Izuku debates grabbing a chair and hitting Kacchan over the head with it. If he does that, hopefully he'll pass out and they won't have to have any conversation. Then, he'll just wake him up in time for dinner and boom, problem solved.

Well, it'll certainly end in a boom, anyway. But that'd just make everything worse, wouldn't it?

Izuku let out a long sigh, like he had just spent several hours working hard and was incredibly tired and not just like he was about to have a conversation with a childhood friend. Izuku sat down on Kacchan's desk chair, leaning his arms on the back of it as he watched Kacchan, who sat down on his bed, carefully.

The room was silent for several minutes, both boys just staring at each other, waiting for the other to speak. If it was a waiting game, Izuku knew he would win without a doubt - patience wasn't a word that existed in Kacchan's world. Although that being said, usually he would begin twitching from impatience. He wasn't doing that now. No, instead, Kacchan seemed to be assessing him. Watching him and his every move carefully, no doubt testing this theory in his mind.

Izuku had spent his own fair share of hours debating this (long nights plagued with worries and bad thoughts. Two people. Two people knew who he was and he could only reach one of them. His searches to find the other were in vain). In the end, whether or not he trusted Kacchan with keeping his secret depended on how he acted and his responses. If he couldn't trust them, then Izuku wasn't so sure about what he could do. He couldn't make him just "unlearn" his secret and he couldn't keep an eye on him every minute of the day to make sure he didn't spill. Perhaps if he could find someone with a memory quirk... Hell, maybe he was thinking this through too much. Bakugo Katsuki was not someone that went around spilling secrets. No, he was the type to take even the pettiest secret to the grave just for the hell of it.

Deciding that thinking really won't help anymore and they should really just get over with it, Izuku let out another loud sigh. "Well?" He asked boredly, looking at Kacchan expectantly. Kacchan perked up lightly, his eyes narrowing.

"One for All," Kacchan declared, voice raspy and low and full of accusation. Izuku rolled his eyes at Kacchan's oh-so-intelligent manner.

"Yes, yes, caveman. He exists. Now, what have we talked about? Use your big boy words, Kacchan. Remember? Biiiig boooy wooords," Izuku scolded, drawing his words out, entirely mocking, followed by a deep frown and not a hint of a smile. A slight spark came to Izuku's eyes, however. He did love taunting Kacchan. It was his favourite past-time when he wasn't busy or avoiding him.

Kacchan let out a snarl but didn't respond to Izuku's clear mockery. "You're One for All," he said instead, not a question or an option; a fact. Izuku smiles mysteriously, leaning forward in his chair. If Kacchan had his suspicions already, it would be hard to dissuade him. If Izuku admitted to it now, he would at least have some control over the situation, even if only a little.

"And if I was, what would you do with the answer?" Izuku asked, deadly serious. He lost the smile, fixating on the other boy, patiently waiting for the answer. If Kacchan kept his secret, there still wasn't much Izuku could do with it. It'd just be a secret the two had and maybe Kacchan might be able to cover for him once or twice, if he was willing.

But, it was Kacchan, after all. He probably wouldn't be.

Kacchan's face stretched into a scowl. "Nothing," he hissed. Izuku hummed, half expecting Kacchan to try to blackmail him. He wouldn't put it completely past him. Izuku's opinion of him was quite weird - he held him in high regard when it came to being strong and knowing what to do and the like, but he was a bit of a shit person otherwise. Far too much arrogance and anger and Izuku hated that part of him. He loved and hated him. Fun, right?

Yeah, that's what he thought.

Izuku leaned his head into his arms and watched Kacchan lazily. "So, what's the point of knowing?" He pondered out loud. He wasn't denying it, which he should be but honestly: Izuku was tired. So damn tired and he just didn't have the energy in him to be constantly dealing with this explosive dickhead.

"Fight me," Kacchan growled, a deadly glare on his face which Izuku was immune to, and a ferocity in his eyes. The room was silent for several moments as Izuku processed his words.

"...Hell no." Izuku blanched. God, why did this idiot have to fight everything? Yes, Izuku admired that strength and determination but damn did he need anger management. "How about... we just continue the way we were? Y'know, ignoring and hating on each other. I liked that - it's easy to ignore a brainless ape." Now he was undeniably poking at the other teen but you know what? He was a prick to him. Most importantly: Izuku had spent the past few days with minimal sleep, if any, due to his anxiety about this whole situation. It had frayed his nerves and now he was just beyond caring.

