"Hey princess," Raymundo said as she walked in.

"Hey Dad," she paused, "is Otto home?"

"Not yet, why?"

"No reason."

"Rise of the Zombies III is on if you want to join me."

"No thanks," she replied, "I'm really tired so I think I'm just gonna head upstairs."

"Suit yourself."

Reggie plopped down on her bed. She had so much going through her mind. She thought about her fight with Otto. Anger rose within her. How could he have even thought about cheating? And how could he say that about their mom? And about her? Then she was immediately calmed when her thoughts shifted to Twister. She brought herself back to that moment where her head rested against his chest. She thought about how soothing it felt when he stroked her hair. She got chills and smiled. She thought about that last hug. Something was different, wasn't it? They hadn't ever hugged liked that before? Or did it just feel different to her? Was she just imagining things? No, she heard him say- what had he said? That he wished they could be together or he wished... What had he wished? What did that mean? Did he like her? Or was he just getting caught up in the moment? And how did she feel? She had never felt this way about Twister before. If he did like her, of course she would like him back. He was her best friend and was always there for her. She felt comforted just by being near him; he made her laugh. If he didn't like her though... She definitely wouldn't want to do anything to risk losing him as a friend. He was too important to her. She put the pillow over her face, completely confused.

Twister hadn't seen Otto or Reggie on his way to school so he assumed they had left separately in an attempt to avoid each other. He saw Sam a little ways ahead. He hopped on his skateboard and caught up with him.

"Yo, Squid!" he yelled, startling Sam.

"Oh, hey Twister," Sam said. "Did you talk to Reggie yesterday?"

"She didn't want to talk about it," he frowned. "I still don't even know what happened between the two of them."

"According to Otto, Reggie flipped out on him and was trying to control his life. He left out whatever it was he did to provoke her, but he ranted about her for practically the whole day. He went off about you for a little while too for supposedly taking her side."

Twister brushed that off. Otto got angry with him for stuff like that all the time. Soon, he would forget any bitterness he held against Twister to try to get him to team up against Reggie. "She was really upset about it, whatever it was."

"Obviously Otto's leaving out major details from his story, but Reggie does have a tendency to try to tell him what to do all the time, not to mention everyone else."

"I know. I guess she's just trying to help. I wish I knew what really happened though."

"Me too," Sam agreed.

When they got to school, they saw Reggie in the hall. They called out for her, but when she saw them, she quickly grabbed her backpack and turned the other way.

"That was weird," Sam commented.

Twister felt a lurch in his stomach. He had a feeling that her reaction was directed towards him.

For the next few days, Reggie kept to herself. When she went to school, she didn't interact much with anyone. When she saw Twister, she turned the other way, hoping he didn't notice her. She didn't want to have to deal with the strange new feelings she was having for him. She really didn't like the fact that she couldn't seem to control her feelings either. She felt nervous and flustered when she saw him. She hated feeling that way and she definitely didn't want him to see her like that. She had a little contact with Sam, Trish, and Sherrie, but still remained reclusive. She evaded any questions they would ask her when they noticed how strange she had been acting. After school, she would go straight home and essentially lock herself up in her room for the night, hoping to avoid any interaction with Otto. Her dad had been working late at the Shack most nights, so she didn't have to worry about any family dinners. She was able to just eat in her room, pouring herself into schoolwork and the Zine, trying to distract herself as much as possible. It was harder to stay distracted when she hadn't been doing any kind of sports. She didn't want to risk seeing the guys out at Madtown or the beach, so she stayed in her room.