When they got back to the cabin, they could smell the dinner that Tito and Raymundo had started cooking. Otto and Clio were sitting on the couch and watching tv.

"You two are getting in late today," Raymundo commented. "I take it that means the other side of the mountain was pretty good?"

"Oh yeah," Twister said, smiling at Reggie. "It was amazing."

"Great, well you're just in time. Dinner should be ready in a few minutes."

Twister and Reggie walked over to the couch, but before they could sit, Clio hopped up and grabbed Reggie's arm.

"I think we have some catching up to do," she said excitedly as she dragged her to their room.

Twister sat on the couch next to Otto, who noticed that he was unable to hold back his smile.

"So?" Otto asked.

"Yep," Twister replied with a wide grin. Otto fist-bumped him, then he nodded towards Reggie and Clio's room, smiling as he lifted his eyebrows. "Snowboarding lessons?" Twister asked.

"Oh yeah," Otto replied as they fist-bumped again.

"Reg! Clio! Dinner!" Raymundo yelled as the girls came out of their room laughing with each other.

All through dinner, Clio and Otto made eyes at each other across the table. Twister would occasionally look up from food and blush as he smiled at Reggie, then Clio and Reggie would whisper and giggle. Raymundo had been talking about his day for the majority of the meal, when he noticed that the others were being strangely quiet. He glanced around the table, pausing his story.

"Am I missing something?" Raymundo asked Tito.

"I hate to break it to you, bruddah, but I think the little cuzzes have been infected with a little epidemic I like to call 'the love bug.'"

"The love bug?" he replied incredulously. "Kids?"

"Don't sweat it, Raymundo. It all happened today, so you're just barely behind on everything," Otto informed him.

"We just weren't really sure how to tell you, Dad," Reggie added.

"Oh Raymundo, it's the sweetest thing," Clio chimed in. "Maurice has had a crush on dear Reggie for just the longest time and he finally told her of his feelings for her!"

"He what?" Raymundo asked, shocked.

Clio continued her story, "then on the road to get him there, Otto and I were able to spend a little more time together as well and, well, it just sort of worked out perfectly for everyone."

"Uh-huh," Raymundo replied sourly. "Twister, Otto, why don't you step outside with me for a minute?

"Go easy on them, bruddah," Tito said with a laugh.

Otto and Twister got up, grabbing their coats and following Raymundo out the door.

"What are we doing out here?" Otto asked.

"Laying down some ground-rules," Raymundo said sternly. "First of all, you boys are going to treat those girls with the upmost respect. If you hurt them, I'll hurt you."

"Yes, sir," Twister said.

"Come on, Raymundo. You really think we're going to do anything?" Otto asked.

Raymundo glanced at him. "It's you I'm worried about Otto. Clio is a nice girl and you will not treat her like dirt as you've done with some of your previous girlfriends. Keep in mind that she's also Twister's cousin, so I'm sure if you do anything to upset her, you'll have Twister and his family to answer to." Otto gave a doubting look at Twister. "Now, as for you," Raymundo continued, looking at Twister, "I trust you. You've been a part of our family for a long time and I know you care about Reggie. I know you're respectful and I know that you will make sure she is happy and safe. However, she is my little girl and I swear if you do anything to hurt, I will tear you apart limb by limb. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Can we go now?" Otto groaned.

"Otto," Raymundo said, glaring at his son. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yeah, yeah, Raymundo. You're clear. Respect and stuff. Now let's go back in. I'm ready to hit the hot tub."

"Great, I think I'll join you kids tonight," Raymundo said with a smirk.