"Hey, guys!" One for All cries, jumping to another rooftop. The camera jolts as it follows him but the visual remains good. As more viewers click onto his live stream, they're greeted with the sight of One for All running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

"It's ya boi, One for All! Running from the police, yet again," One for All enthusiastic cry turns to a groan at the end. "This is like... The third time this week? Maybe fourth?" He rambles. As One for All runs, he lifts his arm up where an electronic is strapped to his right arm. One for All's camera is located somewhere in his mask so they can see whatever he sees, as long as he tilts his head wherever he's looking, meaning they can see him checking the comments.

Current viewers: 3,047


Hey OFA! What we doing today

Fifth time, actually.

Why are they even chasing u at this point. their never gonna catch u

did you kill another criminal and i missed it?

thanks for all your hard work though! xxx

What were you doing before the stream?

I think its the fourth time

One for All gives a warm chuckle. "Well then. Apparently, it's the fifth time this week? Man, I'm really losing count here. What are the police even doing at this point?" One for All laughs as he chucks himself over a ledge, allowing himself to free fall to the ground. With impressive reflexes, One for All kicks off the wall and skids on the side of a dumpster to slow down his speed before jumping off. Sprinting down the alleyway, One for All descended into the maze of allys.

u need to be careful before u get hurt

whats the stream for today

Do you even know where youre going

thanks for everything!


fifth time? theyre actual trying 2 get u


Be careful, One for All!

"Today's been a great day, actually. To those who missed the stream earlier, we had Yuko Arokumo arrested for rape and assault. Since there was a total of around 4000 votes, I didn't wait for more people to show up. Sorry 'bout that, guys! Which now leads to why the police are chasing me. Personally, I think it's pretty telling how they found me and stuff."

Yeah! That was actual justice

thank you for listening

I still think he should have been killed.

the police should just give up on you -_- their never gonna catch u + everyone loves u

Arokumo got what he deserves, thanks to you

oh! so thats why there chasing you!

b careful not 2 get hurt honey xx

Suddenly, an officer ran into the alley, having caught up with the famous vigilante. One for All heard the clicking of the gun before he heard the actual man himself. One for All turned around, a serious expression at the officer in blue that aimed a gun.

"Put your weapons down and your hands in the air if you don't want to be hurt!" The officer demanded, pointing his gun directly at One for All's chest. One for All didn't miss a beat, a smirk covering his face.

"Bold of you to assume I don't want to be hurt," One for All chuckles. The officer seemed really confused for a split second before One for All rushes forward, knocking the gun out of his hand before he can even blink. One for All places a well-aimed punch to the officer's face, probably breaking his nose as the officer screams and falls, clutching his nose as he does so. One for All spares a moment to look, staring at the gushing of blood as the officer writhes and cries. Yup, definitely broken. He turns around and runs away again, rushing through the maze.


Is he seriously trying to kill u?


He shouldnt be doing that


heroes could be on their way - get out of their, quick!

are u alright?

this scares me, u need to be more careful before u get hurt

whatd i miss

Rip officer's nose

OFA What happened

"I'm fine, guys! But you gotta give props to that officer for actually managing to find me! Not many can do that, after all. Officer whoever-you-are, well done! All jokes aside though, seriously. Props to him. I lost the rest of the - ugh - force yet he managed to find me," One for All flung himself up to a staircase and then used it propel himself upwards to a roof.

"Alright guys, I know this was one incredibly short stream but I kinda expected something more to happen but I guess not," One for All scanned the rooftop he was on. "So, I'm gonna make it back to my hideout now and I'll do another stream later."

Get back safe

thanks for keeping us up to date

whats going on

see u later xx

hurry up


thanks for much for everything!

bye afo

rememeber to be careful


ill watch your stream later

After bidding another goodbye, One for All cut his camera off, thus ending the stream. He scanned the rooftop once more and took a deep breath. Today had been quite the day. He released a sigh. He didn't have time to dwell on it. If that officer had caught up to him, then surely others would soon, too. He needed to make it back to his hideout before he thought about the events anymore.

One for All ensured the door was properly locked before he headed into his hideout. Or as he loved to call it (to the fan's dismay), the Murderfort. It was the perfect name. It had been based on a joke and of course, One for All had jumped on it the second it was presented to him. It had been a long-standing joke now, really. All of his older fans absolutely despised the name, wanting him to take the proper name they had given him but One for All loved to call it the Murderfort and get on their nerves. His latest followers didn't exactly understand the joke and while some of them liked it and some didn't, they didn't understand the joke behind it.

The joke behind it was there was no proper joke behind it. It was like a little message only his oldest followers could understand. His followers had come up with a legitimate name for his hideout after a two-hour debate and despite giving it an official name, One for All only ever called it the Murderfort, which, to his newer followers, stuck. Plus, there was just the overall factor that it was called the "Murderfort" which really wasn't a good name.

