In a world where robots and humans coexist, life is not easy especially for a fifteen year old boy named Aki and currently he was working by the cash register in his parent's flower shop. Now Aki was a cyborg meaning that he isn't fully human. He has spiky brown untamed hair with a pair of goggles that rested upon his forehead, brown eyes, a white jacket with blue highlights along with a black top, blue jeans and white sneaks. He also wore an old key that rested around his neck as an accessory. Today however, was a slow day as Aki frowned as the boy thought about weather or not he should tell his parents about the incident that gave him mechanical limbs. Not only that but he was also wondering if he should tell them about his alter ego Mega Man but thought against it knowing how his parents hate all technology especially his other half.

Though the blue suit that he wore looked like it has seen his better days while Aki had doubts on weather or not he should continue being a hero since his powers doesn't usually work. He knew that the town as well as other heroes like his idol Captain Commando looked down on him thinking that he was more of a nuisance than a actual hero trying to help. In fact, it was one of the reasons why Aki liked to look at the bright side of things and chose to ignore what everyone else says. Just when his shift was over and was about to clock off for the day, he saw that his two best friends Suna and Jason was coming in to see him. Suna wore her usual pink top with her blue jacket tied to her waist. She also had long pink hair with a shaved cut on the other side that seemed to match her dark skin along with blue shorts, black stockings and purple shoes that seemed way too big for her feet.

His other friend Jason was a computer nerd so naturally he was always seen carrying his laptop. He was also a little chubby but he still wore his favorite a blue top, brown shorts, brown shoes and still had his usual bushy black hair with his giant round glasses that seemed to big for his face. They also tend to get dirty a lot so it always forced him to clean his glasses every few minutes as a result. However, once Aki noticed that his friends were here , he smiled nervously after noticing the worried looks on their faces.

"I know that looks Aki, you are thinking about telling them aren't you?" Asked Suna clearly concerned.

"What choice do I have? My parents are suspicious enough as it is." Aki sighed. Jason then spoke up knowing that his best friend was under some distress and said,"I really wouldn't worry about it. They are your parents and I am sure that they will love you no matter what."

"That is easy for you to say. I am still trying to win my parents affection and it doesn't help my case since they hate robots. Not only that my parents tend to favor my sister and completely ignore me, it would make my situation ten times more difficult if they ever found out that I am Mega Man." All of a sudden everything was silent.

"How about some tv? You only have a few minutes left before the end of your shift." Suna suggested hoping to lighten up the mood. Upon hearing this Aki perked up knowing that he just saved a few lives today hoping that his alter ego would finally be recognized as a real hero. However once the television turned on, Aki was shocked to see that he was not talked about in the news at all and instead the person that was being interviewed was his former idol Captain Commando who apparently took all the credit. As a result Aki wasn't sure how he felt about this since he was the one who did all the work while the so called hero did nothing and it was the one day when his powers decided to work too. Aki's left eye then began to twitch while Jason decided turn off the tv before things worsen Aki's mood.

"I'm sorry Aki." Said Jason feeling bad for his friend. Aki then took a deep breath instantly calming down before finally clocking off.

"Let's just go get some ice cream." Said Aki still feeling a bit hungry while also hoping that the ice cream would make him forget how angry he is while both Jason and Suna then winced remembering that his parents forgot that today was also his birthday. Before heading to the ice cream shop however, Aki told his friends that he was going to go for a short walk in order to blow off some steam. Though while he was walking, he did not realize that that there was a magic circle underneath his feet and before he knew it, he saw that there was a large Demon that looked as though he came straight out of those fantasy adventure mangas that he liked to so naturally, the boy screamed.

"Finally a worthy opponent to fight me." Said the creature since Aki was so scared that he couldn't move while said creature still sat on his throne and said,"Greetings strong one, I am the Demon Lord of this land and I wish for you to remove the curse of immortality that has been inflicted upon me eons ago by challenging me in a duel." Aki just stood there like a statue while the Demon transformed into a harmless old man."Nice to meet ya!" The old man then gave out his hand as Aki shook it once he was finally snapped out of his state of shock. "You can call me gramps if you like."

"Absolutely not!" Aki yelled still shocked and confused.

"A feisty one aren't ya! I like that but I bet that you are still angry at those humans and robots that live on Earth. I even bet that you would want revenge on those who looked down on you."

"I guess that I am still pretty mad about Captain Commando taking all the credit." Aki admitted.

"Well my friend you are in luck, because I am looking for a hero that is strong enough to slay me and if you do, you would be considered the greatest hero that ever lived. In fact, you will be an instant celebrity across the universe and I have to admit that you are really strong if I say so myself. I will even give you my castle as well as everything I have if you are thinking about getting yourself you own headquarters." Aki then looked at the old man as if he was crazy. Though, his Hawaiian shirt that he wore made it even harder to take him seriously especially with that jester hat that he wore.

"Strong? Me?" Said Aki flaberjagged at what the old man just told him."I am sorry mister but I am not strong at all and my powers don't work like the way they are supposed to and as a follow up question, do I even have a choice? Besides I can't harm an innocent bystander."

