(this is an inspiration from the story "extra bouncy" by rosemary garland and mary parsley as part of the my bedtime book of two minute stories)

Johnny was at it again with his red extra bouncy ball, but took precautions to make sure he didnt lose it again.

however he also wanted to bounce it everywhere.

then an idea popped into his head.

he would bounce WITH it!

He was lucky his dad bought him shoes that could help him jump higher.

johnny bounced the ball in a straight pattern and jumped as soon as the ball hit the ground.

Both the ball and johnny bounced high into the air.

They bounced into the trees, and then on the roof and then bounced back down and then bounced right over the chimney top into the bushes on the other side.

Toddy was jumping and clapping himself watching johnny have fun.

"Johnny what were you doing? that was EPIC!"

Said Toddy.

"Daddy got me some things to help me "bounce with the ball"

Johnny replied.

"Cool!" Toddy said.

"I tried out my basketball shoes first, I still have to try taping it to my feet and making it bigger."

"I heard if you inflate it just enough, it will grow two horn handles!"

Toddy said.


Johnny then saw a suprise for toddy, and it was an extra bouncy ball just like Johnny's, plus some of the same supplies to help "Bounce with the ball"

"OMG!" He said

"Toddy You got one too?"
"Yeah, I had no Idea either" toddy said.

They bicycle pumped the other orange ball, and then toddy had his turn inflating his bouncy basketball tennis shoes and then bounced it down and sprang up high with the ball

"BOIIING!" toddy shouted in sync with his ball bounce sound.

Johnny followed him as well.

The next thing to do was to tape it to the bottoms of their shoes, so they took the bounce out of their shoes so that it was possible to do it with the balls taped to their feet, luckily, toddy's package came with 7 more balls so they could each have 1 ball on each of their shoes on their feet.

Johnny and toddy climbed up to the flat roof near the chimney top and jumped down

"BOIIIIIING!" they shouted as their balls propelled them high into the air .

They bounced right over the chimney tops and the same places where johnny's ball bounced the first time we were introduced to johnny and his bright orange b ball.

Now came the moment of truth.

Johnny took out the bicycle pump and asked his dad to inflate his and toddy's ball real big.

"Ok." said his dad

The balls had more air and grew Bigger and bigger and then *Poof!* two handles grew on their balls

"What the?" the dad said

None of the less, they plugged up the new balls with handles.

"hey, its a hopper ball now!" said toddy

"Oh thats what they called it."

Said Johnny

they mounted the ball and sat on top of it holding the two handles, and bounced in place and then they moved forward going higher and higher and higher until they felt like they could touch the sun (Supposedly johnny's ball)

And they continued to hop high over the chimney tops of houses.