Charlie Brown VS. Little Lulu…BEGIN!

Charlie Brown: "OOH, Good grief, I can't believe I'm battling a comic girl who's rarely unknown? All of you're old comic strips
make everybody moan. And you're little red dress makes you look like a 1940's Ho!, You were just remembered for doing that
one show on HBO. While I'm known worldwide everywhere, And what kind of girl has that kind of hair? Even my dog is more famous
than you, Now let's see what you got Little Lulu."

Little Lulu: "Charlie Brown, You are the unluckiest kid I know, So why are you challenging me in this battle? You couldn't even beat
me with this paddle. Do you think you can make my feelings hurt. But man, What's the deal with that shirt? And your masculinity makes me want to hurl,
Of course you don't have any balls to talk to The Little Red Hared Girl. And it's a dam shame that Snoopy is greater than you, It's makes all the
boys suck and us girls Rule! Even my fat friend Tubby can beat you in a baseball game, It makes Marcy say now that's a crying shame."

Charlie Brown: "Well, I had made for TV films and a lot of television shows Lulu. You just did those old theatrical shorts Boo Hoo! Even
Little Audrey and orphan Annie gave you a run for your money. Face it Lulu, You'll never get out of shadow honey."

Little Lulu: Boy please, I've done advertising for Kleenex and Pepsi from back in the day, But tell me what's the deal with that lame
hair anyway? And tell Peppermint Patty start playing for the right team, Because if she'll ever play with me she'll definitely get Creamed!
Poor Charlie, My rhythm will make you take a hard fall, Munch worser then kicking Lucy's football."

Charlie Brown: Look Moppet! your beat is not that all hard to tame, And nobody even loves you the same. I bet you have nightmares about
me right under your covers. And keep the slut Gloria from stealing you're fatass lover. All the other readers totally workship me, While
your a just a stupid Jerry Seinfeld wannabe. I know I'm tired saying good grief, But why does you're friend Annie have big bucked teeth?"

Little Lulu: My next verse will make you really sad you can't take it, At least my friend doesn't carry around a security blanket. Find, Go ahead
and call me a Jerry Seinfeld wannabe. Your just mad because you still can't get the kite out of the Kite Eating Tree. But you want to know
what hurts the worst? The fact before Peanuts I came here First! Now I'm going to leave and tell bratty Alvin another story about Hazel Witch,
And I'll tell him I also now made you my little BITCH!"

Who Won?...WHO's Next?...YOU DECIDED!

Sorry, I just had to do this story battle. Ideal is from the web series "Epic Rap Battles Of History." Sorry if I messed up the grammar.

The End.