"For the last time I was ten! Please don't bring it up. Ever. It's so embarrassing." Said Aki completely embarrassed once the show was over and everyone was gone while both of his friends teased him playfully.

"Now I know why you have a hero complex Aki. I think that it was cute." Suns teased.

"I do not have a hero complex." Aki denied still embarrassed by his friend's teasing. That was when the trio saw a young fairy looking at a Mega Man poster.

"Hello. Are you a fan of Mega Man by any chance?" Said Suna nearly startling the fairy.

"Yes and I am Mega Man's number one fan!" Aki's friends snickered at this embarrassing Aki in the process."In fact I have came here to the festival today in order to find that elusive issue number twelve!" The fairy declared clearly full of excitement but once Aki got a good look at her he saw that the fairy had fair skin, had brown hair tied in a twin tail fashion and wore a simple rose petal dress that matched her pink eyes.

"Issue number twelve!" The trio said simultaneously.

"Yep, issue number twelve for a comic book called The Amazing Adventures of Mega Man and Friends! It is super rare! Not only that but there is also a tv show based on the comic and today I am going to finally get my hands on that thing!"

"Mega Man has a comic book and a tv show?" Aki asked surprised while also hoping that only his new classmates and teacher only knew about his secret identity.

"How can you guys not know about it? Have you three been living under a rock or something?" Said the fairy. "My name is Gretel by the way." The fairy then smiled while Suna was hypnotized by the cute aura the fairy was giving off.

"Cute!" Suna squealed almost tempted to hug the fairy but the girl's street punk look nearly scared the sprite off.

"So um, the comic book?" Aki asked while Gretel showed the trio of friends to the comic book store not realizing that they were being followed by a suspicious person wearing a brown trench coat, sunglasses and a large fedora. Once at the store however, the group of friends struggled through the crowd of sweaty nerds to get inside and Aki was somewhat relieved that he realized that only his new classmates and teacher only knew about his secret identity only because he was forced to tell the truth. Aki then shivered thinking about how everyone would react if people knew that he was here especially when he didn't know how to respond to that kind of attention. It was already nerve racking enough as it is when his whole class found out. In fact he had to give them credit for that.

"There it is! Issue number twelve!" The fairy said drooling only to have it snatched away from her by the same person that was following them. Enraged Gretal screamed,"Hey! I found that first!"

"Ruby?" Aki asked only to have said person to freak out and leave dropping the comic in the process.

"This comic is for a friend!" The stranger now known as Ruby as she continued to spaz out. "Oh and if anyone asks, you didn't see me." Ruby then showed the group her first letting the group know that she meant business. After the incident however, Gretal was just glad that she got her hands on that comic even though it was a little bit ruined.

"Let's just pretend that this never happened." Aki said plainly while everyone else nodded their heads in agreement.

"I guess that we should start heading home. It is getting late." Suna said as she watched the sun set.

"This might be a bit personal but are you three from Earth by any chance?" Asked Gretal.

"Is it that obvious?" Aki asked.

"It actually kind of is and I also know that you are Mega Man. Honestly kid, you really need to learn how to control your emotions better because you are easy to read. Also I want to come to Earth with you." Gretal admitted. Though Aki wasn't sure how he felt about this since she was so casual when she said this.

"Ok but will your parents be cool with this?" Aki asked clearly concerned.

"Nah it will be alright and besides, I don't have any parents. I'm what you Earth dwellers would call an orphan." The trio then made small circles with their mouths once they realized what she was talking about. However that was also when Aki remembered that he and his friends forgot to introduce themselves so once they remembered they told her all of their names and Gretal was happy to meet every one of them. Aki then took the key that was around his neck and they went through the door back to their world and once they saw that it was starting to get late, they began to head to their homes as well. Though just before the group of friends were about to separate, they were attacked by Dr. Wily and his robots.

"Is that Dr. Wily in person? Wow he looks ugly." Gretal teased glad that the mad scientist couldn't hear her. As if on cue Aki changed into his other form. Strangely he was starting to feel nervous since he had a fan with him as he continued to worry about her safety. That was when Aki became shocked when automatically changed into his Drill Man form.

"Sorry." Aki said feeling a bit embarrassed as he accidentally drilled a large hole in the ground.

"Snap out of it Aki. This is no time to feel embarrassed. Remember, Mega Man never gives up!" Gretal encouraged.

"I guess that you are right Gretal. Guess that I just need to work with the Drill Man schematics." At first the first attempt caused Aki to fall down but was finally able to stand up properly once he had more control over his balance while Suna transformed into Mega Girl who was already busy taking care of Ice Man and Guts Man.

"Focus Mega Man." Said Suna as she blasted with her hand gun causing Guts Man to crash into a tree. Mega Man was then able to destroy Dr. Willy's mecha with his drill hands causing the trio to blast off into the sky. Once Suna and Aki reverted back to their humans selves, Suna hugged Aki since she was proud of him for not giving up. That was when Jason spoke up and said,"Sorry to ruin the moment, but do know what happened to Ruby?"

"I don't know? Last we saw her, she was really angry at us." Said Aki not really caring shrugging the whole thing off. As for what happened to Ruby she was in her room which was cluttered with Mega Man merchandise while Ruby herself was gushing all over a cut out cardboard of him like a rabid fan girl.

"Oh Mega Man, you are such a Mega cutie!" Ruby squealed in delight only to have her moment interrupted by her father.

"Honey I know that I shouldn't barge in but I am going to use my authority as your father by coming in anyway!" Her father said slamming the door open wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

"Father! Don't come in!" Ruby screamed shoving her father out now completely embarrassed. Now as to why Ruby is secretly an obsessive fan of Mega Man, that would be a story for another day.