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Removing his helm and exposing his new forms pale face, just in time to sigh, Roland was sitting atop his throne, having dismissed Mina and Renfield so they could gather the other leaders of the Broken Crusade, meanwhile he contemplated the implications of either being insane, insanely high or probably the best one of the three, in a fictional world. Oh, and while he was sitting there in stunned silence PEN_dragon and Morlan12 were both freaking out. "What the hell is going on, so help me Morlan if you say that you can't get ahold of an admin again, I swear I'll...I..I..I will...fuck this has been going on for way to long" as PEN_dragon said the she sat on the stairs near the throne. Roland couldn't help but notice how tired she looked. Morlan12 walked over and sat next to her, placing his hands on his face he let out a large breath.

"I don't know what's happening, I can't get a hold of anyone, I can't log out, I CAN'T EVEN GET THE GODDAMNED MENU TO OPEN!"As Morlan12 yelled his blank changeling form seemed to shift and twitch, instead of the usual O shape the mouth tended to be in it had twisted become a large maw of teeth for but a few seconds before shifting back. Roland looked down at the two of them. They were certainly taking it a lot harder than he was, they had freaking out for about 15 minutes and even now he could still...Sense... the fear and frustration coming off the two them. Yet he felt cold, not in a literal sense but it felt as if despite the implications of what was happening that nothing had changed from an hour ago when he was thinking about going to work the next day. Though as he felt the scent that had been coming off PEN_dragon enter his nose again; his mouth watered. Standing up with the clank of his armor, Roland approached his friends and sat between them. He looked at their forlorn faces.

"It's going to be ok guys, we need to calm down and come together." as Roland spoke, he threw his arms around them and pulled them close into a pseudo hug, ignoring the urge to rip out PEN_dragons throat. "we can work this out, together, the three of us". PEN_dragon leaned into him, he in turn felt his face twitch.

"Roland, we don't even know what's happening." as Morlan12 spoke his face shifted into a cartoonish crying face.

"Well, aside from the possibility of insanity it would seem we have fallen into a real-life version of Yggdrasil and have become our avatars. With all the physical and mental alterations that come with it. Think about it, how fast I moved earlier, your ability to interact with that succubus, The fact we can feel and smell all of this" as he spoke the two of them nodded. Then PEN_dragon looked up, perhaps hugging her while fighting the urge to rip out her carotid wasn't the best option.

"Roland isn't your avatar a vampire" as she said it she all but jumped away, he couldn't blame her in all honesty.

"yeah" was all he said in response. he watched as her face fell, then moved to sit back beside him.

"I trust you." he smiled at that.

"Thanks". Roland said. Then he panned over to Morlan12 who gave him a small nod and cheeky thumbs up. "alright so I suppose we should figure out how to use our abilities. Before the NPCs get here so we don't look like a bunch of dumbasses in front of a bunch of vicious killing machines."

"personally, think the first thing we should do is drop the numbers and underscores from our names, besides I already figured out how to cast spells, just bring the spell to mind and concentrate on it, also don't forget the vocal components." Roland's eye twitched at the smugness of Morlan12's or just Morlan's statement. Even as Pendragon nodded, he couldn't help but think about the fact that he had cast the 1st spell between the three of them to heal Pendragon's face.

"we should spar again" stated Pendragon while she stood and began to experiment with her new strength and speed. Drawing and test swinging her sword. Thinking back to her bloodied face, he couldn't help but shiver as a jolt of eagerness bolted through him at the thought of reducing her to such a state again. Then a small feeling of disgust washed over him, she trusted him. Crushing these disturbing thoughts as Pendragons next words dragged him out of his inner turmoil. "so, you both are going to live forever right? I'm going to die even with this new fantastic form" this would have been a sobering thought if it wasn't for one important detail.

"you didn't read the flavor text on your ring did you?" began Morlan, as his faced twisted into a mocking visage "not only does it give the stats of an undead being despite being a human technically, you supposedly won't age as long as your keep your negative energy consumption. Though since there's no way to test this in Yggdrasil we may have to wait for confirmation." Morlan finished Roland nodded, both he and Morlan put their hands on her shoulders.

"worst case I will just turn you into a vampire buddy" spoke Roland with a small wink. She gave them both a small smile.

"thanks, you guys that means a lot." she said. Patting her on the shoulder affectionately Roland went back to his throne and began trying to access his inventory, as Morlan started practicing magic and Pendragon went back to testing her new abilities.

