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It was many hours later as the sun began to set when Nepgear and Jupiter stood at the front doors of the Basilicom seeing the other CPUs as they stood outside. "I..." Nepgear began, unsure what to say.

"I'm none too pleased that you were spying on us for so many years." Black Heart said to Nepgear. "But if I was in your position, I would have done the same thing." She had a pensive look on her face.

"The amount of Anti-CPU measures you took also worries me." Green Heart said as she looked at Nepgear. "You said you were going to dismantle them?"

Nepgear nodded at her. "I have no intention of using them ever again. And I don't want to erode any sort of trust that could happen between us from here on out."

"Nepgear..." White Heart walked up to Nepgear and had a pensive look on her face. "I can't undo the damage I did to you or to Planeptune..." She turned to look at her sisters, who were giving her stern looks and she sighed and looked back at Nepgear. "After nearly losing my sisters today... I know how you must have felt for the past ten years. I... I'm so sorry."

"...Sorry can never bring back Neptune." Nepgear said softly and White Heart winced. "But... I... She wouldn't want me to carry on hating you." White Heart gasped in shock. "I love her, I miss her... Nothing can change that, or what you did." Nepgear took a deep breath and held out her hand. "I'm willing to try and fulfill her final request and move forward, as allies if nothing else."

"...That's more than a monster like me deserves." White Heart said as she took Nepgear's hand and shook it. "If there was some way to bring her back, I would, but..." She looked at Histoire, who shook her head. "I truly am sorry."

"I know."

"We need to go." Black Heart said softly. "Nepgear, you said..."

"I'll keep my promise..." Nepgear said to her. "One week from today, I'll officially invite all of you back and announce the end of the Console Wars."

"It's been a long day." Green Heart said tiredly. "I'd like to..."

"Wait!" A voice interrupted Green Heart and she turned to see Compa, who yelled, and IF, who was running up to them. "We can't stay here! We need to get home!"

"What Compa means is that our hotel room got destroyed in that fight." IF answered. "And we have no more clean clothes." As the others laughed, she turned to Nepgear. "Um, you're CPU Lilac Heart, right?"

Nepgear nodded. "Yes, and you're IF, correct?"

IF nodded and bowed to Nepgear quickly and straightened herself before continuing. "Yes, that's right. Um... Thank you SO much for helping me out. I never thought I could walk normally again."

"So why do you have a cane?" Nepgear asked, confused. "You should have no problem walking if you used the regeneration tanks."

"Ah..." IF blushed heavily. "My balance is all off. I kept falling over during rehab."

Green Heart chuckled and floated over to IF and Compa. "I can carry you both home, sure."

Nepgear did something she never thought she would do in her life, she waved at the other CPUs and nodded to them. "I'll see you all in a week... So... Take care." They looked at her in shock, before all of them smiled and flew off for their homes.

Histoire tapped Nepgear on the shoulder. "I have to tell you something in private. Jupiter, please follow as well." She turned and floated into the Basilicom, followed by Jupiter and Nepgear. "As you know, I was created by Rei Ryghts and I have access to a vast majority of her power." She said as she floated backwards while looking at them. "I... Nepgear, I apologize. Now I know why I was like how I was when I was teaching you to become a CPU." Nepgear gave her a confused look. "All the things I said that makes a good CPU... Were things that Rei imparted on me back when she was a good CPU." She blushed at the shocked looks that Nepgear and Jupiter gave her. "Believe it or don't, but Rei was once a very good and steadfast CPU who did all she could for her people. She was taken advantage of by people too many times and she snapped and became what you saw out there."

"...So when you were training me to be a CPU... You were training me to be like Rei?" Nepgear asked, getting a nod from Histoire. "...You know, I don't know why, but I suddenly remember something Arfoire told me ten years ago."

"Huh?" Both Jupiter and Histoire said at the same time.

"That I reminded her of the first True Goddess of Gamindustri... She meant Rei, and then Rei and Uzume told me that I was like them, I was full of hate... And you trained me to be like Rei..." Nepgear had a contemplative look on her face. "...If not for Neptune, I would have ended up like her, wouldn't have I?"

Histoire had a sorrowful look on her face and slowly nodded. "I... I'm afraid so, I knew you were on that path, I... I'm so thankful that Neptune appeared and got you off that path."

"You and me both." Jupiter said and hugged Nepgear tightly. "Don't go evil CPU on me, please?"

"...I won't." Nepgear hugged Jupiter back. "Neptune made sure that I won't ever go back down that path. I don't want her to have anymore regrets."

If nothing else, she wanted her sister's spirit to be able to rest easy.


In Lowee...

