A/N: Hello, here with story 2 in the oneshot collection. It actually turned into a two-shot, got away from me a bit. Anyway, here's part 1. Just a bit of clarification to avoid any confusion in case the question arises: since the curse is broken, Lucy refers to Sir Henry as Henry and canon Henry is Dad. As usual, I do not own Once Upon a Time. These characters aren't mine. They belong to ABC and the creators. I only own my plot idea.

Dad(s)? Part 1

It had been a few weeks since the coronation. Henry Ella and Lucy had invited him along to meet with Emma at the ice cream shop. It was hard to know his place among the small Mills family. Surprisingly enough, Lucy treated him with a kindness he scarcely expected.

"Henry, did you decide yet?" The girl was bouncing on her toes as she looked at the menu. "Which one's better: strawberry or chocolate?"

"I wouldn't quite know," Sir Henry replies softly. He hadn't had anything resembling ice cream in a long time. He was king in his realm. He could have requested the treat at any time, a six course meal if he wanted it, but no time seemed quite right without his family to share it with.

Lucy stops her bouncing obviously taking note of something in his tone. "You don't... know?"

"Luce, do you know what you want yet sweetheart?" Ella intercepts. She looks from her daughter to the teenager and he finds he can't meet her probing glance.

"Strawberry with chocolate syrup." Lucy says.

"Right, go let your Dad know." Ella replies shooing her along.

"Okay," Lucy gives one last look to Sir Henry. "What'd you decide?"

"Lucy…" Ella warns.


Sir Henry looks up only when he's certain that the girl has gone away. But he can see his doppelganger glance quickly over and back as he imagines his daughter is filling him in on the fact that Sir Henry can't say whether chocolate or strawberry is better, or something like that.

"Henry," He hears Ella's soft voice. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm alright, thank you Ella." He replies quickly.

"Henry Mills," Ella's brown eyes grow serious. "I know that look." It may not be her Henry. He may be several years younger, but she knows how to read Henry Mills, no matter what version.

"How can you?" Sir Henry retorts. "You just met me two weeks ago."

"I've learned how to read Henry," Ella replies matching his sarcasm. "I'm afraid that includes you."

"Excellent, someone else trying to mother me." Sir Henry rolls his eyes turning away.

"Wrong answer," Ella laughs. "You may be closer in age to Luce, but I have no interest in mothering my husband from another realm."

"So what then?"

"If you need to talk, I'll be happy to listen." Ella says. "That's all."

"I'll keep that in mind," Sir Henry turns around to face Ella once again, surprised. "Thank you."

"Of course." Ella moves to leave the boy alone to study the menu.

"Chocolate with cinnamon,"

Ella turns around with a small smile knowing exactly what Sir Henry was referring to. "I'll pass it on to Luce."

They are seated at a small table with their ice creams. Emma has joined them.

"Hey Kid," Emma greets Henry with a hug. "Hey Luce,"

"Hi Emma, oh guess what? Henry likes his chocolate ice cream with cinnamon too, just like Dad." Lucy says.

"Really?" Emma looks across the table smiling slightly. She still remembers her memories from the wish realm like a vivid dream and they would have that treat. In New York during the lost year, Henry also liked that flavor.

"Apparently we're pretty similar." Henry shrugs with a sly grin.

"Yeah, I'd say so," Emma chuckles. "So how about you Kid?" Emma looks to Sir Henry. "You doing alright?"

Sir Henry nods. "It's been different."

"I'm sure it has," Emma nods. "But good I hope?"

Sir Henry is just about to answer when he is startled by the chair being pushed backwards as Lucy stands up.

"Luce, honey…" Ella is on alert.

"Lucy, what's wrong?" Henry's tone matches his wife's as he gets to his feet.

Sir Henry notices that the girl's skin looks slick and she's lost some color. Lucy looks as though she's going to fall so he reaches out and grabs her hand. It feels warm to the touch. "You okay?"

"I…" Lucy teeters on her feet and then breaks away running in the direction of the restrooms.

"Lucy," Ella runs after her.

Sir Henry looks to Henry. "She felt warm, like a fever." He'd been sick himself more than enough times, stuck with the healers in the castle, to know a fever when he felt one.

"Poor Kid," Emma sighs.

Henry nods. "Sorry this got cut so short guys." He apologizes.

"Don't worry about it," Emma waves away her son's concern. "I'll put together a care package," She says with a smile.

"That'd be great, thanks Mom." Henry smiles as well.

"Care...package?" Sir Henry looks between Emma and Henry.

"When I would get sick in New York, Mom would make these care packages, a bunch of movies, soup, medicine, tissues, blankets and games. It was mostly stuff from my room just put in a basket but it helped make being sick a little less awful."

"Hey Kid," Emma gets an idea. "Why don't you help me Regina and Mom put it together?" Emma looks to Sir Henry

"Me?" Sir Henry raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah, why not? We'll be able to spend some time together."

Henry notices the boy's hesitation, recognizes it even. It's more than a bit eerie.

"Okay," Finally, Sir Henry answers genuinely smiling.

A/N: Up next, part 2. The Care Package creation, delivery and an unexpected surprise await Sir Henry as Henry spends time with his daughter trying to make her feel better and she asks several questions he may or may not be able to answer.