Izuku watched with amusement as Kacchan squirmed, trying his hardest to keep his anger at bay. Aw, cute, he was learning.

"Now use your big boy words-" Izuku started, only to be interrupted. Kacchan threw his hands into the air, explosions crackling around him with a yell of anger. Izuku smirked.

"It's really easy to get under your skin, huh, Kacchan?" A shift in Kacchan's body language gave him all the warning he needed. "Oops," Jumping off the chair and rushing to the door with a cartwheel, Izuku managed to avoid two explosions and a punch - courtesy of your very own Kacchan, of course.

He ripped the door open and sprinted down the hallway with a laugh, Kacchan hot on his trail. Practically jumping down the stairs, Izuku skidded into the living room where their parents were with a massive grin. They had settled onto the couch with what looked to be tea and some snacks.

"Momma!" Izuku cried childishly, throwing his arms around her from behind. "How you doin'?" He couldn't keep the childish grin off his face as he snuggled his face next to hers.

"O-oh, Izuku..." His mother stammered, clearly startled. Kacchan stormed into the room and Izuku turned his head to face him. Giving his dear childhood friend a mischievous smirk, Izuku stuck his tongue out and then quickly climbed over the sofa, happily snuggling into his mother's side. Not even the great Bakugo Katsuki would dare to fire an explosion near his mother - for multiple reasons. Izuku liked to think a main reason was because Kacchan knew that Izuku truly would bloody well kill him. But, he knew that the real reason was, of course, despite the explosive personality and his general attitude, he did have respect for some people. Not complete respect but his own little type of respect of 'don't be a dick to this person' and 'my mother will end me if I so much as breathe wrongly in their direction'.

"Wha-what?" His mother stammered, not able to keep up with the quick change of events.

"I'm glad we decided to come, mom! I can't wait for dinner!" Izuku chirped, sharing a friendly smile with the equally startled Bakugos. Mrs Bakugo was quick to recover, a smile appearing on her own face. Izuku knew her well enough to know that she could tell when they were bordering a fight or a potential bad outcome and she could clearly see that Izuku had pissed her son off.

Granted, she refused to care about that.

Instead, Mrs Bakugo called her son over to the couch, slapping the back of his head with a quiet "behave" hissed under her breathe and directed her attention to Izuku as Kacchan seethed quietly, steam rising from his palms. "I'm happy to hear that! Dinner's already in the oven, so it'll be a short bit before it's ready."

"That's okay! We'll just stay down here until then! Right, Kacchan?" Izuku gave his dear childhood friend a bright smile, summoning the power of sparkles and flowers to aid in his innocent act. Next to him, his mother gave her own weary and slightly worried smile, managing to complete the family image of 'too innocent to touch'.

Kacchan continued to seethe.

"I had such a great time, thank you!" Izuku called, waving goodbye with his mother as they exited the Bakugo's house and walked towards the gate.

"It was lovely having you! Be sure to come back soon," Mrs Bakugo gave a wave as well, Mr Bakugo also giving a wave before sending an anxious glance towards his wayward son.

Pissed didn't begin to describe Kacchan right now. No, he was beyond pissed but he also wasn't allowed to explode. He was straining with the effort of keeping his anger at bay and boy, did it show. Izuku had spent the entire evening jabbing at him with subtle hints neither parents could pick up the meaning on and carefully concealed insults. Izuku had done everything in his power to act as the purely innocent Midoriya Izuku that everyone believed him to be. Well, except for Mrs Bakugo, of course. Nothing really escaped her eye. She knew very well how deceptive he could be but she always said he was a good kid, so she didn't mind. She probably picked up on the meaning of a few jabs but she had ignored them, as always. She was really cool, to be honest. She was the balance that Kacchan needed.

As the son and mother walked away, Izuku took great pleasure in hearing the loud scream or rage, followed by explosions that came from the Bakugo house. Kacchan had probably waited until they were 'far away enough' to let it out. The entire neighbourhood could hear it. The entire neighbourhood was also used to it, so no one even batted an eye at the sound. Izuku smirked, pleased. His mother noticed, looking at him worriedly, but deciding not to say anything.

She knew more than she let on as well, it seemed. She was his mother and she was not blind, after all.