"Blanny!" C-Sha glomped White Heart after she turned back into Blanc. "Rommy! Rammy!" She pulled the White Sisters into the hug and squeezed them tightly as tears fell out of her eyes. "I saw what happened and I was so worried! I wish I had gone with."

"I'm glad you didn't." Blanc said softly and hugged C-Sha back. "I would have been worried about you." She felt C-Sha shuddering and she felt her own tears fall out of her eyes. "I'm so sorry." She whispered to them.

She wasn't sure who she was talking to, but she had the need to say it.

The four of them stayed in the hug for almost twenty minutes when Financier forced them to break it up and get cleaned up for dinner and bed.

As she shuffled off to get cleaned up, Blanc wondered if maybe Financier was like a mother to her as well.


A couple of hours later...

"Blanc... Blanc..."

Blanc looked up in surprise as she saw Purple Heart. "What?" The two were surrounded by a forest.

"Do you really think that you deserve any sort of happiness?" Purple Heart asked and held up a mirror, showing a scarred, blue-skinned and utterly hideous version of Blanc looking back at the CPU. Blanc's face was full of fear as she trembled. "After what you did, you really..."


Blanc fell on her butt as a giant Thwamp landed on where Purple Heart was a moment ago. "W...What?"

"Dang it, Blanc!" A voice she hadn't heard in ages yelled at her and she looked up to see Neptune falling down off the Thwamp and landed on the ground before running up to her and poking her in the chest. "Stop feeling so gosh-darn guilty!"

"H...Huh?" Blanc's eyes were wide as she trembled. "n...Neptune?"

"Yeppers!" Neptune smiled at her suddenly. "I'm the Neptune you killed in Celestia ten years ago." The next thing she knew, Blanc was clinging to her and sobbing. "Blanc?"

"Why? Why didn't you fight harder? Why did you let me.. WAAAAAAH!"

Neptune smiled softly and patted Blanc on her back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to die that day. Between you and Nep Jr., I have so many regrets that I can't move on."

Time seemed to have no meaning for the two as Blanc sobbed while Neptune hugged and held her.

Eventually Blanc pulled back and sniffled while looking at her. "I... I... I miss you... I..." She suddenly grabbed Neptune and kissed her on the lips, shocking the dead CPU.

After the kiss ended, Blanc was red in the face while Neptune giggled softly. "Nep woah..." Neptune was a little woozy. "I'm glad that I don't need air now." She gave Blanc a confused look. "Why'd you kiss me like that though?"

"That was more of an "I'm sorry" kiss than a "I love you kiss", okay?" Blanc smiled softly. "I've been wanting to do that for years."

"Are you sure you want to kiss me though?" Neptune asked and Blanc looked confused until Neptune pointed behind her and she saw C-Sha's sleeping body. "You love her, don't you?"

"But I don't..."

Neptune came up behind Blanc and wrapped her arms around Blanc's midsection and hugged her as she leaned in. "I don't blame you for killing me, Blanc. I want you to stop blaming yourself and stop pushing C-Sha away already." Blanc looked a bit guilty and Neptune sighed before tightening her hug. "Blanc, if you want to help me, I want you to let go of your guilt and be happy with C-Sha." She let go as Blanc turned to look at her and Neptune smiled at her. "Please? If you promise to stop pushing C-Sha away and let her in fully, I can move on without regrets."

Blanc sighed and nodded, smiling softly. "Neptune... Why don't you hate me?"

"Because I always thought of us as friends." Neptune answered her. "No! No being guilty." Neptune shook her head. "Friends forgive each other."

"...But I killed you."

Neptune shrugged. "I knew that was a possibility. Now, you go and do all sorts of lewd and naughty things to C-Sha every night without any guilt in your head. You aren't a monster, you're just Blanny Blanny B."

Blanc twitched as Neptune ran off laughing. "DON'T CALL ME THAT!" She couldn't believe that Neptune would remember that cheesy promotional video she had done so long ago.

After Neptune disappeared, she smiled softly. "Thank you, Neptune..." Closing her eyes, she felt herself return to the world of the living.


"Ngh..." Blanc groaned and opened her eyes before sitting up and looking at C-Sha and smiling. "Hey, C-Sha..." She shook her bed partner until she woke up.

"Ngh? Blanny?" C-Sha groaned as she rubbed her eyes and sat up, revealing that she slept in her panties as her bare breasts bounced from the movements. "It's two in the morning, what is it?" She was surprised as Blanc kissed her on the lips. "Blanny?"

"I'm sorry, for being so cold to you for so long." Blanc whispered softly. "...Will you let me make it up to you?"

"Of course." C-Sha smiled and hugged Blanc back. "Just not right now, I'm tired."

