"The trail of Bellatrix Lestrange will now begin." The chief warlock barked over the courtroom, her pale grey eyes glued on the dark witch sitting perched on the prisoner's chair as if she was a royal woman holding court over her people.

The room was packed with curious onlookers, angry victims and the vultures from the media hoping to snag a better story than their opponents. Hermione grimaced at the tall woman lurking in the back, quills placed in her blonde hair while she waved her hand over the animated quill floating next to her taking down quick notes. Rita Skeeter was loving every moment of this and Hermione could tell.

"If the prisoner will stand while I read out the charges brought against her" Madam Bones commanded. Bellatrix rose elegantly from her chair, the chains around her ankles and wrists barely made a sound, an air of arrogance surrounded her.

"You have been accused of being a death eater under the command of one Tom Marvolo Riddle formerly known as Lord Voldemort during the first and second wizarding wars. Torture and murder of muggles and muggleborns. The kidnap of one Hermione Granger..."

Hush fell over the courtroom, as many heads swivelled on her and her family sitting in the front just behind her mother.

Hermione went to stand but both of her aunt's kept their hand on her shoulders forcing her to sit still. Rage was slowly creeping along her veins, anger eating away at her gut.

"Where is the proof of such allegations?" the lawyer defending her mother politely asked causing an outrage in the packed seats. "One can not kidnap their own child especially if the said child in question was kidnapped from birth and sent to live in the mundane world unaware of her birth right and magical heritage. If you are looking for someone to blame then I suggest looking towards Albus Dumbledore."

The short pudgy man dressed in expensive tailor made robes stood behind her mother. The best of the best was paid for by Narcissa and Andromeda much to their combined vaults loud horrifying protests.

"Hermione Lestrange is the biological daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange and neither gave their consent for their daughter to be placed with anyone but my client's sister Narcissa Malfoy" he finished.

Madam Bones was calm compared to her fellow wizengamot members

"I ask to call up Andromeda Black as a witness" he spoke again. Hermione could hear the gloating behind his words.

The chief warlock nodded in consent.

"State your name out loud"

Andromeda downed the vertiserum passing the empty vial back to the guard. "Andromeda Druella Black" Her voice devoid of any emotion meaning the truth serum was working.

"Tell us of the night Bellatrix Lestrange went into labour."

Hermione sat up straighter, she had only vaguely been told about her birth but now she was going to hear it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

"I was dispatched by St Mungos to attend to a female prisoner in Azkaban. The moment I got there I was led into my sister's cell... Bellatrix Lestrange's cell" she corrected "she already been in labour for over five hours before I turned up from what I was told. An hour after my arrival I helped deliver my niece in to the world and Rodolphus was brought in to see his daughter"

"You allowed them to hold the child?" Madam Bones interrupted.

"Yes while I was a healer I was also her sister and believed she had every right to hold her baby." Hermione smirked at the bite that managed to leak through Andromeda's answer.

"What happened next?"

"I was on my way to take Hermione to Narcissa but Albus Dumbledore intervened from outside the gates of Malfoy manor. I took her and the headmaster back to my home. He wanted Hermione to be brought up in a loving and caring environment which he believed she wouldn't of received with the Malfoys and that Lucius would train Hermione as a future death eater."

"You didn't agree with him?"

Andromeda shook her head "no I did not nor did I believe Lucius would of used the girl as a weapon for the dark lord."

Murmurs behind them broke out at the causal use of Andromeda using the evil wizard's self entitled name that only his followers used.

"Silence" a gravel was banged heavily on the wooden bench. "The next person to speak out of turn will be removed from my courtroom." Madam Bones turned her attention back to Andromeda "what happened then?"

"I begged him to allow myself and my husband to raise Hermione ourselves but he wasn't having any of it and I was instructed to take her into the muggle world and placed with the Grangers."

Hermione noticed her aunt's hands gripping the wooden stand, her knuckles turning a ghostly white.

"I did as I was told but I made sure to keep an eye on my niece while she grew up and for the past fourteen years I had hoped she would finally find her way home to her mother and father. I am glad she has."

By that point the serum had worn off and Andromeda straightened her robes, fixing the wizengamot with a sneer just before she turned heel and left the witness box without being dismissed.

"I would like to hear this from the headmaster himself." One of the elder wizards from the back of the assembled members of the wizengamot spoke up.

"And the point in that would be what exactly? Albus Dumbledore has been proved of being a lair and just as cold hearted as Tom Riddle when it comes to those he believes are unworthy of second chances." Her mother's lawyer snapped.

"Death eater activities.."

"You can not try someone twice for the same crime. You had already sentenced my client to prison during the first war for being a blind follower of the trident we have come to know as Lord Voldemort." He interrupted earning a sharp inhale of breath from the chief warlock.

"Especially as my client nearly lost her life to protect her daughter from her master's order of execution."

Bellatrix slowly cracked her neck, a dark smile crawling on her devilish lips.

"Speak Madam Lestrange."

"It's now Black my mate won't be too happy if you keep calling me Lestrange she is rather possessive" she cackled turning her dark lustful gaze upon Andromeda.

"Mate?" Madam Bones asked confusion evident on her face.

"To save my life Andromeda performed a ritual to bind our souls together."

Shrieks suddenly rose from many of the folks gathered around Hermione. She was beyond confused.

"You can't let her get away with this" someone shouted.

"Throw them both in Azkaban" Augusta Longbottom hobbled up off her seat, banging her stick upon the ground.

Chaos descended over the room and no amount of gravel banging was helping calm matters. Wands came out and so did the guards rushing into the courtroom to try and control the furious masses. Unfortunately with so few ministry officials to the public spells started to whizz straight at Bellatrix and her lawyer tried his best to shield them both from harm.

Hermione shoved herself in front of her mother, her wand out and aimed at the closing crowd. Throwing up her own shield, wincing under the crackling curses banging against her bubble, it started to flicker under the onslaught.

"Stay back or I swear you will regret it" she spat. A warm hand caressed her lower back, enticing warmth plagued her senses as a body spread up against her back.

Bellatrix stood chain free behind her daughter, curling her hand around Hermione's wrist. A gentle squeeze forced her hand to open as her mother grabbed the wand with a flourish.

"Who will brave my girl into a fight now I am here?" she coldly asked, her stolen wand dangling loosely between her spindly fingers.

The crowd looked scared but so did the wizengamot.

"The next fool that dares to harm what is mine I shall remove their tongue" she smiled, her teeth showing, shielding Hermione with her body.

Andromeda and Narcissa stood flanking Bellatrix's side their wands also aimed at the floor. The three Black sisters reunited seem to bring the chaos to abrupt halt and the crowd pushing back into their seats fear choking them.

Bellatrix brought Hermione into her chest, she could feel her daughter shaking, the vibrations echoing around her chest.

"Hush now no one will touch you not while I live I promise you" she cooed in Hermione's ear, grinning as her daughter's body relaxed melting in her embrace.

She resumed her seat but with Hermione curled up on her lap and no one dared to comment as she raised a finely groomed brow at the chief warlock.

"Azkaban is out the question for my client unless of cause you don't mind sending innocence with them." The lawyer had resumed his position behind his client but his wand staying out in case of emergency. "The bond will affect Andromeda if they are separated and death will eventually take them both."

Concern flickered across Madam Bones eyes as she took in the three sisters. Turning to her colleagues. "House arrest and surrender of wand for a period of 3 years and then we shall review it again and if need be we increase."

Reluctant but every hand went up much to Hermione's uncontained happiness as she threw her arms around her mother's neck.