When One for All turned on his camera for his stream, he was running atop rooftops. His drone loyally followed after him, recording him from the sky, as always. He was headed to an apartment on the other side of the city - the definite poverty area. There were a small group of villains that he intended to take down today. One for All had been debating his agenda for a while now. All he ever did was go after the 'smaller' villains. The ones that the actually powerful and big villains hired for the sake of more manpower. As far as he was aware - and he was very aware - he hadn't taken down a 'big fish' before. His ideology was that if he kept going after the smaller villains, then the leaders of the major groups would eventually run out of henchmen. It wasn't likely, though. Regardless, he was cutting numbers down and it was the smaller villains that committed the crimes that the public was more aware of. Murders in the street, robbings at any time of day which could financially hurt them, hurting people they cared about and making people feel unsafe in their own home and neighbourhood. Whereas most people didn't even know who or what the big villains were or their goals. They operated in the shadows, harder to find but their crimes having less effect on the public in terms of morale. It was only when they made their big move that people noticed and a lot of people died in the sudden attack.

Today, One for All was unsure about his usual actions. Going after both was the right choice but going after the smaller villains was the smart choice. He couldn't handle the bigger villains - not on his own, anyway. He needed to go smart and fast, not strong and hard. It was one thing to go after villains that had no idea how to cover their trails, compared to the villains who could murder someone and no one would even notice. A villain with enough power to keep themselves at the top and still be strategic enough to rule over their empire.

The problem was; One for All wanted to go after a bigger villain but he knew, he knew, dammit. That despite his experience and everything he's done, he's nowhere near ready. He fights with technological support, trained martial arts, experience and deception. He was the type who fought his opponent without actually fighting them - having them fight themselves or amongst themselves. Parrying blows and wearing them down before moving in for an actual attack, finding ways to turn them against each other, bouncing off the walls and floors like a fucking bunny to make it look like he was going in for attacks and actually giving a small amount of resistance to their quirks just to tire them out.

No, as much as One for All wanted, he could not go after a bigger villain. He wasn't strong enough, not with the way he fought and the way he was now. Without a Quirk, he had nothing to fall back on if his technology and usual tactics failed. He had enough training and experience to be able to fight hand-to-hand if it came down to it, if parrying and dodging wasn't enough to save him, but nothing to help match Quirks.

And yet, the naive hero accidentally walked unknowingly right into a Lion's Den. The damned big fish.

One for All jumped off the wall, the booster in his boots aiding him to send him all the way to the floor, absorbing the impact so he could immediately go straight for the next wall. He moved as fast as he could, jumping around and dodging as many bullets as he could. The mask in his camera was still streaming but his drone had been shot down a few minutes ago.

A villain with black hair and a single brown eye - the other one was closed, a deep scar covering it - was shooting at him with a literal machine gun and he was panicking. One for All imagined that the villain couldn't use his left eye and tried to move towards the left where he might have just enough of an opening to attack. Of course, dodging rapid gunfire as fast as he could was a hard enough task on its own, getting close enough to disarm him near impossible. One for All tilted his body, pushing off the ceiling and deciding to risk it all, shot off in the direction of the villain. His feet smashed into the villain's face, the gun still firing but missing him as the villain was thrown backwards, hitting his head on the wall and falling unconscious in a slump.

One for All fell to the ground in a crouch, a heavy breath of relief escaping him. Taking the few seconds he had to assess himself, he noticed his multiple scrapes and cuts. He hadn't been able to completely dodge the bullets - a lot had scraped him. Some were light while quite a few were deep. Hissing, One for All stood from his crouch, pressing a hand to his side and keeping his right arm close to his body. The deepest scrape was his stomach - it was bleeding excessively. There were three deep scrapes on his right arm, two of which were so close that the skin in between was threatening to rip if he moved his arm too much. His left arm was much better, only having one scrape. He had two scrapes between both his thighs and another scrape on his cheek. The realisation of how closely he had quite literally just dodged death slammed into him and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself. He had come too far as One for All to back down now. He was the one who wanted this. No one had asked for him - he had taken it upon himself. So, it was his responsibility to deal with what happened next.

He just hoped it wasn't certain death. He didn't want to break his mother's heart.

Absentmindedly, his eyes drifted to his wrist, looking at the screen and rapidly appearing comments. A quick glance informed him that his fans were, indeed, losing their shit. But to be fair, when weren't they? Wait, no - he couldn't focus on that right now. His followers were important but right now, he needed to focus on surviving and getting through this.