"Of course." Blanc said and sighed happily as C-Sha guided her back onto the bed where they cuddled against each other while drifting off to sleep in each other's arms. 'Thank you, Neptune.'



Noire looked around in confusion. "Hello?" There was no answer, the area was just a black, jumbled mess.

"Really, hello?" A familiar voice spoke up and Noire spun around to see herself, or rather, Black Heart, glaring at her. "Do you really think you should forgive Nepgear for all the spying on you?"

"Do you blame her?" Noire shot back and Black Heart scoffed.

"You've become weak." Black Heart narrowed her eyes at Noire. "You wouldn't have put up with that back during the Console Wars."

"Yeah, and all that did was get us manipulated by an ancient witch, drove a wedge between Planeptune and our nations, allowed for an ancient CPU to manipulate the people and turn them against us and all of us nearly died!" Noire yelled at Black Heart. "I don't give a crap about that anymore."

"Then you should die."

Noire sighed and her shoulders sagged. "When Uni's ready to take over, I don't plan on living after she becomes Lastation's CPU. I've done too much damage to the world, why should I be there to see it recover from the wars?" She didn't feel like she deserved to live, the only reason she held on was because of Uni and because she knew what would happen to Lastation if she perished too soon. 'Uni's ready though, she could take over tomorrow if she had to.' Maybe it was time for her to go? The world didn't need someone like her in it after all.

"Because you..."

"Oh shut up!" A new voice interrupted Black Heart and both she and Noire turned to see Purple Heart, katana drawn, walking towards them, a stern look on her face. "First of all, Noire, I don't want you killing yourself. Secondly, Black Heart..." She narrowed her eyes at the other CPU, who was looking at her in confusion. "The wars are over."

"You're dead!" Black Heart snapped back at Purple Heart and turned to Noire. "Here! Here's your chance! Use my power and put her down for good."

"But, I..." Noire didn't know what was going on.

"Noire..." Purple Heart said softly. "I want you to know that I never blamed you for your part in killing me ten years ago." Noire's eyes widened in shock. "That's right, I'm the spirit of Purple Heart that died in Celestia."

"But..." Noire fell to her knees and trembled. "Are you here for revenge?"

"Fool!" Black Heart snarled at Noire. "Just use my power! End, GAH!" She cried out as a digital blade of energy slammed into her leg.

"Do shut up." Purple Heart narrowed her eyes as she pointed her index and middle finger at Black Heart before raising her arm into the air. "32 Bit Mega Blade Kebab."

Black Heart stared in horror as the sky was filled with 32 Bit Mega Blades, she looked at Purple Heart, who smirked as she dropped her arm and hundreds of 32 Bit Mega Blades skewered Black Heart from all directions.

"...What's going on?" Noire asked as the attack ended and she trembled as Black Heart turned into a black mist, wondering if that was going to happen to her next. She found herself sinking to her knees as she looked at Purple Heart. "I...If you're here for revenge, go ahead, I deserve to die, by your hand if nothing else." At least she could die without the regrets of killing Purple Heart burdening her down.

"You're so much like Nepgear." Purple Heart said softly as she put her katana away and walked over to Noire before kneeling and pulling the confused and scared CPU into a hug. "That wasn't really your HDD power, Noire, it was your anger and guilt given form."

"I...Is it really you?" Noire asked as she trembled. "This is a dream, right?"

"Yes, but..." Purple Heart closed her eyes and her body shifted as she transformed back into her human form. "I don't want ya to kill yerself." Neptune said as she pulled back from Noire and winked at her.

"Neptune..?" Noire whispered softly as the scenery changed and the two were on a grassy hill overlooking Lastation. "What..?" The sky was dark, but full of stars and the moon was full, casting illumination over the two of them.

Neptune giggled and sat down next to Noire on the grass. "Silly, I'm a ghost!"

"Oh..." Noire said softly and looked down. "I.. Neptune, I..."

"Jeez, don't say everything at once." Neptune giggled at Noire. "I know you're sorry, Noire." Suddenly Noire hugged her again and buried her face into Neptune's chest as she sobbed. "It's okay, let it all out." She gently patted Noire on the back as the black haired CPU cried.

After some time, Noire stopped crying and just rested on Neptune. "I'm so sorry."

"I know." Neptune rubbed Noire's back. "Just promise me that you'll live your life to its fullest and be friends with Nep Jr. for me, okay?" Noire nodded and Neptune smiled. "Good. No more talk of killing yourself. You and Nep Jr. are so darn suicidal." Noire gave her a confused look. "Nep Jr. wanted to kill herself too. I want you to talk to her and give each other support, okay?"

