On the plane

Leaning back Frank let his thoughts boil. He knew nothing about where he was headed or whom may be there. All he knew was that it was the last place Dinah was so he wanted to be there.

Even 23,000 ft in the air he couldn't relax. He just wanted off the damn plane and on steady ground. Curtis always got on him for being to impatient but that's who he was.

Looking at the duffle on the floor next to him he felt a sense of calming. Maria always teases him about the duffle. She said it got more love from him then her. She was probably right but hell that woman knew when he needed to smile.

He looked down on his phone. He still had another five hours on this rustbucket. At Least when he was flying overseas with the marines at least Billy and the others were there to keep him busy.

Thinking about Curtis, Maria and Billy made him feel a little better. He leaned back and closed his eyes thinking its best for him to let sleep pass the time instead of over thinking.

The warehouse

Keeping her eyes closed, Dinah listened to the people walking in. There were at least ten people who came in. It's when she heard the voice of one of them that the chills went up her spine.

"We aren't animals, pick the lady up and put her in that chair. I mean for Christ sake that's no way to treat a guest and especially a female guest" the man said with a chuckle and a hint of venom behind the words.

She knew that voice. Any agent or officer who ever worked in New York knew that voice. She felt herself being picked up and then sat gently down into a chair. Not some folding chair either, but a soft armchair.

She didn't want to open her eyes but she was also interested to see where she was. Opening them slowly she looked around. The floor didn't give the room justice. What she thought was a warehouse from the flooring and the atmosphere was a cozy little room. Well, not to cozy for her as she was a prisoner.

She finally looked in the direction the voice came from and she was right about who that voice belonged to, none other than Wilson Fisk aka KingPin.

"Good evening Agent Dinah Madani, I'm sorry for the barbaric way my men treated you. I can assure you it won't happen again. I am not out to cause you any pain but I am looking forward to causing pain to the man coming for you. With you I will finally destroy Frank Castle" Fisk said with another laugh.

Dinah shook internally from head to toe and wished she could warn Frank somehow. Closing her eyes she said to herself "Frank it's a trap, it's Wilson Fisk, don't come". She allowed herself to believe he would hear it because it was the only thing keeping her sane at the moment.

Opening her eyes, Dinah looked defiantly at the man sitting across from her and said "Mr. Fisk with all due respect to everything you've done in your life, messing with Frank isn't one of your smartest choices. Though I will be looking forward to the day when I get to watch him stop you from taking any more breaths".

Fisk just smiled and got up. As he walked out he turned around and said "I hope you don't love him to much agent, that man doesn't love anyone but himself and your just going to find yourself with heartbreak no matter what the outcome of this little visit is".

Dinah scoffed and looked away as he left but inside she could feel the doubt creep in. She took a deep breath and told herself he was trying to get into her head. She didn't have those feelings for Frank anyway, did she? Confused, alone and scared Dinah did the one thing that always calmed her down, hummed her favorite song and looked for an escape.

On the plane

Frank tossed and turned in his sleep. He had gone from being with friends to being in a dark room with no idea where he was. He stumbled around looking for any form of light but couldn't find one.

He continued looking and just as he was about to give in a light started to come towards him. The light was in the shape of a person. A woman to be exact. As the light got closer he recognized the light as Dinah. He reached out to her.

The light apparition smiled and said solemnly "Frank it's a trap, it's Wilson Fisk, don't come" and started to move away from him.

"I don't give a fuck if it's the devil himself you hear me Dinah Madani, I'm going to find you and kill that asshole at the same time" Frank yelled at the disappearing Dinah.

As Dinah faded away she smiled and said "goodbye" and that's when Frank woke up and sat straight up trying hard to catch his breath. Still gasping, Frank looked around, sighing when he realized he was still on that damn plane. Getting up he shook off the dream, swearing that even if it was a warning, he wasn't backing down.

He looked at the flight path and felt relieved when he realized that the would be landing soon. He smiled as the seatbelt warning light came on. He had made this trip enough times to know when he was close. Sitting down and snapping his seatbelt back on, Frank mentally went over everything.

As the plane came to a stop on the uneven ground Frank found himself wiping a tear from his eye. He didn't know if it was from being back in that place of so much death or if it was worry about Dinah but the one thing he knew for sure was that he wasn't returning as Frank Castle but as The Punisher and The Punisher always did what he promised.

Grabbing his duffle and putting on his vest, The Punisher stepped off the plane. He looked at the destroyed outpost in front of him and smiled. "One Batch, Two Batch watch out assholes here I come" he said and headed inside to find some clues to his victims whereabouts.