One for All kept his cool for as long as he could. But once he reached the main room of his hideout, he allowed himself to look down at his hands. They were covered in blood. He had been careful not to leave any handprints on any surface on his way back but still...

It was blood that he had shed.

He had killed Watashi Montero and had Yukio Arukumo arrested. There was blood staining his hands. One for All took another deep breath and then pulled his mask off, becoming Midoriya Izuku. Izuku took another shuddering breath, doing his best to calm himself down. There was blood. Blood that he had spilt. Tears welled up in his eyes. Izuku looked down at his shaking hands. It was still there. Still as red and horrifying as ever.

Forcing himself up, Izuku's wandering feet took him to the bathroom. He pulled his gloves off and despite there being no blood on his skin, he washed his hands anyway. He wanted the blood gone. Izuku wasn't sure how long he stood there, just watching his hands but when he pulled his hands back, they weren't clean. They were drenched in blood. All Izuku could hear was the roaring of his blood in his ear, the smell of blood in the air and it was all he could see-hear-smell-it was-it was... It was everywhere-anywhere he looked, it-it was there-. He couldn't-why-why was there so much blood-why was he covered in it-why couldn't he get rid of it-?

Izuku gasped, pulling himself out of his mind and back to reality. He shut his eyes, drowning his thoughts, forcing himself to bring back his sanity- his calm. He took several deep breaths, calming himself down from his panic attack. He was okay. It was okay. He had done what he needed to. He had done what they wanted. He was their voice. He did what they wanted...

But he was still guilty. He was still covered in blood. It hurt.

Izuku pushed himself onto his knees and reached up, turning the tap off before it had a chance to overflow. Deciding that the bathroom floor really wasn't the best place to have a life crisis, he picked his gloves up and forced himself to walk through his hideout until he reached the main room again. His hideout was fairly big, so he had multiple rooms but really, he only ever used the main room and the one to the side. He had managed to get himself a bed as well for nights he needed to stay at his hideout or just to take a break in general. Throwing his gloves to the side, for now, Izuku walked over to his bed and threw himself on it.

He needed a break. Just for a few minutes. He needed to not be One for All, the internet famous vigilante, an official villain to the police and to heroes, a vigilante to the public, an inspiration to thousands and a hero to victims. He needed to be Midoriya Izuku, the quirkless loser who couldn't do anything. But that wasn't right, was it? He could do so much - he was so much. He was more then he should be. He was more than anyone ever expected him to be. He was as much as he wanted to be, but sometimes... It was too much. Whether it was the pressure he had purposely put on himself or the constant blood that was on his hands, he didn't know. He just knew that right now, he needed a break. Just for a few minutes.

Izuku covered his eyes with an arm, blocking out all sources of light. He basked in the silence. He basked in the lack of light. There was no one here. His walls were not covered in blood. There were no voices for him to hear. There was no one reaching out to him. There was no fighting. There was no running. There was no constant analysing every single detail. There was no wondering what was right or wrong. There was no begging for lives. There were no cries for help. There was no chaos.

There was just Midoriya Izuku, a tired individual.

He hadn't realised he was crying. He didn't bother to wipe his tears away, not having the energy to do so. He'd have to do a stream soon, his mind reminded him. He couldn't keep them waiting forever. He'd do it later, he decided. He was tired right now. He was really tired. He was drifting off to sleep, he vaguely realised.

It was when he was asleep that the voices came back. The voices that, despite what they had done to others, begged for their lives. Izuku - One for All wasn't heartless. He gave them all a choice. He gave the public a choice. He gave everyone a choice.

Everyone but himself.

Their voices all mattered. The voices of everyone - the public, the criminal in question, the haters, the police, the heroes and the villains. Everyone. All their voices came together to make up One for All. The only voice that hadn't been accounted for was Midoriya Izuku. It hadn't been accounted for a long time, after all. But that was fine. Midoriya Izuku was used to his voice being silenced, he was used to no one hearing him, he was used to crying out only to be ignored, he was used to not being accounted for and that was fine. Because that was what Midoriya Izuku was. Nothing. Nothing to be accounted for and nothing to be heard. His own opinions didn't matter. What mattered most was what everyone else thought. Never him. Always them.

It was killing him. Being a voice but not being able to use his own. But that was okay. Because who was Midoriya Izuku anyway? A Quirkless Deku? No one needed his voice.

As Izuku drifted off to sleep, the voices haunted him. The begs for their lives. The pleas. The orders of the masses. The crushing pressure and stress. The crying out for no one to hear him for who he was. The smell and sight of blood staining the floor and walls. The blood staining his hands. His fingers tingling as if he was still holding that knife and he was still running that knife over necks and spilling more blood. The constant need to look over his shoulder for any of the criminals looking to take him out before he takes them out. The screaming of the masses. The blaring of the sirens. The flashing lights. The fear, the dread, the self-hatred. The sight of a dead body that he was responsible for. The responsibility of it all. He was trapped under all of it - trapped under the pressure. But regardless of it all... He would continue to be him.

He was One for All and he was the voice of all.