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(-Fadlan's Falafel)

Annabeth pursed her lips as she processed the information she had just heard.

"You're absolutely positive that Percy seemed to be talking to someone or something that you couldn't see?"

Magnus nodded earnestly, "Me and Alex would have noticed if that were the case."

Annabeth racked her brain searching for an answer before giving up and storing away the information for later, more detailed research.

"And what about his smell? You said Alex mentioned that Percy smelled different."

Magnus scratched his head before responding, "Alex couldn't explain it herself, honestly."

Annabeth's eyes suddenly glowed as she got an idea.

"Hey, cuz? Do you mind if I borrowed Alex for a bit?"

Magnus gave his cousin a doubtful look before saying, "I don't believe I really have a say on whether or not she'll go…"

Annabeth abruptly stood up and passed me a slip of paper, "Meet me at this hotel with Alex, or not at all."

And with that she hastily walked off.

Magnus sighed in exasperation before muttering, "She didn't even tell me when to meet her."

(-Beowulf's Man Cave)

Percy grunted as he got up, taking in his surroundings and confirming that he was back at Beowulf's place.

"Was it… all just a dream?", he muttered to himself.

Beowulf rounded the corner, a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. Upon noticing Percy awake, Beowulf gave him a weary, half-hearted smile before crashing onto the couch.

"You caused quite an amount of trouble.", Beowulf stated calmly as he chewed on his pizza.

Percy managed to get up, getting mud all over his hands in the process. Cursing at this fact, he rubbed his aching joints and glanced at Beowulf's tired form.

"I'm sorry that I was a nuisance…", Percy admitted sheepishly.

Beowulf sighed before making a great effort to stand up.

"Step two of your training. Hunting."

Percy's ears pricked up at that.

"Hunting? Like… bunny-rabbits and pigeon-doves?", he asked stupidly.

Beowulf gave him a look that said, "How many types of stupid are you?"

"Sigurd has gone missing… not that it's that big of a deal. I'm sure he can handle himself, however, the league's glorious leader has decided that I should join Atlanta in a hunting party to find him, and I want you to accompany me."

"He went missing? Just like that? Poof?"

Beowulf gave him a harsh glare, "Poof? If he went poof, I assure you that one of us would have heard it."

Percy shrugged it off nonchalantly, "Compared to the fact that I have another prophecy over my head, a hero disappearing doesn't exactly take the cake."

"Prophecy?", Beowulf gasped as if though taken aback.

"Ummm… yes?"

Beowulf cursed in some ancient language, and he started kicking the mess strewn about the cave, making what was already mess somehow messier.

"It wasn't a lie after all… the prophecy to end all prophecies has come…", Beowulf paced around the cave muttering to himself like a madman.

"Excuse me? Earth to Beowulf, can you hear me?", Percy yelled as he waved his hand in front of Beowulf's face to no avail. Whatever could do this to a man who killed Satan with an icicle scared the Hades out of Percy.

Percy sighed and decided to leave the very much strung out hero to his own devices as he wandered around the cave aimlessly. Deciding he had nothing better to do, he mulled over Erebus' words.

"A friend? What friend?...", sighing at the lack of information, Percy glanced over at a Pacman arcade booth, smiling as he remembered a tiny fun fact about how the creator did Pacman's design after a pizza…

"I got it!", Percy ran over to the still pacing Beowulf before kicking him in the balls for the second time that day. It seemed to do the trick as Beowulf sank to the floor and howled obscenities unceremoniously.

"Sorry about that man… uh, you remember that Japanese girl earlier? I think that I have to find her to uh… fulfill the prophecy and sh*t like that.", Percy said as he sheepishly scratched at the nape of his neck.

Beowulf groaned before pointing to the kitchen, "She left you a letter… also, bring me an icepack when you get back."

Percy nodded and headed over to the kitchen, excited about the prospect of a letter…

What was he thinking? Percy mentally slapped himself about acting so childishly as to imagine a love letter… plus, he loved Annabeth. Right?

'Kid, is this like the whole Rachel v Annabeth situation again?'

Percy internally groaned as he recalled that certain fiasco, before doing a double groan as he realized that he had managed to avoid the voice… UNTIL NOW.

'Yeah… fat chance you're getting rid of me anytime soon.'

Arriving at the kitchen, Percy sighted a plain white envelope sealed with a silky red ribbon. His heart started pounding, and Percy did his best to calm down.

