Fallen Renegade


Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke was there the night the Flying Grayson's fell. An orphaned child alone in the forest. How could he resist? Meet Renegade, the Gray Bird. Apprentice to Deathstroke. Child of Slade Wilson.

'All those years ago, back when we first met... why did you take me in?'

"I was on my way back from a contract - katana in hand - when I saw a little kid in a costume with a mask in hand, blood covering their arms. I looked at you, and I saw something special. A spark in your eyes. You don't remember that night, do you?"

'No. Not really. Only flashes.'

"I asked you where your parents were, and you pointed to the stars... When I looked into your eyes, I saw a child with no fear, no hope, no future, and nothing else to lose. But behind all that saddens, and pain... I saw a fire. I saw it burning in your soul; dimmed only by grief. I wanted to help. I needed to bring that fire inside of you back."