"...Okay." Noire sighed and closed her eyes. "Neptune, I'm sorry... That I didn't become your friend."

"It's okay." Neptune impulsively gave Noire a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I don't hate you, just get some sleep, no more nightmares."

Noire pursed her lips. "Hey, Neptune, can I ask you something?"

"Huh? Sure." Neptune smiled, wondering what was on Noire's mind.

Noire sighed softly. "Why did you come to us and ask us to be your friend right away?"

Neptune was silent for a little while before nodding. "You know that I was alive before you were, right?" Noire nodded at her. "I knew your predecessor personally." Noire's eyes widened in surprise. "I never brought her up because I hated her and Blanc and Vert's predecessors."

Noire was shocked. "You? Hate? What?" She couldn't believe it, from what she remembered of the dead CPU, Neptune didn't have a mean bone in her body, so why would she admit to that?

"They tried to have me assassinated dozens of times." Neptune answered her. "I kind of came into the world after they had established a pecking order of things. They didn't like the upstart idiot CPU screwing things up, so they wanted to eliminate me." She shrugged at Noire. "I don't blame you for what your predecessor tried to do, but I didn't want you to turn out like her, so that's why I did that whole prank war with you, Vert and Blanc."

"Oh..." Noire was tempted to ask about the pair of panties of hers that Neptune had stolen, but thought she was better off not knowing.

"But that wasn't even the reason I hated them." Neptune sighed and looked up, causing Noire to look at her in confusion. "They didn't care about their people that much. You, Vert and Blanc care about your people, none of you would have fought each other or me near a village full of people."

Noire nodded, that was true. "Can't believe we fought for so long."

Neptune nodded and gave Noire a small smile. "Yeah. Though a good chunk of the fighting we did was pretty funny. Like that time you made Blanc have an afro."

Noire suddenly burst out laughing as she remembered that. "Or that time you dyed Vert's hair multiple colors!"

Neptune giggled at her. "Or that time I cut your hair when you were asleep and you spent a long time with short hair."

Noire gave her an annoyed look. "That took forever to regrow. But I'll give you credit, at least it was stylish." She then had a savage grin on her face. "How about that time when I had that alchemist with the bunny outfit turn you into a boy for six months?"

Neptune groaned in dismay. "I'll have you know that it was so weird to have dangly parts in between my legs." It had taken her a week to learn how to walk and sit without hurting herself when she was trapped as a boy for that time.

Noire suddenly blushed as she remembered something important. "But you were a hunk in your HDD form for that time."

Neptune suddenly had a grin on her face. "Why, Noire, you weren't doing anything lewd when you were alone during that time, were you?" Her grin died as Noire's blush increased and she poked her fingers together. "...What?"

"...What if I told you yes?"

Neptune face-faulted as Noire started to laugh. "Curses! My teasing was turned against me!" She joined Noire in laughing after a bit. "Feeling better?"

"Yeah." Noire smiled and closed her eyes as she faded from her dreamscape. "Neptune, thank you. And, I would have loved to have been your friend."

Neptune smiled at where Noire was just a moment ago. "I know, I wanted to be your friend too."



"Where am I?" Vert asked as she looked around in confusion. All around her was dark mist and shadows.

"Heya, Vert!" A voice from the mists spoke up and Vert's eyes widened in shock and she put her hands over her mouth as Neptune walked forward and the scenery changed to her living room.

"Neptune, but..."

"Don't worry, you're not having a nightmare." Neptune kept smiling at her. "I'm Neptune, the CPU you speared in Celestia."

"...Are you here for revenge or to condemn me?"

"Nah!" Neptune just grinned at her. "Imma gunna do something I've wanted to do since I first saw you." The next thing Vert knew, Neptune was hugging her and burying her face into the busty CPU's chest. "Mmmm! They're really comfy, just like I always thought they'd be."

"Um..." Vert blinked in surprise as Neptune let go of the hug and stepped away. "It's not often the dead want to smother themselves in my boobs."

Neptune laughed at Vert. "I know."

"I..." Vert sighed and sat down. "I was horrible. It's probably why I don't have a sister, huh?" She looked up as Neptune grabbed her hands and squeezed them.

"You weren't any worse than I was." Neptune said to her, a gentle look on her face as she smiled. "I dunno if I can influence anything anymore, but if I can, I'll see about making you get a little sister, okay?"

"You'd do that for your murderer?"

Neptune hugged Vert. "We're friends, so of course I would." She smiled as Vert hugged her back. "But don't get your hopes up, I don't know what I can do when I have to go."

Vert blinked as Neptune started to giggle uncontrollably. "What's wrong?" She asked as she pulled away from the hug.

