Hermione Granger muggleborn friend of Harry potter finds her life turned upside down when she is revealed to be a pureblooded witch of two powerful death eaters and if that's not enough the kind headmaster knew the truth the entire time but why didn't he tell her the truth himself? Will her friends leave her behind or stay and support her? Why does she feel such inappropriate desires for her biological mother? And why did she end up in the mundane world as Hermione Granger? Who is she really?. Read to find out.

The large underground chamber that laid beneath the ministry was lit up with clashing spells creating sparks in the dark time room. Howls of laughter echoed off the stone walls causing the young group of students to shiver in fear as they ran frantically down the rows of ceiling high shelves housing long forgotten prophecies. Six pairs of feet slapping hard against the floor blindly following their young leader through the horrifying chaos.

Two redheads broke from the group taking a left turn as a dark fog swirled around them choking out the dimming light. Ronald hurled his sister down the empty isle just missing the pulsing red curse streak past his shoulder. Neville pulled Luna with him directly opposite the two redheaded siblings leaving Hermione and Harry to crash head first into their enemy.

The bespectacled boy wizard groaned as his friend landed undignified on top of him, their limbs in a tangled mess. Hermione winced as their foreheads collided, her vision blurring around the edges. She could taste a coppery metallic substance lingering in her mouth, she had bitten her tongue. Mindful of Harry the young witch rolled off her groaning friend, grabbing his hand and pulling him back up.

A cold voice rang out from all directions. "Give us the prophecy Potter and your friends will remain unharmed if you continue this ridiculous chase I can not be held responsible for what will happen".

Without waiting for the death eaters to show themselves the young adults made their way through the only door in the room. The pitch blackness swallowed them up, a scream was heard as the six students were plummeted to their death. Thinking quickly Hermione fumbled with her wand pointing it to the ground "Arresto Mometum". Their fall slowing to a crawl till their bodies froze just above the stone ground, unceremoniously dropping them the last inch.

"Bloody hell what was that?" Ron grumbled brushing himself off.

"Hermione saving our asses that's what!"

"Where are we?" came Luna's dreamy voice.

Neville was whimpering, cradling his right arm to his chest, terror filled his brown eyes.

The group was standing in a stone circular chamber, lit candles floating on the walls with no way out. The room had enough light to reveal a strange glowing arch that vibrated with a spine chilling darkness, calling to them, threatening to pull them in. A sudden chill whipped around the space as black smoke suddenly appeared and each of the group were held at wand point, their Ames detained behind their backs by their captives.

Hermione squealed in shock as an arm wrapped tightly around her waist, hoisting her away from the centre and into the shadows. The only thing she could see of her captive was wild black curls dangling over her quivering shoulders, hot breath tickling her bare neck and a wand digging uncomfortably in her jaw. Glancing nervously around the chamber she could just barely make out her friends all securely held against their will by a death eater, only Harry was free standing in near the arch way with Lucius Malfoy.

The blonde death eater dressed immaculate as usual was leaning heavily against his snake cane, a pale hand held patiently out to Harry. His tone condescending "come now Potter let us not do anything rash. Pass me the prophecy and your little friends can go".

Hermione squirmed desperate to get to her bespectacled friend before he gave in just to play hero once again. "Don't do it Harry it isn't worth it" she shouted. The wand from her jaw was removed as the hand clamped over her mouth, black painted nails digging into her skin.

A rough feminine voice she wished she would never have to hear drifted around her senses, fear spiking through her chest, her heart hammering away. "Now now girlie do behave". She froze at the feel of the death eaters wet tongue licking behind the shell of her ear. Fear, disgust, confusion gripped her as a fourth emotion she couldn't identify coursed through her stomach like liquid fire dripping down her inner thighs.

"Never!" Hermione brought her fuzzy gaze back to the sight before her, the fragile glass ball was shattered upon the stone between the two wizards. The older sneering, his wand aimed at Harry "do you know what you have done? you stupid boy".

Loud cracks of apparition rang out spooking the death eaters into a fight with the newly arrived order members. Her friends thrown to the side like ragdolls to be meet by two aurors and Sirius Black. The adults backed the young students against the wall far away from the stray spells and grinning death eaters.

Hermione wasn't so lucky and none of the order even realised she was still in the crushing embrace of Bellatrix Lestrange until Harry's frantic shouts pulled their attention towards the two women. Though she couldn't hear what was said she could see Sirius shaking his head and forcing her friend behind him. The fight resumed and no one tried to help her not even her friends who had their backs turned shielding themselves.

"Oh deary me not so popular are we?" Hermione refused to reply to her cold taunting, focusing on stopping herself from crying in front of the most notorious death eater in history. The second in command to the darkest wizard to grace the earth since Gellert Grindelwald himself. "Are we going to cry girlie?" Bellatrix continued to taunt her much to Hermione's displeasure as she was unwillingly pulled down a dark corridor that led to the atrium.

