short story

setting high school

charicters are anthro

-bully1 weak punches humphrey

-bully2 pathetic little omega punches humphrey

at first they didnt notice the wolf walk up behind them

-humphrey hey scar

scar was big and muscular looking and had an eyepatch over one eye

-scar so you think its fun to pick on an omega, normaly i would give you a warning but since he is my lil bro its guna be diferent. and you wanna know why im called scar?he lifts his shirt to reveal three large scars across his chest along with four gunshot wounds

-scar you have to three to run

one ran but the other passed out

-scar and thats how you deal with bullys lil bro

-humphrey thanks scar

-scar no prob,and if they bother you again lemme know

from that day the bullys never bullyed again in fear of what would happen to them if scar caught them