"Oh, I dunno why, but for some reason..." Neptune had a lewd look on her face as she giggled. "I just imagined you wanting a sister sandwich of me and Nep Jr. and couldn't help but imagine how lewd that would be."

Vert blushed at that. "That would be really lewd, maybe in another life that could have happened."

Neptune laughed at that. "Maybe." She stopped laughing and sighed softly. "So, no more being sad, okay? I want you to be happy. Look after your people and fix your problems, okay?"

Vert nodded. "I promise. There's a lot to clean up after the Anti-CPU faction made a mess of things."

Neptune cupped Vert's cheeks, causing the blonde CPU to blush softly. "Please? I want you to live, okay?"

Vert nodded and pulled Neptune into another hug. "I wish I could undo what happened. If we had just listened to you and became friends back then..."

"I know." Neptune said softly. "Just be friends with Nep Jr. for me, okay?" Vert nodded. "Because I don't want anymore regrets."


Neptune smiled before giggling. "Hey, Vert, don't smother my younger sisters too much, okay?" Vert giggled back as she found her body relaxing. "No more guilt, no more sadness, you be a good CPU and walk forward with your head held high, okay?"

"Yeah, I will." Vert smiled as she found herself drifting into a peaceful slumber where her dreams wouldn't bother her anymore.

Neptune smiled and sighed. "Two more stops."


Jupiter looked around in confusion. "Didn't I just fall asleep next to sis? Why am I in the living room?"

"Heya, Nep the Third!"

Jupiter's eyes widened as she turned to see Neptune, the small Neptune, wearing a white hoodie and leaning against the wall. "...Neptune? But... What?"

"To answer simply, I'm the ghost of Neptune." Neptune answered her, causing Jupiter to nod. "It's so good to finally meet you."

"You're sis's big sis, huh?" Jupiter had a look of trepidation on her face. "So why are you here?"

"To make sure that you're okay." Neptune smiled as she pushed off from the wall and walked over to Jupiter. "And to ask you a favor."

"A favor?" Jupiter asked as Neptune grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"I can't look after our sister anymore. I want you to keep being there for her." Neptune had a sad look on her face. "I wish I could do more, but..."

"Is that all?" Jupiter smiled and hugged her big sister. "I promise you, Neptune, I won't let anything bad happen to Nepgear if I can help it."

Neptune hugged Jupiter back and smiled as tears leaked out of her eyes. "Thank you. Because seeing Nepgear laying there dying almost gave me a heart attack. Don't let her get like that again."

"I promise, big sis."

Neptune smiled as she continued to hug Jupiter. "Thank you." She felt so much lighter than she had in years. "I'm sorry that I couldn't speak to you until now. I was so worried about Nep Jr. that I couldn't..."

"It's okay." Jupiter said as she let go of the hug. "I understand. I'll do my best, both for sis and for Planeptune."

Neptune smiled happily. "That makes me feel good. Why don't you get some more sleep, okay? When it's your time to come over, I want you to promise me that you'll have lots of good stories for me."

"Of course." Jupiter said as she watched Neptune disappear in her mind.


Nepgear sighed as she looked around. She was in a clearing surrounded by trees. "This was where Neptune took me to go on a picnic right after I was born."

"I'm glad you remembered, Nepgear." Neptune said and Nepgear gasped as her sister walked into the clearing, looking serene and somewhat transparent. "I... Nepgear, I can't be here anymore."

"Neptune..." Nepgear walked over to her sister and hugged her. "I... I don't want you to go."

"Don't worry." Neptune smiled as she hugged Nepgear back. "Like you said, I'm in your heart and on your back. I'll live on as part of you forever."

The two held the hug for some time before slowly breaking it off.

"Neptune..." Nepgear began, unsure of what to say.

"Hey!" Neptune smiled at her sister. "Don't be sad. If you ever miss me, just have Histy call one of the other Mes and talk to them." Nepgear's eyes widened as she realized that she could do that. "So no more being sad, I want you to work on your smile too!"

Nepgear nodded as she watched Neptune slowly becoming more and more transparent. "It's time then?"

"Yeah." Neptune nodded. "My regrets are being lifted, I just wanted to say goodbye." She grinned as an idea came to her. "Oh! And, Nepgear?"


"Stop being so mean to Anonydeath, okay? After all, he is your boyfriend, isn't he?"

Nepgear's face turned red. "He is NOT my boyfriend!"

"Mwahahahahahahaha!" Neptune fell on her butt and kicked her legs in the air while clutching her stomach. "My sister's a tsundere!"

As Neptune started to fade away, Nepgear found herself crying again. "Neptune... I love you... I'll miss you."

"I know." Neptune nodded at her. "Take care, Nepgear."

