i got a request to continue and this poped in my head it is 2 in the morning for me

one day a boy named Garth joined the school after summer break, he saw a girl he liked, Kate he wanted her but she was always hanging out with the puny omega but he would make that change, you see Garth was in a cult and one day they kidnapped Humphrey not knowing about Scar

Scar had ways of obtaining whatever he wanted information, weapons, cars... so when he found out what happened he called in a good buddy, Ghost

start playing kodaline - brother

scar planted a C4 charge on the door of the bunker, both Scar and Ghost moved to the sides. Scar counted down on his fingers 3..2..1..BOOM the charge blew open the door the duo went in, Ghost with his trusty M1 garand and Scar with a deagle

they moved fast through the halls using C4 on the locked metal doors killing cult members on the way many shooting back, a bullit hit Scar in the left arm Ghost shot back killing the cult member

Ghost - you gonna be ok?

Scar - yea just another to the collection

Ghost - wow makeing jokes at a time like this

Scar - its in my blood

the two came across a room full of cult members Ghost tossed in a frag...BOOM they rushed in killing the cult members. they came into a room to find garth holding a gun to humphrey's head and using him as a sheild

Scar - you should of known not to mess with my brother

Ghost - face it theres no way for you to win

Garth - yes there is i kill all of you then i walk free and get Kate

Scar - well even if you kill us you will still be screwed

Garth - yeah how?

Scar - we are live streaming this to the police department so theres that, and we have a sniper covering the only entrance so you walk out and pop goes your head. just give it up, you lost

Garth - NEVER

Garth fired a shot at Scar hitting him in the chest, so Ghost shot Garth in the head, killing him instantly Ghost and Humphrey rushed to Scar and Ghost pulled out some medical supplies and started to treat the wound, all while swat units entered the room and started clearing the bunker for any more cult members

Scar got sent to the ER and suvived, Ghost and scar were hired as swat units and humphrey got the girl of his dreams

the end...mabey