Two more cracks of apparition filled the air Albus Dumbledore and the dark lord appeared both instantly drawn into a fight. Hermione and her captive were thrown back by the wave of the tall serpent lords ghastly skeleton hand, her head painfully throbbing as lose stone crumbled away as her head smacked the fountain, something warm trickling down the side of her head. Trying desperately to keep her eyes open, she forced her exhausted body to sit upright clutching her bruised sides. Hermione didn't dare spare a glance at the death eater instead she turned her attention back on the fight.

"You're getting weak old man!" the dark lord mocked. The headmaster blocked each curse that was thrown at him with ease, Hermione wasn't sure why the strange looking man believed the elder wizard to be weak, to her he was on par. Though the headmaster had the experience and skill to match the dark wizard he didn't quite have the stealth nor the speed that the dark lord possessed.

Hermione shifted her focus upon her friends that cowered behind the order and Dumbledore while she was alone and unprotected leaving her open for attack. Try as she might to keep it detained, the choked laugh cross sob burst forth from her chapped lips startling everyone present. She didn't stop laughing even when their eyes turned upon her no this just made her laugh hysterically, tears spilling down her cheeks.

"What is wrong with her?".

"Dunno mate maybe she hit her head ard".

The headmaster frowned at Hermione his blue eyes no longer twinkling, a dark gloss replacing them. His once kind face now unreadable and this made the Hermione feel vulnerable and afraid. "I see why you now came Bellatrix" he voice as cold as his look.

A hand pressed down on her shoulder forced her to look up to see the hovering face of Bellatrix. An arm curled around her chest forcing Hermione to stand, the dark witches wand pressed firmly in her neck. "Well you know the muggle saying Dumbledore two birds one stone" Bellatrix sneered.

Hermione froze her back pressed into the older woman's chest, she could feel her heart beating through the women's corset that pushed her breasts up. Her cinnamon eyes widened as an image popped up in her mind of the deranged death eaters stunning cleavage. Her mind was trying to process her undesirable reaction before she realised that they were standing together in one of the empty fireplaces. "Malfoy Manor". Her eyes briefly met Harry's green tear filled ones as the room disappeared and darkness swirled around them faster and faster till she was spat out landing with a thud on marble.

Hermione allowed the tears to fall, her head spinning from the her injury and sudden floo travel she could feel her stomach rolling painfully, shifting to her knees to brace herself but before she could stop it she rejected her dinner all over the marble floor much to her horror.

A manic cackle burst from the dark witch followed by a strangled gasp from another, whipping her head up from the cold floor Hermione came face to face with a equally horrified Draco Malfoy dressed in green silk pyjamas, his usually well groomed blonde hair was sticking up in all directions defying laws of gratify. The disgusting mess conveniently vanished leaving the floor pristine.

"Wh.. Granger?" the confusion in his voice nearly made her relapse back into her hysterically giggles.

The floo alerted the manor to incoming guests just as three men stepped through and to Hermiones complete nightmare a very familiar witch dressed head to toe in bright sickening pink. Scrambling away from the women she ended backing herself into Bellatrix's firm legs who raised a finely groomed brow at her quick retreat.

"Great at least you bloody made it" the tall scruffy man stepped towards them, placing a chaste kiss on the dark witches forehead. "Malfoy got caught and the dark lord is not best pleased". Hermione inwardly smiled at that bit of information.

"Good let him rot in there like we did" Bellatrix coldly replied. "Might just teach him a few manners".

The shortest of the three men tilted his head at Hermione, a slight pull of his lips made Hermione think he was trying to smile but forgot how. "Not going to introduce us to the girl Bella?" he nodded his head to her.

"Hem. Hem. Miss Granger we meet again" the short plump woman knelt down in front of her, her wand in view, a leer plastered on her toad like features. "No Potter to rescue you now dear". Hermione's stomach threatened to make a repeat of earlier. She shook uncontrollably against the boot cladded legs.

"A filthy mudblood in the noble house of Malfoy". A feral growl made Umbridge step away from Hermione much to her relief. "My apologies I didn't realise she was your pet Bella" her sickly sweet voice grated on her already frayed nerves. Hermione felt the pricks behind her tired eyes warning her of the tears that started to fall, burying her head in her knees, a loud sob rang out.

A gentle hand touched Hermione's arm surprising her when she met the concerned grey eyes of her childhood bully. That small gesture left her small frame wracking with sobs as the Malfoy heir enveloped her into a comforting embrace, her tears splashing against his top. A sharp sting to the back of her neck left her crashing into darkness.