A/N hi! This is my second story, it is an OC story so it's probably gonna suck. So some warnings, I have rarely written before and will likely fall into the same traps that many other writers do when writing a story involving OCs especially since overlord is kind of requiring the main characters to be overpowered. While I will endeavor to dodge these pitfall it's probably going to happen. So I welcome constructive criticism and will try to improve with your guys help. Also i will be using D&D to fill in the gaps of Yggdrasils game system.

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Yggdrasil 23:04

Broken crusade's HQ "Tower of Mourning"

Roland rushed through the towers upper floors, he didn't have much time. Rushing up to a trio NPCs clad in blackened plate, Roland drew his blade, raising it up to touch it to the closest one's neck, A Dullahan Named Gregor Knightbane. Roland snorted at the name, Stormlords work, as a console opened up. Gregor's characters information opened, beginning the alterations Roland Spoke.

"Gregor Knightsbane under my authority as Highlord of the Broken Crusade, king of the mourned, and knight Commander of the Abyssal Knight order of Cathagn; I promote you to Knight commander of the 10th armored cavalry army and hereby induct you to the towers secondary council of governing.", They had been doing this for an hour, him, Morlan12, and PEN_dragon. Ever since their comrades had outright admitted to not joining them on the final day of Yggdrasil. Of 33 crusaders only 3 were here, that fact squeezed his heart a bit; this was all he had ,this guild and 33 friends. Thinking it sent hollow chuckles through his avatars body, the body of vampire clad in black metal and cloaked in a ragged cloth that played tricks on the eyes quaked with pathetic laughs. It had meant so much for him to be apart of this guild, they had built their own story, A story of forgotten and dead knights raising up and trying to reclaim their pride. Pride that had swelled has they endeavoured to build their army and clash it with great enemies. Role play or pvp they did it both, and now it was...gone. snorting,"What a joke, so much money and time wasted"

"I don't see it as a waste Highlord" Rolands helmet clad head twitched, spinning around to see both a changeling clad in robes and another knight, this one a human woman covered in dirtied armor that may have been white at one point. Looking at the changeling who had spoken, Morlan12, memories flashed of the fights they shared. "Indeed it was worthwhile to serve with 32 comrades, I mean come on, attendance may be low but that doesn't mean that the three of us can't enjoy the fruits of conquest one last time together. Not the worst end for the last remnants of a guild of scavengers!" At the last of Morlan12's words Roland's laughter became genuine. Scavengers, a rude title from those that the guild had conquered, they had ambushed the second great raid of the Tomb of nazarick and well...to the victors go the spoils. Besides it was hypocritical to call them scavengers, raid only happened because Ainz Ooal Gown's member attendance was low anyway. The worst part was that it was still a close call, by the time they had arrived the raid was down to the last 20 members and they were covered in debuffs; that changeling guarding the treasure room would have shredded them if the Broken Crusade hadn't killed them first.

" I suppose that makes us the best, we conquered a raid group and the hardest guild hall all in a day" preened PEN_dragon her voice smothered in her own pride.

"Yeah, we beat up a bunch of half dead players and took a decaying guild hall. All it cost us was 22 guys and a bit of pride…, though I suppose it was better than those who died fighting that vampire the FIRST time" Replied Roland, she growled at playfully at his insinuation though he supposed it wouldn't be the first, first, fiiiirst time. Flashing back to the the first raid on Nazarick where PEN_dragon had never lived down being killed in that vampires first stage, after all her death had provided the thing enough damned health to cut through four more players before they had killed it and had to do it all over again, he had of course been using one of other raid groups as shield...you know like a true hero... As they began to walk to the throne room, "Anyway, Gregor is the last NPC I needed to promote, so that means including us, each army has a Knight commander that has re-sworn themselves to the Highlord. Which means all we can do now is wait." PEN_dragon swung her arms around the both of them and dragging them to the throne room. Two NPCs, Mina and Renfield Donnahan stood near the throne, his NPCs, both had been recently promoted to Knight commanders of the 1st Guard division and the 9th mage auxiliary corp respectively, PEN_dragon lightly brushed them out of the way and spun around.

" come on let's have some fun till we have to log out." she spoke as she drew her sword. Smiling as a challenge appeared in his console, Roland smugly re drew his, it was a beautiful but simple bastard sword in looks. In practice it was their guild item, Durandal, the fallen sword of the 13 paladins, it held 33 curses for the 33 knight commanders that were buried in the tower. At Least that's the story they invented, in practice they had just grinded until they could imbue it with 33 effects, and even then only a few were anything special. That being said with this thing even a player like him split between divine casting and martial power, geared to have a high spell quantity as opposed to quality could fight in pvp and even win. It was his lynch pin, for fighting other players otherwise he just wasn't min/maxed enough to compete, not that he wanted to be. Morlan12 stood between them, a small flag in hand.

"GO!" he shouted having the flag to signal the start, and the two clashed. Roland hated fighting PEN_dragon in duels, she actually knew how to sword fight...he only really knew the basics. The difference in stats when he had Durandal, however left them about even. She parried his strike and brought forward a pommel strike into his helm, he recovered and went in for a thrust she dodged only to meet an ethereal fist, he overextended and got a cut to the back of his knee, she met a wave of fire. Etc they went at this for what felt like ages. Until suddenly her next attack seemed to slow to a relative crawl. Batting it away he swung out his fist into her exposed face, only to react in shock as bone crumbled and blood spurted everywhere. He was even more shocked when his mouth watered at the sight, indeed the smell was...wait smell? The game hadn't included the ability to smell, yet he could smell her blood hear it pumping. As he struggled with the new feelings and hunger, Morlan12 spoke up "what the hell? Are you okay PEN_dragon" walking over a kneeling next to her as she grunted in pain and groaned. Snapping out of his stupor Roland kneeled and on instinct casted inflict moderate wounds, She had an item that gave her undead effects, as her nose and skull knitted back together she stopped and her body relaxed.

"Highlord is the the Knight Commander ok" a masculine voice interrupted him, Roland panned over to Renfield, his face was marked with concern as he approached.

"Of course not, She fought the Highlord after all, even in a spar, someone of his level cannot be underestimated" spoke up Mina. Roland felt something akin to panic, they were talking?, Player made NPCs didn't talk?...what was happening, first PEN_dragons face now this? As his world spun he felt PEN_dragon clasp his hand, looking down she pointed at Morlan12, Roland followed her finger and saw that he had summoned a succubus and was fondling her. Yggdrasil didn't allow that! "Seems the Vizier is taking his authority rather far, to molest a demon in the throne room!, in front of the Highlord himself" the words were loud and sounded like light ribbing. Panicking Roland tried to call an admin, repeatedly. As no one answered it finally sunk in, getting up and slowly dragging himself to the throne, sinking down on it, feeling the comfort of the velvet and the small minutia of simply sitting in all the detail one would feel in the real world the smell of the blood of the still on the floor, PEN_dragons pained moans from earlier, talking NPCs and the breaking of the x-rated content rules. He couldn't deny it...he was either hallucinating or this was real, he didn't know which was worse. Yet as he looked up and saw the awe the NPCs viewed him with he felt all that panic subside.

Both Donnahans looked at him "what are your orders my lord?"

Smiling, He could make this work.