"I will, goodbye Neptune and thank you!" Nepgear called out as Neptune faded and disappeared for good.

"I'll always... Be... Watching... Over you... I... Love... You... Nepgear." Neptune's voice echoed in her mind before fading away with her spirit.

"Neptune." Nepgear trembled and nodded. "I love you too. But don't worry, I'm not alone..." She closed her eyes as she faded away from her dream world.

"Not anymore."


Nepgear woke up and noticed that it was still early, she had an hour before she normally woke up. Looking to her side, she felt herself trying to smile as she saw Jupiter sleeping next to her, with the Neptune and Purple Heart plushies in her arms.

Nepgear closed her eyes and pulled Jupiter into a hug. "I love you, Jupiter."

"I love you too, sis." Jupiter answered and shifted so she could hug her sister. "Even though you do some dumb things."

Nepgear snorted in amusement. "Says that naughty girl who left my country without my permission." Her voice wasn't angry or accusatory, some people would actually say it was almost playful.

Jupiter giggled while Nepgear tried to smile. It was hard, but she kept working on it.

The two drifted back to sleep, cuddling against each other. It wasn't until Histoire came to get them that they woke up...

...Four hours later.


B-Sha sighed as she came into work. Her shoulders were slumped and her feet were almost dragging behind her. "Lei-Lei..." She said softly. She knew it wasn't the woman's real name, she knew that the woman had been using her and Nepgear, she knew that the woman had nearly destroyed the world, she knew all of that...

"I still thought of her as a friend."

"B-Sha." She heard Nepgear's voice and she looked up to see her CPU looking at her. "Will you follow me to my office?"

B-Sha gulped and hoped that she wasn't in trouble. As she followed Nepgear, she tried to say something, but found that she couldn't.

When they got into Nepgear's office, B-Sha blinked in surprise as she saw Histoire and the recently revealed Jupiter. "Um... Lady Nepgear, what is..?"

Nepgear turned to face her. "You tried to protect my sister against someone I know you considered a friend." B-Sha looked away, shame on her face. "I don't blame you, B-Sha. You had no clue who she was."

"So, why am I..?"

Histoire interrupted her. "We were wondering, would you like to take a week off to get your affairs in order?"

"Am I being fired?" B-Sha asked as she looked at them, trembling and trying to keep herself from crying.

"No." Nepgear shook her head. "You know that I lost my elder sister ten years ago," B-Sha nodded, "so I want you to have time so that you can grieve over the loss of your friend." B-Sha gasped in shock as Nepgear slowly raised her lips up as she tried to smile. "I'm not going to make you work when you're grieving."

"Thank you, Lady Nepgear, thank you." B-Sha bowed to her CPU.

"You don't need to bow." Nepgear said. "You tried to save my sister, it's the least I can do for you. Well, no, there is one more thing I can do..." She nodded to Jupiter, who walked over to B-Sha and handed her a piece of paper.

Taking it, B-Sha's eyes widened. "This is..."

"Anyone who works for me and has the guts to face down a CPU," Nepgear said softly, "deserves a big fat bonus, a raise and a promotion, don't you two think so?"

"I agree." Histoire said while Jupiter nodded. "Plus you've worked for us tirelessly, B-Sha. So, please, go home, take time to yourself and just relax, okay?"

B-Sha smiled, tears streaming down her face. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


A week later...

Lilac Heart, wearing a light pink dress, looked at Black Heart, who was wearing a black dress, White Heart, who had a white and blue dress on, and Green Heart, who had a green dress on, as well as her sister and the other CPU Candidates, all of whom were dressed in casual dresses while in HDD. "How have things been in your nations?"

"Slowly getting better." Black Heart answered her. "I was worried that the Anti-CPU faction would cause more problems."

"But it seems that since our battle against the ancient CPUs was broadcast across Gamindustri and with how close the world came to ending," Green Heart continued, "well, suffice to say, the Anti-CPU faction basically fell apart, most of the members have apologized publicly and those that haven't are working hard to make things better for everyone."

"Plus thanks to your hacker friend," White Heart continued after Green Heart spoke up, "information about the crimes of the leaders has come pouring out and I'm a bit surprised, but that brat Abnes has been putting effort into helping improve our image on her channel."

"I think the fact that she realized that she was partially responsible for nearly destroying the world has changed her outlook on life." Green Heart replied. "Of course, she's not the only one, that robot, Copypaste, has been repaired and he's been a big help in repairing the damage to Leanbox."

"Still, it's going to take some time to fully recover." Black Heart sighed softly.

"Um, Miss Lilac Heart..." Rom raised her hand. "What did you do with all the Anti-CPU stuff you had?"