'Kid, stop fighting it. You like this Japanese girl, you love Annabeth, what's the big deal?'

If Percy could glare at the voice, he would, for now he settled on glaring at a nearby chair.

"What's the big deal? The big deal is that I love my girlfriend, but you think that having feelings for someone else other then Annabeth is just… okay?", Percy sputtered out.

He felt the voice shrug in his head, which really shouldn't have been possible.

'Look kid, you're from a crazy family of immortals that perform incest and birth children, then leave them to die at the hands of monsters. What's so bad about having a relationship with two, three, a harem of people?'

Percy slammed his fist onto the table.

"I will not be like them."

He didn't hear the voice for the rest of the day.

(Bunker 9)

Leo smiled sadly as he finished what would most likely be his final project… ever. Nudging him out of his stupor was Calypso next to him, offering him a steaming hot cup of coffee.

"You'll need to be awake when you enter.", she said, giving Leo an equally distraught smile.

Leo sighed as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the beverage. Running his overworked, tired hands over his project's sleek, celestial bronze hull, he imagined Festus, locked away by Zeus as a punishment for not instantly agreeing to the god's demands.

Calypso brushed his cheek softly before finally letting herself shed a tear as she realized that this was it. Her Leo might never be coming back.

Leo noticed this, and wrapped his arms around her, completely forgetting the coffee he was holding which just spilled out all over him. Calypso chuckled at that, before accepting the hug.

"I'll come back Cal, I promised you we'd run our own shop together one day.", Leo reminded her as she giggled at the foolish joke that he made before that they planned on making reality.

"You smell like coffee…", she sighed as she tried to dry her tears.

Leo puffed out his chest and spoke in a drawled out attempt at a macho voice, "I hope that means I smell like a man."

She laughed again before glancing at a nearby clock and going back to her sad demeanor.

"It's time…", she said in a tone that voiced that Calypso had already lost all hope.

Leo held her head in his hands, "I promise."

Today would decide the fate of Leo Valdez, what might be his last ever mission…

"Don't you dare die on me Leo Valdez.", Calypso whisper-yelled at him, giving Leo a somewhat more cheerful demeanor as he got his project started.

Unlike every other time someone got emotional in front of him, this time Leo did not give out any sassy comeback. He just opened the hatch to his project, bade a tearful goodbye, and disappeared inside the machine.

"Project Blackjack. Operation is a go."

Inside the dark machine, a faint green glow started to emanate, and Leo could make out the various screens, levers, dials, and buttons that were splayed out around him. He sat on a comfy velvet pilot's chair, rotating around as he checked that everything was in order.

One of the screens started to show him a familiar face, and Leo begrudgingly bowed down to the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena.

"My lady.", Leo said.

"Valdez… I presume you already know the parameters of your mission?", she asked with an underlying doubt in her voice.

Leo coughed before responding, "Wouldn't hurt to review it, right?"

Athena glared at him before sighing and bringing out a scroll from behind her.

"Project Blackjack is a spheric mechanism that is designed to hold one pilot, and can withstand pressure of up to 10,000 Megatons. It's primarily constructed of Hephaestus' special metal no. 9, and is then coated with a thick layer of celestial bronze. Your mission is simple. Enter the ocean's abyss, collect information, and if possible… rescue Poseidon and Hades."

Leo nodded silently. It was a death mission beyond death missions. He trusted his handiwork, but the ocean's abyss already managed to… take… two gods. How hard would it be to take a demigod in a shiny, bronze ball?

"I understand the mission parameters."

Athena nodded in satisfaction, "Good. The mission will now commence. We all wish you luck."

"Righty-o.", Leo agreed as the screen turned to static.

He started shivering before trying to calm himself down.

'You can do this Leo. For Calypso, for Festus, for Percy… and even though I hate to have to say this… but for the gods.', Leo thought.

"Alright… Blackjack, let's get you flying like your namesake."

With a few pushes of a button, the sphere started whirring to life around him, and even though he couldn't see it from inside, Leo could imagine the pair of beautiful, obsidian-colored celestial bronze wings that must have emerged from either side of the sphere.

Holding a shining, pearl encrusted ring in his right hand, Leo new he had to comeback. Or else the gift Percy gave him would never reach its intended owner.

"I promise I'll return."

And with that, Blackjack flew out of Bunker 9 and headed for open waters.

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