(alright, I wanna make one thing clear : "I'm writing this only because I have to feed my utter disappointment at the fact that there are so many horribly inaccurate and hard-to-believe dark/betrayed Percy stories out there. So I'm here to make things right by writing a decent, sticks to the books, dark Percy fanfic)

Fire. All Percy could see was fire.

The dark night sky was lit up by the various torches the campers held as they stood on the beach of Camp Half-Blood. They were chanting something…

It was practically inaudible, but Percy could hear faint voices, like whispers…

'Son of Poseidon, your friends shall betray you…'

"No", Percy shook his head as he tried to clear away the voices.

'You are nothing to them…'

"Stop it", Percy started inching towards the beach, wary of the monotonous chanting.

'Can't you hear it, sea spawn? They are casting you out…'


An eery silence fell upon the beach, as all of the campers turned to face Percy. He gasped, and his eyes widened as Percy took in the sight before him.

He could see all of his friends and family, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Grover, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and many more… but what made him stop in his tracks, was the fact that they had no faces.

Where their faces should have been, was just blank flesh. No eyes, no mouth… nothing.

"What…wha-what have you done to them?"

Percy stumbled backwards as the campers slowly shuffled towards him, their torches held high as they resumed their rhythmic chanting.

'I have done nothing, Perseus. They are doing this, toying with you, using you…'

Percy turned and ran in fear, but found himself trapped in a celestial bronze net, like the ones Hephaestus makes.

'Even the gods have deserted you, what more proof do you ask?'

"Shut up…SHUT UP!"

The ground beneath him began to shake, and cracks started forming across the ground. Geysers of water erupted from these cracks, flooding Camp Half-Blood and washing away all the campers to the sea.

"Wait! WAIT! Annabeth! Come back! Please!"

Percy tried using his powers, but to no avail. Silently mulling over a decision, he jumped into the water and chased after them.

'Must you test my patience, demigod? Very well.'

As soon as Percy reached Annabeth, bubbles of air escaped his lips. Realization dawned on Percy as he realized that he was not able to breath underwater anymore.

Desperate to save her, he fought against his loss of oxygen, and swam to the surface with Annabeth in tow.

Gasping for air, Percy broke into a small grin as he watched his Wise Girl in his arms.

"I finished your game, whoever you are. So if you wouldn't mind, go f*ck yourself!"

Nothing but the waves lapped against him after his statement. Watching the moon slowly take its course, Percy floated in the sea with Annabeth in his arms.

Or so he thought.

Percy felt his chest suddenly grow warm, and he felt around to find Annabeth's favorite knife, stabbed into his heart.

Percy screamed. A scream of pain, hurt, hopelessness…

'What did I tell you, foolish mortal? Your cause is a lost one.'

"Anna… beth… wh-why…", his sea-green eyes stared up, longing for his loved one's stormy gray ones, but they were not there. His last moments were spent staring at a blank face, devoid of anything at all.

'And since you annoyed me so much, you shall have a special torture with Hades…'

"I'm already dead… what more would you want of me?"

'Oh, so much more… so much more…'

Percy watched as Thanatos flew towards him amongst the night sky, and watched in horror as Thanatos grabbed him by the neck, and choked him all the way to the underworld.

He was brought past the mortal entrance, past the river styx, past Cerberus, and straight to the palace of Hades himself.

'Have you experienced enough young hero? Want a break young hero?'

"Please… I… I just want to…"

Hades stood up from his throne, and brought Percy to his knees.

"What is it you want, nephew? Speak up!", Hades cracked a whip made of stygian iron and shards of stxyian ice across the exquisite marble floor.

Percy knew that if he did nothing, he would be next.

"Do you know what you are to us, Perseus? Do you? You are nothing. Nothing but a pawn, a chess piece sacrificed because they didn't have any value.", Hades hissed at him.

Percy forced his gaze upon his uncle, his sea-green eyes swirling into a vortex of fury formed from years of repressed anger. From the day he met Nancy Bobofit, up to his time being used as a pawn by the gods, up until this moment now.

Percy. Has. Had. Enough.

Forcing himself from under Hades' hand, Percy stood up, dark waves of power emanating from him.

"You have forgotten something, Uncle.", Percy spat out as the ground shook beneath him uncontrollably.

With a smirk on his face, Hades asked the most obvious question.

"And what could I have possibly forgotten, Nephew?"

Percy took slow steps toward Hades before putting his face right up to his uncle's.

"If the pawn reaches the other end of the chess board, he can be promoted to anything.", and with that statement, the throne room shook and Hades watched in horror as his palace was flooded with water from the river styx.

"You fool! You'll kill us both!", Hades yelled as he flailed around in the rapidly rising water.

Percy remained silent as he remembered what Annabeth taught him before…

""And that's how you play chess. Any more questions Seaweed Brain?"

"None ma'am!", Percy mock saluted. Then the two lovers burst into laughter as they played another round of chess."

Black. All Percy could see was black.

'You are ready, my champion. Now wake, and be MINE.'

Percy jumped out of his covers, gasping for air. Taking a look around, he realized that he was in his cabin at 3 in the morning.

"It… was all just a dream…", Percy sighed in relief.

'If that eases your mind…'

"Gah! Who's there?!", Percy jumped up in a defensive stance, searching in his pocket for riptide before realizing he was in his pajamas.

Silence answered him.

Percy, deciding that sleep would only do him worse, decided to head down to the beach to clear his thoughts.

However, as soon as Percy left his cabin, a mysterious hooded figure entered, then began rummaging around his bed, as if though looking for something.

The figure cursed in an ancient language, before dispersing into shadows.

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