"I've spent the past week dismantling and destroying several of the systems and weapons I had built up." Lilac Heart answered. "There's still quite a bit to deal with, but it will be done as soon as possible."

"Um, Lilac Heart..?" Uni didn't feel right calling Nepgear by her human name, she didn't know the CPU well enough to do so. "What about that Nepstarter system you said you developed awhile ago? Didn't you say that it massively magnified your local shares?"

Lilac Heart nodded at her. "I have no qualms about sharing it with your nations." The other CPUs looked at her in shock and she sighed. "I can't very well show that I'm sincere if I don't do something like this."

"I still don't understand how it works." Ram muttered and Lilac Heart let out a noise of amusement. "What?"

"To put it simply, it's a system that allows people to use shares for everything from the most mundane to more esoteric things." Lilac Heart explained. "As such, people see the use and benefits of using shares personally and not just as an abstract "our faith helps the CPUs out" and they put more faith into the CPUs as a result."

"And that's why Planeptune's done so well, huh?" Uni asked, marveling at the idea. "But what if they start to lose faith, won't that be a problem?"

"Yes," Lilac Heart nodded. "I do hope it doesn't happen anytime soon, but who knows what the future holds? I certainly never thought that I'd ever have you or your sister in my nation peacefully."

Black Heart snorted, an amused look on her face. "Probably as prisoners of war or something." Lilac Heart, for her part, had a sheepish look on her face as she nodded. "It's fine, I'm not upset at you."

"So what about your hacker friend?" White Heart asked her. "Still using him to spy on us?"

Lilac Heart shook her head, her cheeks were slightly red, much to everyone's confusion. "No. I, um, relieved him of his duties in that regard. He's been helping me take care of my Anti-CPU weapons and systems." She thought back to that morning, when she had gone to see Anonydeath.


"Honey?" Anonydeath asked Nepgear. "Are you okay?"

"You know, after we're done here, I'll have to fire you." Nepgear said to him and he nodded, knowing that. "I have something for you though." She held up a memory stick. "Think of this as a bonus for putting up with me for the past seven years."

"Huh, it has been seven years today, hasn't it?" Anonydeath took the memory stick from her. "So what will you do now?"

"I have to get ready for today's meeting with the other CPUs." Nepgear fidgeted softly before grabbing Anonydeath and pulling him into a hug, shocking the hacker. "Thank you so much, Anonydeath."

"Oh Honey..." Anonydeath hugged her back. "Does this mean..?"

"I'm not ready for any sort of romantic relationship, Anonydeath." Nepgear said softly. "I'm relearning how to feel emotions other than negative ones and interact with people." She let go of the hug. "...Maybe one day though."

"HONEY!" Anonydeath gasped in shock.

"Anyway, I need to go, enjoy your gift." Nepgear walked off, waving.

"Huh..." Anonydeath looked at the memory stick and stuck it into his computer. "Just what is this? ...Pictures?" Opening up the files, his eyes bugged out behind his face plate.

They were pictures of Nepgear...

...In her bathroom...

...wearing just a towel as she took selfies with a hovering drone camera.

And in each picture, the towel slowly slid off before revealing Nepgear's nude body to him. There were images of her lifting her breasts up and giving him her best impression of a coy look. He almost fell over as she turned around and stuck her butt out at him before bending over, one hand on her butt-cheek and squeezing it, while she exposed everything to the camera while looking over her shoulder at the camera, her face flushed while there was a caption on the bottom of the image.

"Do you still think Noire's butt is better than mine?"

*End Flashback*

"Why did I do that?" Lilac Heart asked herself softly, her face bright red while everyone looked at her in confusion.

"Do what?" Jupiter asked.

"...Don't worry about it." Lilac Heart answered her and took a deep breath to calm down. "Shall we go?"

The others all nodded.


As she walked out onto the platform, Lilac Heart took a deep breath and began to speak. "Hear me, everyone who makes Planeptune and Gamindustri your home." She knew the world was watching, so she continued to speak as members of the Basilicom lifted flags while she walked. "I am Lilac Heart, CPU of Planeptune and today I wish to make two major announcements." She turned and gestured to Jupiter. "The first is that I wish to officially announce my younger sister, my CPU Candidate, Jupiter, to the world."

Jupiter waved nervously to the camera and crowds.

After a few minutes, Lilac Heart continued to speak as Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart and their sisters came out behind her. "The next thing that I would like to announce is that, I, CPU Lilac Heart of Planeptune, officially recognize the end of the Console Wars."

"I, CPU Black Heart of Lastation, recognize Planeptune's official stance."

"I, CPU Green Heart of Leanbox, also recognize Planeptune's official stance."

