beaten by bullies.

But the day finally came for us to join the military. For the next three years, we trained together, along the way making new friends and enemies, honing our skills with the omni-directional mobility gear, and becoming machines designed to kill Titans.

For the next three years, humanity regained its dignity.