A glint through the doorway behind the unconscious villain's back gave him just enough warning to throw himself to the side, dodging a shuriken that would have ended somewhere in his legs. Dammit. These guys were really aiming to maim and kill. Better yet; they were serious. If it was up to One for All, he'd probably attempt an escape. However, it seems these guys were intending to set a trap for him. He had entered the lone apartment and after a few seconds of being inside, metal had covered the windows and all the doors except for the one in front of him, sealing off his escapes. The only possible escape was forward and he assumed there was nothing nice about what was through that door. The shuriken only helped prove that.

"So, who's so excited to see me?" One for All called playfully, addressing whoever was through the door. He was in no way, shape or form having fun or enjoying this situation, but he needed to keep his act up. He was still standing to the side, so whoever was there shouldn't have a clear shot of him. He hoped, anyway. It also meant that he didn't have a clear shot either.

"Our boss," A female voice responded just as a figure appeared through the door. One for All tensed. A young woman, looking to be in her mid-20s with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes leaned against the door-frame. "He's a bit upset with you. He doesn't do a lot of work but for all the work he does do, you've made it a lot harder. You keep taking our guys out and I guess he's not happy with that," The woman explained, inspecting her long nails. She was acting bored but One for All could see the curiousity and excitement barely hidden behind her eyes. "Buuuut, it is nice to meet you! Everyone talks about you nowadays! You're almost as popular as All Might yet nowhere near as strong."

"...Thanks?" One for All really wasn't sure what to say about that. Yeah, he knew he was popular. People from overseas known about him by now - but that was probably because he was an online hero and if news was to spread efficiently through only one method, it was the internet. It was the only reason he was popular, really.

The wall next to woman burst, debris flying everywhere and One for All jumped back in blind defence, not able to see through the debris what was happening. Something slammed into him and One for All let out a cry of pain as he was slammed into the opposite wall, the wind knocked out of him instantly. Blurry vision, One for All quickly tried to recollect himself enough to make out what his attacker looked like or rather, what they were using.

Blinking, his vision readjusted and he looked down at what was keeping him pressed to the wall. It looked like some kind of energy Quirk? One for All looked up, spotting his attacker just in front of him. It looked like he was projecting his energy and forming into whatever shape he- One for All was pulled from the wall and slammed right back into it. For a brief moment, his vision went black before returning to him. Forcing his body to obey him, One for All squirmed until he could reach his gauntlet, immediately pressing a button he hated. A horrible screeching sound that grated right through his ears to his brain wailed loudly, painfully. Both of the villains yelled in anger, attempting to cover their ears. The energy drew back from around One for All, the owner deciding to protect his ears from the horrible sound. No matter how many times he heard it, he'd never get used to the sound. Well, that was sort of the point, but... Yeah.

It was like drawing a nail down a chalkboard but worse and louder.

Who said you couldn't irritate someone in order to win a fight?

He turned the screech off, jumping forward towards the female villain, then sharply to the right to avoid being in her sight. He kicked her in the side, the booster in his boots giving his kick extra strength. She was sent flying into the wall and One for All rushed to the other villain, ducking under the solid energy that had formed hands to grab him. Skidding, he jumped up, twisting in the air so his feet hit the ceiling before bounding back down, smashing his fist into the male's face. One for All could feel the breaking of bones under his fingers as they cried out in pain, losing balance. One for All caught his balance by landing in a hand-stand, quickly springing upwards. He grabbed the villain by their arms, swinging them around and - the female villain was getting up - throwing them towards the female villain and knocking them both down. They landed in a pile of limbs. One for All's eyes swept around the room, scanning for any other threat or potential weapon they could use against him. The first villain he fought when he arrived was still unconscious, lying exactly where One for All had left him. Albeit he was covered in a bit of debris. His gun was on the other side of the room, reassuring One for All that at the very least, he wouldn't have to immediately worry about rapid gunfire.

Holding his right arm up, he pointed his gauntlet at the two, his taser crackling. A warning. "Who do you work for?" One for All asked calmly, slightly out of breath. Answers would be nice. His eyes flickered to his gauntlet once more, the screen showing his stats. His camera was still on, with over 7000 people currently watching, he still had a grand total of 89% of power left and Asher, one of his Admins, was trying to contact him. He had more than enough power to shock them a few times. He hoped it wouldn't have to come to that, though. Despite wanting to, he couldn't take Asher's call right now, even though the admin would undoubtedly be trying to help.

