A/N hey guys sorry about the wait been job hunting, you know how it is. So some fair warning, I have been considering where this story would go and think it'll follow the anime somewhat closely up to the somewhat impossible to happen in this fic shalltear fight. So im sorry about that, that being said not everything will be identical and there will be some minor changes that will be growing into bigger ones.

A day ago

"You want to what?!" as Morlan spoke, Roland internally sighed. Downside of becoming the ruler of a bunch of bloodthirsty monsters, plus one normal human were the difference in morals that the two seem to have, though he supposed it only came up do to his securing Pendragon's position. Despite his internal annoyance, he wore a small smile that had become his normal since he had made a trip down to the dungeon to get some blood from some of the stock prisoners they had generated for the guild hall.

"I want to go out and explore, see the new world." Spoke Pendragon. She had been uncomfortable with the mass raising of undead, and the talks of what to do about possible prisoners. Seems her ring didn't affect her mental state. Seems she wasn't as lucky as him and Morlan.

"It's dangerous, you could die, be captured or…" Started Morlan only to be cutoff.

"Permission granted, take your time out there come back when you have found yourself." Morlan glared at Roland as the newly minted Highlord spoke.

"Thank you Roland, though i'm not sure how fond I am of your phrasing." Was Pendragons somewhat begrudging response. Roland fought off the urge to shift his smile to a smirk and set his arm on her shoulder.

"Just take your time, you'll always have a home here. Along with friends." even as they shared a smile; their thoughts could not be more different. Roland experiencing changes in his body and mind was contemplating how he could use this opportunity to secure his hold on Morlan and the area without having to worry about Pendragons apparently undiminished conscience, Pendragon was happy to find her freedom unmitigated. Smiling Pendragon revealed she had already packed by bringing a pack out of her inventory, giving a wink she spoke.

"I should be on my way then." as Morlan went to speak, she cut him off. "Don't worry I'll take a squad of knights with me." Morlan looked down and Roland looked on, despite his new form, perhaps he would miss her. No one saw his clenched fists.

Present time

Roland sighed, as Morlan fell in line beside him.

"You know when I said I wanted to go for a walk, I meant alone." spoke the Highlord.

"Your not alone, and you've been avoiding me." spoke the caster. Roland grunted in response, He supposed it was true. Mina had insisted on deploying with a team of black guards to defend him. How something could be so dangerous to need 6 level 85 "men" to defend him when he had her and Morlan with him he'd never know. Though it may have been the fact he had walked a few miles into the neighboring forest in a few minutes. The guards had to ride horses and Morlan had to use the fly spell. After all one of Durandals curses increased his movement speed significantly out of combat and to a lesser extent in combat. Yet the Tower of Mourning could still be seen above the treeline, perhaps a massive tower like mausoleum was a poor strategic choice for a headquarters. It likely helped that most of the above ground visible parts were simply as projection, with most of the tower going downwards, underground. Trying to get to the top would only run you into Tepes and Breckenridge along with their elites. Not a fun time.

"You've been pouting." was his response.

"Of course I have, how could you let her go like that!" Morlan's tone was harsh.

"Let her go? What would you have me do force her to stay? I'm sure that would go over well. Nevertheless, I have taken precautions." As Roland spoke his tone having become cold and dispassionate, something that had been coming more and more common in the last few days. It frightened Morlan when paired with the small smile Roland seemed to wear more and more.

"What kind of precautions?" Roland's smile morphed into a smirk at the question.

"A creature hidden in her shadow, should it deem her in trouble it will alert Mina who will deploy a quick response force to retrieve her." as Roland Spoke Morlan wore a frown.

"A huge violation of her privacy." was his disapproving response. Roland snorted, what the hell did he want of him.

"You just wanted me to stop her from leaving, which would also have violated her freedom of choice." As Morlan went to respond Roland's new senses picked up the hint of blood and screams in the distance. Waving his friend off, he picked up from a brisk walk to a full sprint, enjoying his vampiric endurance. Morlan grunted as he attempted to follow. Pulling his helm on as he arrived to find a few knights standing over an older girl and a child, the older one was bleeding. Blurring Durandal was freed from its sheath. Bisecting one, In a flash of steel and blood. The other man had no time to react as he was pulled telekinetically pulling the man unto the sword. Roland felt one of the more powerful curses kick in, drawing the man's blood soul into it. Afterwards it would summon a deathknight. A good skill, if in open combat...against low to mid level opponents, where he had a second to to impale them without harassment. Perhaps it was a bit awesome but impractical, but it sounded awesome when he imbued it as his knight king creating undead knights from his foes. A classic. Imagine his shock when instead of straight summoning, the man's body began to shift into the beast. How metal. As the creature formed, Roland merely grunted and motioned with his blade to the side, the order was clear. The creature stepped to the right and stayed. Approaching the girls as the older one clutched the younger protectively. Drawing a weaker healing potion and holding it out.

"I'll drink it sir, just dont hurt her." The girls words got a chuckle out of him.

"For your wounds girl, worry not. I have no intentions of hurting you, as a matter of fact i would say no one will ever managed to touch with their blades again. Death knight, guard this girl and serve her till I tell you otherwise." spinning on his heal he began to approach the village in the distance.

"wait , whats your name" yelled the girl.

"Roland, my name is Roland". Speaking without turning his head. Following the scent of blood. What he saw elicited nothing but hunger in him, perhaps this realization was responsible for the small pang of regret inside of him. Seeing knights killing innocents, old, feeble and children all the same. To them it didn't matter. Yet beneath his helmet his face split into a grin. Holding up his hand and using a crowd control spell meant for low level beings, he pulled them towards him. Using another he bound them.

"My name is Roland, and from this day forward. You will serve me and my generals." as he spoke, one of the men laughed the rest shuddered. But one spoke out .

"I don't know who you are, or what the hell you are. But we serve the Baharuth empire, and we will not cower." as the man spoke, Roland released some of his Aura of Fear. suddenly the man looked a bit less confident in his words . That confidence dropped even lower as Mina , her men and Morlan approached. Hefting his sword and counting the remaining time on the root. Roland approached the speaker.

"My name is Roland and I don't make requests." Impaling the man and letting the transformation take him. He smiled at the rest. Who stood there doing nothing, the root would have just worn off. "Now let's talk about your purpose here."