1 hour later

The throne rooms doors slammed open and in walked ten former NPCs each corresponding as a commander to The Broken Crusade's forces the first was the leader of the 1st Guard Division, their leader, Dame Mina Donnahan, dressed in dull plate with a crimson cloak in all honesty the blonde looked stunning without her helm. Following her was the leader of the 2nd Raiding Army, Sir Victor Karloff, coated head to toe in burnt chainmail, he towered above everyone in the room. Next the leaders of the 3rd Defense Army and 4th Administration Corps came, Sir Breckenridge and Lord Domeric respectively. Both were wearing silk coats, but he could make some out some chainmail underneath. Breckenridge had a large hole in his head, at the time disguised with a mask and hat. They appeared to be chatting about how to properly allocate their forces in unfamiliar territory they had found themselves in. That statement didn't bode well. They were then mocked by the regal and unarmored form of Lady Garland who was in command of the 5th resource Corps, she was an elven woman of considerable beauty.

"Lady Garland approach the throne please." spoke Roland as his stomach ached. As she approached Roland summoned a dagger from his inventory. She looked slightly nervous, her pale skin blanching, and her pointed ears appeared to be drooping. "Would you do me a great favor and hold your hand out" he tried to sound polite, but he was hungry, and his tone made sure all were aware it was not a request.

"anything for you Sir Roland" as she held out her hand, he made a cut upon the palm and let some of her blood, bleed into a cup provided by Morlan. She visible relaxed after seeing was he was doing. "my lord if that was all you wanted you could have simply drunk from the source." she said given a flirtatious wink. Roland's eye twitched as she leaned in closer, dammit he was hungry but couldn't afford to lose control and rip Garland's throat out right here in front of his subordinates. thankfully he was saved by Pendragon.

"I'm sure Roland would appreciate it if you would get out of his face Garland." as Pendragon spoke, she took a step by his side.

"Dame Pendragon, I would appreciate if you would address me as Lady Garland, after all with the restructuring of the 33 orders into the current system of 10, you no longer have a rank at the council." as Garland spoke Roland's eye twitched faster. But this wasn't the time. The leaders of the 6th crusading army, 7th policing army, 8th Necromancer corps, 9th Mage Auxiliary Corps and the ten Calvary Army. Sirs Vincent Tepes, Dame Daniel Dawnshatter, Francis Dietrich, Renfield Donnahan and lastly Gregor Knightsbane. Had already filtered in by this point. While he struggled to contain his temper. Morlan spoke up.

"Pendragon has the ear of your High lord, Garland you should try to remember that.". Garland's eyes narrowed.

"if she had the High lord's ear, she wouldn't be so low ranked nor would she be left in her pathetic mortal state." Roland had finally grown too tired for this. His arm snapped up and gripped Garland's neck. he smiled even while sitting in the throne he could lift her off her feet.

"that's why I called this meeting to announce that despite the dissolution of the 22nd and 13th infantry Auxiliary corps with them being folded into the various armies, both Pendragon and Morlan, as they are known, will maintain their authority and place on the council of affairs. And might I say I care very little for your attempts to undercut your comrades. So, let me make it clear, I will not tolerate infighting nor the slinging of petty insults in my presence. Besides elf those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." as Garland struggled to breathe against his grip, gasping and choking he sipped on some of the blood he had acquired from her. His body rippled as he tensed. Swallowing his urge to finish Garland off to get more he simply continued to sip. It would be unbecoming of a commander to slaughter his subordinate due to hunger pains after all. Then the words of Domeric and Breckenridge filtered through his head. Taking the risk "I have also sensed that we have arrived in an unfamiliar land" be locked eyes with Morlan and Pendragon urging them to trust him.

Domeric stepped forward

"Yes my lord we have arrived in a large forest, its why it took us so long to arrive, Breckenridge was scouting the area. It appears to be a large forest and according to some of our flying scouts there appears to be nothing but some weaker creatures. Along with a human village, of no known or recognized allegiance. Unfortunately, due to the size of the Tower or Mourning if the scouts did miss something, they certainly know where we are." this news seemed to set the room abuzz. Each commander shouting their own ideas for what they should do.

"we should set out immediately and conquer the local area, bringing the local creatures into the fold" yelled Knightsbane.

"Our first concern is the High lord's wellbeing." Was Mina's counter.

"we don't have the Resources for an immediate crusade" said Domeric. as the cacophony of voice raised. Roland stood up.

"that's enough! All of you. Here are your orders. All armies are to begin ton secure our immediate area. The administration corps is to begin plans for defensive structures and the resource corps will be securing supply lines. Necromancer Corps and Mage Auxiliary Corps are to begin production of not just soldiers of workers. I want this place rendered impervious to assault." releasing Garland who fell to her knees, standing from his throne he began to make his way to his private quarter, followed by Pendragon and Morlan. He chugged what was left of the cup and lazily chucked it to the side. "you have your orders I expect you to carry them out without delay."

As he left the throne room all he could think was that he was still so fucking hungry.