One for All watched as the female villain struggled up, pushing her friend off and looking up to him. She scowled. "Someone very smart and very annoyed," she answers and One for All rolled his eyes.

"Very helpful. Who are they?" One for All demanded. He looked around again, wondering if there were any cameras. It didn't look like there were-wait. No, there was. Now that he was looking for it and looking carefully, he could see it. There was a small - and he meant small - camera in the right corner of the room. One for All couldn't exactly tell where it was pointed but he assumed it would be in his general direction. Maybe he could use it? Or was someone watching them? One for All narrowed his eyes. Their boss, maybe? He might have to worry about back-up, then.

"I'd be more worried about what's behind you," The woman smirked and One for All heard a click behind him. His heart practically leapt into his throat and he quickly tried to spin around-

One for All choked, his body freezing. He hadn't been able to turn around in time, so he craned his head around slowly. There was no one behind him - but there was a hole in the wall. Mechanical parts withdrew back into the wall and a slot came down, closing the compartment. One for All stumbled, losing his balance, his mind trying to catch up. Something had just stabbed him in the back and it was deep. He didn't know how deep, just that it was still in his back and he could feel his blood slowly pouring from the wound and down his back. Fumbling, he caught his balance, leaning down until he was resting on his knees. He couldn't breathe.

One for All could feel the blood rushing through his skull, the blood pouring from the fresh wound on his back and the horrible feeling of- something near his spine. His mind refused to work properly and all he could focus on was the pain every single second the wound remained. For a brief, terrible moment, all he could focus on was pure instinct to fight and kill his attackers and tear the entire room down before curling into a ball and just laying there and wishing the pain away. The instinct was overwhelming but with a great deal of willpower, he forced it down. His mind screamed at him, blared the danger in his ears, his nerves reminding him of the damage done and the seriousness of the wound, the need to fix and heal and One for All took the moment he really didn't have to force it all down again, forcing himself to remain in control and not attack mindlessly - he couldn't allow himself to break his code, to kill without a trial, to do something he wasn't supposed to without consulting his usual guidelines and what they allowed.

He had to remain in control.

The woman was getting up and preparing to attack. One for All couldn't kill her - the only thing he could do was leave her for the Police and hope there was a warrant out for her arrest. She hadn't been the one to stab him so he couldn't pin this on her, use that as the evidence. Villains attacking him held no evidence when it came to the trials.

Stick to your morals and hold on tightly. (These scars made you who you are, he reminds himself. The motto he's always used when his mind panics.)

One for All lurched to the side as more shurikens flew in his direction. His body screamed in protest but he forced himself to ignore it. Dodging the further missiles that were thrown in his direction, One for All lunged forward, tackling the woman to the ground. She punched him in the nose and he hissed in pain as his head snapped back. Gritting his teeth, he returned his gaze to her, already drawing his fist up to return the favour. Smashing his fist down onto her with the most strength he could muster, he watched as her head smacked against the ground from the force before her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her entire body relaxed under him. One for All deemed her unconscious.

Giant hands wrapped around him, pulling him off the ground and into the air. The air rushed around him as he was thrown across the room, his back smashing into the wall and the oxygen once again forced out of his body as pure agony went through his body. His vision blacked out for a second, before returning in a haze. He struggled, only to find his strength was rapidly slipping.

"What? Can't kill me?" His attacker taunts and One for All wheezes as more oxygen is forced out of his lungs, cutting off the air supply he desperately needs. He grins anyway, blood staining his teeth from his busted lip.

"N-ah, c-can't do th-at-at. I don't h...have a fi-le on you," and it's, unfortunately, the truth. The hands grip him tightly and the next thing One for All knows, he's flung across the room again, slamming against the surfaces of the room multiple times. On his fifth visit to the floor, his head smacks against the ground and everything goes black.

Alright, I'll be honest. I'm nowhere near happy with the ending. I wanted to be more dramatic but I just didn't know how to end it and I didn't have the motivation for it. The chapter was technically ready like, two months ago but I was struggling on how to end it. I got frustrated, so I just left it with that. I hope it's good enough anyway.