"Well to be fair, I have lived on this earthly plane for many eons because of the curse of immortality that was inflicted on me. I am ready to move on to the spiritual plane and I would have eons ago if it weren't for those idiots." The old man now known as Gamps sighed. Reluctantly Aki agreed to help the old man but he told him that he wouldn't kill. He was going to find another way. However what the old man said next shocked the cyborg even more,"Of course you are strong, you just don't know your full potential and with the right amount of training you can be a real powerhouse which is why I will make sure that you have the proper education."

The next thing that Aki knew was that he suddenly saw a butler carrying a school uniform. It was a simple purple suit that included a red tie and was when Aki finally spoke up by saying,"Yeah, but no thanks. I can't stay here and if I am gone for too long, my friends world be worried sick."

"Ah no worries, you still have that key so you can come and go whenever you please and you can come to the school every day after when you are finished with your normal classes back on Earth. In fact, when you do come back, it will be like you never left in the first place." Said the old man. As a result Aki now had a million of question running through his head. Before he knew it, he was now at the new school much to his dismay.

However once he was in the classroom he became nervous since everyone gave him weird looks. Though it was pretty obvious that the way everyone was looking at him and it was making Aki feel uncomfortable. Luckily the teacher came in just in time when the bell rang.

"Hello my name is Dr. Light and the reason I introduced myself was because we have a new student. Speaking of which why don't you tell the class your name, your powers and which species you are. As you can see our school is very diverse and we love learning about new cultures." Aki then looked at his classmates realizing that the teacher's statement was true. There were ogres, elves and even fairies. For another world, Aki had to admit that the place was very modern and even had electricity. Aki even looked at his teacher who appears to be old, had a full set of hair as well as a nicely trimmed beard. He also wore a red sweater vest and a lab coat with blue jeans and brown shoes to match.

"My name is Aki Valentine and I am just a plain regular human from Earth." Aki lied as he laughed nervously.

"Aki, I know that you are lying and in this school we accept all species for who they are. You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are so why don't you try again. Truthfully this time." Replied Dr. Light with a firm but caring tone.

"My name is Aki Valentine. I am a cyborg from the planet Earth and I have power to replicate other people's powers but as embarrassing as it sounds, my powers never really work like the way they are supposed to." Once Aki said this the rest of the class immediately became interested especially after when one student said,"This question might be a bit out there but do you happen to be the Blue Bomber by any chance?"

"The who?" Aki asked now completely confused.

"The Blue Bomber. You know Mega Man?" Said another student Aki was a bit surprised by this when said student asked this but Aki nodded his head in response.

"Dude, that is so awesome because you are like a total celebrity here and other heroes would kill to have your powers because what kind of hero wouldn't want to have any power they want?" As a result Aki was a bit embarrassed by the comment the student just made as Aki shyly went to an empty seat in the back of the classroom.

"Looks like I might have do something to fix that confidence issue he has there." Dr. Light muttered as he began today's lecture. After school, Aki as well as everyone else had a big headache due to a long day of school. The only one who stayed behind was Aki because the teacher asked the young hero in training to stay behind.

"Am I in trouble?" Aki asked only to have Dr. Light take his arm opening a container that had a bunch of wires and gadgets in it. At first Aki didn't like what his teacher was doing but calmed down once he realized what Dr. Light was trying to do.

"Hold still." Said Dr. Light.

"As if!" Replied Aki who was now a little angry because of what his teacher was doing. He then realized what the scientist was doing and said,"Wait? Where you trying to fix me?" Aki was now calm.

"You had a bug in your system so it should be all fixed now and if you don't mind, there is something else that I need to check as well. Why don't you change into your Mega Man form." Reluctantly, Aki did so as the scientist was shocked to see that the paint on Aki's armor looked as though it was ready to fade away. Not only that but the armor that he had on was badly damaged. He then looked at Aki and said,"Just as I feared and it looks like I might need to take you to the robot spa. Who did this to you?"

"People." Aki said plainly and it seemed as though Dr. Light did not like the answer. "Robots on Earth aren't exactly well liked. My enemies don't see me as a real threat except for Dr. Wily and his robot sidekicks. I think. Though I suspect that we are mostly just frenemies at this point but I know for a fact that sometimes the humans would throw rocks at me." Did he just open up to a total stranger?

"What about your parents?"

"I don't think that they would like it if they ever found out that I was Mega Man. They think that all technology is evil and they hardly ever pay attention to me because I think they like my sister better. We live in a trailer and sometimes we would camp out for weeks without neither of our content." Aki admitted and to say that the doctor was angry was an understatement. How can his folks be unaware of Aki's robotic needs. No wonder his powers hardly ever work.

"Aki, do you think that Earth is safe for you?" The cyborg then raised an eyebrow at this since he never really considered that question before. He wasn't exactly sure how to respond to this so when his teacher saw the puzzled looked on Aki's face, he then said,"Take all the time that you like. You can tell me when you feel ready and you don't have to answer right away but first I need to take you to the robot spa so that you can get you cleaned up." Dr. Light then put his arm around Aki's shoulder as they headed towards the robot spa together.