They didn't head back home until around ten. It hadn't felt like they had been together for such a long time. After surfing more, he had taken her out for some pizza. After dinner, they had just been wandering around and talking or sitting on the beach, watching the waves crashing along the shore. Neither of them were ready to say goodnight by the time they had reached her doorstep. Shortly after their lips had met once more, Raymundo bursted through the door.

"Alright, Twister, night's over."

Reggie gave him a slightly embarrassed, apologetic smile, "Goodnight."

"Night, Reg. Night Raymu- oh, um, sir," he said awkwardly before turning and walking back towards his house.

"Well," Raymundo started, shutting the front door behind them, "Looks like you had a pretty good date."

Reggie blushed, "It was kind of perfect."

"I'm glad to hear it, princess. How was the secret spot? Was anyone else there today?"

"You knew he was taking me there?"

"He came to the Shack the other day, asking for permission to take you there."

Reggie smiled at his thoughtfulness. "There were a few people here and there, but none of them stayed very long. The waves were incredible today."

"Sounds great. Maybe we'll try to do a trip up there one day when things cool down at the Shack a little. I'm glad you two had a good time though. He was working pretty hard to try to make it a good date. He really seems to care about you."

"Yeah," she smiled at the ground. "He does."

"Yo, Reg," Otto said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a coke. "How was your date?" he asked without attempting to hide his amusement.

"As a matter of fact, we had an awesome date," she said a little defensively.

"An awesome date? It was Twister taking you out, wasn't it?" he mocked.

Reggie rolled her eyes. "I'm gonna go take a shower. Night, Dad," she said giving her father a kiss on the cheek. "Night, dork," she said giving Otto a thump on the head as she passed him.

"Dude, tell me you got that!" Otto said, landing at the top of the half-pipe at Madtown.

"Got it, Otto man," Twister said, holding his camera up.

"That was sick! I can't believe Reggie missed that! Where is she anyway?" Otto asked.

"I was wondering that myself," Sam interjected.

"I don't know, she's your sister," Twister said. He didn't know what the new protocol was for talking about Reggie. Otto hadn't brought up anything about them yet, so Twister just assumed he should act the same as usual.

"I think she was still asleep when I left. I just figured you guys would keep tabs on each other all the time after yesterday," Otto said, chuckling. Twister tried not to blush. "You should have seen her last night. She was all googly eyed and swoon-y. And she darted away when I started messing with her about it."

"I think it's nice that you guys hit it off," Sam added.

Twister wasn't exactly sure what to say to any of this, but he didn't have to because Reggie walked through the gate before he had a chance to comment.

"Hey," she said to all of them, but smiling specifically at Twister.

"Where have you been? You missed my 360 kick-flip! Dude show her the tape," Otto said to Twister.

Twister pulled out his camera and rewinded to show her Otto's move. Twister whispered something to her while they watched and she laughed.

"Ugh," Otto groaned. "Enough with the cutesy, lovey-dovey stuff. Can we just focus on me for one minute?"

"Chill, Rocket boy," Reggie replied. "That was a sweet move. Nice job."

"I'm hungry, can we eat?" Twister announced.

"I second that. Let's hit the Shack," Sam agreed.

The four skated over to the Shack and sat at the counter while Tito took their orders. Twister took off his helmet and put it on the ground by his stool. Reggie commented on his helmet hair and ran a hand through his hair to try to improve it.

"Ugh, get a room!" Otto complained.

Tito explained to Otto, "When the volcano rises out of the sea and into the light, it can't be moved, its fire burns bright."

"I though volcanos were filled with lava," Twister said in a confused tone.

"That is the guy your dating," Otto pointed out to Reggie.

"Lay off, Otto," Reggie retorted.

"Oo, someone's getting a little protective of her man," Otto said with a smirk.

Raymundo interrupted the conversation, "Otto, any updates on your test?"

"Oh, yeah!" Otto exclaimed enthusiastically. "I got it back on Friday. B minus, baby!"

"Nice work, Rocket boy," Reggie said, nudging him with her elbow.