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Do you believe in Miracles? Well, according to me, Miracles happen to those who believe in them. And I happen to be someone who believes in science, not in some logicless miracles. But this is one of those rare occasions where I don't know what to believe in anymore. Or you could say it's the time where you want to pull your hair out.

But the thing is I can't even do that. Mainly because I can't reach my hands and there is no hair to pull out. That's not because I am bald or a cancer patient, it's because I am stuck in a baby's body.

Let me rewind my day.

My name is Kerry Thompson. I was on the way to my home from Kings University. I was driving my Mum's car, which she gave to me only and only because it was my graduation day. I had to come home, get ready, and go out to the club with my friends and my boyfriend. However, to my absolute lousy luck, I was met with an accident on the M4 motorway. I don't even remember what exactly happened; one second I was changing the song, and the next second, my car was rolling over, and my body was upside down.

The only thing I had on my mind was, 'Why did the stupid god damned Airbags didn't work?'

You must be thinking where did the baby come in this. Well, after I died, which I think I did because of the pain I felt in my head, I met with white light. For a second there, I thought I was in heaven; however, I came face to face with a Redhead who was staring creepily at me.

Am I at the hospital? But when did Doctors wore a black dress?

"You have a beautiful baby daughter," she said

A what? Is she talking to my Mum? I tried to move my head, but I couldn't.

"We must start the sacrifice as soon as the moon sets with the morning sky," she said with a determined look

'A sacrifice? What the hell are you talking about, lady?' I wanted to ask. But the only thing I got out was a baby's cry

"Please. Please, can I hold her?" A broken voice which I have never talked to said

The redhead reluctantly passed me to someone.

Will anyone tell me what's going on here? I tried to ask, but again they came out as a cry.

Another figure took me from reading head hands, and she stared at me, amazed. Oh, wait! I think I saw her somewhere, but I couldn't think of it ideally with everything that's going on.

The girl gave me a small smile and kissed my forehead. And she saw another direction like she was showing me to someone, but I couldn't see them. Suddenly out of nowhere someone grabbed the girl that was holding me and slit her throat and blood-spattered

Oh God! And this time I really cried seeing that horrible incident. My cries were subdued by a shouting man. Someone then grabbed me and took me away from the dying girl, and after a second I couldn't hear the shouts of man as well.

I don't know how much I cried, I was thoroughly exhausted, and I slept hoping this was a nightmare, and I will wake up in the hospital the next time I open my eyes.

No one is sent by accident to anyone - someone said.

So that was the prologue. How was it?

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