"And I, CPU White Heart of Lowee, also recognize Planeptune's official stance."

"It was the wish of my predecessor, CPU Purple Heart of Planeptune," Lilac Heart continued, "that the wars end and our nations could become friends. While it took some time for me to fulfill her dream, I stand before you all today announcing that her dream has come to fruition. I hope that the future is one of peace and prosperity for years to come."

End Epilogue

Achievement Unlocked: Path to Recovery

Normal Ending Acquired

Unlock True Ending?




True Ending Unlocked

Activate BGM: Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation - Neptune Sagashite

Twenty minutes later...

As they walked back into the Basilicom, Lilac Heart sighed as she and the rest of the CPUs turned back into their human forms. "Neptune, I fulfilled your final request." She whispered softly. She knew it wasn't the ending, but just the beginning and she still needed help in a lot of ways.

Vert put her hand on Nepgear's shoulder and squeezed. "I'm sure that Neptune would be pleased."

"Yer darn tootin' I'm pleased!" A familiar voice had all the CPUs looking up in shock as Neptune stood in the hallway in front of them, grinning and smiling. "Hiya, Vert! Noire! Blanc! Nep Jr.!" She waved happily.

"Neptune?" Nepgear stared in shock, her eyes wide and her hand over her mouth as she looked at Neptune in surprise. "But... How?"

"Hee hee! I put in extra work so Histy wouldn't get mad at me for taking a quick trip to come see ya, Nep Jr.!"

"Yoo hoo!" Neptune's voice was heard as someone who Nepgear didn't expect to see popped her head out from behind a door and smiling at her. "Tiny Me was really concerned about you, little sis, so I brought her to come see you."

Behind her, Croire rolled her eyes and waved at Nepgear.

Before anyone could say anything more, Blanc ran up and tackled Neptune to the ground and was hugging her tightly.

"Boy, that looks familiar." Neptune chuckled as she looked at her smaller self getting dogpiled on by Vert and Noire as well.

"I'm confused." Rom looked at Jupiter, who was smiling and sniffling. "Miss Jupiter?"

"I'll explain later, but those two... They're both my big sister, Neptune."

Uni didn't know what to think, but she saw the absolutely ecstatic expressions on her sister, Blanc and Vert's faces as they hugged the smaller Neptune and decided she didn't care, her sister had never been that happy ever as long as Uni had known her.

"Hey!" The bigger Neptune smiled at Nepgear. "You're smiling!" It wasn't that big, but it was way better than what she had before.

"I've been practicing." Nepgear said as she looked at the Neptunes.

The day got seemingly brighter just from them being there.

"Hang on, I want to hug her too!" Nepgear called out and ran for the dogpile, "she my sister after all!"

The others in the room started to laugh.

It was one of the happiest day in all of their lives after all.

Achievement Unlocked: True Ending Viewed

Shadows of the Heart End

Let me address this here. No, I did not get tired of writing this. I enjoyed writing the story, but I didn't want to drag the story out longer than it needed to be and risk turning it into something that wasn't fun to read nor write. After all, how many series have you seen that got a sequel or continuation and you went "yeah!" at first, but then were like "this should not have been made" when you got to the end of it?

If I do any sort of continuation of this, it'll be a one-shot story. But don't hold me to that. If I do write it, I'll post it on this site. If not, well, then that's the end of the story.

Just so everyone knows, the "A Nep on the Bend" from my one-shots was inspired by the epilogue, as was the 4th Interlude.

If you remember in VII, Uni mentioned that K-Sha acted like a dutiful wife seeing her husband off to war when Noire had to leave at one point. Well, C-Sha fits the bill for this one, huh? Wait, I hope Blanc doesn't take this to mean I think of her as a guy. XD

Neptune being alive before the others and knowing Vert, Noire and Blanc's predecessors is a reference to how Sega seemingly always rushed their consoles out before they were fully ready, come to think of it, that also works for Nepgear being forced into her role as CPU. Neptune telling Noire that their predecessors weren't always nice to the citizens is a reference to how Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have done serious anti-consumer practices either through overzealous copyright actions (Nintendo), censorship (Sony, Nintendo), or DRM (Microsoft) at one point or another.

Neptune's spirit being able to move on after her regrets were lifted, as well as how she went out, is a direct shout out to "Omegadimension Neptunia: The New Generation" by megaswifter21.

The Nepstarter program that Nepgear explains here was actually an idea that was given to me by Toraneko, I mentioned it in the interlude where Nepgear and Anonydeath first met, but never found a good chance to explain it until now.

I'm happy that I was able to finish this, even happier that so many of you enjoyed this story.

I'll see you all in the future.

End BGM: Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation - Neptune Sagashite